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Enter Contest For Talk Radio Handle or Nickname for President Barack Obama

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Presidential Code Names


Obama – The Renegade – CODENAME – What Are The Chances?

Talk radio hosts have a number of nicknames or handles for President Barack Obama.

My own entry for a handle for President Obama is  P3  which is an abbreviation for Puppet President Pinocchio.

Please enter you own entry in the comments box below.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are Presidential nicknames of past Presidents of the United States:

United States Presidents

*****  ************************  NAME**********  ***Party******  *Inaugurated*  *TermEnded*  Nickname*********************************************
  1   George   Washington   Federalist   04/30/1789   03/03/1797   Father of His Country
  2   John   Adams   Federalist   03/04/1797   03/03/1801   Atlas of Independence
  3   Thomas   Jefferson   Dem/Rep   03/04/1801   03/03/1809   Man of the People ; Sage of Monticello
  4   James   Madison   Dem/Rep   03/04/1809   03/03/1817   Father of Constitution
  5   James   Monroe   Dem/Rep   03/04/1817   03/03/1825   The Last Cocked Hat ; Era-of-Good-Feelings President
  6   John Quincy   Adams   Dem-Rep   03/04/1825   03/03/1829   Old Man Eloquent
  7   Andrew   Jackson   Democratic   03/04/1829   03/03/1837   Old Hickory
  8   Martin   Van Buren   Democratic   03/04/1837   03/03/1841   Little Magician ; Red Fox of Kinderhook
  9   William Henry   Harrison   Whig   03/04/1841   04/04/1841   Old Tippecanoe ; Old Tip
  10   John   Tyler   Whig   04/06/1841   03/03/1845   Accidental President ; His Accidency
  11   James Knox   Polk   Democratic   03/04/1845   03/03/1849   Young Hickory
  12   Zachary   Taylor   Whig   03/05/1849   07/09/1850   Old Rough and Ready
  13   Millard   Fillmore   Whig   07/09/1850   03/03/1853   American Louis Philippe
  14   Franklin   Pierce   Democratic   03/04/1853   03/03/1857   Young Hickory of the Granite Hills
  15   James   Buchanan   Democratic   03/04/1857   03/03/1861   Old Buck
  16   Abraham   Lincoln   Republican   03/04/1861   04/15/1865   Honest Abe ; Illinois Rail-Splitter
  17   Andrew   Johnson   Democratic   04/15/1865   03/03/1869   None
  18   Ulysses Simpson   Grant   Republican   03/04/1869   03/03/1877   Hero of Appomattox
  19   Rutherford Birchard   Hayes   Republican   03/04/1877   03/03/1881   Dark-Horse President
  20   James Abram   Garfield   Republican   03/04/1881   09/19/1881   None
  21   Chester Alan   Arthur   Republican   09/19/1881   03/03/1885   The Gentleman Boss ; Elegant Arthur
  22   Grover   Cleveland   Democratic   03/04/1885   03/03/1889   None
  23   Benjamin   Harrison   Republican   03/04/1889   03/03/1893   Kid Gloves Harrison ; Little Ben
  24   Grover   Cleveland   Democratic   03/04/1893   03/03/1897   None
  25   William   McKinley   Republican   03/04/1897   09/14/1901   Idol of Ohio
  26   Theodore   Roosevelt   Republican   09/14/1901   03/03/1909   TR ; Trust-Buster ; Teddy
  27   William Howard   Taft   Republican   03/04/1909   03/03/1913   None
  28   Woodrow   Wilson   Democratic   03/04/1913   03/03/1921   Schoolmaster in Politics
  29   Warren Gamaliel   Harding   Republican   03/04/1921   08/02/1923   None
  30   Calvin   Coolidge   Republican   08/03/1923   03/03/1929   Silent Cal
  31   Herbert Clark   Hoover   Republican   03/04/1929   03/03/1933   None
  32   Franklin Delano   Roosevelt   Democratic   03/04/1933   04/12/1945   FDR
  33   Harry S   Truman   Democratic   04/12/1945   01/20/1953   Give ‘Em Hell Harry
  34   Dwight David   Eisenhower   Republican   01/20/1953   01/20/1961   Ike
  35   John Fitzgerald   Kennedy   Democratic   01/20/1961   11/22/1963   JFK
  36   Lyndon Baines   Johnson   Democratic   11/22/1963   01/20/1969   LBJ
  37   Richard Milhous   Nixon   Republican   01/20/1969   08/09/1974   Tricky Dick
  38   Gerald Rudolph   Ford   Republican   08/09/1974   01/20/1977   Jerry
  39   James Earl   Carter, Jr.   Democratic   01/20/1977   01/20/1981   Jimmy
  40   Ronald Wilson   Reagan   Republican   01/20/1981   01/20/1989   The Gipper ; The Great Communicator
  41   George Herbert Walker   Bush   Republican   01/20/1989   01/20/1993   Poppy
  42   William Jefferson   Clinton   Democratic   01/20/1993   01/20/2001   Bill
  43   George Walker   Bush   Republican   01/20/2001   01/20/2009  
  44   Barack Hussein   Obama   Democratic   01/20/2009


