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Saluting Charles Durning–Actor/Hero

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US actor Charles Durning holds his Life Achievement Award during the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles, California, USA, 27 January 2008. EPA/PAUL BUCK

 UPDATE December 29, 2012–May He Rest in Peace


Remembering Charles Durning



REUTERS/NBC NEWS/ABC NEWS/ ANNOUNCE: The loss of Charles Durning (February 28, 1923 — December 24, 2012). Charles was an American actor. With appearances in over 100 films, Durning’s memorable roles include police officers in the Oscar-winning The Sting (1973) and crime drama Dog Day Afternoon

Global National : R.I.P. Jack Klugman and Charles Durning

Charles Durning (1923-2012) – Tootsie (1982)

Sidestep – Charles Durning – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Fewer and fewer of the veterans of World War II are still living.

One who is– the actor and hero– Charles Durning.

He recently received France’s highest honor, the National Order of the Legion of Honor.

He is also the star of one of my favorite videos on YouTube:

Shania Twain – Dance With The One That Brought You

We salute you Charles Durning.


Thank you for remembering the real heroes.

Charles Durning, Prolific Character Actor, Dies at 89

“…Charles Durning, who overcame poverty, battlefield trauma and nagging self-doubt to become an acclaimed character actor, whether on stage as Big Daddy in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” or in film as the lonely widower smitten with a cross-dressing Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie,” died on Monday at his home in Manhattan. He was 89.

His daughter Michele Durning confirmed the death.

Charles Durning may not have been a household name, but with his pugnacious features and imposing bulk he was a familiar presence in American movies, television and theater, even if often overshadowed by the headliners.

Alongside Paul Newman and Robert Redford’s con men, Mr. Durning was a crooked cop in the 1973 movie “The Sting”; starring with Nick Nolte, he was a dedicated assistant football coach in “North Dallas Forty” (1979); in the shadow of Robert De Niro, he was a hypocritical power broker in “True Confessions” (1981).

If his ordinary-guy looks deprived him of leading-man roles, they did not leave him typecast. He could play gruff and combative or gentle and funny. In the comedy “Tootsie” (1982) he was a little of each, playing Jessica Lange’s unsuspecting father, who falls for a television actor masquerading as a woman.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Durning’s two Oscar nominations were for supporting roles, as a slippery governor in the Burt Reynolds-Dolly Parton musical “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” (1982) and as a lustful Nazi colonel in the 1983 remake of “To Be or Not to Be,” starring Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.

His television credits were voluminous, from guest spots to substantial parts in TV movies and mini-series. He was a regular on “Evening Shade,” the 1990s sitcom that starred Burt Reynolds, and “First Monday,” a short-lived 2002 drama about the Supreme Court. He had recurring roles as a priest on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and as the ex-firefighter father of Denis Leary’s Tommy in the firehouse series “Rescue Me.” In all, Mr. Durning received nine Emmy Award nominations, although he never won.

His Big Daddy, the bullying, dying plantation owner in a 1990 Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams’s “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” brought him a Tony Award for best featured actor in a play. Frank Rich, then the chief drama critic for The New York Times, likened the performance to “a dying volcano, in final, sputtering eruption.” “Cat” was Mr. Durning’s first Broadway hit since 1972, when he drew praise as a small-town mayor seeking re-election in “That Championship Season,” Jason Miller’s Tony-winning drama about the reunion of a high school basketball team.

He went on to appear in a pair of short-lived 1973 Broadway productions — David Rabe’s “Boom Boom Room” and Hugh Leonard’s “Au Pair Man,” in which he co-starred with Julie Harris — and, three years later, in Jules Feiffer’s comedy “Knock Knock.”

Despite his success, Mr. Durning fought a lifelong battle with himself.

“I lack confidence as an actor,” he told The Toronto Star in 1988. When asked what he thought his image was, he replied: “Image? Hell, I don’t have an image.” He later told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he was “driven by fear — the fear of not being recognized by your peers.”

Charles Edward Durning was born into poverty on Feb. 28, 1923, in Highland Falls, N.Y., a Hudson River village. His father, James, an Irish immigrant, had been sickened by mustard gas and lost a leg in World War I and died when Charles was 16. Charles was the ninth of 10 children, and five of his sisters died of smallpox or scarlet fever in childhood, three of them within two weeks.

Never a good student, young Charles dropped out of school and eventually left for Pennsylvania, deciding that his mother, Louise, a laundress at the United States Military Academy at West Point, would fare better with one less mouth to feed. He worked as a farmhand and did other menial jobs before moving to Buffalo, where again he took odd jobs. One, opportunely, was as an usher in a burlesque house.

One night a frequently drunk comedian failed to show up, and Mr. Durning, who had memorized the comic’s jokes, persuaded the manager to let him go on. He “got laughs,” he later recalled, and was “hooked” on show business. He made his stage debut in Buffalo.

Then came World War II, and he enlisted in the Army. His combat experiences were harrowing. He was in the first wave of troops to land on Omaha Beach on D-Day and his unit’s lone survivor of a machine-gun ambush. In Belgium he was stabbed in hand-to-hand combat with a German soldier, whom he bludgeoned to death with a rock. Fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, he and the rest of his company were captured and forced to march through a pine forest at Malmedy, the scene of an infamous massacre in which the Germans opened fire on almost 90 prisoners. Mr. Durning was among the few to escape.

By the war’s end he had been awarded a Silver Star for valor and three Purple Hearts, having suffered gunshot and shrapnel wounds as well. He spent months in hospitals and was treated for psychological trauma.

After the war, still mentally troubled, Mr. Durning “dropped into a void for almost a decade” before deciding to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, he told Parade magazine in 1993. The school dismissed him within a year. “They basically said you have no talent and you couldn’t even buy a dime’s worth of it if it was for sale,” he told The Times in 1997.

He went from job to job, from doorman to dishwasher to cabdriver. He boxed professionally for a time, delivered telegrams and taught ballroom dancing, meeting his first wife, Carole, at an Arthur Murray studio. Every so often he landed a bit part in a play.

His big break came in 1962, when Joseph Papp, founder of the Public Theater and the New York Shakespeare Festival, invited him to audition. It was the start of a long association with Papp, who cast him, often as a clown, in 35 plays, many by Shakespeare.

Mr. Durning preferred the stage to movies, finding roles in “The World of Günter Grass,” Dennis J. Reardon’s “Happiness Cage” and Ernest Thompson’s “On Golden Pond,” among other plays.

His work in “That Championship Season,” first produced at the Public Theater, led the film director George Roy Hill to tap Mr. Durning for the part of a corrupt police lieutenant in “The Sting.” Two years later he played a beleaguered police hostage negotiator squaring off against Al Pacino’s manic bank robber in Sidney Lumet’s celebrated “Dog Day Afternoon.”

The 1970s and ’80s were fruitful years. Mr. Durning received Emmy nominations for supporting performances in the mini-series “Captains and the Kings” (1976), the prison drama “Attica” (1980) and a CBS production of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” (1985), in which he played Charley, the sympathetic neighbor of Willy Loman (Dustin Hoffman). He was also nominated for his starring performance as a mailman romancing a lonely widow (Maureen Stapleton) in the 1975 CBS television movie “Queen of the Stardust Ballroom.”

In 1977 he played an American president held hostage by rogue military men in Robert Aldrich’s film “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.” His many other film roles include Chief Brandon in Warren Beatty’s colorful “Dick Tracy” (1990), Holly Hunter’s kindhearted father in “Home for the Holidays” (1995) and, in a pair of Coen brothers films, a suicidal industrialist in “The Hudsucker Proxy” (1994) and a gruff Southern governor in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” (2000).

He tried to perform in at least one play a year. In 1996 he fought a courtroom duel with George C. Scott in the Broadway revival of “Inherit the Wind,” the drama by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee based on the Scopes “monkey trial” of 1925. Mr. Durning played the prosecutor, a character based on William Jennings Bryan, and Scott, in his last Broadway role, was the defense attorney, modeled on Clarence Darrow.

