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The Brave New World of RFID–Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984!

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Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.
~Benjamin Franklin

First they tag your food,  then they tag your cars, then they tag your animals, then they tag your money and then they tag you!

What is RFID?

Radio-frequency indentification

“…Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders.

An RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.

Most RFID tags contain at least two parts. One is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, modulating and demodulating a (RF) signal, and other specialized functions. The second is an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. A technology called chipless RFID allows for discrete identification of tags without an integrated circuit, thereby allowing tags to be printed directly onto assets at a lower cost than traditional tags. …”

Welcome to George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984.

Big Brother arrives a little late.

They now know where you are.

We know you are watching

They are coming to take you away way, ho-ho, to the funny farm! 

Napoleon XIV: ‘They’re coming to take me away’

They’re Coming To Take Me Away – Dr. Demento

Funny Farm

They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa

from: Dr. Demento’s Delights
Warner Bros. 1975 BS 2855 0698

Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to
leave because I’d go berserk?? Well…
You left me anyhow and then the days got worse and worse and now you see
I’ve gone completely out of my mind.. And..

They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be
happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re
coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

You thought it was a joke and so you laughed, you laughed when I had said
that loosing you would make me flip my lid.. RIGHT???
I know you laughed, I heard you laugh, you laughed you laughed and
laughed and then you left, but now you know I’m utterly mad… And..

They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa,
They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.
To the happy home. With trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket
weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re
coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!

I cooked your food, I cleaned your house, and this is how you pay me back
for all my kind unselfish loving deeds.. Huh??
Well you just wait, they’ll find you yet and when they do they’ll put you
in the ASPCA, you mangy mutt!!! And…

They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa.
They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.
To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be happy
to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re coming
to take me away, ha-haaa!!!
To the happy home, with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket
weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re
coming to take me away, ha-haa!!!
To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time… (fade out)

Hey, buddy!
Yes officer..
You a head?
No, but I’m catching up, ha ha ha….

original recording by Napoleon XIV 


Background Articles and Videos

How RFID Works

by Candace Gibson and Kevin Bonsor

Introduction to How RFID Works

“…RFID tags, a technology once limited to tracking cattle, are tracking consumer products worldwide. Many manufacturers use the tags to track the location of each product they make from the time it’s made until it’s pulled off the shelf and tossed in a shopping cart.

Outside the realm of retail merchandise, RFID tags are tracking vehicles, airline passengers, Alzheimer’s patients and pets. Soon, they may even track your preference for chunky or creamy peanut butter. Some critics say RFID technology is becoming too much a part of our lives — that is, if we’re even aware of all the parts of our lives that it affects. …”

“…Human chipping has seemingly higher stakes than merchandise tagging, and RFID critics are concerned that human chipping may one day become mandatory. When the company chipped two of its employees in 2006, these fears spun out of control. insisted that the employees were not forced to be chipped — they volunteered for the microchip implants for easier access to secured vaults where confidential documents are stored. Other employees declined the implants, and their positions with the company were unaffected.

RFID, The Good, Bad & Ugly.

Fox News – VeriChip – Big Brother, George Orwell’s “1984” 

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 1 of 9 

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 2 of 9

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 3 of 9 

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 4 of 9

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 5 of 9

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 6 of 9

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 7 of 9

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 8 of 9

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business-Clip 9 of 9

RFID tech turned into spy chips for clandestine surveillance

“…The RFID Dust that Nox Defense also sells is actually made up of tiny RFID chips – each about the size of a grain of sand, according to Brown. They can be scattered on a floor, so when someone walks through a room, entryway or warehouse, the tags will stick to their shoes or pants cuffs. When they walk past an RFID reader, it will be able to tell where they’ve been.

“We use it for positive ID… I could have a reader at the exit to tell where you’ve been in my building,” said Brown. “Imagine you’re working [with the government] in a drug lord’s house in Columbia. You sprinkle it on the floor boards. It gets on their shoes. When they come through customs, there could be RFID readers on the floor mats. It would show that you had been in this drug lord’s house. With this, you can figure out which place they visited and what RFID dust stuck to their shoes. It creates data points for you to make decisions. ” …”

RFID Technology in the U.S.

By Frederick W. Stakelbeck, Jr.

“…Moving beyond passports and into the Orwellian realm of intrusive government monitoring that many privacy experts and everyday citizens fear, implantation of human subjects has already begun. Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the country’s first implantable RFID chips from VeriChip Corp., a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. According to the FDA, the new chips could save lives by limiting errors in medial treatments. But could the technology be used for other questionable purposes?

In addition to the U.S., other countries are seriously exploring RFID technology. The Mexico City police department recently implanted 170 police officers with a device designed by U.S.—based Verichip to access criminal databases and to track officers in case they were abducted. At Spain’s Baja Beach Club, VIP customers are implanted with a Verichip designed tag to confirm their identity to hotel staff. Mary Brown, a security specialist who teaches at Capella University in Minneapolis, is concerned about the use of RFID technology as it relates to humans. ‘When it comes to human tracking, I think we are crossing the edge,’ she said. …”

“…Initially, these seem to be very positive developments, but they lead us to ask the inevitable question — Where do we go from here? 

What Next?

At the request of U.S. businesses and Washington, warehouses and distribution centers are making progress toward RFID adoption, as are public libraries, laundries, and toy manufacturers. Is this a good thing for America? Could what retailers call ‘slap and ship’ technology become ‘slap and track’ technology in the United States? Let’s hope not, otherwise, we all may want to begin taking Mandarin or Russian language classes at the local community college.

Microchips Everywhere: a Future Vision


“…Presently, the radio tag most commercialized in America is the so-called “passive” emitter, meaning it has no internal power supply. Only when a reader powers these tags with a squirt of electrons do they broadcast their signal, indiscriminately, within a range of a few inches to 20 feet.

Not as common, but increasing in use, are “active” tags, which have internal batteries and can transmit signals, continuously, as far as low-orbiting satellites. Active tags pay tolls as motorists to zip through tollgates; they also track wildlife, such as sea lions.

Retailers and manufacturers want to use passive tags to replace the bar code, for tracking inventory. These radio tags transmit Electronic Product Codes, number strings that allow trillons of objects to be uniquely identified. Some transmit specifics about the item, such as price, though not the name of the buyer.

However, “once a tagged item is associated with a particular individual, personally identifiable information can be obtained and then aggregated to develop a profile,” the U.S. Government Accountability Office concluded in a 2005 report on RFID. …”

Old Big Brother Had a Farm

USDA ID-tag plan for farm animals has some small-scale farmers unhappy

“…The U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting a system that would have farm-animal owners and livestock handlers attach microchips or other ID tags to their furry and feathered charges so they could be monitored throughout their lifetimes by a centralized computer network. The National Animal Identification System, as it’s known, has been in development by the department since 2002, with help from an agribusiness industry group that represents bigwigs like Cargill and Monsanto.

Sounds like Animal Farm meets Big Brother. Yet, while some small-scale farmers are outspoken in their criticism of the scheme, many in the agriculture community say it’s high time the U.S. more carefully tracked livestock. The question is how best to do it — and the devil, as always, is in the details. …”


I’m Going to Have to See Your ID

The program — which is thus far voluntary, but could eventually become mandatory — is designed to unfold in three stages. First, farmers and producers would register the barns, factories, slaughterhouses, and even homes where their animals — be they 10,000 cows, a dozen chickens, or a single potbellied pig — reside and are processed.

Second, animals born or living on those premises would be assigned a 15-digit federal ID number and a tag — in some cases, an implanted radio-frequency identification (RFID) device. But producers of certain species such as chickens and swine that are bought, moved, and slaughtered in big groups could be allowed to identify an entire lot with a single ID number — a less time-intensive and expensive process. Critics argue that since factory farms are in the business of mass production of animals, this would present them with a cost advantage. Miller says this is a loophole that effectively “renders the whole program moot.”

Third, data on each animal’s whereabouts would be compiled and regularly updated in a centralized computer network, which the USDA expects to be up and running on a national scale by 2009 at the earliest. The department has suggested that animals’ RFID tags could eventually be tracked real-time by a Global Positioning System, but there is no clear time frame for this scenario. …”

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Approves RFID Livestock Tagging System

“…The NAIS, a cooperative program between the state and federal governments and the livestock industry to help trace, manage and eradicate animal diseases like Mad Cow Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease, Pseudo-Rabies Disease and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome in pigs, is being run by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). APHIS launched the voluntary NAIS in 2004 with the premises registration system and is now continuing its advancement by implementing the animal identification component. While USDA has established visual tags as the minimum standard for some species, cattle for example, producers may elect to use ear tags with RFID technology incased in the official identification tags.

Ag Department Launches Animal Identification Iniative

“…Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) will play a critical role in the new initiative.  RFID employs an ear tag with an electronic chip that can be read when the animal passes by a sensor, in much the same way as scanning technology works in grocery stores. The following groups will be able to test and ultimately utilize animal tracking technology through RFID:  producers, packing and rendering plants, livestock auctions, veterinarians and industry associations. 


During the twelve-month study, animals will be tracked from the farm through various production and marketing channels to packing and rendering plants. …”


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Appeasers and Oath Breakers All: Bush, Clinton, Bush, McCain, Clinton, Obama…Who is next?

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“…We on the Commission believe strongly that it is in the national interest for immigrants to become citizens for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. We want immigrants to be motivated to naturalize in order to vote, to be fully participating members of our polity-to become Americans. We don’t want to motivate lawabiding aliens to naturalize just so that they can get food stamps, health care, job training, or their homes tested for lead.

