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Gingrich: Going–Going–Gone?

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Republican Dangers in 2007 and 2008 — Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich: On Hillary Clinton and Health Care – pt 1 

Newt Gingrich: American Solutions & govt waste – pt 2

Newt Gingrich: For President? & Republican Change – pt 3

Newt Gingrich Running For President, Maybe, But Probably Not

Newt Gingrich explains why he won’t run in 2008 Newt: Why I’m Not Running (audio)

I for one am not buying this explanation. 

Gingrich cannot find one person to run American Solutions for Winning The Future for thirteen months.  Cut the BS Newt. 😦 

Gingrich is too smart by half.

He either runs this time or the Conservative movement in the USA is finished with Gingrich as a candidate for President.

Reminds me of Ross Perot in 1992.

Remember Perot’s United We Stand America.

Ross Perot on the cover of Time Magazine

Gingrich would rather run American Solutions for Winning The Future than run for President of the United States.

Gingrich says he won’t run for president

The Washington Post

“American Solutions is in the early stages, I think, of becoming a genuine national citizens movement,” Gingrich said. “To walk out of it just as it’s getting launched struck me as absolutely irresponsible.”

“…Aides had scheduled a news conference for Monday in which Gingrich was set to announce the formation of an exploratory committee. Randy Evans, Gingrich’s lawyer, said they had prepared the papers, opened a bank account and severed Gingrich’s ties as a consultant for Fox News.

Evans said that since last week, Gingrich had received pledges “in the millions.”

But early Saturday, Gingrich said, Evans told the former lawmaker the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance laws would prohibit his fundraising for a presidential race unless he quit American Solutions, which separately raises money to seek solutions to national problems. …”

Someone must have pictures to radically change his plans so suddenly  😉

Is Newt Gingrich Coming Clean for 2008?

Thirty days to raise $30 million. 

Get on the phone Newt and dial for dollars!

Hats off to Matt Lewis:

 Will Newt Run?
By Matt Lewis
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

“…While pedantic nabobs don’t have a good win/loss track record in politics, let’s also not forget that while Ronald Reagan was effective at communicating complex ideas in a simple matter, he was, at heart a political philosopher, who read Bastiat, Hayek, and Whittaker Chambers, just to name a few.

So Gingrich’s intellectual appeal may resonate more than you think.Will American Solutions ultimately be the opening salvo for Newt’s presidential campaign?

Those of us who are hoping Newt will actually make an announcement once the conference ends are most likely going to be disappointed.

His latest announcement — that he will run only if he has $30 million pledged in advance — strikes me as a perfect way to hedge his bets. Clearly, he views fundraising as infra dig, and challenging others to do the work for him allows him to either raise the money organically, or blame the system if it fails.

… Perfectly Newtonian. 

Gone but not forgotten.

Wait to November 1 before you write him off.

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Saving The World: The Importance of Getting The Priorities Right

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 Recently Bill Gates wrote about saving the world in an article in Newsweek magazine: 

Saving the World Is Within Our Grasp

The evidence is in: we can stop diseases like malaria and TB from killing millions of people each year.

By Bill Gates


“…Scientists are making important progress on new tools, like microbicide gels, to help women protect themselves against HIV. And clinical trials around the world are now testing what may be the greatest scientific breakthroughs of our time: vaccines for malaria, TB and AIDS.

The fight against malaria—which kills a million people a year, mostly children—illustrates how radical thinking can be applied to both discovery and delivery of new interventions. …”

Since all economic resources are scarce, it is vitally important to get your priorities right when you want to save the world.

Bill Gates clearly thought about world priorites and got it right.

Apparently he reviewed the work of Bjorn Lomborg and the Copenhagen Consensus Center.

“The Copenhagen Consensus Center (CCC) analyzes the world’s greatest challenges and works with any organization concerned with mitigating the effects of these problems. The Copenhagen Consensus process aims to establish a framework in which solutions to problems are prioritized based upon the best information possible. This process was started in 2003 when some of the world’s best economists wrote comprehensive analyses of the major challenges facing the planet. Using this information, a panel of stellar economists – including four Nobel laureates – produced a prioritized list of opportunities responding to those challenges, at the Copenhagen Consensus 2004 meeting. …”

Since the prevention of disease is less costly than treatment, you invest in prevention first.

Also, free trade has significant positive impacts for both developed and developing countries and should be a very high priority as well.

Bjorn Lomborg: Our priorities for saving the world

At about 1 minute and 40 seconds in the video Lomborg identifies the 10 biggest challenges facing the world.

At about 8 minutes 40 seconds in the video he discusses the top four world priorities of the Copenhagen Consensus  

Riz Khan – Bjorn Lomborg Environment

Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria — Interview with Bjorn

I am currently reading Lomborg’s book The Skeptical Environmentalist and recommend it highly:

The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World (Paperback)

Both Lomborg and Gates share a common experience of having a pie thrown at them for expressing their ideas.