The next year Mr. Durning starred with Julie Harris in a Broadway revival of “The Gin Game,” D. L. Coburn’s Pulitzer-winning play about two nursing home residents whose game of cards becomes a clash of wills. In 2000, in a retitled revival called “Gore Vidal’s ‘The Best Man,’ ” he played an ailing former president who tries to mediate a power struggle between two candidates. In 2002 he appeared with Mr. Pacino in an Off Broadway production of Bertolt Brecht’s “Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.” At Lincoln Center in 2005 he was the senile father of a college professor (Dianne Wiest) in Wendy Wasserstein’s “Third.”

He continued to act almost until his death. “Scavenger Killers,” a crime thriller in which he stars with Eric Roberts and Robert Loggia, is scheduled to open next year.

Mr. Durning’s first marriage, to Carole Doughty, ended in divorce; he was separated from his second wife, Mary Ann Amelio. Besides his daughter Michele, he is survived by another daughter, Jeanine Durning, and a son, Douglas, all from his first marriage.

In 2008 the Screen Actors Guild gave Mr. Durning its Life Achievement Award, as if to dispel any lingering doubts he had about being recognized by his peers. And in 2007 the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the school that he said had long ago rejected him, created a scholarship in honor of him and two other alumni, Anne Bancroft and Gena Rowlands.

Mr. Durning was also remembered for his combat service, which he avoided discussing publicly until later in life. He spoke at memorial ceremonies in Washington, and in 2008 France awarded him the National Order of the Legion of Honor.

In the Parade interview, he recalled the hand-to-hand combat. “I was crossing a field somewhere in Belgium,” he said. “A German soldier ran toward me carrying a bayonet. He couldn’t have been more than 14 or 15. I didn’t see a soldier. I saw a boy. Even though he was coming at me, I couldn’t shoot.”

They grappled, he recounted later — he was stabbed seven or eight times — until finally he grasped a rock and made it a weapon. After killing the youth, he said, he held him in his arms and wept.

Mr. Durning said the memories never left him, even when performing, even when he became, however briefly, someone else.

“There are many secrets in us, in the depths of our souls, that we don’t want anyone to know about,” he told Parade. “There’s terror and repulsion in us, the terrible spot that we don’t talk about. That place that no one knows about — horrifying things we keep secret. A lot of that is released through acting.”

WWII hero charles durning honored by france today

France honors Charles Durning
Kevin Roderick

‘…In late June 1944, Charles was seriously wounded by a mine at Les Mare des Mares, France and spent almost 6 months recovering. When the German Ardennes offensive broke out in December 1944, he was rushed to the front lines and suffered severe bayonet wounds in hand to hand combat. On December 16th his unit was overrun and captured in Belgium by an SS Panzer Unit that was taking no prisoners. PFC Durning was one of only a few soldiers to escape and survive the subsequent notorious Malmedy massacre. With the 398th Infantry Regiment he moved into Germany where he was again seriously wounded in March 1945 and evacuated to the United States where he was discharged in January 1946.

His significant honors include Academy Award Best Supporting Actor Nominations in 1982 and 1983, six Emmy Award Nominations, a Tony Award win in 1991 in the Best Actor-Play category, and 4 Golden Globe Nominations including a win in 1991 for Best Supporting Actor. In January 2008 he was honored with the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award. …”

Charles Durning 

“…Served with the 1st Infantry Division in World War II. He landed at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 during the Normandy invasion. He was awarded several decorations, including the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, and three Purple Hearts.

“…Was one of a few survivors to the infamous massacre of American POWs by German SS troops at Malmedy, Belgium, during World War II. The surrendering engineering battalion, captured behind enemy lines when the main American forces retreated, were gathered together and brought to a large field. As the German guards backed away from the prisoners, machine guns that were hidden in trucks opened fire on them. Approximately 88 US soldiers died, a good number of them by a single shot at close range through the head, indicating that those who survived the initial volley were subsequently executed. Only about 20 of the group of approximately 100 managed to escape the massacre and make their way to American lines. The incident was re-created in Battle of the Bulge (1965) starring Henry Fonda. …”

charles durning bio video

Charlie Rose March 19 1996, Interviews Charles Durning


Background Articles and Videos

Charles Durning

France says Viva Charles Durning, actor and war hero

“…His honors include Academy Award Best Supporting Actor Nominations in 1982 and 1983, eight Emmy Award Nominations, a Tony Award win in 1991 in the Best Actor-Play category, and 4 Golden Globe Nominations including a win in 1991 for Best Supporting Actor. In 2008 Mr. Durning was presented with the Screen Actors Guild prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Add this to his amazing list of career accomplishments: He is a venerated World War II war hero, and France has honored him in a special ceremony celebrating his heroic efforts.

Actor/Heroes from the past

What Happened to the WW II Movie Stars


Don Deluise and Charles Durning

Charles Durning in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

From This Moment On – Shania Twain Ft. Backstreet Boys

Willie Nelson and Shania Twain, Blue eyes crying in the rain 

Shania Twain – Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain 1993


Elvis Presley – Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 

In the twilight glow I see her
Blue eyes crying in the rain
When we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we’d never meet again

Love is like a dying amber
Only memories remain
Through the ages I remember
Blue eyes crying in the rain

Someday when we meet up yonder
We’ll stroll hand in hand again
In a land that knows no parting
Blue eyes crying in the rain

Blue eyes crying in the rain
Blue eyes crying in the rain
Blue eyes crying in the rain

Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender 

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John McCain/Hillary Clinton Fusion Ticket–The Conservatives Worse Nightmare

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Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.

~William Shakespeare, “The Tempest” 

William F. Buckley commenting upon Senators Clinton and McCain  



“…Clinton, of New York, is “a very consequential woman with an extraordinary background,” he said. “Her thought is kind of woozy left, not in my judgment threatening.” She is “a phenomenon, a woman candidate who might easily be president,” Buckley said. …”  

“Arizona Senator John McCain, the most widely known of the potential Republican candidates, is “a remarkable human being,” Buckley said. “I don’t think that his name comes to mind automatically as somebody who over a period of years has addressed problems with fruitful thinking, let alone with consistent thinking.” 

Election 2008 Clinton McCain Ticket – Are You Kidding?

While some Democrats dream of a Obama/Clinton ticket for 2008, some Republicans dream of a McCain/Clinton fusion ticket.

Dream on.

Neither are likely, but politics does make for very strange bedfellows.

It would certainly be the conservatives worse nightmare.

The conservative base would close their wallets and stay home.

Ann Coulter will have a nervious breakdown.

Ann Coulter I will support Hillary if McCain gets nomination

Rush Limbaugh would rue the day he initiated Operation Chaos.

Rush Limbaugh: Operation Chaos continues despite lies by Hillary

And the Democratic Party Super Delegates Response–The Dream Team!

Sweet Home GoreObama

Gore / Obama Supporter – Gore Endorse Obama?

Run Al Run!

The election could go either way–a toss up.

Seems that both McCain and Clinton share similiar views about Iran:

Security and Opportunity for the Twenty-first Century

Hillary Rodham Clinton

“…Iran poses a long-term strategic challenge to the United States, our NATO allies, and Israel. It is the country that most practices state-sponsored terrorism, and it uses its surrogates to supply explosives that kill U.S. troops in Iraq. The Bush administration refuses to talk to Iran about its nuclear program, preferring to ignore bad behavior rather than challenge it. Meanwhile, Iran has enhanced its nuclear-enrichment capabilities, armed Iraqi Shiite militias, funneled arms to Hezbollah, and subsidized Hamas, even as the government continues to hurt its own citizens by mismanaging the economy and increasing political and social repression.

As a result, we have lost precious time. Iran must conform to its nonproliferation obligations and must not be permitted to build or acquire nuclear weapons. If Iran does not comply with its own commitments and the will of the international community, all options must remain on the table.