Fourth, deportation is crucial. Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave. The top priorities for detention and removal, of course, are criminal aliens. But for the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process…” 

Testimony of Barbara Jordan,
Chair, U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform
Before the U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims
February 24, 1995

All US Presidents, Senators, Representatives, and office holders are required to take an oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution of The United States of America:

 “”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” 

The Oath of Office and the Constitution


I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

5 U.S.C. §3331

“…Article IV, Section 4, Paragraph 1: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestics Violence. …”

For the last twenty years, under Republican and Democratic Presidents, millions of illegal immigrants or criminal aliens have entered the United States of America.

This is in addition to the millions of immigrants who have obeyed the law and followed the rules and entered the United States legally, after many years of waiting to do so.

Each year on average over a million criminal aliens have crossed the US borders seeking employment and in the process engaged in criminal activity.  While noboby knows the exact number of illegal or criminal aliens in the United States, even the federal government, estimates range from 15 million to over 30 million. This roughly represents 5% to 10% of the total population of the United States. Today the number of criminal aliens in the United States is historically unprecedented.

Every day criminal aliens habitually break the laws of the United States, both federal and state.

First, the criminal alien enters the U.S. without a visa–a crime.

Second, the criminal alien obtains fake and forged documents that represent that the criminal alien may work in the United States and has a valid Social Security Number–a crime.

Third, the criminal alien secures employment with these forged documets and works in the U.S.–a crime.

Fourth, the criminal alien is aided and abetted by both businesses, organizations, and governments to continue to work in the U.S.–a crime.

All of the above is criminal activity. The criminal alien’s motivation and strong work ethic are not relevant or extenuating circumstances. Nobody is above the law.

Criminal alien removal (CAR) and deportation to their country of origin is the appropriate legal remedy. Only limited and controlled legal immigration should be encouraged and rewarded. Criminal aliens should not be reward with amnesty, no matter how defined.

The vast majority of criminal aliens come from Mexico and Latin America. They cross the U.S.-Mexican border into California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Every state and nearly every U.S. city of any size has a small army of ccriminal aliens in their community.

What have the American political elites of the Republican and Democratic parties done to stop this criminal alien invasion? Little or nothing.

Every day the criminal alien invasion rolls on with thousands crossing the U.S. borders illegally.

Why? Money and votes–Political Power!

For the Republican Party, it is mainly about money or campaign contributions from businesses and other entities that benefit from hiring low wage and mainly low skilled criminal aliens. In exchange for their campaign contributions, these campaign contributors fully expect the Republican Party to favor open borders and amnesty for criminal aliens. They insist on a very porous border. The very last thing they want is a well patrolled border with two fences and a road in the middle for the border patrol. Both President Bush and Senator McCain have been bought and paid for in campaign contributions from these business owners and related entities.

For the Democratic Party, is is also partly about money or campaign contributions from unions that expand their membership with increasing government expenditures to service the needs of the criminal aliens as well as more criminal alien members in the union.  The Democratic Party also benefits from voter fraud when criminal aliens vote one or more times in elections. If and when amnesty legislation is passed, the Democratic Party believes that the vast majority of criminal aliens will vote Democratic in graditude for providing them a “path to citizenship”–criminal alien amnesty!Both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have been bought and paid for in campaign contributions from unions, business owners and related entities.  

Professional politicans are desperate for money and votes. They will do and say anthing to stay in power. Both political parties have already tried twice to pass legislation called “comprehensive immigration reform”. No matter who is elected President of the United States in 2008, both political parties will try again to pass “comprehensive immigration reform”–a code word of criminal alien amnesty and open borders.

Yes they can and they will betray the American people.

Yes they are for change–a change for the worse.

Instead of obeying their oath of office and enforcing existing federal immigration laws and regulations, they want to change them to appease their financial and political supporters, the so-called special interests. Comprehensive immigration reform is a change for the worse to cover up the political corruption, crimes and cowardice of professional politicians of both political parties–the appeasers and oath breakers.

The criminal alien invasion is a law and order, national defense, security, and an economic issue. The American people are paying higher property, sales, and income taxes at the local, city, county and state government levels as a direct result of the massive and continuing criminal alien invasion. Government expenditures for schools, colleges, hospitals, jails, prisons, roads, highways and social welfare benefits have all risen significantly due to the criminal alien invasion.

The American people are paying the bills in the form of higher taxes to subsidize businesses and organizations that benefit from hiring low wage and mostly low skilled criminal aliens.  Low skilled American citizens are either unemployed or are receiving a lower wage rate due to the increased supply of low skilled criminal aliens in the labor market. Black, hispanic and white unemployment rates would be significantly lower with criminal alien removal.

The American elites, mostly liberal or progressive Republicans and Democrats, all applaud this expansion of government spending and dependence on government, because it expands their power or political base. The American elites even want to increase federal income taxes and add a new carbon tax or cap and trade tax to supposively limit carbon emissions base on the government funded junk science of computer climate models. Give me a break. Enough is enough.

The American people have been betrayed by the American elites–the appeasers and oath breakers. When the U.S. economy eventually enters another severe recession and unemployment rates exceed 7%, there will be a day of reckoning and a second American revolution.

Yes the American elites and professional politicians may have their pay off money, but we the American people still have the votes and we will be voting in November.

The American people will start by voting out of office the appeasers and oath breakers. 

Dump These Senator Sell-Outs!

The American people will demand and not be denied criminal alien removal (CAR)!

Both legal and illegal immigration needs to be controlled. Over a decade ago Roy Beck wrote a book, The Case Against Immigration, that should be read by those concerned with the immigration issue.

While his book deals mainly with legal immigration, it is well worth reading and as well as quotating his concluding remarks at length:

“High immigration almost always has reflected the values and served the interests of a small elite at the expense of the national interest. Current policies may have been designed in 1965 to reflect the public’s desire for low immigration, but they have been allowed to create results wildly at variance with the public will. The only time that the majority of Americans seemed to feel that immigration strengthened and energized the nation was between 1925 and 1965, when annual admissions averaged 178,000. By the end, that period proved to be the best one in U.S. history for building an American middle class. It was also the only period black Americans enjoyed steady and significant economic progress. That is the numberical immigration tradition we should seek to emulate now.

That golden era of immigration was a time of quite low numbers. It was begun in 1924 with the drastic reduction of admissions. That was when the Democratic Party decided that the needs of American workers–both native born and immigrant–were more important than bringing in new foreign workers to increase the size of ethnic political machines, and when the Republican  Party made the American poeple at large a higher priority than big business.

The 1924 action to bring immigration down to a level that matched the needs of the American people came nearly thirty years after Congress began trying to do that. It now has been more than thirty years after Congress begantrying to do that. It now has been more than thirty years since Congress in 1965 tried to improve on the 1924 act by eliminating national-origin preferences that entailed racial discrimination in the selection process. By accident, the new act unleased the largest and harshest wave of immigration in U.S. history.

The American people should not have to wait another year–let alone another thirty years–for Congress to correct the unintended mistakes of the 1965 act and to restore what was intended in 1965: an immigration system without discrimination on the basis of national origin and with a numerical level consistent with that of the golden age of immigration from 1924 to 1965. It was supposed to be an immigration program of high ideals and practical considerations for the need of the American people. It is immigration policy for which nearly everybody thought they were voting in 1965. But it is a policy that has yet to be experienced….”

Why immigration will be the number 1 political issue in the 2008 Presidential Election–watch the video and get educated!

 Then get mad.

Immigration By The Numbers


Now the problem is many times worse due to uncontrolled illegal immigration or the criminal alien invasion. The appeasers and oath breakers of both political parties have sold out the American poeple. There will be a day of reckoning. 

Illegal Alien Most Wanted

“No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man’s permission when we require him to obey it.”

~Theodore Roosevelt

Background Articles and Videos

Stop Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Policy expert Robert Rector describes how the Bush/Kennedy/McCain amnesty for illegal aliens scheme will result in more than 100 million additional immigrants to the United States within just 20 years.

Mr. Rector is the person who did the research and discovered the shocking facts about the amnesty bill which began the massive citizen opposition to any form of amnesty, guest worker program, ‘pathway to citizenship,’ or other means for promoting massive immigration. Immigrants under these bills could bring in their extended familes to take advantage of welfare, medicare and other government programs. …”

Cost of Low-Skilled Immigrants  

Does Mexico Hate the USA?

Amnesty Fraud
A political solution destined to create bigger problems.

Thomas Sowell

“Back in 1986 it was “unrealistic” to round up and deport the three million illegal immigrants in the United States then. So they were given amnesty — honestly labeled, back then — which is precisely why there are now 12 million illegal immigrants.  

As a result of the current amnesty bill — not honestly labeled this time — will it be “unrealistic” to round up and deport 40 million or 50 million illegal immigrants in the future?

“…Just as people can do many things better for themselves than the government can do those things for them, illegal aliens could begin deporting themselves if they found that their crime of coming here illegally was being punished as a serious crime, and that they themselves were no longer being treated as guests of the taxpayers when it comes to their medical care, the education of their children, and other welfare-state benefits. …”

Illegal Immigration and Low Wage Labor

Jordan’s warnings were ignored, as were the words earlier of the founder and president of the American Federation of Labor, Samuel Gompers, who, in a Letter to Congress in March, 1924, wrote:

“America must not be overwhelmed.  Every effort to enact immigration legislation must expect to meet…two hostile forces of considerable strength.  One of these is composed of corporation employers who desire to employ physical strength (broad backs) at the lowest possible wage and who prefer a rapidly revolving labor supply at low wages to a regular supply of American wage earners at fair wages.  The other is composed of racial groups in the United States who oppose all restrictive legislation because they want the doors left open for an influx of their countrymen regardless of the menace to the people of their adopted country.” 

To paraphrase Will Rogers, it’s not the warnings you don’t hear that hurt you; it’s the ones you hear and don’t heed.

Immigration and Job Displacement

“One of the overlooked ways in which immigration harms the American workforce is displacement, that is, when natives lose their jobs to recent immigrants who will work for substandard wages.

