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Tea Parties Take Off In Texas–Spreading Nationwide–Are You Going To Washington Fair? Millions Celebrate The Second American Revolution–Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Please Help Spread The Message of Liberty






The Second American Revolution



If You Think The Problems We Create Are Bad

Just Wait Until You See Our Solutions 


Rick Santelli Is As Mad As Hell | Chicago Tea Party 


History of Housing Prices Chart – *SHOCKING* You Need To See This!


Glenn Beck Stimulating Rant


The FairTax: It’s Time


This morning I turned on a local talk radio station and the host was reading a list of Tea Parties in Texas both locally and in other cities protesting the irresponsible stimulus package, bailouts of banks and businesses and new taxes including the cap and trade carbon tax.

The talk show host was also suggesting several other locations that would make good sites such as  local lakes in the area.

Later that day I turned on the radio in my car to another station and the local news also mentioned the Texas Tea Party protests.

The problem with the professional political class or elites of both parties  in Washington D.C. is they are disconnected from the American people.

The American people are mad and outraged about bank nationalization or socialization, bank and business bailouts, so-called stimulus spending bills, ear marks or “special projects” and more taxes such as the cap and trade carbon tax on electricity, heating oil, and gasoline that will result in rising prices for all goods and services.

The American people need to get the Washington D.C. political elites attention.

Why not have a Washington D.C. Fair on July 4, 2009 with multiple tea parties all over the city?

Bring the entire family, friends, and neighbors.

Learn about the First American Revolution.

Watch the movie The Patriot:

The Patriot-John Williams

“A Mel Gibson film,one of my favourate films,and I love the music very much,so,I made this.

The Patriot tells the story of Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), a widowed father of seven children, as he tries to keep his family together during the Revolutionary War. He had fought in the French and Indian War, since married and started a family. He has tried to put his actions in that war behind him, but still carries some guilt and regret from those actions. He fears that his past will come back to haunt him.

When war breaks out, his eldest son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) joins the fight against his wishes. Benjamin soon ends up reluctantly joining the fight as well. His successfully leads a militia band against the British until Colonel William Tavington (Jason Isaacs) is ordered to do everything he can to capture or kill Martin and his South Carolina militia. …”

Patriot – Mel Gibson – Best Clip 2/3


Patriot – Mel Gibson – Best Clip 1/3


Patriot – Mel Gibson – Best Clip 3/3


Read the Declaration of Independence and The US Constitution on your way to Washington D.C.

Organize city car conveys to drive to Washington D.C. and join millions of Americans celebrating the second American Revolution at the Washington Fair, Saturday, July 4, 2009

Call your local and national talk-show hosts and invite them to be promoters and speakers at the various Tea Parties at the Washington Fair.

Join the second American Revolution and do some talking and walking at the  Washington Fair on Saturday, July 4, 2009:


American People’s Plan = 6 Month Tax Holiday + FairTax = Real Hope + Real Change!–Millions To March On Washington D.C. Saturday, July 4, 2009!


Theme Song for the Washington Fair


Simon and Garfunkel – Are you going to Scarborough Fair




Celtic Woman – Scarborough Fair

Are you going to Washington Fair?
Parsley, sage, Rosemary and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there.
She once was a true love of mine.

Tell her to make me a cambric shirt,
parsley, sage, Rosemary and thyme.
Without any seam or fine nedlework,
and then she’ll be a true love of mine.

Tell her to wash it yonder dry well,
parsley, sage, Rosemary and thyme.
Where water ne’er sprung, nor drop of rain fell,
and then she’ll be a true love of mine.

Tell her to dry it yonder thorn,
parsley, sage, Rosemary and thyme.
Which never bore blossom since Adam was born,
and then she’ll be a true love of mine.

Oh, will you find me an acre of land,
parsley, sage, Rosemary and thyme.
Between the sea foam and the sea sand,
or never be a true love of mine


Background Articles and Videos


For Tax Year 2006

Percentiles Ranked by AGI

AGI Threshold on Percentiles

Percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid

Top 1%



Top 5%



Top 10%



Top 25%



Top 50%



Bottom 50%



Note: AGI is Adjusted Gross Income
Source: Internal Revenue Service


The 2003 tax cut was the second in three years, and although tax rates are lower, the federal income tax still remains highly progressive. The average tax rate in 2006 ranges from 3.0 percent of income for the bottom half of tax returns to 22.8 percent for the top 1 percent.Table 1
Summary of Federal Individual Income Tax Data, 2006
(Updated July 2008)


Number of Returns with Positive AGI

AGI ($ millions)

Income Taxes Paid ($ millions)

Group’s Share of Total AGI

Group’s Share of Income Taxes

Income Split Point

Average Tax Rate

All Taxpayers







Top 1%






> $388,806


Top 2-5%








Top 5%






> $153,542


Top 6-10%








Top 10%







> $108,904


Top 11-25%








Top 25%






> $64,702


Top 26-50%








Top 50%






> $31,987


Bottom 50%






< $31,987


Source: Internal Revenue Service,,,id=133521,00.html (“Individual Income Tax Returns with Positive Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Returns Classified by Tax Percentile – Early Release”)


Tea Party USA Watch: Party planning continues; Sen. DeMint: “People have to show that they’re not going to take it anymore”

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 25, 2009 02:32 PM


(Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti)

Lots of folks are only now hearing about the nationwide Tea Party events on Friday and beyond — as well as the pig roasts and anti-stimulus protests that paved the way for revolts across the country.