On the other hand, if Iran is in fact willing to end its nuclear weapons program, renounce sponsorship of terrorism, support Middle East peace, and play a constructive role in stabilizing Iraq, the United States should be prepared to offer Iran a carefully calibrated package of incentives. This will let the Iranian people know that our quarrel is not with them but with their government and show the world that the United States is prepared to pursue every diplomatic option. …”

Worst Debate Ever! (Hillary threatens Iran, no one notices)

Disloyal Democrat 2: Clinton puts McCain above Obama…again

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran 

McCain: War with Iran is more reality than hypothetical

McCain win would mean war with Iran

Clinton warns Iran of U.S. nuclear response

Senator: ‘Massive retaliation’ for attack on Israel would likely include NATO 

Sen. John McCain on Iraq and Iran intelligence from Sentinel

Hillary Clinton – Keith Olbermann – Countdown – Part 1

Hillary Clinton – Keith Olbermann – Countdown – Part 2

Hillary Clinton – Keith Olbermann – Countdown – Part 3

Chris Matthews – Bomb Iran? That’s the Plan? – Buchanan

Hillary Clinton calls Barack Obama a Fraud 3/3/08

Out of touch, Hillary Clinton and John McCain

The John McCain for President, Hillary Clinton for Vice President War Party Fusion Ticket


Background Articles and Videos

Karl Rove on the Dems vs John McCain who does best?

What Are The Weak Spots For McCain, Clinton and Obama?

John McCain – The Company I Keep

McCain and Graham tell conservatives to shut up

Glenn Beck interviews Ann Coulter, April 3, 2008

Ann Coulter *Hillary being treated like Republican by media*

Limbaugh wants Republicans to vote for Hillary in Texas 

Al Gore–Ball of Fire!

Finally Someone Says This (Al Gore) 

McCain / Clinton–’08

Re: “Very Close” Mccain and Clinton are the same!


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Conservative Turnout Will Determine the Outcome of The Presidential 2008 Race Between McCain vs. Obama

Turnout of Voters Key to Victory in Presidential Election 2008

Alan Keyes on Immigration

Clinton Obama Fusion Ticket–Who is On Top?

The Kennedy Clinton Democratic Party Civil War Over Obama–Happy Days Are Here Again!

Voters Beware: The Radical Rules of Saul Alinsky and Leftist Democrats

Yes We Can–Throw You Under The Bus–Presidential Campaign 2008 Mantra

Down and Dirty Democrat Clinton vs. Up and Clean Democrat Obama: Hard Ball Time!

Al Gore’s Little White Lie: Man-Made Global Warming Causing Polar Bears To Drown 

 Al Gore’s Big Whopper–Sea Levels Rise By 2100: Gore 20 Feet vs IPCC 2 Feet?

Global Warming is The Greatest Hoax, Scam and Disinformation Campaign in History

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Recession–Recession–Recession–Scaring People–Have A Hot Dog!

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Scaring People


Recession: The Movie


 the Sky is falling! the Sky is falling!!


Scaring people with Hot Dogs


Message to the pump and dump drive by media–shut up–you are scarring people!

Both the media and the Democratic Presidential candidates would like to scare you into thinking the economy is in a recession.

Recession Fears Widespread

George Soros Part 1

George Soros Part 2

Economy In Trouble – Early Report of Recession 01/2008

Economy May Be Worse Than It Appears

Japan’s historical economic meltdown. Some US parallels.

John McCain Sheds Light on the Economy

Hillary – McCain Will Continue Bush’s Recession


Hillary Clinton: America’s Pilot

Bill Clinton on Recession


Obama: Recession started 7 years ago.


Well not so fast Senators Clinton and Obama and former President Clinton.

There has not been a recession either in 2007 or 2008 to date.

The U.S. economy may be slowing down, but the US economy has yet to have even one quarter of negative economic growth.

While Senator McCain may be challenged by economics, the above three lawyers would not know a recession if it bit them on their ass.

Nor do they have a clue as to what to do to prevent and avoid a recession.

Wealth is created in the private sector.

Governments redistribute wealth or income.

Governments do not create wealth.

More and more government expenditures, regulations, and higher taxes, are failed policies.

Stop scaring people.

Eat your own dog food.

Have a hot dog!

Background Articles and Videos

List of recessions in the United States


Great Depression 1929–1939 &&&&&&&&&&&&&010.&&&&&010 years Stock markets crashed worldwide, and a banking collapse took place in the United States. This sparked a global downturn, including a second, more minor recession in the United States, the Recession of 1937. [18]
Recession of 1953 1953–1954 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 year After a post-Korean War inflationary period, more funds were transferred into national security. The Federal Reserve changed fiscal policy to be more restrictive in 1952 due to fears of further inflation. [19][20]
Recession of 1957 1957–1958 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 year Monetary policy was tightened during the two years preceding 1957, followed by an easing of policy at the end of 1957. The budget balance resulted in a change in budget surplus of 0.8% of GDP in 1957 to a budget deficit of 0.6% of GDP in 1958, and then to 2.6% of GDP in 1959. [21]
1973 oil crisis 1973–1975 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 years A quadrupling of oil prices by OPEC coupled with high government spending due to the Vietnam War lead to stagflation in the United States. [22]
Early 1980s recession 1980–1982 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 years The Iranian Revolution sharply increased the price of oil around the world in 1979, causing the 1979 energy crisis. This was caused by the new regime in power in Iran, which exported oil at inconsistent intervals and at a lower volume, forcing prices to go up. Tight monetary policy in the United States to control inflation lead to another recession. The changes were made largely because of inflation that was carried over from the previous decade due to the 1973 oil crisis and the 1979 energy crisis. [23][24]
Early 1990s recession 1990–1991 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 year Industrial production and manufacturing-trade sales decreased in early 1991. [25]
Early 2000s recession 2001–2003 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 years The collapse of the dot-com bubble, the September 11th attacks, and accounting scandals contributed to a relatively mild contraction in the North American economy. [26]


The NBER�s Recession Dating Procedure

Is U.S. in Recession? Discussions Begin

“…The seven-member committee won’t be announcing a starting date for a recession, if one were to occur, until it can be said definitively that a recession has started, Mr. Hall said. Economic data are too volatile to make any judgments this early. “Our ability to forecast these things is extremely poor,” he said. “Lots and lots of people have talked about recessions when they didn’t occur.”

The 87-year-old NBER, a nonprofit group of 600 academic economists, has become the unofficial arbiter of when recessions begin and end. Its definition of a recession: “A significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales.” A simple rule of thumb is two straight quarters of declining GDP, but that is not necessary for the group to declare a recession.

Recession election: jobs, gas prices help Obama, Clinton

Economic Reality

Recession? Depression? What’s the difference?

“…Recession: The Newspaper Definition

The standard newspaper definition of a recession is a decline in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for two or more consecutive quarters.

This definition is unpopular with most economists for two main reasons. First, this definition does not take into consideration changes in other variables. For example this definition ignores any changes in the unemployment rate or consumer confidence. Second, by using quarterly data this definition makes it difficult to pinpoint when a recession begins or ends. This means that a recession that lasts ten months or less may go undetected.

Recession: The BCDC Definition

The Business Cycle Dating Committee at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) provides a better way to find out if there is a recession is taking place. This committee determines the amount of business activity in the economy by looking at things like employment, industrial production, real income and wholesale-retail sales. They define a recession as the time when business activity has reached its peak and starts to fall until the time when business activity bottoms out. When the business activity starts to rise again it is called an expansionary period. By this definition, the average recession lasts about a year. …” 


“…In macroeconomics, a recession is a decline in a country’s real gross domestic product (GDP), or negative real economic growth, for two or more successive quarters of a year.