Sometimes the employer intentionally replaces natives with immigrants to have a cheaper, more easily exploited workforce. Sometimes the displacement comes through an intermediary. In these cases, work may be delegated out to subcontractors. The firms that use immigrants – and pay them low wages – underbid other subcontractors that use natives. In some cases, the ultimate employer may not even be aware that native workers have been displaced. Regardless, the effects on Americans are real. As the Immigration and Naturalization Service put it: “The critical potential negative impacts of immigrants are displacement of incumbent worker groups from their jobs and wage depression for those who remain in the affected sectors.”1 …”

Illegal immigration amnesty without representation

Glenn Beck with Pat Buchanan, Parts 1 & 2

Glenn Beck with Pat Buchanan, Parts 3 & 4

George Bush Misleads the Public in Push for Guest Workers

May Day and Illegal Immigration Protests

NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck
Assesses Presidential Candidates On Immigration Issues

No Hope for Secure Borders Under Bush

Border Security: Failure By Design

Terrorists Infiltrating Through Mexico

Bob Barr on Immigration 5/24/2008

McCain flips again on immigration

John McCain: Immigration

John McCain on Immigration

John McCain – Securing the Borders & Immigration Reform

John McCain – The Company I Keep

Web Ad: Memorial Day

Web Ad: Memorial Day (Spanish)

Open borders + campaign finance hypocrisy + eco-radicalism = McCain’s billionaire national finance co-chair Jerry Perenchio

“…Meet Jerry Perenchio. He’s a National Finance Co-Chair of the McCain 2008 campaign and the billionaire founder of Spanish-language media conglomerate, Univision. He also heads up a charitable foundation that has showered gobs of money on extremist green lobbying groups. Take open-borders zeal, add campaign finance hypocrisy, mix with eco-radicalism, and presto:

The perfect, multiculti-profiteering McCain money buddy.

Here’s his official bio on the McCain website: …”

President Ann Coulter on Illegal Immigration

Barack Obama: Immigration

Barack Obama’s plan for IMMIGRATION

Barack Obama on Immigration and a Path to Citizenship 

Barack Obama – Illegal Immigration and La raza and racism

Obama’s Voting

Hillary & Obama on Immigration


Lou Dobbs – Paul Waldman of Media Matters – Part 1

Lou Dobbs – Paul Waldman of Media Matters – Part 2

Press Conference – Rep. Joe Baca (CA-43)

Hillary Clinton’s Unbelievable Policy on ILLEGAL Immigration

Michael Dukakis – On illegal immigration and Mitt Romney

Jeb Bush – On Immigration

How many illegals a day? The U.S – Mexico border  

Illegal Immigrants!!!  

Rush Limbaugh on Illegal Immigration

Lou Dobbs – MALDEF’s Amnesty Agenda


Have We Lost Our Minds?


“Illegal” vs “Legal” Immigrants…

Illegal Immigrants are above the law…

Illegal Immigrants are Voting

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Why immigration will be the number 1 political issue in the 2008 Presidential Election! — Gum Balls

Presidential Candidates on Illegal Immigration, Criminal Alien Removal and Social Service Benefits

The Cost of Comprehensive Immigration Reform–McCain and Obama Are Hopeless–It is the Economy Stupid!

John McCain’s Position on Illegal Immigration and Criminal Alien Removal? 

Presidential Election 2008: American Elites Vs. American People

Alan Keyes on Immigration

US Immigration Videos














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Conservatives Say No To McCain’s Cap and Trade Tax and John McCain

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Shania Twain – Dance With The One That Brought You

In Texas there is saying you have to dance with the one that brought you.

Senator McCain has a real talent for alienating the conservative movement base and not dancing with the one that brought or voted for him.

The Senator cannot even figure out that climate change is a hoax fostered by the left to increase taxes.

John McCain actually buys into this nonsense!

Please Senator McCain do your homework and think for yourself for a change.

Stop pandering!

The United States needs more oil exploration, development and production and dozens of new oil refineries as well as more coal and nuclear electrical power plants. 

Production creates wealth, income and jobs.

What the American people do not need is another tax increase based upon government funded junk science of climate models.

McCain Addresses Climate Change

“…And we must do this in a way that gives American businesses new incentives and new rewards to seek, instead of just giving them new taxes to pay and new orders to follow,” McCain said, “The most direct way to achieve this is through a system that sets clear limits on all greenhouse gases, while also allowing the sale of rights to excess emissions. And this is the proposal I will submit to the Congress if I am elected president — a cap-and-trade system to change the dynamic of our energy economy.”

TV AD – A Better Way 

If Senator McCain cannot figure this one out, he will not be getting my vote.

I am forced to conclude that Senator McCain with his proposed cap and trade tax no longer wants nor deserves the support or votes of conservatives and libertarians.

It is time for both conservatives and libertarians who in the past supported the Republican Party to give serious consideration to the formation of a conservative party.

Let us call it the American Conservative Alliance Party (ACAP).

Put a cap on taxes, government spending, and regulations and then starting cutting them.

Professional politicians and the elites of both political parties are out of control.

Time for another party.

You have to stand for something!

Aaron Tippin-You’ve Got To Stand For Something


Background Articles and Videos

Club for Growth Disappointed with McCain’s Cap-and-Trade Plan

“…McCain’s cap-and-trade bill to limit CO2 emissions is badly flawed and would do great damage to the economy. Although McCain promotes the cap-and-trade plan as a market-based solution, it is just another heavy government regulation with tremendous costs to American businesses and economic growth.

The cap-and-trade system has a number of flaws. For starters, the proposal is no different than a tax on carbon emissions; it merely hides the cost increase through a trading mechanism in order to make the bill more politically palatable. Companies who can’t afford to lower their CO2 emissions will be forced to buy emission credits from other companies or the government, raising production costs. According to the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis, the legislation would amount to a $1.21 trillion tax over ten years. These costs will then be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. According to a paper by the Heritage Foundation, energy prices could jump by 36 to 65 percent by 2015…” 

JOHN McCAIN AND 100% AUCTIONS….On Monday, John McCain outlined his climate change policy, which includes a cap-and-trade program:

We will cap emissions according to specific goals, measuring progress by reference to past carbon emissions. By the year 2012, we will seek a return to 2005 levels of emission, by 2020, a return to 1990 levels, and so on until we have achieved at least a reduction of sixty percent below 1990 levels by the year 2050.

….As part of my cap-and-trade incentives, I will also propose to include the purchase of offsets from those outside the scope of the trading system….Through the sale of offsets — and with strict standards to assure that reductions are real — our agricultural sector alone can provide as much as forty percent of the overall reductions we will require in greenhouse gas emissions….Over time, an increasing fraction of permits for emissions could be supplied by auction, yielding federal revenues that can be put to good use.

Cap-and-trade like Soviet-style central planning

Random Thoughts

By Thomas Sowell

“…Senator John McCain could never convince me to vote for him. Only Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama can cause me to vote for McCain. …”

“…There is no question that Barack Obama is a clever and glib fellow. There is also no question that some of the most foolish, dangerous and horrific things done around the world in the past hundred years have been done by clever and glib fellows.

When someone is brutally murdered, the media often defuse our shock by focusing on praise of the victim, instead of focusing on what can be done to keep the murderer from ever doing this again. In the midst of all this emotional venting, it is galling to realize that chances are the murderer will eventually be put back on the street again. …”

Rush Global Warming Update Song


Bi-Partisan Government WON’T work…

Global Warming is a Myth…

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Global Warming Books

Global Warming Sites

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Al Gore: Agent of Influence and Planetary Propeller Head!

Al Gore’s Little White Lie: Man-Made Global Warming Causing Polar Bears To Drown 

Al Gore’s Big Whopper–Sea Levels Rise By 2100: Gore 20 Feet vs IPCC 2 Feet? 

Presidential Election 2008: American Elites Vs. American People

Let Them Eat Cake Act: American Elites Killing and Starving The American People

The Heidelberg Appeal: Beware of False Gods and Prophets 

Going Deep–Cool–Deep Ocean Water (DOW)–Ocean Power!

Saving The World: The Importance of Getting The Priorities Right

Fathers, Mothers and Babies for Senator John McCain!

Conservative Turnout Will Determine the Outcome of The Presidential 2008 Race Between McCain vs. Obama

Conservatives Are Waiting for A John McCain Moment On YouTube–The Eyes of Texas!

Turnout of Voters Key to Victory in Presidential Election 2008

John McCain’s Position on Illegal Immigration and Criminal Alien Removal?

John McCain–A Candidate too Far Left

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Right Of Barrack Obama–ROBO Voters for John McCain

Posted on May 13, 2008. Filed under: Blogroll, Climate, Economics, Immigration, Links, Politics, Rants, Raves, Resources, Taxes, Technology, Video, War |

The conventional wisdom in American politics is for the candidates to run towards their political base in the primaries and in the general election run toward the center.

John McCain, aka the “maverick”, instead ran towards the center and left in the primaries and away from his conservative Republican base on the right.

He will get the Republican nomination for President largely due to the split of conservative voters among several candidates.

Many movement conservatives simply do not consider Senator McCain to be a conversative any longer.

As a result they have closed their wallets to both Senator McCain and the Republican Party.

Conservatives might even stay home in November, unless Senator McCain picks as his running mate an acceptable conservative, such as former Governor Mitt Romney.

Fortunately for Senator McCain, the Democrats will nominate Senator Obama as their Presidential candidate, a far left candidate that in the general election will be lucky if he gets 40% of the vote.

The general election could be a repeat of 1972, 1980 or 1984 with a landslide victory for the Republican candidate, John McCain.


The American electorate like their Presidents to be in the center, either center right or center left, and not on the edges, either far left or far right.

Both Senators Clinton and Obama are clearly left of center with Barack Obama considered to be the most liberal Senator by far.