A reminder of the main resources for activists looking to join:

The New American Tea Party page from “a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend of fiscal recklessness in government…dedicated to the Washington, D.C. effort specifically sponsored by the American Spectator, the Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Prosperity, and the Young Conservatives Coalition” is here.

The #TCOT has a site here and #dontgo has a list of links to official Facebook Event (and some non-Facebook) pages for each confirmed Chicago Tea Party.

PJTV’s clearinghouse for protests is here.

On Twitter, search “#teaparty” for the most up-to-date organizational info.

Glenn Reynolds has links to protest info in Nashville, Houston, D.C., St. Louis, San Diego, Atlanta, Orlando, Kansas City, and Cleveland. Glenn also has a related poll.


American Revolution: The Causes


American Revolution: The Boston Tea Party


The Cowpens Flag

The Cowpens Flag


The Patriot Battle–Hold The Line

“The Battle of Cowpens (January 17, 1781) was an decisive victory by American Revolutionary forces under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, in the Southern campaign of the American Revolutionary War. It was a turning point in the reconquest of South Carolina from the British, and an American tactical masterpiece. It was an awesome victory for the Americans. …”

“Daniel Morgan knew that he should use the unique landscape of Cowpens and the time available before Tarleton’s arrival to his advantage. Furthermore, he knew his men and his opponent, knew how they would react in certain situations, and used this knowledge to his advantage.[27] To begin with, the location of his forces were contrary to any existing military doctrine: he placed his army between the Broad and Pacolet River, thus making escape impossible if the army was routed. His reason for cutting off escape was obvious: to ensure that the untrained militiamen would not, as they had been accustomed to do, turn in flight at the first hint of battle and abandon the regulars. Selecting a hill as the center of his position, he placed his Continental infantry on it, deliberately leaving his flanks exposed to his opponent. Morgan reasoned that Tarleton would attack him head on, and he made his tactical preparations accordingly. He set up three lines of soldiers: one of skirmishers (sharpshooters); one of militia; and a main one. The 150 select skirmishers were from North Carolina (Major McDowell) and Georgia (Major Cunningham). Behind these men were 300 militiamen under the command of Andrew Pickens.

Realizing that poorly-trained militia were unreliable in battle, especially when they were under attack from cavalry, Morgan decided to ask the militia to fire two shots and then retreat, so he could have them re-form under cover of the reserve (cavalry commanded by William Washington and James McCall) behind the third, more experienced line of militia and continentals. The movement of the militia in the second line would mask the third line to the British. The third line, composed of the remainder of the forces (about 550 men) was composed of Continentals from Delaware and Maryland, and militiamen from Georgia and Virginia. Colonel John Eager Howard commanded the Continentals and Colonels Tate and Triplett the militia. The goal of this strategy was to weaken and disorganize Tarleton’s forces (which would be attacking the third line uphill) before attacking and defeating them. Howard’s men would not be unnerved by the militia’s expected move, and unlike the militia they would be able to stand and hold, especially since the first and second lines, Morgan felt, would have inflicted both physical and psychological damage on the advancing British before the third line came into action.

Additionally, by placing his men downhill from the advancing British lines, Morgan exploited the British tendency to fire too high in battle. The downhill position of his forces allowed the British forces to be silhouetted against the morning sunlight, providing easy targets for Patriot troops. With a ravine on their right flank and a creek on their left flank, Morgan’s forces were protected against British flanking maneuvers at the beginning of the battle. Morgan insisted,[28]

“the whole idea is to lead Benny [Tarleton] into a trap so we can beat his cavalry and infantry as they come up those slopes. When they’ve been cut down to size by our fire, we’ll attack them.”

In developing his tactics at Cowpens, as historian John Buchanan wrote, Morgan may have been “the only general in the American Revolution, on either side, to produce a significant original tactical thought.”


Some American history for your children about the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party


Liberty’s Kids- The Boston Tea Party Part 1/7


Liberty’s Kids- The Boston Tea Party Part 2/7


Liberty’s Kids- The Boston Tea Party Part 3/7


Liberty’s Kids- The Boston Tea Party Part 4/7


Liberty’s Kids- The Boston Tea Party Part 5/7


Liberty’s Kids- The Boston Tea Party Part 6/7


Liberty’s Kids- The Boston Tea Party Part 7/7


Scarborough Fair

“”Scarborough Fair” was a traditional English fair, and is also a traditional English ballad.