Green with Ideology

The hidden agenda behind the “scientific” attacks on Bjørn Lomborg’s controversial book, The Skeptical Environmentalist.

“…”I wanted to put a Baked Alaska in his smug face,” said the perpetrator, “in solidarity with the native Indian and Eskimo people in Alaska.”

It was one of the more honest attacks on Lomborg and his book. Filled with scores of charts and graphs, backed by some 2,900 endnotes and 70 pages of references, The Skeptical Environmentalist looks at a host of global environmental issues, including population growth, pollution, deforestation, and climate change. For his trouble in writing it, Lomborg has become the target of an intellectual hate campaign. …”

The Importance of Getting The World Priorities Right:

Charlie Rose – An hour with Bill Gates

Lomborg quoted the late economist Julian Simon at the beginning of his book which was inspired by an article by Simon and it is worth repeating here:

This is my long-run forecast in brief:
The material conditions of life will continue to get better for most people, most of the time, indefinitely.
Within a century or two, all nations and most of humanity will be at or above today’s Western living standard.
I also speculate, however, that many people will continue to think and say that the conditions of life are getting worse.”

~ Julian Simon

Related Background Video


Bjorn Lomborg – The Facts about the Environment

Bjorn Lomborg – The Facts about the Environment (part 2)

Bjorn Lomborg – The Facts about the Environment (part 3)

Bjorn Lomborg – The Facts about the Environment (part 4)

Bjorn Lomborg – The Facts about the Environment (part 5)

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2008 US Presidential Election: Gingrich/Guiliani vs. Gore/Clinton

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 Both former Vice-President Al Gore and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich will be running for President of the United States of America in 2008. 

Both candidates need to quickly raise between $30 to $50 million in the next forty days. They can do it if they hustle. After November 1, 2008 it will become increasingly more difficult to both raise the money and spend it effectively to win the early primaries.

Expect both to formally announce their candidacy for President in the next thirty days or sooner.  Friday, October 12, 2008 promises to be a busy news day for both Al Gore and Newt Gingrich.

New York Senator Clinton is clearly the front-runner and the likely winner if the election were held today. Unfortunately, Clinton Campaign Finance Scandal II is about to explode into a major news story with legs despite the best efforts of the major news media to try to ignore the entire situation.  The last thing the Democratic Party needs is a repeat of Clinton Campaign Finance Scandal I:

However, the Clintons seem to have a nasty habit of repeating their mistakes, especially where money for their political campaigns is involved.  Without money, you do not get elected. If you do not get elected, you are not in power.  Power is everything to these liberal progressive Democrats.

Tainted Campaign Contributions, to guess who?



Senator Clinton tried to change the subject  last week  and play to the far left of her Democratic Party base by questioning the honesty of General Petraeus’ report to Congress. She succeeded in deeply offending current and former members of the Armed Forces, the Republician Party base, independents and many Democrats who do not share her progressive persuasion.  Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani quickly responded with a well justified attack ad:  on the despicable ad in the New York Times and Senator Clinton’s refusal to denounce the ad and

Earlier this week Senator Clinton introduced her repackaged Federal government health care plan–American Health Choices Plan– that would cost tax payers a minimum of $110 billion a year and require all individuals without coverage to purchase it or obtain  government coverage or a subsidy if they qualify.

Approximately ten million of the uninsured in the USA are illegal immigrants. The Clinton health care plan would attract millions of additional illegal aliens seeking work, education for their children and medical care subsidized by the Federal Government or more precisely by US citizens who pay taxes.  In other  words a massive tax increase! 

Glenn Beck on new Hillarycare Plan (9/17/07)

Glenn Beck on Health Care (9/19/07)

Once the illegal immigrants obtain amnesty and US citizenship, the expectation is that they will vote for Democratic Party candidates into the next century.

American Health Choices Plan 

Advice for Hillary


Senator Clinton says that she has learned from her past mistakes and the failure of her and former President Clinton’s proposed health care plan, which was soundly defeated in Congress:

1993 Clinton health care plan

Yet her new plan while better packaged, would still result in massive federal government intervention into the health care and insurance market place and limit individual freedom of choice by requiring individuals and/or employers to purchase mandated health care insurance.

Cato Scholar Comments on Hillary Clinton’s Health Plan

If you still doubt former Speaker Gingrich is not running, go to his web site–Winning The Future:  and look what is the issue front and center on the page.  You guessed it–health care.  You cannot be Winning The Future with Hillary Clinton as President. 

Speaker Gingrich believes Senator Clinton is currently unbeatable against the current slate of Republician candidates:

“None of the Republicans have figured out how to get a routine, repetitive explanation of the future that breaks out of the current situation and that’s their primary challenge,” he said. “Whoever does that will both, I think, win the nomination and have a realistic chance of defeating Sen. Clinton.”