Senator Obama actually thinks that more taxes, more government spending, and more regulations are a change for the better.

Actually they are more of the same plans, policies and programs that both Democrats and Liberal Republicans have been peddling for nearly eighty years.

Some people never learn from their mistakes.

It is certainly not the audacity of hope.

It is really the arrogance of the ignorant.

Senator Obama will get 90% of the black, university faculties, and main-stream media votes, these voters invariably vote Democratic, no matter who the Democratic Party has on the ticket.

Once Senator’s Obama’s political positions become known in the general election, both independent voters and former Reagan Democrats will vote for Senator McCain. These voters are clearly to the Right Of Barack Obama–the ROBO voters.

Senator Obama has the advantage in Money or campaign contributions. Money buys a lot of media that can be decisive in a close election.

Unless Senator McCain starts to quickly build bridges to the conservative movement base, many conservatives and libertarians, including me, will stay home and let the independent and Reagan Democratic ROBO voters decide the election. 

May be  Senator McCain can win with just the independent and Reagan Democrats ROBO voters.

I seriously doubt it and I think Senator McCain knows it as well.

The Republican Party could have had a landslide victory in 2008 had it nominated a principled conservative, instead of a “maverick”.

The United States of America might be in for a repeat of the Carter administration, the worse Presidency in at least seventy years.

The election results will depend upon the conversative movement base, the independents and Reagan Democrats–the ROBO voters!


Background Articles and Videos


There’s No Doubt: Liberal Media Trying to Protect Obama

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

“…In their yearlong race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama and Clinton have had strikingly similar voting records. Of the 267 measures on which both senators cast votes in 2007, the two differed on only 10. “The policy differences between Clinton and Obama are so slight they are almost nonexistent to the average voter,” said Richard Lau, a Rutgers University political scientist.

How They Scored

But differences define campaigns. The yeas and nays matter. And in a Senate in which party-line votes are the rule, the rare exceptions help to show how two senators who seemed like ideological twins in 2007 were not actually identical. Obama and Clinton were more like fraternal policy twins, NJ‘s vote ratings show. …”

NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC Endorses Sen. Barack Obama

NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC endorses Sen. Barack Obama for President!

Sen. Obama is fully pro-choice. In his own words:

“A woman’s ability to decide how many children to have and when, without interference from the government, is one of the most fundamental rights we possess.  It is not just an issue of choice, but equality and opportunity for all women.

“I have consistently advocated for reproductive choice and will make preserving women’s rights under Roe v. Wade a priority as President.  I oppose any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in this case.

“I believe we must work together to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.  I support legislation to expand access to contraception, health information, and preventative services to help reduce unintended pregnancies.  That is why I co-sponsored the Prevention First Act of 2007, which will increase funding for family planning and comprehensive sex education that teaches both abstinence and safe sex methods.  It will also end insurance discrimination against contraception, improve awareness about emergency contraception, and provide compassionate assistance to rape victims.

Alan Keyes on Obama’s support for infanticide

Obama More Pro-Choice Than NARAL

“Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) portrays himself as a thoughtful Democrat who carefully considers both sides of controversial issues, but his radical stance on abortion puts him further left on that issue than even NARAL Pro-Choice America.

In 2002, as an Illinois legislator, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act, which would have protected babies that survived late-term abortions. That same year a similar federal law, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was signed by President Bush. Only 15 members of the U.S. House opposed it, and it passed the Senate unanimously on a voice vote.

Both the Illinois and the federal bill sought equal treatment for babies who survived premature inducement for the purpose of abortion and wanted babies who were born prematurely and given live-saving medical attention. …”

Barack Obama’s Snake Oil
By Joan Swirsky

“…According to a sacred United States Code (Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171): During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.

But asked about a famous photograph that showed him refusing to place his hand over his heart when our National Anthem was played, Obama offered no explanation. That non-explanation may play well in his elitist circles, but it would play like a stink bomb at Ground Zero in New York City, at the bombed-out Pentagon, in the fields of Shanksville, PA, and in the heartland of America – in fact, in all the places that “bitter” people “cling to God and guns” and other things that Obama clearly holds in contempt.

In spite of overwhelming evidence about the truly dreadful choices that Democrats offer our country next November – Hillary the pathological liar and Barack the Manchurian Candidate incarnate – Obama has smitten a hungry and thirsty electorate for the “hope” and “change” he promises.

To the prospect of his presidency, every sane American should say God forbid!”

Newt on Carter and Obama

O’Reilly on ABC Debate, Exposes Obama and Far-Left Cowards

Michelle Malkin on Michelle Obama’s lack of pride

His Bitter Half
Michelle Obama, Queen of the Grievance-Mongers.By Michelle Malkin“…Barack Obama, the missus explains, is Everyman who has ever been put down by The Man. And “understand this” (a condescending verbal tic shared by both Obamas): Mrs. Obama is here to make sure you feel their pain. Which is really your pain. Because the hardships of a privileged Ivy League couple are “exactly” the same as the travails of miners or service workers or small-business owners: “So the bar has been shifting and moving in this race,” she grumbles, “but the irony is, the sad irony is, that’s exactly what is happening to most Americans in this country.”Don’t tell Michelle about the Great Depression or the Carter Malaise. “Folks are struggling like never before,” she seethes.Well, yes, gas prices are up. Some food prices are rising. And borrowers who bought more housing than they could afford are underwater. But “struggling like never before”? Didn’t they teach her about Hoovervilles and stagflation?…”

Obama’s hidden agenda: “Global Poverty Act” NWO

Obama & Ayers | Ayers-Terroristic & World Communism Agenda?

Socialist-Marxist-Communist, Say Hello to Michelle Obama

Response to Obama, 4: What’s wrong with Obama’s Leftist View 

Response to Obama, 5: Tax Rates and Job Creation

Response to Obama, 6: The Difficulty of Change

Rev Wright Gives Obama A Weekend From Hell Says Matthews

Barack Obama Repudiates Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Obama mentor: ‘Smash on, victory-eating Red Army’
Poetry also lambastes ‘Sweet Jesus,’ mocks ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’

“… The man who heavily influenced U.S. Sen. Barack Obama during his growing years wrote poetry praising the aggression of communism, criticizing “Sweet Jesus” and mocking the traditional hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers,” according to an advocate for media accuracy.

WND reported earlier when Cliff Kincaid wrote at Accuracy in Media about the link between Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the old Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA, and Obama, who cited a mysterious “Frank” in his book.

Now Kincaid has uncovered poetry written by Davis that hails the Soviet Union’s Red Army, with a call to “Smash on, victory-eating Red Army,” and a wide range of attacks on or mockery of Christianity.

“One Davis poem, ‘Christ is a Dixie Ni—er,’ dismisses Christ as ‘another New White Hope’ and declares: ‘Remember this, you wise guys Your tales about Jesus of Nazareth are no-go with Me I’ve got a dozen Christs in Dixie all bloody and black…,” Kincaid said. …”

Is Barack Obama A Marxist Mole?

“…In his books, Obama admits attending “socialist conferences” and coming into contact with Marxist literature. But he ridicules the charge of being a “hard-core academic Marxist,” which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.

However, through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his “poetry” and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just “Frank.”

The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What’s more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations. …” 

Frank Marshall Davis

Frank Marshall Davis (December 31, 1905, Arkansas City, Kansas; July 26, 1987, Honolulu, Hawaii) was an African-American journalist, poet and political and labor movement activist. He was investigated for his links with the Communist party in the United States.[1] 

“…Links between Davis and Barack Obama

In his autobiographical Dreams from My Father, US senator and Democratic party presidential candidate Barack Obama writes of “Frank”, a friend of his grandfather’s. “Frank” has been identified as probably being Davis.[17] Trevor Loudon, of New Zealand first posted evidence that “Frank” was Frank Marshall Davis in March of 2007. Frank told Obama that both grew up only 50 miles apart, near Wichita, although they didn’t know each other then, and told him about the days of Jim Crow in Kansas. Frank told Obama that college was about “leaving your race at the door, leaving your people behind” and being trained, not educated. As Obama remembered, “It made me smile, thinking back on Frank and his old Black Power, dashiki self. In some ways he was as incurable as my mother, as certain in his faith, living in the same sixties time warp that Hawaii had created.”[18] This “Frank” was Davis…”

Frank Marshall Davis: Black Labor Activist and Outsider Journalist:

Social Movements in Hawai`i 

by: Kathryn Waddell Takara, Ph.D.

“…Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987), was a journalist, labor activist, poet, ex-patriate, and resident of Hawaii for almost forty years.  As an outsider looking in, he functioned as a significant voice in documenting the progress of the social movement in Hawaii from a plantation to a tourist based economy.[1]  In his weekly column,  “Frankly Speaking,” in the union newspaper The Honolulu Record, he acted as a commentator on the impact of the union movement on the plantation economy in the post war Honolulu scene.  As a major national journalist and former editor of the Associated Negro Press, Davis was able to analyze the changing configurations of ethnic groups, class structures and strategies of control.  His keen observation of the imperialist forces and his subsequent fall in status due to his outspoken editorials seem a paradox in a “so-called” paradise.  His was a voice that inspired and threatened.  His uniqueness as a black journalist and his middle class status showed that Hawaii was indeed one of the few places in the 1940s and 50s where blacks held roles other than agricultural or service workers in a multi-ethnic setting.[2]   …”

A Living Lie
Obama’s controversial statements in San Francisco are perfectly in line with his Senate record.

By Thomas Sowell

“…Like so much that Obama has said and done over the years, this is standard stuff on the far Left, where guns and religion are regarded as signs of psychological dysfunction — and where opinions different from those of the Left are ascribed to emotions (“bitter” in this case), rather than to arguments that need to be answered.