In the US, the judgment of the business-cycle dating committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research regarding the exact dating of recessions is generally accepted. The NBER has a more general framework for judging recessions:

A recession is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales. A recession begins just after the economy reaches a peak of activity and ends as the economy reaches its trough. Between trough and peak, the economy is in an expansion. Expansion is the normal state of the economy; most recessions are brief and they have been rare in recent decades  …”

Recession Not Depression

Milton Friedman – Greed

Milton Friedman Interview: Spending Money

Milton Friedman: The Purpose of the Federal Reserve

Reason Tv on Milton Friedman

Thomas Sowell – Is “Income Stagnation” an Economic Myth?


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A Kinder Gentler Wiser Microsoft Gives Away Valuable Software Developer Tools to Students Around The World!

Clinton’s Cap and Trade Tax on The American People for Consuming Electricity and Driving Cars, SUVs and Trucks!

Time for Oil Industry Executives to Grill Professional Politicians In The Congress and Senate!

Facing Fundamental Facts

Saving The World: The Importance of Getting The Priorities Right 


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John McCain and Hillary Clinton Anger Management Issues

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Anger management issues are a nice way of saying he/she is a hot head that bullies people by yelling at them using obscene language.

Both John McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton all have a reputation for having anger management issues to varying degrees.

While most people will on occasion lose there temper and errupt with an expletive deleted, a pattern of such outbursts is cause for pausing and even considering is this a person we want to be President of The United States of America?

I think not.

This is especially true if the people advising them do not have the back-bone to challenge such behavior and take them to task.

Few unfortunately do and especially so if that person is the elected President.

Vote none of the above in November.

Background Articles and Videos

McCain: A Question of Temperament

By Michael Leahy
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 20, 2008; A01

“…Smith admits to not liking McCain, a point he has often made over the years to reporters. “I’ve witnessed a lot of his temper and outbursts,” Smith said. “For me, some of this stuff is relevant. It raises questions about stability. . . . It’s more than just temper. It’s this need of his to show you that he’s above you — a sneering, condescending attitude. It’s hurt his relationships in Congress. . . . I’ve seen it up-close.”

Smith, whose service in the Navy included a tour on the waters in and around Vietnam, said he stood stunned one day when McCain declared around several of their colleagues that Smith wasn’t a real Vietnam War veteran. “I was in the combat zone, off the Mekong River, for 10 months,” Smith said. “He went on to insult me several times. I wasn’t on the land; I guess that was his reasoning. . . . He suggested I was masquerading about my Vietnam service. It was very hurtful. He’s gotten to a lot of people [that way].”

McCain goes MAD with ANGER about immigration questions

McCain Denies Having “McCain Moments” … Has “Moments”

When John McCain Hit Another Republican

MSNBC Countdown : McCain : Temper Temper

 Fred Thompson



Dobson’s Sitting Out if McCain’s the Nominee

“…I’m deeply disappointed the Republican Party seems poised to select a nominee who did not support a Constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage, who voted for embryonic stem cell research to kill nascent human beings, who opposed tax cuts that ended the marriage penalty, and who has little regard for freedom of speech, who organized the Gang of 14 to preserve filibusters, and has a legendary temper and often uses foul and obscene language.
“I am convinced Sen. McCain is not a conservative, and in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are.  He has at times sounded more like a member of the other party.  McCain actually considered leaving the GOP in 2001, and approached John Kerry about being Kerry’s running mate in 2004.  McCain also said publicly that Hillary Clinton would make a good president.  Given these and many other concerns, a spoonful of sugar does not make the medicine go down.  I cannot, and I will not vote for Sen. John McCain, as a matter of conscience.  …:

McCain’s Out-of-Control Anger: Does He Have the Temperament to Be President?

“…”What has struck me about McCain is that everybody underestimated the ability of his advisers and him to hypnotize the national media, because most of us in the media in Arizona thought of him as a guy who had a terrible temper, occasionally had a foul mouth, a guy who whined and pouted unless he got his way,” Murphy said. “McCain has a temper that is bombastic, volatile, and purple-faced. Sometimes he gets out of control. Do you want somebody sitting in the White House with that kind of temper?” …”

Book: McCain temper boiled over in ’92 tirade,…

McCain’s Sharp Tongue: an Achilles Heel?

“…Yet McCain’s temper hinders his efforts to make peace with his critics and rally Republicans behind his candidacy for president. That could be a big problem, because his most persistent foes _ conservative radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson _ talk to tens of millions of people each day.

McCain and his advisers insist the acrimony is about matters of policy: “We have disagreements on specific issues from time to time,” McCain recently said of his critics.

In fact, the disputes often are as much about style as they are about substance.

McCain’s tone was certainly on Dobson’s mind when he issued a stinging anti-endorsement on Super Tuesday. He mentioned various issues, but Dobson also said the senator “has a legendary temper and often uses foul and obscene language.” …”

What Does It Mean?

“…Temperament is far more important for a President than for a candidate. A President has to be on an even keel 24/7, for four long years, despite crises that can break out anywhere in the world at any time.

John McCain trails the pack in the temperament department, with his volatile, arrogant, and abrasive know-it-all attitude. His track record in the Senate is full of the betrayals of Republican supporters that have been the party’s biggest failing over the years and its Achilles heel politically.

The elder President Bush’s betrayal of his “no new taxes” pledge was the classic example, but the current President Bush’s attempt to get amnesty for illegal aliens, with Senator McCain’s help, was more of the same. …”

McCain win would mean war with Iran

Seven Things To Know About Bill and Hillary Clinton

“…3. Rumors of Sen. John McCain’s temper have haunted his campaign. Hillary’s temper is even more widely documented, by disaffected Secret Service agents, military aides, Arkansas state troopers and others. Hillary repeatedly has been in rows with agents whom she importuned to carry her bags despite Secret Service regulations against the practice. While first lady, Hillary threw a book at the back of an agent’s head, as reported to me by White House military personnel. She repeatedly has thrown temper tantrums in front of staff, used foul language and hit her husband, as reported by security and other staff members. …:

The Foulmouthed & Lying Clintons

by Reinhold Aman, Ph.D.

George Stephanopoulos Interview, describing Clinton 1 of 2

George Stephanopoulos Interview, describing Clinton 2 of 2

Democrats praise John Mccain

Anger management

Anger management: What are you so angry about?

Five Easy Pieces Diner Scene

Jack Nicholson Bangs On About His Creepy Hillary Clinton Video

Jack Nicholson Exclusive: Actor Talks About Hillary Clinton, Campaign Ad — ‘This Woman Can Do This Job’ 

“…MTV: One attribute Obama seems to possess over Clinton is this uncanny capacity to inspire people.

Nicholson: Well, why would we assume he wouldn’t continue to energize people were he not the nominee? Even his own people know it’s a bit early for him, but these are the circumstances. Believe me, the Republicans are not going to let him slide. MTV doesn’t want to hear this, but he seems youthful. His small mistakes do not get amplified. I love the inspiration of Senator Obama, but we have a representative republic for this very reason. In the original democracy in [ancient Greece], everybody voted and that was it. They realized they didn’t want the hot song of the week to take over the country. The same is true of these superdelegates. These superdelegates are there to make democracy more thoughtful. You can’t just discount super-delegates for one reason or another. These are the rules of the Democratic Party. The only thing I can say is, it’s obvious one person is more experienced.  …”

Jack and Hill

Jack Nicholson Hillary Clinton Video (Parody)

A Few Good Men: Lunch With Jessup

A Few Good Men: Nicholson’s Final Words


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John McCain–A Candidate too Far Left

The Cost of Comprehensive Immigration Reform–McCain and Obama Are Hopeless–It is the Economy Stupid!

Alan Keyes on Immigration

Clinton Obama Fusion Ticket–Who is On Top?

The Kennedy Clinton Democratic Party Civil War Over Obama–Happy Days Are Here Again!