So, who might that be you ask?  Yes, you got it–Newt Gingrich. 

Charlie Rose: August 11, 2003

Just view his series of videos, if you are still not convinced Newt Gingrich is not running for President.

Winning The Future–Videos

Meanwhile down under in Australia, Al Gore is a “recovering politician” with graying hair is raising the alarm about melting Artic ice and the coming climate crisis:

Please note, he did not say “former politician”.

If you still do not believe Al Gore is not running, visit some of the web sites of his supporters:

Who will Presidential candidates Gingrich and Gore pick as their Vice-President running mates:

Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton.

A united party wins elections. A divided party does not.

Remember the 1960 Presidential race.

Presidential candidate then Massachusetts Senator  John F. Kennedy asked and then Texas Senator and Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson accepted the Vice-President position on the Democratic ticket. Robert Kennedy tried to take the offer back and LBJ told him where to go!

 And who did they beat–then Vice-President Richard M. Nixon, a former Senator and Congressman from California and Massachusetts Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

United States presidential election, 1960,_1960

May the best candidates win!

Please watch a beautiful video and sing along:

Kate Smith – God Bless America

“God bless America, land that I love,
Stand beside her, and guide her,
Through the night, with the light from above,
From the mountains, to the prairies
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home,
God bless America! My Home Sweet Home!”

~Irving Berlin, God Bless America

Sunday Video Addendum and Commentary

When Senator Clinton goes on three Sunday news shows, she knows she is in trouble and must change the subject.

Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press – Part 1 

Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press – Part 2

Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press – Part 3

Hillary Clinton on Fox News Sunday – Part 1

Hillary Clinton on Fox News Sunday – Part 2

Had President William J. Clinton given the orders to take out Osama bin Laden, would September 11, 2001 and the war in Afghanistan and Iraq have happened?

Osama bin Laden


News flash, George W. Bush is not on the ballot in 2008.

The 2008 Presidential Election will be about the future not the past mistakes of Presidents Clinton and Bush. 

Bill Clinton Kills Santa 

Hillary Clinton: The Cackle that Killed 1,000 Ears

The Red State Update Health Care Plan

The New York Times

Betraying Its Own Best Interests

Published: September 23, 2007

“…The ad infuriated conservatives, dismayed many Democrats and ignited charges that the liberal Times aided its friends at with a steep discount in the price paid to publish its message, which might amount to an illegal contribution to a political action committee. In more than 4,000 e-mail messages, people around the country raged at The Times with words like “despicable,” “disgrace” and “treason.”

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Al Gore–Global Warming Sherrif: Bonnie (Australia) and Clyde (USA) Environmental Outlaws

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Former Vice President Al Gore described Australia and The United States of American under John Howard and George Bush as “Bonnie and Clyde” environmental outlaws for their climate change policies.

 Gore maintains pressure on PM over Kyoto

‘…”I said it in Australia before and I will say it again, if Australia ratifies Kyoto, it is like Australia and the United States are Bonnie and Clyde in the world of environment,” Mr Gore said in a speech in Sydney.

“And if Clyde is isolated and Bonnie has gone straight, Clyde won’t really be able to resist any more.”

Mr Howard has argued that Kyoto is not in Australia’s interests, even though Australia has met emission reduction goals set for it by the protocol.

He maintains it is unfair to apply a “one size fits all” agreement on pollution targets, because countries are so structurally different and at different stages of development, and believes the best chance for progress is to build incrementally on the APEC declaration.” …’

Video: Gore has a crack at John Howard

Record Arctic ice melt causes alarm 

“…This year’s record was caused by a “perfect storm” of interacting factors, Dr Meier said. These included a long-running high pressure system that kept skies cloudless over the Arctic, along with a circulation pattern that pushed ice out of the Arctic towards Greenland, instead of letting it circle around the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska.

While this year’s ice minimum could not be directly attributed to anthropogenic — human-caused — global climate change, the trend that brought it about could, he said.

“This year, the reason why (the ice) was so low was not because there’s more anthropogenically generated carbon dioxide dumped in the past year, it’s because of this high pressure … but you can’t really explain the overall trend without invoking anthropogenically global warming,” Dr Meier said.

Do not panic. Artic ice apparently is freezing again as Al Gore returns home.

Run Al Run!

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If The Shoes Fit–Gore Runs and Guiliani Attacks!

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Should the Norman Hsu campaign contributions to Senator Hillary Clinton’s Presidential 2008 campaign explode into yet another full blown Clinton campaign finance scandal, the candidate for change will quickly become the candidate for corruption.