Like so many others on the Left, Obama rejects “stereotypes” when they are stereotypes he doesn’t like but blithely throws around his own stereotypes about “a typical white person” or “bitter” gun-toting, religious, and racist working-class people.

In politics, the clearer a statement is, the more certain it is to be followed by a “clarification,” when people react adversely to what was plainly said. …”

“…Obama is also part of a long tradition on the Left of being for the working class in the abstract, or as people potentially useful for the purposes of the Left, but having disdain or contempt for them as human beings.

Karl Marx said, “The working class is revolutionary or it is nothing.” In other words, they mattered only in so far as they were willing to carry out the Marxist agenda. …”

Barack Obama’s Bitter Liberalism
By George Will

“…The iconic public intellectual of liberal condescension was Columbia University historian Richard Hofstadter, who died in 1970 but whose spirit still permeated that school when Obama matriculated there in 1981. Hofstadter pioneered the rhetorical tactic that Obama has revived with his diagnosis of working-class Democrats as victims — the indispensable category in liberal theory. The tactic is to dismiss rather than refute those with whom you disagree.

Obama’s dismissal is: Americans, especially working-class conservatives, are unable, because of their false consciousness, to deconstruct their social context and embrace the liberal program. Today that program is to elect Obama, thereby making his wife at long last proud of America.

Hofstadter dismissed conservatives as victims of character flaws and psychological disorders — a “paranoid style” of politics rooted in “status anxiety,” etc. Conservatism rose on a tide of votes cast by people irritated by the liberalism of condescension.

Obama voiced such liberalism with his “bitterness” remarks to an audience of affluent San Franciscans. Perfect. …”

Thomas: Time to leave socialist Obama at the altar

“…One reason this socialistic mind-set resonates favorably with many is because the shift in the past half-century from promoting hard work, self- sufficiency, marriage, personal responsibility and accountability and living within one’s means, to a mentality that I am entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor.

Another reason the Obama (and Clinton) class envy works is that too many people are economic illiterates. They can’t tell the difference between compound interest and a compound fracture. …”


Oprah is smarter than Barack Obama…

Democrat or Republican???


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The Cost of Comprehensive Immigration Reform–McCain and Obama Are Hopeless–It is the Economy Stupid!

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Turnout of Voters Key to Victory in Presidential Election 2008

Alan Keyes on Immigration

Clinton Obama Fusion Ticket–Who is On Top?

The Kennedy Clinton Democratic Party Civil War Over Obama–Happy Days Are Here Again!

Voters Beware: The Radical Rules of Saul Alinsky and Leftist Democrats

Yes We Can–Throw You Under The Bus–Presidential Campaign 2008 Mantra

Down and Dirty Democrat Clinton vs. Up and Clean Democrat Obama: Hard Ball Time!




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Boy Scouts of America–Be Prepared–For Attacks By The Leftist Liberal Lawyers (LLL)

Posted on May 9, 2008. Filed under: Blogroll, Climate, Economics, Links, Politics, Raves, Religion, Resources, Science, Taxes, Technology, Video |

This morning I woke up and listened to doctor Bill’s, piled higher and deeper,  Good Morning America talk radio show.

Since I live in Texas, I listened up when Texas’ Governor Rick Perry was talking about the attacks the Boy Scouts of America have been encountering from the leftist liberal lawyers of the ACLU.

I too was a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout many years ago and had not really followed what was going on between the ACLU and the Boy Scouts of America. It appears the left is really going after scouting.

100 Years of Boy Scouts in America

Boy Scouts Defend their Honor –

Time to read the Governor Perry’s new book: On My Honor. 

I think it is about time someone in the pump and dump drive-by media ask the Presidential candidates of both political parties about their views on the ACLU continually attacking the Boy Scouts of America.

Their answers might be very revealing.

While doctor Bill never reached the rank of Eagle Scout–it is truly tough for a boy from Brooklyn to get those outdoor merit badges–we do all appreciate his support over the years.

Doctor Bill you should have travelled at least in the summer from Brooklyn to Long Island or even New Jersey to go hiking and camping. 


Background Articles and Videos


‘On My Honor’: Why I Wrote This Book

“…I wrote the book — On My Honor: Why American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting For — for two main reasons: to espouse the virtues of a movement that has positively shaped the lives of millions of young men, and to expose the virus of secularism that endangers institutions that teach traditional values.

As the culture has increasingly told young people that “moral values are relative,” “if it feels good do it,” and “look out for number one,” it has elevated self as a false idol of worship, and defined our existence as a self-centric pursuit at the expense of serving a higher calling of living for causes greater than self. Scouting is a rare institution in today’s society because it teaches young men that there are causes greater than self, that there is value in hard work and sacrifice, that it is more important to do what is right instead of what is easy, and that there are obligations and responsibilities we share in a free society, such as: being good stewards of the outdoors and one another’s trust. …” 

Texas Governor Urges Protection for Boy Scouts of America
By Fred Lucas

“…We have to protect the Scouts. We want it to be around for another 100 years teaching young men the value of being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent,” he said to a standing ovation.

“They are our future leaders, future husbands and future fathers. We’ll need their influence then, so we need [to come to] their defense now.”

Are the Boy Scouts ground zero in the culture wars?

“…Rick Perry is an Eagle Scout who happens to be the governor of Texas. And he doesn’t like the attacks on the Boy Scouts’ core beliefs from the American Civil Liberties Union and others. He’s written a new book, “On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For.”

Shouldn’t the Boy Scouts have a First Amendment right to say who’s in and who’s out? Or should the Scouts get with the times and open membership to boys and men who might be gay and might not believe in God?…”

Scout’s Honor

By Russ Vaughn

“…Scout’s Honor
When I was a boy, yep, I was a Scout,
And whole time I was, no Scoutmasters came out.
Nope, they stayed in the closet, if any were there,
And no parents protested our Scout meeting prayer.
We believed in our creed, truly honored our oath,
Our duty to God in those years was not loathe.
No, we pledged our young lives that we’d do our best,
To honor traditions behind our Scout crest. …”

The ACLU vs. the Boy Scouts

“…The ACLU cares nothing about saving taxpayers money, nor that the Scouts perform millions of dollars and thousands of hours worth of public service for the San Diego community, nor about the fact that the Scouts have been in the park for most of nine decades. The ACLU simply wants to destroy the Boy Scouts of America. …”

The Constitution and The Boy Scouts (Part I)

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! – 401 – The Boy Scouts 1/3

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! – 401 – The Boy Scouts 2/3

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! – 401 – The Boy Scouts 3/3

Bill Russell-Question 6 Boy Scouts

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Clinton & Obama: First They Lie To You and Then They Steal Your Property!

Posted on May 6, 2008. Filed under: Blogroll, Climate, Economics, Links, Politics, Quotations, Rants, Resources, Science, Taxes, Technology, Video, War |


“To act on the belief that we possess the knowledge and the power which enable us to shape the processes of society entirely to our liking, knowledge which in fact we do not possess, is likely to make us do much harm.”

~Friedrich August Hayek


“In the short run, all resources are limited. An example of such a finite resource is the amount of time and attention that you will devote to what I have written. The longer run, however, is a different story. The standard of living has risen along with the size of the world’s population since the beginning of recorded time. There is no convincing economic reason why these trends toward a better life should not continue indefinitely.

The key theoretical idea is this: Increased population and a higher standard of living caused actual and expected shortages, and hence price rises. A higher price represents an opportunity that attracts profit-minded entrepreneurs and socially minded inventors to seek new ways to satisfy shortages. Some fail, at a cost to themselves. A few succeed, and the final result is that we end up better off than if the original shortage problems had never arisen. That is, we need our problems, though this does not impy that we should purposively create additional problems for ourselves.”

~Julian L. Simon, The Ultimate Resource 2, page 588


Myth: Corn Ethanol is Great

Big Oil Record Profits

Hillary Clinton on Oil Profits

 “Truth” Ad

The Communists took the property of all business owners in both Russia and China.

The National Socialists took the property of all jewish business owners in Germany.

Change always starts with taking over the media–radio and television stations and newspapers– to spread the lies and then taking other people’s property.

The American elites of both political parties are using the junk science of global warming computer models to justify higher taxes and stealing the property of the American people.

They call it change and hope.

It is just more lying and stealing.

First the Big Lie!

Then Grand Theft!

This is a change for the worse that the overwhelming majority of American people oppose.


The American people know and understand that the American political elites are stealing their property.

Who owns big oil?

The American people own big oil.

When you take the oil company profits you are stealing from the American people.

Ownership of America’s Oil and Natural Gas Companies

“…Almost 43 percent of oil and natural gas company shares are owned by mutual funds and asset management companies that have mutual funds. Mutual funds manage accounts for 55 million U.S. households with a median income of $68,700.

  • Twenty seven percent of shares are owned by other institutional investors like pension
    . In 2004, more than 2,600 pension funds run by federal, state and local governments held almost $64 billion in shares of U.S. oil and natural gas companies. These funds represent the major retirement security for the nation’s current and retired soldiers, teachers, and police and fire personnel at every level of government.
  • Fourteen percent of shares are held in IRA and other personal retirement accounts. Forty five million U.S. households have IRA and other personal retirement accounts, with an average account value of just over $22,000. …”

Man-made global warming is a hoax not a scientific consensus, no matter how many times the American elites of both political parties repeat this big lie.

Using a big lie to justify more taxes so that the American elites can steal the property of the American people is despicable.

Vote none of the above in November!

“Adding more people causes problems, but people are also the means to solve these problems. The main fuel to speed our progress is our stock of knowledge, and the brake is our lack of imagination. The ultimate resource is people–skilled, spirited, and hopeful people who will exert their wills and imaginations for own benefit, and the inevitably they will benefit not only themselves but the rest of us as well.”