Voters Beware: The Radical Rules of Saul Alinsky and Leftist Democrats

Yes We Can–Throw You Under The Bus–Presidential Campaign 2008 Mantra

Down and Dirty Democrat Clinton vs. Up and Clean Democrat Obama: Hard Ball Time!

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Barack Obama: A Watermelon Man–Green on The Outside–Red on The Inside

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 Watermelon Man


Senator Obama on Jobs, Guns, Religion, and Illegal Immigration

“You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”


Barack Obama’s small town guns and religion comments

Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.

~Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Video montage: Obama, Clinton on bitterness



Terrorism – Barack Obama – Bitter Elitist – 4/14/08 


Obama’s New Problems With Remarks About Small Town PA


One question Senator Obama, if all the criminal aliens holding jobs in the United States were required to go home to their country of origin, how many American citizens that are currently unemployed would find employment?

Millions of white, black, hispanic and asian American citizens would, Senator.

The rate of unemployment would fall below three percent, the United States would have full employment and wages and income would rise!

Yes they are bitter about the political elites of both the Republican and Democratic Party who break their oaths of office and fail to enforce the laws of the United States.

Yes they are bitter for having to pay local and state taxes to pay for the education, welfare benefits, medical care, jails, and prisons for criminal aliens.

Yes they are bitter for soaring crime rates and drugs in neighborhoods, towns, and cities which had very low crime rates until the arrival of twenty-five million plus criminal aliens.

Yes they are bitter about those who try to take away their guns that they use to defend their homes from criminals while they await the arrival of the police.

Yes they are bitter about the global warming hoax being used by the political elites of both parties to justify another tax increase called cap and trade.

Yes they are bitter about more taxes, regulations, and government spending resulting in more and more American businesses going abroad to produce goods they can no longer afford to produce in the USA.

Yes they are bitter about rising food and gasoline prices caused by government regulations and subsidies that benefit the contributors to both political parties while the American consumers be damned.

Yes they are bitter about professional politicians from both political parties that are bought and paid by those who benefit from illegal immigration.

No I am not bitter Senator Obama, I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this any more.


Network – Mad as hell


All three candidates for President of the United States and the current President favored comprehensive immigration reform–a code word for amnesty.

All three presidential candidates are completely out of touch with the American people and all three are political elitists.

Vote none of the above in November.

We want nothing from government but to be left alone and for the laws of the nation to be enforced.

Face it Senator you are very green on the outside, but on the inside you are as red as they come–a watermellon man. 

The two greatest orators of the twentieth century were Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler.

Senator, you are no Winston Churchill.


Winston churchill “finest hour”


Winston Churchill Inspirational


Background Articles and Videos 


Barack Obama: Religion (and Guns) the Opiate of the Masses *Updated and Bumped*

‘…I guess I missed something somewhere. He claims he SAID that when people are bitter they “turn to what [they] can count on” like faith, family and community, but what he really said was that people “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Perhaps he doesn’t know the difference between “turning to” (as in looking to something for comfort and support) and “clinging to” (as in out of desperation and a refusal to change).

And maybe there are subtle nuances between getting “mad about illegal immigrants who are coming into this country” (as in feeling angry about people who are breaking the law to come here and continue to break the law by being here) -and- “antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment” (as in xenophobia and a hatred of all immigrants, legal or illegal).

I just think he opened his mouth and revealed some of what he REALLY thinks, which is a dangerous thing for a politician to do, especially if he wants to be elected by people whom he secretly disdains.

Obama Woos Gun-Toting God Nuts

It’s going to take a lot of “framing” for Democrats to recast Obama’s explanation to San Francisco cafe society that gun ownership and a belief in God are the byproducts of a psychological disorder brought on by economic hardship.

It is an article of faith with the Democrats that they must fool Americans by simulating agreement with normal people. The winner of the Democratic primary is always the candidate who does the best impersonation of an American. …” 

“…Obama had been so careful until now, “framing” his message as “change” — rather than partial birth abortion, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, tax hikes, socialized medicine and abandoning mandatory minimum prison sentences for federal crimes.

His message is “change” — not that his wife has not been proud to be an American for most of her life.

He is for “change” — and don’t mind the crazy racist loon who has been Obama’s spiritual mentor for two decades. …:


Huge Backlash Against Obama Elitist Comments


Obama (2004) connects guns, religion, economics, and bitter


Obama: Bitter ‘White Working Class, Don’t Wanna Work, Don’t Wanna Vote For The Black Guy’


Mitt Romney – Barack Obama – Bitter Elitist – Part 2


Obama Tim Russert’s last interview w/Barack Obama


Tim Russert’s last interview w/Barack Obama


A Living Lie
Obama’s controversial statements in San Francisco are perfectly in line with his Senate record.

By Thomas Sowell

“…Like so much that Obama has said and done over the years, this is standard stuff on the far Left, where guns and religion are regarded as signs of psychological dysfunction — and where opinions different from those of the Left are ascribed to emotions (“bitter” in this case), rather than to arguments that need to be answered.

Like so many others on the Left, Obama rejects “stereotypes” when they are stereotypes he doesn’t like but blithely throws around his own stereotypes about “a typical white person” or “bitter” gun-toting, religious, and racist working-class people.

In politics, the clearer a statement is, the more certain it is to be followed by a “clarification,” when people react adversely to what was plainly said. …”

“…Obama is also part of a long tradition on the Left of being for the working class in the abstract, or as people potentially useful for the purposes of the Left, but having disdain or contempt for them as human beings.

Karl Marx said, “The working class is revolutionary or it is nothing.” In other words, they mattered only in so far as they were willing to carry out the Marxist agenda. …”


Barack Obama’s Bitter Liberalism
By George Will

“…The iconic public intellectual of liberal condescension was Columbia University historian Richard Hofstadter, who died in 1970 but whose spirit still permeated that school when Obama matriculated there in 1981. Hofstadter pioneered the rhetorical tactic that Obama has revived with his diagnosis of working-class Democrats as victims — the indispensable category in liberal theory. The tactic is to dismiss rather than refute those with whom you disagree.

Obama’s dismissal is: Americans, especially working-class conservatives, are unable, because of their false consciousness, to deconstruct their social context and embrace the liberal program. Today that program is to elect Obama, thereby making his wife at long last proud of America.

Hofstadter dismissed conservatives as victims of character flaws and psychological disorders — a “paranoid style” of politics rooted in “status anxiety,” etc. Conservatism rose on a tide of votes cast by people irritated by the liberalism of condescension.

Obama voiced such liberalism with his “bitterness” remarks to an audience of affluent San Franciscans. Perfect. …”


Re: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battle over bitter comments

Barack Obama’s ‘guns and religion’ blunder gives Hillary Clinton a chance

Hillary Clinton says her rival is exposed as an elitist with comments that look like an attack on small-town attitudes in the United States

“…Mrs Clinton was buoyed yesterday by Republican strategists who declared that Mr Obama’s remarks would become a general election “nightmare” for the Illinois senator if he became the Democratic nominee because they made him look like a liberal elitist.

Mrs Clinton activated the entire might of her campaign machine to exploit the remarks, which she called “demeaning”, “elitist” and “out of touch”. Aides handed out “I’m not bitter” stickers and surrogates took to the airwaves to fan the flames. …”


Obama dogged by ‘bitter’ guns and religion row

“Barack Obama was Tuesday braced for another round of attacks from Democratic foe Hillary Clinton, after his comments on “bitter” working class voters sparked a political firestorm.

Clinton hoped to use the row to enlist blue collar support and as a springboard to catch Obama in the Democratic race, in the tense run-up to next week’s Pennsylvania primary.

She turned up the heat on her rival on Monday, debuting a new advertisement in Pennsylvania, featuring voters taking offense to his remark that some economically bereft Americans sought refuge in God and guns.

But Obama hit back, telling Democrats at a dinner in Philadelphia: “it’s not me who’s out of touch.”