   The old defense that I was not aware of any problems until I read the story in the papers or viewed the details on TV might not work if Senator Clinton is indeed micromanaging her campaign as reported by Robert Novak:

Micromanager Hillary

By Robert D. Novak
Saturday, September 15, 2007

“…Democratic insiders blame Sen. Hillary Clinton’s micromanaging for her presidential campaign’s acceptance of nearly $900,000 in contributions donated or raised by Norman Hsu, convicted for fraud and a former fugitive.The Clinton campaign has insinuated that her financial aides dropped the ball in failing to vet Hsu before taking his money. But the senator is obsessive in running her own campaign, taking responsibility for details. Well there is always the defense that I have no recollection of saying or doing what I may have said or done:

Hillary Clinton on Saddam’s WMD, UN Impotence

    The last thing the Democratic party needs is a Presidential candidate with very high negatives and a current scandal regarding big donor campaign contributions from Chinese con men and others with links to the communist People’s Republic of China and their People’s Liberation Army.  A replay of the 1996 campaign finance scandal would help neither Senator Clinton nor the Democratic Party.

1996 United States campaign finance controversy

President Clinton with convicted fund-raiser Charlie Trie

President Clinton with convicted fund-raiser Charlie Trie

Johnny Chung (far left) with the Clintons

Johnny Chung (far left) with the Clintons

“…Twenty-two people were eventually convicted for fraud or for funneling Asian funds into the United States elections. A number of the convictions came against longtime Clinton-Gore friends and political appointees.

SENATE Rept. 105-167 – 105th Congress 2d Session – March 10, 1998

The China Connection: Summary of the Committee’s Findings Relating to Efforts of the People’s Republic of China to Influence U.S. Policies and Elections

“… Summary

    It is clear that illegal foreign contributions were made to
the DNC and that these contributions were facilitated by
individuals with extensive ties to the PRC. The original
sources of many of these contributions were bank accounts in
the Greater China area.
    It is also clear that well before the 1996 elections,
officials at the highest levels of the Chinese government
approved of efforts to increase the PRC’s involvement in the
U.S. political process. There are indications that the plan or
parts of the plan and possibly-related PRC activities were
implemented covertly in this country. The individuals who
facilitated the contributions have either elected to take the
Fifth Amendment or flee the country. Beijing has denied the
Committee’s request for assistance. Moreover, after its
hearings concluded, the Committee learned that the Chinese
leadership was pleased no PRC agencies have yet been implicated
in the campaign finance scandal. …”

    Another Clinton campaign finance scandal would give former Vice-President Al Gore an opening for jumping into the Presidential 2008 campaign as the green peace saviour of the Democratic party. Every US government school has been requiring their students to view, one or more times, his film, An Inconveniet Truth, about the dangers of global warming:

Name recognition is surely not a problem for Big Al.

Big Al has less than six weeks to “fish or cut bait” — run for President of the United States in 2008 or sit this one out and hope the Republicans win. Big Al needs to raise about $50 million plus in campaign contributions from the Friends of Gore (FOG) including some “Chinese candy” from other Democratic big bundlers not already pledged to Senators Clinton and Obama. Expect an announcement on or about Columbus Day, Friday, October 12, 2007 (see previous post).

draft gore logo

“Al Gore: The Conscience of the Democratic Party

He’s eloquent, passionate, relentless, undaunted. The first political figure to oppose the Iraq war, Al Gore is also the lead champion in the fight against global warming, a passionate defender of our Constitution, and an unyielding voice against the Bush Administration’s abuse of power. Given his unmatched experience and leadership on issues of moral imperative, Gore is increasingly seen as Democrats’ best bet to win back the White House. …”

Giuliani Seen as Most Electable Republican Candidate

Rudy Guiliani’s recently ran an attack ad–She Changed:

responding to Senator Hillary Clinton’s comments on the honesty of General Petraeus and her failure to disassociate herself from the despicable  ad in The New York Times:   .

The Republician base as well as most current and former members of the U.S. military loved Rudy’s ad.  I suspect many Democrats did as well. No wonder a recent Rasmussen Report on a poll made before the ad was run found the following:

“…Seventy-two percent (72%) of Republicans believe that if Giuliani wins the nomination, he is at least somewhat likely to win the White House. Only 57% have that much confidence in victory if Fred Thompson wins the GOP nomination. Fifty-five percent (55%) say that if Mitt Romney is nominated, he is at least somewhat likely to win it all. …” 

“…Among all voters, 49% say Giuliani is likely to win if nominated. Thirty-six percent (36%) of all voters say the same about both Thompson and Romney. Voters believe that the leading Democratic candidates are more likely to win it all. …”

Rudy Giuliani

Mayor of the World

How A Very Human Man Taught Us Superhuman Courage


Background Videos


Norman Hsu is Back to Court

Hillary Clinton was warned about Norman Hsu 

Tainted Campaign Contributions, to guess who? 

Hillary Clinton caught in a new fundraising scandal

Red State Update: Jackie ’08 Hsu Scandal

She Changed

Well the Clintons have certainly not changed the way they raise money for their campaigns.