The Secret Service also has code names for the President:

Secret Service code name

“The United States Secret Service uses code names for U.S. presidents, first ladies, and other prominent persons and locations.[1] The use of such names was originally for security purposes and dates to a time when sensitive electronic communications were not routinely encrypted; today, the names simply serve for purposes of brevity, clarity, and tradition.[2][3] The Secret Service does not choose these names, however. The White House Communications Agency assigns these names.[4] WHCA was originally created as the White House Signal Detachment under Franklin Roosevelt.

The WHCA, an agency of the White House Military Office, is headquartered at Anacostia Navy Yard and consists of six staff elements and seven organizational units. WHCA also has supporting detachments in Washington, D.C. and various locations throughout the United States of America.

According to established protocol, ‘good’ codewords are unambiguous words that can be easily pronounced and readily understood by those who transmit and receive voice messages by radio or telephone regardless of their native language. Traditionally, all family members’ code names start with the same letter.[5]

The code names change over time for security purposes, but are often publicly known. For security, codenames are generally picked from a list of such ‘good’ words, but avoiding the use of common words which could likely be intended to mean its normal definition. …”

Presidents of the United States and their families

  • Harry S. Truman – General[4]
  • Dwight Eisenhower – Scorecard[1] or Providence[6]
    • Mamie Eisenhower – Springtime[6]
  • John F. Kennedy – Lancer[6]
    • Jacqueline Kennedy – Lace[6][7]
    • Caroline Kennedy – Lyric[6]
    • John F. Kennedy, Jr. – Lark[8]
    • Rose Kennedy – Coppertone[9]
  • Lyndon Johnson – Volunteer[6]
    • Lady Bird Johnson – Victoria[6]
    • Lynda Bird Johnson – Velvet[6]
    • Luci Baines Johnson – Venus[6]
  • Richard Nixon – Searchlight[6]
    • Pat Nixon – Starlight[6]
  • Gerald Ford – Pass Key[6]
    • Betty Ford – Pinafore[6]
    • Susan Ford – Panda[6]
    • Michael Ford – Professor[6]
    • Jack Ford – Packman[6]
  • Jimmy Carter – Deacon[6]
    • Rosalynn Carter – Dancer[6]
    • Amy Carter – Dynamo[6]
    • Chip Carter – Diamond[9]
    • Jack Carter – Derby[9]
    • Jeff Carter – Deckhand[9]
  • Ronald Reagan – Rawhide[6][10]
    • Nancy Reagan – Rainbow[6]
    • Maureen Reagan – Rhyme, Rosebud[11]
    • Michael Reagan – Riddler[11]
    • Patti Davis – Ribbon[6]
    • Ron Reagan – Reliant[6]
    • Doria Reagan – Radiant[6]
  • George H. W. Bush – Timberwolf[6]
    • Barbara Bush – Snowbank[12] or Tranquility[6]
    • Marvin Bush – Tuner[9]
    • Neil Bush – Trapline[9]
    • Jeb Bush – Tripper[9]
  • Bill Clinton – Eagle[6]
    • Hillary Rodham Clinton – Evergreen[6]
    • Chelsea Clinton – Energy[6]
  • George W. Bush – Tumbler[13] or Trailblazer[10][6]
    • Laura Bush – Tempo[6][10]
    • Barbara Bush – Turquoise[14]
    • Jenna Bush – Twinkle[9]
  • Barack Obama – Renegade[15][10]
    • Michelle Obama – Renaissance[16][10]
    • Malia Obama – Radiance[4][10]
    • Sasha Obama – Rosebud[4][10]