~Julian L. Simon, The Ultimate Resource 2, page 589

“It is rarely remembered now that socialism in its beginnings was frankly authoritarian. It began quite openly as a reaction against the liberalism of the French Revolution. The French writers who laid its foundation had no doubt that their ideas could be put into practice only by a strong dictatorial government. The first of modern planners, Saint-Simon, predicted that those who did not obey his proposed planning boards would be “treated as cattle.””

~Friedrich August Hayek


Background Articles and Videos

Frederick Hayek

Friedrich August von Hayek, 1889-1992

The Road to Serfdom Today

by Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.

“Friedrich Hayek is best known for his most widely read work, The Road to Serfdom, first published 60 years ago yesterday. The book was written to explain to a literate, but nontechnical readership how the road to political hell is paved with the best intentions. As he made clear, classical liberalism’s conflict with central planning was not over the shared goal of enhancing the well-being of the greatest possible number of people but over the way to achieve that goal.

Hayek’s thesis in The Road to Serfdom is that one intervention inevitably leads to another. The unintended consequences of each market intervention are economic distortions, which generate further interventions to correct them. That interventionist dynamic leads society down the road to serfdom. …”

Julian Simon

Julian Lincoln Simon


“Communism is a socioeconomic structure that promotes the establishment of a classless, stateless society based on common ownership of the means of production.[1] It is usually considered a branch of the broader socialist movement that draws on the various political and intellectual movements that trace their origins back to the work of theorists of the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution[2]. Communism attempts to offer an alternative to the problems believed to be inherent with capitalist economies and the legacy of imperialism and nationalism. Communism states that the only way to solve these problems would be for the working class, or proletariat, to replace the wealthy bourgeoisie, which is currently the ruling class, in order to establish a peaceful, free society, without classes, or government.[3] The dominant forms of communism, such as Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Trotskyism and Luxemburgism, are based on Marxism, but non-Marxist versions of communism (such as Christian communism and anarchist communism) also exist and are growing in importance since the fall of the Soviet Union. …”

National Socialism

Nazism, commonly known as National Socialism,[1][2][3][4] (German: Nationalsozialismus), refers primarily to the ideology and practices of the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler; and the policies adopted by the government of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, a period also known as the Third Reich.[5][6][7][8] The official name of the party was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei[9] (NSDAP) — “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. The Nazis were one of several historical groups that used the term National Socialism to describe themselves, and in the 1920s they became the largest such group. Nazism is generally considered by scholars to be a form of fascism, and while it incorporated elements from the political left, it formed its most solid alliances on the political right.[10]

Nazism was not a monolithic movement, but rather a (mainly German) combination of various ideologies and groups, sparked by anger at the Treaty of Versailles and what was considered to have been a Jewish/Communist conspiracy (known in the vernacular as the Dolchstoßlegende or “Stab-in-the-Back Legend”) to humiliate Germany at the end of the First World War.

Among the key elements of Nazism were anti-parliamentarism, ethnic nationalism, racism, collectivism,[11][12] eugenics, antisemitism, opposition to economic liberalism and political liberalism,[13][14][12] opposition to finance capitalism with emphasis on Jewish conspiratorial involvement,[15] anti-communism, and totalitarianism 

Definitions of Fascism 

Hillary Clinton slams Al Gore, Obama at ‘Compassion Forum’

Clinton: You’re with us or against us! Obama responds

Obama blasts Hillary and Mccain on gas tax proposal

Barack Obama Meet The Press – Energy Policy / Gas Tax

Recession election: jobs, gas prices help Obama, Clinton

Obama Not Elitist But What Are Clinton And McCain?

Glenn Beck & Ann Coulter on Obama & Dems ‘Traitor’ Wing

Siphoning Off Corn to Fuel Our Cars

As farmers feed ethanol plants, a costly link is forged between food and oil.

Obama and Hillary’s Ethanol Flip-Flop

If gas guzzlers are so evil, why does Obama keep riding in them?

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 5, 2008 11:18 AM

The Road to Serfdom – 1


The Road to Serfdom – 2


F A Hayek  

“…Key concepts in Hayek’s thought

  • Markets versus planning. Market exchange works because people value thing differently. The planned economy rests on the unlikely assumption that everyone can agree what to produce, and how.
  • Importance of prices. The price system reflects the imbalance of demand and supply, and automatically steers resources to where they are most needed – without the need for planners to discover, understand, and correct the imbalance.
  • We’re all planners. We all plan, and we do so on the basis of our own knowledge of local conditions. There is far more useful and current information in this dispersed knowledge bas than could ever be collected in a central planning agency.
  • Competition is dynamic. Competition is not a textbook ‘given’ but a dynamic process, in which people constantly search to discover the cheapest mix of resources to produce the most desired outputs.
  • Human action but not human design. The social order is like language. It is a product of human action, but not something that we have deliberately designed. It evolves and changes, but endures because it is useful to us.
  • Limits to our understanding. Just as language is built on complex rules of grammar that we follow with ease but cannot necessarily articulate, the social order is built on complex regularities in our behaviour – common law, ethics, customs, manners – whose importance we only faintly understand.
  • The fatal conceit. The totalitarian disasters that have occurred when utopians attempt to redesign society according to their rational plan shows just how little we know about the workings of the complex system of rules on which the social order is based.

Barack Obama – Hillary Clinton – Morning Joe


Global Pulse: Biofuel – Another Flawed Policy?


Climate Models Overheat Antarctica, New Study Finds

May 07, 2008

“… Computer analyses of global climate have consistently overstated warming in Antarctica, concludes new research by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and Ohio State University. The study can help scientists improve computer models and determine if Earth’s southernmost continent will warm significantly this century, a major research question because of Antarctica’s potential impact on global sea-level rise.

We can now compare computer simulations with observations of actual climate trends in Antarctica,” says NCAR scientist Andrew Monaghan, the lead author of the study. “This is showing us that, over the past century, most of Antarctica has not undergone the fairly dramatic warming that has affected the rest of the globe. The challenges of studying climate in this remote environment make it difficult to say what the future holds for Antarctica’s climate.”

Global Warming people blindly follow Israel, Oil war McCain


The Price of Ethanol…


Cheap Gas…


Global Warming is a Myth…


Dear, Mr. Obama…


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Al Gore: Agent of Influence or Useful Idiot of Disinformation

Al Gore: Agent of Influence and Planetary Propeller Head!

Al Gore’s Little White Lie: Man-Made Global Warming Causing Polar Bears To Drown 

Al Gore’s Big Whopper–Sea Levels Rise By 2100: Gore 20 Feet vs IPCC 2 Feet? 

Clinton’s Cap and Trade Tax on The American People for Consuming Electricity and Driving Cars, SUVs and Trucks!

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Presidential Election 2008: American Elites Vs. American People

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Barack Obama Throws His White Grandma Under The Bus–Backs Up and Does It Again–Amazing!

Barack Obama–Damaged Goods–Birds of A Feather Flock Together

Barack Obama Cult?

Barack Obama–A Reader Not A Leader!

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Al Gore: Agent of Influence or Useful Idiot of Disinformation

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The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom 

Pope Benedict XVI

“It is important for assessments in this regard to be carried out prudently, in dialogue with experts and people of wisdom, uninhibited by ideological pressure to draw hasty conclusions, and above all with the aim of reaching agreement on a model of sustainable development capable of ensuring the well-being of all while respecting environmental balances.

“If the protection of the environment involves costs, they should be justly distributed, taking due account of the different levels of development of various countries and the need for solidarity with future generations.

“Prudence does not mean failing to accept responsibilities and postponing decisions; it means being committed to making joint decisions after pondering responsibly the road to be taken.”

Efforts to protect the environment should seek “agreement on a model of sustainable development capable of ensuring the well-being of all while respecting environmental balances”, the Pope said.

He added that to further the cause of world peace it was sensible for nations to “choose the path of dialogue rather than the path of unilateral decisions” in how to cooperate responsibly on conserving the planet. …”


1 JANUARY 2008

 Yet the leading prophet of doom, Al Gore, continually repeats the lie that there is a consensus on man made global warming or climate change.

This is manifestly untrue and Al Gore knows it.

So does the so-called mainstream media that refuses to challenge and confront the many misrepresentations of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Lesley Stahl interviews Al Gore On 60 Minutes 3/30/08 Pt.1

Lesley Stahl interviews Al Gore On 60 Minutes 3/30/08 Pt.2

An Inconvenient Truth

Global warming may save the snows of Kilimanjaro

“…Here is the bizarre aspect of all of this. Global warming might be a necessary ingredient to save the snows of Kilimanjaro. Part of the problem for Kilimanjaro is that the ice has formed into steep walls. This makes accumulation of new snow difficult or impossible. New snow disappears in a few days. If the glacier shape were different snow could accumulate and the mass would grow. And a warmer mountain would change the shape of the snow pack. The authors note that this warmer climate “would gradually erode the sharp corners of the ice cap; gentler slopes would quickly develop.” And the change in the slope would “permit the ice cap to grow.” They conclude:

Ironically, substantial global warming accompanied by an increase in precipitation might be one way to save Kilimanjaro’s ice. Or substantially increased snowfall, like the 2006-07 snows, could blanket the dark ash surface so thickly that the snow would not sublimate entirely before the next wet season. Once initiated, such a change could allow the ice sheet to grow. If the Kibo ice cap is vanishing or growing, reshaping itself into something different as you read this, glaciology tells us that it’s unlikely to be the first or the last time.

The disappearance of the snows of Kilimanjaro is not related to global warming at all. But global warming might be their salvation. Ironic indeed.”

Global Gore 

Global warming alarmism

Beck on Global Warming

His arrogant and demeaning comments about those who disagree with him calls into question his own honesty and integrity.

An Inconvenient Truth uses Hollywood animations to misrepresent what is the reality regarding polar bear populations, glaciers and flooding from rising water levels.