Former Vice-President Al Gore must decide soon if the shoes fit and he is running. 

Time waits for no one. 

Run Al Run!

Our nation deserves better.

Rudy leads the way.

Got to love a guy from Brooklyn.

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Remembering September 11, 2001

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In Memoriam – Remembering September 11, 2001 


9/11 Remembering September 11, 2001


A Tribute to the Victims of 9/11  

WTC – 9/11: 911 5th Anniversary Memorial Music Video 9-11-01


9/11 Tribute Video



9-11 tribute “The Beginning”

9-11 tribute “The Response” 




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National Center for Policy Analysis–A Global Warming Primer

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Finally, someone has put together a brief but fairly objective overview of global warming:

   “The purpose of this primer is to explore some of the main scientific, economic and political issues surrounding the topic of global warming.”

Should be required reading, especially in government schools and colleges.

An excellent overview.

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Al Gore Runs For President in 2008 and The Winner Is?

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image for Al Gore Will Run For President in 2008

Will Al Gore repeat the successes of Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland who both won the popular vote and were not elected and ran again and won?

I think Al Gore might.

The Gore announcement will most likely be on Friday, October 12, 2008, Columbus Day.

 Why October 12, 2007?

Well that also happens to be the day of Nobel Peace Prize is announced:

“Announcements of the 2007 Nobel Prizes and The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel will be held on the following dates:
Physiology or Medicine – Monday, October 8, 11:30 a.m. CET (at the earliest)
Physics – Tuesday, October 9, 11:45 a.m. CET (at the earliest)
Chemistry – Wednesday, October 10, 11:45 a.m. CET (at the earliest)
Peace – Friday, October 12, 11:00 a.m. CET
Economics – Monday, October 15, 1:00 p.m. CET (at the earliest)

The announcement date for the Literature Prize will be posted later.”

This means he may participate in the last three Democratic Party debates:

October 30, 2007 – NBC News/MSNBC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 15, 2007 – CNN in Las Vegas, Nevada

December 10, 2007 – CBS in Los Angeles, California

He needs to raise $50 million plus and that should not be problem–a million a day for fifty days.  Friends Of Gore or FOG in Hollywood and Silicon Valley should have no problems providing the cash.

Bill O’Reilly and Dick Morris

2008: The Case for Al Gore 

James Carville: Al Gore Will Run in 2008

Draft Al Gore Meetups on the Map

And The Winner Is?

Fred on the issues

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Lighting Up The Web: Microsoft Releases Silverlight 1.0 –Wow!

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Microsoft launched Silverlight 1.0 on September 4, 2007.  

Adobe’s Flash just got some really needed competition!

 What is Silverlight? 

Microsoft Releases Silverlight, Pairs With Novell

By Chloe Albanesius

“…Silverlight is largely regarded as Microsoft’s version of Flash. Microsoft announced plans for Silverlight in May at the MIX conference in Las Vegas, released a beta version in July and started shipping Silverlight 1.0 for Windows and Macs this week.

Silverlight will allow users to play media content from any web-server and has the option to support built-in media streaming, Scott Guthrie, a general manager in Microsoft’s developer division, said in a blog post. It will also allow for rich UI and animations and supports a JavaScript programming model, he said. …”,1895,2179652,00.asp

Microsoft Silverlight: New Competition For Flash


“…In April, 2007, when Microsoft(MSFT) announced Silverlight, the press and bloggers immediately tagged it an “Adobe(ADBE) Flash killer.” But as Silverlight 1.0 moves toward commercial release, that’s not the image the company wants for the newest member programming tools family.

At least that’s the message from Jesse Liberty, whose title is, according to his business card, Silverlight Geek, “I see Silverlight in terms of .NET,” he said. “Silverlight, in a nutshell, is a cross-platform, cross-browser, rich Internet application development tool. …”

From Scott Guthrie Blog:

“…Silverlight 1.0 and Expression Encoder 1.0 Released

Today we shipped the Silverlight 1.0 release for Mac and Windows.  Silverlight 1.0 is focused on enabling rich media scenarios in a browser. Some of its features include:

  • Built-in codec support for playing VC-1 and WMV video, and MP3 and WMA audio within a browser.  The VC-1 codec is a big step forward for incorporating media within a web experience – since it supports very efficiently playing high-quality, high definition video in the browser.  It is a standards-based media format that is implemented in all HD-DVD and Blueray DVD players, and is supported by hundreds of millions of mobile devices, XBOX 360s, PlayStation 3s, and Windows Media Centers (enabling you to encode content once and run it on all of these devices + Silverlight unmodified).  It enables you to use a huge library of existing video content and provides access to the broad ecosystem of existing Windows Media tools, components, vendors and hardware. 
  • Silverlight supports the ability to progressively download and play media content from any web-server.  You can point Silverlight at any URL containing video/audio media content, and it will download it and enable you to play it within the browser.  No special server software is required, and Silverlight can work with any web-server (including Apache on Linux).  We’ll also be releasing an IIS 7.0 media pack that enables rich bandwidth throttling features that you can enable on your web-server for free.
  • Silverlight also optionally supports built-in media streaming.  This enables you to use a streaming server like Windows Media Server on the backend to efficiently stream video/audio (note: Windows Media Server is a free product that runs on Windows Server).  Streaming brings some significant benefits in that: 1) it can improve the end-user’s experience when they seek around in a large video stream, and 2) it can dramatically lower your bandwidth costs. 
  • Silverlight enables you to create rich UI and animations, and blend vector graphics with HTML to create compelling content experiences.  It supports a Javascript programming model to develop these.  One benefit of this is that it makes it really easy to integrate these experiences within AJAX web-pages (since you can write Javascript code to update both the HTML and XAML elements together). 
  • Silverlight makes it easy to build rich video player interactive experiences.  You can blend together its media capabilities with the vector graphic support to create any type of media playing experience you want.  Silverlight includes the ability to “go full screen” to create a completely immersive experience, as well as to overlay menus/content/controls/text directly on top of running video content (allowing you to enable DVD like experiences).  Silverlight also provides the ability to resize running video on the fly without requiring the video stream to be stopped or restarted. …”

 Microsoft Silverlight

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight

What is Silverlight, really?

Microsoft takes Silverlight beyond Windows

 Silverlight: The Web Just Got Richer

Why Silverlight? 

Microsoft takes Silverlight beyond Windows

 Download Silverlight:

Related background videos, podcasts, and online articles:

Scott Guthrie: Enter Silverlight 1.0 (And it now runs on all Linux distros)

Scott Guthrie: Silverlight and the Cross-Platform CLR 

Conversation with Dr. Sneath: Silverlight

The .NET Show: Silverlight

Jim Thill and James Clarke: Understanding Expression Encoder

James Clarke: Creating Silverlight Media with Expression Media Encoder

MIX07: John Lam and the Dynamic Language Runtime

Silverlight official introduction

Microsoft Silverlight

Expression – Part One: The Overview

Expression – Part Three: Blend

Microsoft’s latest spin on Web apps

Microsoft Silverlight Download:

Microsoft Expression Studio–Better Designer Tools for Better End-User Experiences:

Podcasts: Rocks!

Show #258 | 7/26/2007 (68 minutes)Shawn Wildermuth on Silverlight

Show #233 | 5/1/2007 (71 minutes)
Brad Abrams Announces Silverlight

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Happy Feet

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Mestre Chiquinho e Paolo Conte

Great song and video and timely too.

English Translation of Lyrics

What you will read?
With that book fascinates your heart?
And if you will get lost
in the maze of a bitter autroe?
But your feet: tap-tap-ta-ta-tap
But your feet: tap-tap-ta-ta-tap

Happy feet… ta-dah-tah
Happy feet… ta-dah-tah
Happy feet… oh, oh, the love it…

You will telephone?
Probably to me, your slave of love…
you will amuse yourself
which goals you want makes to find me?
but your feet: tap-tap-ta-ta-tap

To that extension you will go?
A Picasso in flames puo to go to you?
Of it you will discuss
with that it knows some to speak?
but your feet: tap-tap-ta-ta-tap

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Global Warming Sites

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A complete list of things caused by global warming (with links–LOL) 

EPA’s Climate Change Web site

Cato Institute

Climate Ark

Climate Audit

 CO2 Science

Competitive Enterprise Institute –Global Warming FAQ

EPA’s Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Nation Center for Policy Analysis–Global Warming Preimer

National  Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce

The Global Warming Hoax

Global Warming Information

Global Warming International Center

Greenpeace Climate Change

What is the ‘Hockey Stick’ Debate About?

Ross McKitrick

Department of Economics, University of Guelph

April 4 2005 

Natuurwetenschap & Techniek | februari 2005



The M&M Project: Replication Analysis of the Mann et al. Hockey Stick

Committee on Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the Last 2,000 Years




Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate

Division on Earth and Life Studies

 National Research Council of The National Academies

Marshall Institute Climate Change

Pew Center on Climate Change




US Global Change Research Program

Real Climate

State Climate


Surface Stations

World Climate Report

World Resources Center

Wikipedia: Earth’s Atmosphere’s_atmosphere

Wikipedia: Carbon Dioxide

Wikipedia: Global Warming

Wikipedia: Greenhouse Gases

Wikipedia: Water Vapor

Wikipedia: Global Climate Model

The Real ‘Inconvenient Truth’

Some facts about greenhouse and global warming
Updated August 2007

Suggested additional reading:

The Global Warming Scare

David Pratt

November 2006


1. Introduction
2. The ever-changing climate
3. IPCC pseudoscience challenged
4. CO2 fixation, Kyoto and beyond
5. Sun and climate
6. Modelling fantasies
7. Global alarmism
8. New science and technology
9. Sources 

Next Decade ‘may see no warming’:…

World leaders need to remain alert to latest scientific thought on climate change:….