I am really LOL under Obama’s–Renegade–I was hoping they would select Radical–close but no cigar!


Background Articles and Videos

Presidential Code Names

secret service

Barack Obama’s new Secret Service code name: Renegade


“…President-elect Barack Obama — aka Renegade — had a say in choosing the code name that his protectors use when they’re whispering into those microphones in their sleeves. He was given his choice of several names starting with R.

And in keeping with the tradition of having all family members’ code names start with the same letter, future first lady Michelle Obama is Renaissance, and daughters Sasha and Malia are known as Rosebud and Radiance, respectively.

As for President George W. Bush and wife, Laura, whatever else their new lives hold for them, they can take their alternate identities as Trailblazer and Tempo with them. They’re still entitled to Secret Service protection.

Lists of possible code names for those who receive Secret Service protection are drawn up by the White House Communications Agency, a branch of the military that serves the White House and Secret Service. …”,secret-service-barack-obama111308.article


 Obama Family Secret Service Code Names Plus What School Will Sasha and Malia Attend?

Joe Biden’s Secret Service code name; Plus: What Obama’s should have been

By Michelle Malkin

“…It’s “Celtic.”

“Hokum,” “Malarkey,” and “Home Depot” were already taken, I guess.

Go ahead and offer your own suggestions: Name that loon!


The Obamas all got “R” names:

Barack – Renegade
Michelle – Renaissance
Malia and Sasha – Radiance and Rosebud

Barack’s real code name, of course, is “Redistributor.” …”


Star Wars – Episode IV – Trailer (original 1977)


Star Wars Ep. V- Final Scene & End Credits


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President Barack Obama’s White House Press Conferences–Videos

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4/29/2009 Full Presidential Press Conference

3/24/09: 3/24/09: Presidential Press Conference

3/24/09: Presidential Press Conference Part 1


3/24/09: Presidential Press Conference Part 2


3/24/09: Presidential Press Conference Part 3


3/24/09: Presidential Press Conference Part 4




2/9/09: Presidential Press Conference


Background Articles and Videos


Thoughts on the Press Conference   [Mark Hemingway]

The Democratic Great Communicator Isn’t Always: As good as he is delivering a speech, Obama is not a good extemporaneous speaker. It’s been rare in his political career you get to see him doing both back to back and the contrast is stunning. The conference was, frankly, boring and long-winded. His answer to the first question was an unforgivably meandering and pointless 10 minutes.

Names Please: The President kept referencing people that believe in “doing nothing” as a response to the economic crisis. And this “tax cuts alone can’t solve our economic problems” business is nonsense. Congressional Republicans are far from closed to the idea of government spending as a fiscal stimulus — it’s the size and scope of the current bill they disagree with. Framing things as if the debate is doing something versus doing nothing is calculated political prestidigitation.

Tom Woods on Glenn Beck “Meltdown” 02/09/2009


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American People’s Plan = 3 Month Tax Holiday + FairTax = Real Hope + Real Change!–Millions To March On Washington D.C. Wednesday, April 15, 2009!

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