Al Gore as Vice-President of the United States took on Ross Perot over NAFTA and free trade.

Why not a similiar debate on the man-made global warming hypothesis?

Here are just a few of Al Gore’s many critics of man-made global warming:

John R. Cristy

Roy Spencer

Richard Lindzen

Sallie Baliunas

 Willie Soon

Sami Solanki

Syun-Ichi Akasofu

Robert C. Balling

Patrick Michaels

Fred Singer

Bjørn Lomborg

Stephen McIntyre

Ross McKitrick

 Christopher C. Horner

Nigel Calder

Peter W. Huber

The list goes on and is growing:

Category:Global warming skeptics

NO ‘Consensus’ on “Man-Made” Global Warming

The Challenge of Global Warming: 

Economic Models and Environmental Policy 

William Nordhaus, Sterling Professor of Economics. Yale University 

“…The issues involved in understanding global warming and taking actions to slow its harmful impacts are the major environmental challenge of the modern age. Global warming poses a unique mix of problems that arise from the fact that global warming is a global public good, is likely to be costly to slow or prevent, has daunting scientific and economic uncertainties, and will cast a shadow over the globe for decades, perhaps even for centuries to come.

The challenge of coping with global warming is particularly difficult because it spans many disciplines and parts of society. Ecologists may see it as a threat to ecosystems, marine biologists as a problem leading to ocean acidification, utilities as a debit to their balance sheets, and coal miners as an existential threat to their livelihood. Businesses may view global warming as either an opportunity or a hazard, politicians as a great issue as long as they don’t need to mention taxes, ski resorts as a mortal danger to their already short seasons, golfers as a boon to year-round recreation, and poor countries as a threat to their farmers as well as a source of financial and technological aid. This many-faceted nature also poses a challenge to natural and social scientists, who must incorporate a wide variety of geophysical, economic, and political disciplines into their diagnoses and prescriptions. …”

Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post

Published: Saturday, June 02, 2007

National Post’s Deniers series:
“Scientists who challenge the climate change debate
Somewhere along the way, I stopped believing that a scientific consensus exists on climate change. Certainly there is no consensus at the very top echelons of scientists — the ranks from which I have been drawing my subjects — and certainly there is no consensus among astrophysicists and other solar scientists, several of whom I have profiled. If anything, the majority view among these subsets of the scientific community may run in the opposite direction. Not only do most of my interviewees either discount or disparage the conventional wisdom as represented by the IPCC, many say their peers generally consider it to have little or no credibility. In one case, a top scientist told me that, to his knowledge, no respected scientist in his field accepts the IPCC position.

What of the one claim that we hear over and over again, that 2,000 or 2,500 of the world’s top scientists endorse the IPCC position? I asked the IPCC for their names, to gauge their views. “The 2,500 or so scientists you are referring to are reviewers from countries all over the world,” the IPCC Secretariat responded. “The list with their names and contacts will be attached to future IPCC publications, which will hopefully be on-line in the second half of 2007.”

“…More than six months ago, I began writing this series, The Deniers. When I began, I accepted the prevailing view that scientists overwhelmingly believe that climate change threatens the planet. I doubted only claims that the dissenters were either kooks on the margins of science or sell-outs in the pockets of the oil companies. …”

The series

Statistics needed — The Deniers Part I
Warming is real — and has benefits — The Deniers Part II
The hurricane expert who stood up to UN junk science — The Deniers Part III
Polar scientists on thin ice — The Deniers Part IV
The original denier: into the cold — The Deniers Part V
The sun moves climate change — The Deniers Part VI
Will the sun cool us? — The Deniers Part VII
The limits of predictability — The Deniers Part VIII
Look to Mars for the truth on global warming — The Deniers Part IX
Limited role for C02 — the Deniers Part X
End the chill — The Deniers Part XI
Clouded research — The Deniers Part XII
Allegre’s second thoughts — The Deniers XIII
The heat’s in the sun — The Deniers XIV
Unsettled Science — The Deniers XV
Bitten by the IPCC — The Deniers XVI
Little ice age is still within us — The Deniers XVII
Fighting climate ‘fluff’ — The Deniers XVIII

Science, not politics — The Deniers XIX
Gore’s guru disagreed — The Deniers XX
The ice-core man — The Deniers XXI
Some restraint in Rome — The Deniers XXII
Discounting logic — The Deniers XXIII

Why greens don’t want to ‘solve’ climate change

“…Environmental activists and commentators frequently argue that climate change is the most pressing problem facing humanity, and that if we don’t do something about it the planet will burn up. Yet when planet-sized technological solutions to global warming – also known as ‘geo-engineering solutions’ – are put forward, environmentalists are the first to balk. ‘It will never work’, they say. Why are those who are most concerned about climate change also the most hostile to doing something serious to tackle it? …”

The Global Warming Hoax

Why then does Al Gore say their is a consensus of man-made global warming, knowing it raises doubts about is ability to read, reason and his own veracity, if not sanity?

It is hard for some individuals to admit their own mistakes or recognize the weaknesses of the evidence supporting their position.

However to continue to deny reality, is a recipe for being laughed at and eventually rejected.

Bruce Willis – An Unappealing Hunch

Yet more may be at work than a radical liberal green politician championing an issue that makes him wealthy and may be even make him a future President of the United States.

 Al Gore also repeatedly charges that many, if not most, of the critics of the man-made global warming hypothesis are directly or indirectly paid by energy companies — oil, gas, coal and nuclear.

While some are and freely admit and disclose this, most scientists are not paid anything by the energy companies. Many are in fact government/tax payor paid scientists on both sides of the man-made global warming hypothesis.

Just because the Gore family, father and son, have been royally rewarded by Occidental Petroleum when it was run by the late Armand Hammer, does not mean that every one that disagrees with Al Gore is on energy company payrolls.

Seems that Al Gore likes to project his own questionable ethics on to others.

Could Al Gore be the classic example of an agent of influence or at the very least the useful idiot of disinformation?

By funding and promoting an $300 million advertisement campaign, who benefits and who loses.

Clearly, if Al Gore’s policy recommednations were followed, the American economy and American people would be the big losers, not the Al Gores of this world.

The Amercan people are already complaining bitterly about higher food and energy prices. 

Imagine gasoline prices at $ $10 a gallon, the cheapest bread at $5 a loaf and a can of corn at $1 and an electrical bill three times what you are paying now.

Pass the cap and trade tax and this is exactly what you will get or worse.

If you are lucky, you still might have a job.

Sorry folks, I like to have a job, drive to work, eat food, and have a home that is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer and use appliances and computers at home and at work.

Unfortunately, all the US Presidential candidates actually support a cap and trade tax to protect us from man-made global warming.

The American people need to be protected from the American political elites who believe or at least say they do in the government funded junk science of computer models that support the man-made global warming hypothesis even if the observed data does not.

Junk Science

If the cap and trade tax is passed, can we expect food and gas riots in the USA?

I doubt it, but not so in the poorest nations of the world that would be hit the hardest.

Food riots grip Port Au Prince

Rethinking food crisis solutions 15 Apr 08

The countries of the world that would benefit from a weakened United States include Russia with oil and natural gas and the oil producing countries in the middle east, Iran, Iraq, and Saudia Arabia. 

First some defintions of terms with references to additional information:

Agent of Influence

 “An agent of influence is a well-placed, trusted contact who actively and consciously serves a foreign interest or foreign intelligence services on some matters while retaining his integrity on others. Agent of influence might also refer to an unwitting contact that is manipulated to take actions that advanced interests on specific issues of common concern.

Foreign intelligence agencies take people who tend to agree with their positions on at least one significant issue, such as opposition to some element of a nation’s foreign policy, and then seeks ways to motivate and help that person become a successful advocate on that issue within their own circle of influence.

The ultimate prize of an intelligence agency is to have someone sympathetic to their own goals and ambitions in a position of power, for example British Prime Minister Harold Wilson if it was true, as his own security officials may have believed, that he was a Soviet agent. …”

 Useful Idiot

 ” In political jargon, the term “useful idiot” was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in western countries (particularly in the United States) and the alleged attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that the person in question was naïve, foolish, or in willful denial, and was being cynically used by the Soviet Union, or another Communist state.

The term is now used more broadly to describe someone who is perceived to be manipulated by political movement, terrorist group, or hostile government, whether or not the group is Communist in nature. …”

“…In the United States, the term is sometimes used as a pejorative against political liberals, radicals, and others among left-wing politics. The tone implies that the speaker thinks the “useful idiot” is ignorant of the facts to the extent that they end up unwittingly advancing an adverse cause that they might not otherwise support. …” 

Why would Al Gore fund a $300 million advertising campaign to promote the man-made global warming hypothesis and it policy implications, if there is in fact a consensus?

Only if you are losing the argument badly do you need to resort to advertising or more propaganda to further mislead the American people into believing a lie.

Who are you in the pay of Al Gore?

One day the American people will know.

Please stop scarring the children and science challenged teachers with your Hollywood animations and lies or should I be more precise and just call it what it really is–disinformation.


Disinformation is the deliberate dissemination of false information. It may include the distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, and photographs, or propagation of malicious rumours and fabricated intelligence. In the context of espionage or military intelligence, it is the deliberate spreading of false information to mislead an enemy as to one’s position or course of action. It also includes the distortion of true information in such a way as to render it useless.

Disinformation techniques may also be found in commerce and government, used by one group to try to undermine the position of a competitor. It in fact is the act of deception and blatant false statements to convince someone of an untruth. Cooking-the-books might be considered a disinformation strategy that led to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Unlike traditional propaganda and Big Lie techniques designed to engage emotional support, disinformation is designed to manipulate the audience at the rational level by either discrediting conflicting information or supporting false conclusions.