“I know exactly what folks are going through,” he said, expressing sympathy with voters who lacked jobs and healthcare. …”


Discussion on Obama’s Bitter Comment


John McCain – Barack Obama – Bitter Elitest


McCain Camp: Barack Obama is an “Elitist”

by Bonney Kapp

“…Schmidt said Obama’s remarks hit the “heart and soul of this country” and predicted Obama would have difficulty connecting with voters. “I think people will resent it and be very angry about it because that is not how most Americans view themselves. That’s now how most Americans view their lives in terms of practicing their faith or exercising their Second Amendment rights or having a desire to secure the borders in the country,” he explained.

When Obama later defended his remarks to voters in Indiana, a McCain spokesman fired back, “Instead of apologizing to small town Americans for dismissing their values, Barack Obama arrogantly tried to spin his way out of his outrageous San Francisco remarks. Only an elitist who attributes religious faith and gun ownership to bitterness would think that tax cuts for the rich include families who make $75,000 per year. Only an elitist would say that people vote their values only out of frustration. Barack Obama thinks he knows your hopes and fears better than you do. You can’t be more out of touch than that.” …”


Off-the-Record Obama
The Politics of Meaning on steroids.

By Peter Wehner

“…On a deeper level, what we saw in Obama’s comments is a glimpse into a particular worldview, one that animates his political philosophy (contemporary liberalism). Senator Obama seems to view ordinary Americans as bitter, often broken, small-minded objects of pity rather than anger, ostensibly in need of instruction from — you guessed it — Barack Obama. The words of Michelle Obama are worth recalling in this context. She has spoken about her husband pushing us out of our “comfort zones,” saying “Barack knows at some level there is a hole in our souls” and “Barack is the only person in this race who understands that before we can work on the problems as a nation, we have to fix our souls. Our souls are broken in this nation.”

This is the Politics of Meaning on steroids. If one views Americans as fundamentally needy children rather than competent citizens, one embraces the precepts of the nanny state — the state that (in Margaret Thatcher’s memorable phrase) takes too much from you in order to do too much for you. This provides an enormous opening for Senator McCain, who can frame this election as pitting a candidate who believes in self-government, against a candidate who believes in the nanny state.Increasingly, Barack Obama appears to be the Candidate of Illusion. He presents himself as post-racial — which is harder to accept than it once was, given his intimate, longtime relationship with a pastor and church that harbor deep and obvious racial anger toward whites. Obama presents himself as post-partisan — even though in his time in the Senate he has done nothing to bridge the partisan divide, which explains why he has been endorsed by the rabidly partisan Obama presents himself as post-ideological — even though he was named the Senate’s most liberal member in 2007 by the respected National Journal. Obama is a public critic of free trade — yet his chief economic adviser is quoted by a Canadian official as saying that Obama’s position on NAFTA is politically motivated and insincere. Obama speaks about the importance of religious faith in his life and the life of the nation — yet when speaking to a group of rich liberals, he implicitly denigrates people of faith, pairing them with people who have “antipathy to people who aren’t like them” and who harbor “anti-immigrant sentiment[s].” He paints religious believers as folks clinging to crutches to better deal with their desperate lives — only to insist last night that his words were actually a tribute to people of religious faith. So sayeth Barack Obama, “healer of broken souls.” …”


Photoshop of the week: Typical liberal snob; Update: New Obama spin – “I didn’t say it as well as I could have”

Red State Update: Obama Bashes Small Town America


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Down and Dirty Democrat Clinton vs. Up and Clean Democrat Obama: Hard Ball Time!

Senator John McCain from Maverick to Bridge Builder?

Conservative Turnout Will Determine the Outcome of The Presidential 2008 Race Between McCain vs. Obama

Turnout of Voters Key to Victory in Presidential Election 2008

John McCain’s Position on Illegal Immigration and Criminal Alien Removal?

John McCain–A Candidate too Far Left

The Cost of Comprehensive Immigration Reform–McCain and Obama Are Hopeless–It is the Economy Stupid!

Why immigration will be the number 1 political issue in the 2008 Presidential Election! — Gum Balls

Presidential Candidates on Illegal Immigration, Criminal Alien Removal and Social Service Benefits

US Immigration Videos

Alan Keyes on Immigration








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Claude Monet Videos for 100th Post on Pronk Palisades

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 Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love. 

~Claude Monet



The Studio Boat, 1874

The Studio Boat, 1874


 Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment

~Claude Monet


I just added three videos of the art works of Claude Monet on YouTube to celebrate my 100th post on Pronk Palisades:


Monet Part 1


Monet Part 2


Monet Part 3


I hope you all enjoy them, as I did making them.

The music is from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 Pastoral.


Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

~Ludwig van Beethoven

I am following Nature without being able to grasp her, I perhaps owe having becoming a painter to flowers.

~Claude Monet

Water Lilies, 1915-1917

Water Lilies, 1915-1917

The Stroll Camille Monet and Her Son, 1875

The Stroll Camille Monet and Her Son, 1875


No one is an artist unless he carries his picture in his head before painting it, and is sure of his method and composition.

~Claude Monet

Background Articles and Videos 


The Impressionists BBC (Part 1)


The Impressionists BBC (Part 2)


The Impressionists BBC (Part 3)


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Mary Cassatt Videos 

Paul Cezanne Videos 

Edgar Degas Videos

Paul Gauguin Videos

Winslow Homer Videos

Edouard Manet Videos

Berthe Morisot Videos

Camille Pissarro Videos

Georges-Pierre Seurat Video

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Videos

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Videos

Vincent Van Gogh Videos

Art Videos on Channel: A PRONK STUDIO VIDEO   



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The Earth Will Not Miss Us, But We Will Miss Charlton Heston

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Charlton Heston on Global Climate Change

Charlton Heston as Moses

Statement by the Family of Charlton Heston

“…Legendary actor, civil rights leader and political activist Charlton Heston passed away today, at the age of 84. He died at his home with Lydia, his wife of 64 years, at his side. Mr. Heston was loved by his two children, Fraser Clarke Heston and Holly Heston Rochell, and his three grandchildren, Jack Alexander Heston, Ridley Rochell and Charlie Rochell. …”

Charlton Heston, Epic Film Star and Voice of N.R.A., Dies at 84

Charlton Heston, who appeared in some 100 films in his 60-year acting career but who is remembered chiefly for his monumental, jut-jawed portrayals of Moses, Ben-Hur and Michelangelo, died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was 84. …”

Bigger than life.

A real presence on the movie screen.

The passing of Charlton Heston reminds me that few of the very greats of Hollywood that I saw as kid in movies are still with us.

We all miss him.

Charlton Heston (1924 – 2008) discusses Alzheimers

Background Articles and Videos

Actor Charlton Heston dies

Remembering Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston (born John Charles Carter; October 4, 1923 – April 5, 2008)[1][2][3] was an American Academy Award–winning actor of film, theater and television.[4] Heston is known for having played heroic roles, such as Moses in The Ten Commandments, Colonel George Taylor in Planet of the Apes and Judah Ben-Hur in Ben-Hur, the role for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. In the 1950s and 1960s he was one of a handful of Hollywood actors to speak openly against racism and was an active supporter of the Civil Rights Movement. Initially a liberal Democrat, he later supported conservative politics and was president of the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2003. …”

Obituary: Charlton Heston

“…Heston once said of himself, “I have played three presidents, three saints and two geniuses in my career. If that doesn’t create an ego problem, nothing does.”

But, while his screen giants gave him the stature to champion his causes, Charlton Heston, along with many critics, felt his best film performance was as the shy, awkward ranch hand in Will Penny.

And while Charlton Heston will always be identified with heroes who lived before the birth of his country, it was perhaps the American pioneer who was closest to his heart. ”

Remembering Charlton Heston aka Charles Carter

Charlton Heston, Much More Than a Great Actor

Charlton Heston, a star who defied the Hollywood liberals, dies at 83

“…He served as president of the Screen Actors Guild and marched with Martin Luther King against segregation. “That guy Heston has to watch it,” remarked Frank Sinatra. “If he’s not careful, he’ll get actors a good name.”