The fair

During the late Middle Ages the seaside town of Scarborough (now a resort) was an important venue for tradesmen from all over England. It was host to a huge 45-day trading event, starting August 15, which was exceptionally long for a fair in those times. Merchants came to it from all areas of England, Europe, Norway, Denmark, the Baltic and the Byzantine Empire. Scarborough Fair originated from a charter granted by King Henry III of England on 22 January 1253. The charter, which gave Scarborough many privileges, stated “The Burgesses and their heirs forever may have a yearly fayre in the Borough, to continue from the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary until the Feast of St Michael next following”. (On the modern Roman Catholic calendar, the equivalent dates are August 15 to September 29.) Naturally, such a large occasion attracted a lot more than just tradesmen; they needed to be entertained and fed, therefore large crowds of buyers, sellers and pleasure-seekers attended the fair. Prices were determined by ‘Supply and demand’, with goods often being exchanged through the barter system. Records show that from 1383 Scarborough’s prosperity slumped.

In the early 17th century competition from other towns’ markets and fairs and increasing taxation saw further collapse of the Fair until it eventually became financially untenable. The market was revived again in the 18th century, but due to intense competition Scarborough Fair finally ended in 1788.

The traditional ‘Scarborough Fair’ no longer exists but a number of low-key celebrations take place every September to mark the original event. Scarborough Fair in July 2006 witnessed Medieval Jousting Competitions, hosted by English Heritage in addition to the usual attractions.

The ballad

The song tells the tale of a young man, who tells the listener to ask his former lover to perform for him a series of impossible tasks, such as making him a shirt without a seam and then washing it in a dry well, adding that if she completes these tasks he will take her back. Often the song is sung as a duet, with the woman then giving her lover a series of equally impossible tasks, promising to give him his seamless shirt once he has finished.

As the versions of the ballad known under the title “Scarborough Fair” are usually limited to the exchange of these impossible tasks, many suggestions concerning the plot have been proposed, including the hypothesis that it is a song about the Plague. In fact, “Scarborough Fair” appears to derive from an older (and now obscure) Scottish ballad, The Elfin Knight (Child Ballad #2), which has been traced at least as far back as 1670 and may well be earlier. In this ballad, an elf threatens to abduct a young woman to be his lover unless she can perform an impossible task (“For thou must shape a sark to me / Without any cut or heme, quoth he”); she responds with a list of tasks that he must first perform (“I have an aiker of good ley-land / Which lyeth low by yon sea-strand”).

As the song spread, it was adapted, modified, and rewritten to the point that dozens of versions existed by the end of the 18th century, although only a few are typically sung nowadays. The references to “Scarborough Fair” and the refrain “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme” date to nineteenth century versions, and the refrain may have been borrowed from the ballad Riddles Wisely Expounded, (Child Ballad #1), which has a similar plot. …”


No duh! White House “worried about bailout backlash”

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 16, 2009 10:05 AM

“…With a few notable exceptions, the national media has ignored the tax revolt movement against the porkulus package, omni-pork spending bill, and bottomless bailouts that began in Seattle on President’s Day; continued in Denver on the day of the Generational Theft Act signing; spread to Mesa AZ during President Obama’s massive mortgage entitlement push; spurred protest in Overland Park KS; and evolved into the Tea Party movement across the country.

But local politicians and local newspapers/TV are definitely on notice. Thousands of folks converging in places like St. Louis (1,500), Greenville (2,000), Fullerton (est. 15,000), and Cincinnati (5,000) are getting harder to ignore.

And now, it seems, word is getting around in Washington. The White House, the NYTimes (which has mocked the tax revolters) tells us, is worried about a populist backlash against bailout-mania. Naw. Really? You don’t say: …”


Huge: Thousands converge for Cincinnati Tea Party; Update: 5k strong

By Michelle Malkin  

“…The Cincinnati Tea Party organizers told us it was going to be big. And it was. Organizer J. Binik-Thomas e-mails this evening that 5,000 folks turned out for the protest and more than 1,600 people signed a petition to ask local governments to reject porkulus funding.

Check out photos at Instapundit, including this aerial:

What are you doing? Go to Tax Day Tea Party and get moving!

Eric Cranley live-tweeted. A sample:

A friend of mine brought his 5 year old son, holding a sign saying, “Even a 5 year old knows socialism is stealing” #teaparty
about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Good sign: “Tar. Feathers. Washington. Now.” #teaparty
about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

“My recommendation is that people look no further than the halls of Congress to find the stench of pork” #teaparty

Unlike the Los Angeles Times, the Cincinnati Enquirer actually covered the tax revolters without trashing them: …”


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