Global Warming Risks Incorrect:…

Major New Theory Proposed to Explain Global Warming:

Melting Glaciers DO NOT Prove GW claims:

Global warming/Kilimanjaro:………

Global Warming Consensus?

Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming:

NASA’s Chief Questions Need to Combat Global Warming:…

Our Sun from 1996-2005:…

Global Warming in Five Years:…

Scientific Smackdown:





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Carbon Trading

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 Someone asked me how does carbon trading and carbon offsets work. 

You eat all you want and when you get fat, instead of going on a diet and exercising, you pay some poor starving person an offset (money) to go buy some food and eat it themselves.  😉

Neither the hard greens nor soft greens are buying this foolishness.
Libertarians cannot stop laughing or crying. 
The world needs more electricity and not carbon offsets.Funding nuclear fusion research and developing the software necessary to run nuclear power plants would be a far better investment of scarce economic resources and have higher returns.Suggest you read Peter Huber’s and Mark Mills’ book The Bottomless Well, see my post:

Facing Fundamental Facts

The Cheat Neutral video illustrates the foolishness of the whole idea of carbon offsets from the green perspective.

Cheat Neutral  does have a web site:

Unfortunately, they went to government schools and think the answer is cutting carbon-emissions and their consumption.  Energy is not the problem. More energy is the solution. 

Background Articles, Sites, and Videos 



Carbon offset: Music to green ears

Another Inconvenient Truth
Behind the feel-good hype of carbon offsets, some of the deals don’t deliver

“… growing number of organizations, corporations, cities, and individuals are seeking to protect the climate—or at least claim bragging rights for protecting the climate. Rather than take the arduous step of significantly cutting their own emissions of carbon dioxide, many in the ranks of the environmentally concerned are paying to have someone else curtail air pollution or develop “renewable” energy sources (see, 2/1/07, “Ethanol: Too Much Hype—and Corn “). Carbon offsets, as the most common variety of these deals is known, have become one of the most widely promoted products marketed to checkbook environmentalists. …”

The Green Economics of Gore

“…Let’s consider the most visible Green: Al Gore.

Being the concerned do-gooder and useful idiot of the enviro-utopians, Gore has adopted the so-called carbon-neutral lifestyle. In order to claim carbon neutrality, Gore offsets his daily carbon emissions by, among other things, paying to have trees planted.

That sounds worthwhile, at least until you consider that Gore produces tons of carbon gases on a yearly basis; gases that may be consumed by his newly-planted trees in a decade or so when, and only if, the saplings reach maturity. His carbon-offset strategy functions more like the spin surrounding government bonds than the implied real-time carbon scrubbers envisioned by his infected masses.

Even though Gore cries that we must act now — with every passing day another nail in our carbon coffin — his actions will not produce the immediate results he claims are required to save the planet.

Of course, the only way to satisfy the enviro-utopian agenda — and hence save the Earth — is for all of us to stop the production of man-made, carbon-based gases, right now, today, and lie down in the fields to await certain death. But, that solution is not Gore’s solution.

Gore is a statist looking for ways to centralize and increase the power of government. To him, playing the carbon-neutral game is simply a means to chain the world to the socialist policies of command and control. Of course, that would mean that the statists such as Gore are playing the enviro-utopians for fools, with the enviro-utopians being the useful idiots of the statist crowd. …”

Al Gore’s Carbon Crusade:

The Money and Connections Behind It

By Deborah Corey Barnes

“…To its critics on both the free market right and the environmentalist left, carbon offsets are no more than a marketing gimmick. Some describe the fanciful device as akin to medieval indulgences, which were sold in a cleric-run market to regulate the remission of sin. “Carbon offsets are the modern-day indulgences, sold to an increasingly carbon-conscious public to absolve their climate sins,” asserts Kevin Smith of the leftwing London-based group Carbon Trade Watch.

The truth is that almost every productive human action requires the use of natural resources, and nothing is pollution-free. Even something like wind power requires windmills which, according to environmentalists like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., may visually “pollute” the natural landscape. Kennedy,head of the green group Riverkeepers, says he supports wind power—except when the windmills are in the waters off Cape Cod. …”