During the 1972 American presidential election, Heston declared his support for Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate, having campaigned previously for John Kennedy.

In subsequent years he became known for his conservatism, resigning from Actors Equity over what he saw as the “obscenely racist” refusal of the union to allow a white actor to play a Eurasian role.

In a speech in 1997 Heston argued that a liberal culture war was being waged against “the God-fearing, law-abiding, Caucasian, middle-class Protestant, or even worse, evangelical Christian, Midwestern or Southern, or even worse, rural, apparently straight, or even worse, admitted heterosexual, gun-owning, or even worse, NRA card-carrying, average working stiff, or even worse, male, working stiff because, not only don’t you count, you are a downright obstacle to social progress.”  …”

Charlton Heston Tribute

Charlton Heston 1923 – 2008

A Tribute to Charlton Heston 

Sunday meditation: Tribute to Charlton Heston

By Michelle Malkin

Red State Update’s Tribute To Charlton Heston

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Fathers, Mothers and Babies for Senator John McCain!

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Paul Anka Having my baby


Babies are a blessing not a punishment Senator Obama.

Suggest you select another pastor and church to learn the value of human life.

Assuming you win the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States, you will never win the Presidential election in November.

You are an impressive speaker with a reprehensible and revolting  message.


Obama- Punished with Babies and STDs


Barack Obama : ” Punished with a baby ”


Rev. Wright’s Greatest Hits!


All style no substance.

You are finished.

Time to turn the page on Obama.

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust

Looks like Senator McCain will be getting the majority of mother and father votes!

Spice Girls–Mama


Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven

Background Articles and Videos

wonderful tonight


Alan Keyes on Obama’s support for infanticide


NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC Endorses Sen. Barack Obama


NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC endorses Sen. Barack Obama for President!

Sen. Obama is fully pro-choice. In his own words:

“A woman’s ability to decide how many children to have and when, without interference from the government, is one of the most fundamental rights we possess.  It is not just an issue of choice, but equality and opportunity for all women.

“I have consistently advocated for reproductive choice and will make preserving women’s rights under Roe v. Wade a priority as President.  I oppose any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in this case.

“I believe we must work together to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.  I support legislation to expand access to contraception, health information, and preventative services to help reduce unintended pregnancies.  That is why I co-sponsored the Prevention First Act of 2007, which will increase funding for family planning and comprehensive sex education that teaches both abstinence and safe sex methods.  It will also end insurance discrimination against contraception, improve awareness about emergency contraception, and provide compassionate assistance to rape victims.


Obama More Pro-Choice Than NARAL

“Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) portrays himself as a thoughtful Democrat who carefully considers both sides of controversial issues, but his radical stance on abortion puts him further left on that issue than even NARAL Pro-Choice America.

In 2002, as an Illinois legislator, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act, which would have protected babies that survived late-term abortions. That same year a similar federal law, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was signed by President Bush. Only 15 members of the U.S. House opposed it, and it passed the Senate unanimously on a voice vote.

Both the Illinois and the federal bill sought equal treatment for babies who survived premature inducement for the purpose of abortion and wanted babies who were born prematurely and given live-saving medical attention. …”

Reaction to Obama — babies are God’s gift, not a ‘punishment’

Rusty Pugh and Jody Brown

“…Many a woman has come to understand that despite the circumstances of a baby’s conception and birth, her little one is a precious miracle that she loves and cherishes unconditionally,” Crouse adds. “We are diminished as a nation when we view babies as anything less than God’s gift.”


Sunday meditation: Obama and the punishment of unborn life


Barack Obama Addresses Planned Parenthood


Obama’s abortion strategy

Ned Barnett  





“…There’s a savvy strategy at work here.  Senator Obama became the first candidate to go beyond the traditional pro-abortion cant:  “Safe, legal and rare” and took it to the next step – a blatant, open advocacy for convenience-driven abortion-on-demand policy that applies to minors.  This has got to appeal to pro-abortion feminists who have to put up with that “Safe, legal and rare” formulation for political purposes, but who really want unquestioned abortion-on-demand – and while Senator Clinton has aped her husband’s formulation, Obama has given the feminists what they want. …”


Doublethink and the Liberal Mind

By Ed Kaitz   







“…George Orwell claimed that there was something more calculated at work when politicians begin to claim for example that “Slavery is Freedom” or that “Hate is Love,” or in Mao Tse Tung’s words, that “Compulsion is Voluntary.”  The new and improved Democratic Party version seems to be that “Diversity is Unity.”  Orwell called this “doublethink” and he claimed that it was a condition endemic to the totalitarian mind.  It meant the ability “to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory” and “to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies.”  For example, a liberal socialist political platform usually involves “liberating” us from our attachments to property, families and nation in the name of “freedom.” When the State chooses for us, however, the result is slavery.  Doublethink in Mr. Obama’s case (“Diversity is Unity!”) gives him the luxury of defending not only the divisive and intolerant Reverend Wright and his party’s divisive policies over the years, but it also allows him to be seen as the savior who will finally make America whole. 

“…By fomenting conflict not only between children and their parents but between women and men Mao hoped to destroy the nuclear family and thus usher in the State as savior and dictator.  To do this however Mao had to destroy the entire Chinese cosmology of Yin and Yang, which includes not the opposition but the natural complement between not only children (Yin) and their parents (Yang), but women (Yin) with men (Yang).  Since Chinese philosophy could not help him out here, Mao had to turn to Marxism — a western theory of conflict and opposition, not cooperation.  This can explain the 50 Million brutal deaths during Mao’s reign: many Chinese people revolted against what they considered to be an unnatural Western theory of conflict that violated the Chinese natural law of complementarity between Yin and Yang….”

“…The bottom line is that when the Left in this country embraced Marxism they committed themselves to conflict and division, not cooperation.  Obama, unlike Hillary however is smart enough to understand that fostering division is a poor strategy for winning elections.  In the words of Eric Hoffer:


Those who would transform a nation or the world cannot do so by breeding or captaining discontent. . . They must know how to kindle and fan an extravagant hope.  





Networks Ignore Revealing Obama ‘Baby’ Gaffe
Candidate doesn’t want daughters “punished with a baby.” 

By Brian Fitzpatrick

“…Speaking off the cuff to a Johnstown, Pennsylvania audience, Obama said:  

When it comes specifically to HIV/AIDS, the most important prevention is education, which should include abstinence education and teaching children that sex is not something casual.  But it should also include other information about contraception because, look, I’ve got two daughters, nine years old and six years old.  I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals.  But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.  I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age of 16. 

Despite intensive coverage of the fight for the Democratic nomination, and condemnations of the remark from growing numbers of religious and pro-life organizations, we haven’t found a word about Obama’s colossal gaffe on ABC, NBC or CBS’s morning and evening news broadcasts as of the afternoon of April 2. …”


Louis Farrakhan on Barack Obama, Churches and Satan’s Rule


Minister Farrakhan Speaks About Barack Obama


Hillary vs. Partial Birth Abortion


Coulter – Hillary Enjoys Torture, Obama Like Hitler


The Best of Dennis Miller on the O’Reilly Factor


Dennis Miller on Rudy Giulanni and Barack Obama


McCain Flip Flops on Abortion


Charlie Rose: June 12, 1996


McCain Pro-Life?


Mike Savage – Barack Obama – Baby Killer & Gay Agenda Part1


The Silent Scream Parts 1 – 5 / Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video

“…The Silent Scream Complete Version – Abortion as Infanticide

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John McCain’s Position on Illegal Immigration and Criminal Alien Removal?

John McCain–A Candidate too Far Left

The Cost of Comprehensive Immigration Reform–McCain and Obama Are Hopeless–It is the Economy Stupid!