Another technique of concealing facts, or censorship, is also used if the group can affect such control. When channels of information cannot be completely closed, they can be rendered useless by filling them with disinformation, effectively lowering their signal-to-noise ratio. …” 

The Pope is right and wise.

The prophets of doom are wrong and arrogant.

Humanity needs less hubris and more humility.

Humanity needs no more  Hitlers, Stalins, Maos, and Pol Pots  and many more Edisons, Bells, Teslas, and Einsteins.

Humanity needs less government spending, taxes and regulations and more jobs, goods and services that people need and want from from such companies as General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Intel and Microsoft. 

Humanity needs less plans, programs and propaganda and more free enterprise, free trade and freedom. 

Happy May Day.

May Day

Charlton Heston on Global Climate Change

carpenters -We’ve Only Just Begun

Background Articles and Videos

Gore sensitive about Hammer connection
“…Hammer used to boast that he had Sen. Al Gore Sr. “in his back pocket.” As I have reported here before, Hammer set up Gore Sr. in business before he ventured into politics, stayed close to him throughout his political career and hired him after he left office.

“Throughout the whole of his life, Al Gore Sr. and his family depended on pay-outs, kickbacks and subventions from Hammer,” wrote Neil Lyndon, who worked for Hammer. “Like his father before him, Al Gore Jr.’s political career was lavishly sponsored by Hammer from the moment it began until Hammer died, only two years before Gore Clinton in the 1992 race for the White House.”

Who was Hammer? He was a personal friend of V.I. Lenin. He was known as Lenin’s “path” to America’s financial resources. He was the first of a long line of Western businessmen to participate in KGB-controlled joint ventures in the Soviet Union. He was the son of Julius Hammer, a founder of the Socialist Labor Party and later the Communist party USA and who served time in Sing Sing for performing illegal abortions. Armand Hammer was called the “Capitalist Prince” by the KGB. He dutifully served the Soviets for seven decades and became the first — and only — “American capitalist” to be awarded the Order of Lenin.

According to Edward J. Epstein’s “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer,” Lenin told Stalin about this so-called “industrialist”: “This is a small path leading to the American ‘business’ world, and this path should be made use of in every way.”

In other words, Hammer was a part-time spy, part-time money-launderer, part-time “industrialist” — but a full-time traitor to the United States of America. …”

The Real Al Gore Sr.

“…Conscience? Humble beginnings? When the elder Gore retired from the Senate, he received a $500,000-a-year job as head of Occidental’s coal division. So, it would seem, the cleanest money in Al Gore’s family tree came from tobacco. The really dirty, blood money came direct from Moscow for services rendered to Communist totalitarians and their pseudo-capitalist puppet, errand boys. Tell me about conscience, Al. …”

Al Gore’s Communist Connection

Gore Family Ties – Al Gore

“… “There is no U.S. company that Gore is closer to, financially or socially, than Occidental, one of the most controversial in America. It was Occidental, via Hooker Chemical, that brought us Love Canal in the 1970s. The configuration of the vice president, Al `Earth in the Balance’ Gore, with an oil company is more than a little surprising”

Does this mean that Gore’s highly touted environmentalism is tainted with oil? Actually oil, coal and zinc, but the biggest taint was Hammer himself. It’s a matter about which the vice president is more than a little sensitive. …”

“…Hammer was involved in any number of dubious dealings all over the world” Lewis tells Insight. “He was personally close to both Al Jr. and his father, who was paid $500,000 by Occidental upon losing his Senate seat.” In fact, as president of Occidental’s Island Creek coal division and a member of Occidental’s board of directors, Gore Sr.’s salary was reported as $750,000 per year back in the days when three-quarters of a million dollars was real money. Island Creek was at the time the third-largest coal producer in the United States.

Once free of Hammer’s payroll, Lyndon tore a fairly large chunk out of the hand that had fed him, terming his former boss “one of the [last] century’s most sinister figures” as well as “the godfather of American corruption” who “bribed and suborned elected representatives at all levels of American life, from city assemblymen and mayors to presidents.” Lyndon said in an article in London’s Sunday Review that Hammer liked to claim he had Gore Sr. “in my back pocket” patting his wallet with a chuckle. …”

Armand Hammer

Charlie Rose: November 29, 1996

Al Gore speech at Cannes Advertising Festival 1/3

Al Gore speech at Cannes Advertising Festival 2/3

Al Gore speech at Cannes Advertising Festival 3/3

Economist Bjorn Lomborg: Global warming is not a priority

 Crash Course in KGB/SVR/FSB Disinformation and Active Measures 

“…Out of these ‘Principles of Leninism’ the contemporary Soviet concept of Dezinformatsiya, or disinformation, has evolved. The Russians define disinformation as ‘the dissemination of false and provocative information.’ As practised by the KGB, disinformation is far more complex than the definition implies. It entails:

  • the distribution of forged or fabricated documents, letters, manuscripts, and photographs;
  • the propagation of misleading or malicious rumours and erroneous intelligence by agents;
  • the duping of visitors to the Soviet Union; and
  • physical acts committed for psychological effect.

These techniques are used variously to influence policies of foreign governments, disrupt relations among other nations, undermine the confidence of foreign populations in their leaders and institutions, discredit individuals and groups opposed to Soviet policies, deceive foreigners about Soviet intentions and conditions within the Soviet Union, and, at times, simply to obscure depredations and blunders of the KGB itself.

Disinformation operations differ from conventional propaganda in that their true origins are concealed, and they usually involve some form of clandestine action. For this reason, Soviet rulers always have charged their clandestine apparatus with primary responsibility for disinformation. –John Barron, KGB, 1974 …” 

An interview with retired KGB Maj. Gen. Oleg Kalugin

“…On the other hand — and this is the other side of the Soviet intelligence, very important: perhaps I would describe it as the heart and soul of the Soviet intelligence — was subversion. Not intelligence collection, but subversion: active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and thus to prepare ground in case the war really occurs. To make America more vulnerable to the anger and distrust of other peoples. …”

A History of the Early Soviet Union

A Sophisticated
Disinformation Operation


Dezinformatsia: active measures in Soviet strategy. – book reviews

“…The authors define covert disinformation as “as non-attributed or falsely attributed communication, written or oral, containing intentionally false, incomplete, or misleading information (frequently combined with true information), which seeks to deceive, misinform, and/or mislead the target.”

The one aspect about which little is publicly known is the agent-of-influence operation “carried out by a person who subtly and artfully uses his or her position, influence, power, and credibility to promote the objectives of a foreign power in ways unattributable to that power.” The agent of influence can be someone recruited for his task or can be an unwitting, manipulated individual. In between the controlled agent and the unwitting collaborator is what is called the “trusted contact.” Any well-informed Washington observer could with little difficulty make up a list of individuals who fit easily into the agent-of-influence category but about whom there is no evidence other than the question: Cui bono?…”

Possible Soviet Responses
to the US Strategic Defense Initiative

Interagency Intelligence Assessment


“…2. The Soviets consider active measures(3) an offensive instrument of foreign policy, designed specifically to influence the policies of other governments in favor of the USSR. The classic techniques — press placements, disinformation, front organizations, friendship societies, and so forth — can be used to disrupt relations between states arrayed against the USSR. The United States is the primary target. Academicians, journalists, and other agents of influence have been used to conduct political influence operations.

3. We believe that the Soviets will employ measures to cope with the President’s BMD initiative that could include:

  • Attempts to cause divisiveness and unrest among the US allies by arguing that the US initiative is an attempt to abandon them and that the United States is reverting to a “Fortress America” policy.
  • Attempts to force the administration to withdraw or step down the BMD initiative by trying to convince the American people that implementation of the President’s proposal would seriously curtail US social programs.
  • Claims that the United States is upsetting the strategic balance and planning for a nuclear war-winning capability, disrupting the peaceful coexistence between East and West which has been so successful in maintaining peace since the end of World War II, and is starting a dangerous new spiral in the arms race.
  • Veiled threats of Soviet response, including statements implying that undefined countermeasures are already under way. …”

LOL or COL (Crying Out Loud)

The Price of Ethanol…

Al Gore, the hypocrite…

Global Warming is a Myth…

Climate Models Overheat Antarctica, New Study Finds

May 07, 2008

“… Computer analyses of global climate have consistently overstated warming in Antarctica, concludes new research by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and Ohio State University. The study can help scientists improve computer models and determine if Earth’s southernmost continent will warm significantly this century, a major research question because of Antarctica’s potential impact on global sea-level rise.

We can now compare computer simulations with observations of actual climate trends in Antarctica,” says NCAR scientist Andrew Monaghan, the lead author of the study. “This is showing us that, over the past century, most of Antarctica has not undergone the fairly dramatic warming that has affected the rest of the globe. The challenges of studying climate in this remote environment make it difficult to say what the future holds for Antarctica’s climate.”

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National Center for Policy Analysis–A Global Warming Primer

Global Warming is The Greatest Hoax, Scam and Disinformation Campaign in History

Global Warming Videos

Global Warming Books

Global Warming Sites

Al Gore: Agent of Influence and Planetary Propeller Head!

Al Gore’s Little White Lie: Man-Made Global Warming Causing Polar Bears To Drown 

 Al Gore’s Big Whopper–Sea Levels Rise By 2100: Gore 20 Feet vs IPCC 2 Feet? 

Clinton’s Cap and Trade Tax on The American People for Consuming Electricity and Driving Cars, SUVs and Trucks!

Facing Fundamental Facts

Presidential Election 2008: American Elites Vs. American People

Let Them Eat Cake Act: American Elites Killing and Starving The American People

The Heidelberg Appeal: Beware of False Gods and Prophets 

Going Deep–Cool–Deep Ocean Water (DOW)–Ocean Power!

Saving The World: The Importance of Getting The Priorities Right

A Kinder Gentler Wiser Microsoft Gives Away Valuable Software Developer Tools to Students Around The World!

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