“…Al Gore is chairman and founder of a private equity firm called Generation Investment Management (GIM). According to Gore,the London-based firm invests money from institutions and wealthy investors in companies that are going green. “Generation InvestmentManagement (GIM), purchases—but isn’t a provider of—carbon dioxide offsets,” notes spokesman Richard Campbell.(, March 7, 2007)GIM appears to have considerable influence over the major carbon credit trading firms that currently exist: the Chicago ClimateExchange (CCX) in the U.S. and the Carbon Neutral Company (CNC) in Great Britain. CCX is the only firm in the U.S. that claims to tradecarbon credits. CCX owes it existence in part to the Joyce Foundation, the Chicago-based liberal foundation philanthropy that provided $347,000in grant support in 2000 for a preliminary study to test the viability of a market in carbon credits. On the CCX board of directors is the ubiquitous Maurice Strong, a Canadian industrialist and diplomat who since the 1970s has helped create an international policy agenda for the environmentalist movement. Strong has described himself as “a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology.” (His past job titles include“senior advisor” to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, “senior advisor” to World Bank president James Wolfensohn, and board member of the United Nations Foundation, a creation of Ted Turner.) The 78-year-old Strong, who is said to be in failing health, is very close to Gore….”

April 04, 2007

Carbon Offsets: Modern-Day Indulgences to Assuage Carbon Guilt or Market Mechanism for Supporting Clean Energy
    by Bill Baue

“…The Carbon Neutral Myth: Offset Indulgences for Your Climate Sins by Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute, which borrows its title from George Monbiot’s October 2006 Guardian article likening offsets to Medieval indulgences, advances three similar critiques of offsets. First, carbon offsets dilute the more radical action necessary to adequately address the climate crisis, in part by diverting what could be collective political action that addresses systemic root causes into personal market transactions within the very economic structure that created climate change.

Second, offsets can amount to “carbon colonialism” whereby privileged Northern hemisphere consumers impose the consequences of their carbon emissions in the guise of “assistance” to Majority World nations that absorb negative impacts (such as mismanaged monoculture tree plantations).

Third, the report claims offsets warp the temporal realities of the carbon cycle, claiming to counterbalance present emissions with sequestration and substitution that actually spans far into the future. In the report’s appendix, researcher Jamie Hartzell calculates arboreal offset rates at 0.3 percent per year (thus taking more than a century to reach completion), while scientists predict the next decade will be decisive in determining the trajectory of the climate crisis. In other words, if you emit carbon today and plant a tree it will take the tree a hundred years to absorb the carbon emissions….in the meantime the ice caps are melting.

“The reason why the offset companies can argue for carbon neutrality is they are using a carbon calculation method that is best termed ‘future value accounting,'” Hartzell writes. “Carbon savings expected to be made in the future are counted as savings made in the present. This is the same technique used by Enron to inflate its profits–and sooner or later I expect, just like Enron, the house of cards will come tumbling down,”

Selling Indulgences

“…BP and Travelcare, like other companies, want to keep expanding their business. Offset schemes allow them to do so while pretending they have gone green. Yet aviation emissions, to give one example, are rising so fast in the UK that before 2020 they will account for the country’s entire sustainable carbon allocation(3). A couple of decades after that, global aircraft emissions will match the sustainable carbon level for all economic sectors, across the entire planet. Perhaps the carbon offset companies will then start schemes on Mars and Jupiter, as we will soon need several planets to absorb the carbon dioxide we release. Offsets, in other words, are being used as an excuse for the unsustainable growth of carbon-intensive activities. …”

The Carbon Neutral Myth
Offset Indulgences for your Climate Sins
Kevin Smit 20 February 2007

“…Carbon trading is basically a loophole — a “flexible mechanism” in Kyoto-speak — that allows developed nations continue with business as usual while claiming to address the climate crisis. Because most industrialized Kyoto signatories won’t sacrifice short-term economic growth to cut emissions at home — best accomplished by mandatory absolute cuts accompanied by a draconian carbon tax — Kyoto lets them instead make efficiency investments in places like Russia and China, where it’s cheaper to reduce CO2 and where there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit. How many tons of CO2 countries save abroad equals how many carbon credits they get toward meeting their own national targets. Targets that they are in reality missing, in some cases by a wide margin.

The idea is similar to the one behind the trendy personal “carbon offset” industry, but transferred to the international level. Just as Brad Pitt and Al Gore can invest in some reforestation project in Tamil Nadu and then declare themselves “carbon neutral” without changing their carbon-intensive lives, so too can France invest in Russia and claim Kyoto success without cutting its domestic CO2 output. Critics of personal offsets and Kyoto’s credit scheme have compared them to the medieval Church practice of selling Indulgences to sinners. It’s a good analogy. Kyoto’s carbon-trading game allows signatory nations to think they’re going to heaven while we continue slouching toward likely global warming hell. …”

Anyone want to buy a Food And Gamer offset? 

First you pay me $100 to walk one mile.Then for an entire week you get to play all the games you want and eat all the food you want.  😛

You will receive by e-mail, a certificate that you are Food And Game neutral.

Great deal. Any takers? 😉 [H] 

Received an e-mail from VW that sends you to this site: 


“Never give a sucker an even break.”

~ W. C. Fields

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