Alan Keyes on Immigration



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Time for Oil Industry Executives to Grill Professional Politicians In The Congress and Senate!

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The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

~H. L. Mencken 

Hearing on Oil Profits and Subsidies: Inslee’s Opening

Hearing on Oil Profits and Subsidies: Markey’s Opening  

Hearing on Oil Profits and Subsidies: Solis’s Questions

End all government subsidies and pass the Fair Tax.

Why will this not happen? 

Simple– all professional politicians depend upon campaign contributions from those asking for government subsidies, regulations, and tax breaks favoring them.

Stop trying to replace the market, free enterprise and competition with government command and control policies that only distort prices and misallocate resources.

Both the United States Senate and Congress are filled with professional politicians, many of them lawyers, from both parties who have never started nor for that matter run a business or met a payroll .

Like the Presidential candidates of both parties they do not understand wealth creation, markets and basic economics.

Both Congressmen and Senators should be questioned by industry leaders for their incompetence concerning energy policy.

What are the profit rates of the oil industry compared to other industries?

Well Congressmen and Senators, answer the question if you dare!

So much for the American dream when we’re hauling business leaders into Congress to justify making profits. If the 8.2% profit margin of oil companies is “gouging”, then why are other industries not being called before Congress to justify their “gouging”?


Banks – 18%
Household & Personal Products – 11.4%
Software – 9.9%
Telecommunications – 9.1%

Professional politicians are the joke and the joke is paid for by the American people. 

Well at least one Republican Congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn, did her homework.

The government is the single biggest beneficiary of rising oil prices!

May be Senator McCain should select her as his Vice Presidential running mate.

The conservatives, libertarians, veterans and woman would love her and not stay home in November.

Senator McCain it is past time you built some bridges to the conservative movement.

 Marsha Blackburn questions oil executives 

Libertarian Republican  

“It is a pleasure to welcome Marsha back to our campaign to build a stronger America . As a rising conservative leader, she knows firsthand that we must bring conservative change to Washington . The only way we can do that is by returning to our core conservative principles of lowering taxes, restraining spending and streamlining government. I look forward to working with Marsha as we strengthen America through conservative change,” said Governor Romney.

Announcing her support today, Cong. Blackburn said, “Tennesseans are looking for a real conservative to hold the White House in November, and I support Governor Romney as the true conservative choice for Tennessee . I was proud to support our native son in the race, but I believe that Mitt Romney is now the clear conservative choice in this contest.”  

Iraq Troop Surge Debate : Marsha Blackburn – Pro Surge  

Marsha Blackburn

“…According to her campaign website, Blackburn has received the following honors:

On May 31, 2006, Rep. Blackburn was named the “hottest woman in U.S. politics” in an online poll sponsored by[1] 


The ripple effect of gas prices 


 Rising Food and Gas Prices

No End In Sight For Rising Gas And Food Prices! 


Media Obsession with ‘Sky High’ Gas Prices 

A Primer on Gasoline Prices

“…Figure 1. What Do We Pay For in a Gallon of Regular Grade?

12% goes for distribution & marketing; 18% goes for refining costs & profits; 23% is for Federal & State taxes; and 47% is for the crude oil, itself. The gasoline pump on the right for 2005 shows 9% for distribution & marketing; 19% for refining costs & profits; 19% for Federal & State taxes; and 53% for the cost of crude oil, itself. For more information, contact the National Energy Information Center at 202-586-8800.

What are the components of the retail price of gasoline?
The cost to produce and deliver gasoline to consumers includes the cost of crude oil to refiners, refinery processing costs, marketing and distribution costs, and finally the retail station costs and taxes. The prices paid by consumers at the pump reflect these costs, as well as the profits (and sometimes losses) of refiners, marketers, distributors, and retail station owners.

In 2005 the price of crude oil averaged $50.23 per barrel, and crude oil accounted for about 53 percent of the cost of a gallon of regular grade gasoline (Figure 1). In comparison, the average price for crude oil in 2004 was $36.98 per barrel, and it composed 47 percent of the cost of a gallon of regular gasoline. The share of the retail price of regular grade gasoline that crude oil costs represent varies somewhat over time and among regions.

Federal, State, and local taxes are a large component of the retail price of gasoline. Taxes (not including county and local taxes) account for approximately 19 percent of the cost of a gallon of gasoline. Within this national average, Federal excise taxes are 18.4 cents per gallon and State excise taxes average about 21 cents per gallon.2 Also, eleven States levy additional State sales and other taxes, some of which are applied to the Federal and State excise taxes. Additional local county and city taxes can have a significant impact on the price of gasoline. Refining costs and profits comprise about 19 percent of the retail price of gasoline. This component varies from region to region due to the different formulations required in different parts of the country.

Distribution, marketing and retail dealer costs and profits combined make up 9 percent of the cost of a gallon of gasoline. From the refinery, most gasoline is shipped first by pipeline to terminals near consuming areas, then loaded into trucks for delivery to individual stations. Some retail outlets are owned and operated by refiners, while others are independent businesses that purchase gasoline for resale to the public. The price on the pump reflects both the retailer’s purchase cost for the product and the other costs of operating the service station. It also reflects local market conditions and factors, such as the desirability of the location and the marketing strategy of the owner.  …” 


Gasoline Components History

Mo/Year Retail Price
(Cents per gallon)
Distribution & Marketing
Crude Oil



The profit margin is related to other measures, such as the rate of profit (sometimes called the rate of return), which comprise various measures of the amount of profit earned relative to the total amount of capital invested (or the stock of capital) required to generate that profit. Thus, while the profit margin measures the amount of profit per unit of sales, the rate of profit on total assets indicates the efficiency of the total investment. Or, put another way, while the profit margin measures the amount of profit per unit of capital (labor, working capital, and depreciation of plant and equipment) consumed over a particular period, the profit rate measures the amount of profit per unit of capital advanced (the entire stock of capital required for the production of the good). As an example, if a $1,000 investment in plant and equipment were required to produce a $100 television set, then a profit margin of 10 percent would translate into a profit rate on total investment of only 1 percent. Thus, in this scenario, the unit costs are low enough to generate 10 percent profit (profit margin) on the capital consumed (assuming some market price) to produce the TV, set but in order to achieve that margin, a total capital expenditure of $1,000 must be made. The difference between the profit margin measure and the profit rate concept then lies in the rate at which the capital stock depreciates; and the rate at which the production process repeats itself, or turnover time. In the first case, if, say, the entire capital stock for a particular firm or industry is completely used up during one production cycle, then the profit margin would be exactly the same as the profit rate. In the case of turnover, if a firm succeeds in, for example, doubling the amount of times the production process repeats itself in the same period, then twice as much profit would be made on the same capital invested even though the profit margin might not change. More formally, the rate of return may be expressed as where average assets is the total capital stock divided by the number of times the production process turns over. Thus, the rate of return can be increased by increasing the profit margin or shortening the production cycle. Of course, this will largely depend on the conditions of production in particular industries or firms. …” 

Be forewarned professional politicians, you are not fooling all of the people or even very many of them!

You are only fooling yourselves.  




 Democrat or Republican???

Global Warming is a Myth…

Al Gore, the hypocrite… 




Background Articles and Videos


Where Exxon and Friends Spend Big Profits

By Marianne Lavelle

Posted February 1, 2008

“…The oil industry points out that over the years it has reinvested essentially all of its profits into the future—through capital expenditures that would lead to more oil or even renewable energy. (It may seem strange to hear that an industry could invest all of its profit in capital expenditures year after year, but remember, the companies have cash flow in addition to net income—gained, for example, when they sell assets or issue debt or stock.)

With the increase in oil prices over the past five years, it does appear that the oil industry’s investments have gone up. For the top five oil companies, new investments were $91.4 billion in 2006, up 60 percent over 2001, according to an Ernst & Young analysis commissioned by the oil industry last year. But as a percentage of the staggering profits they are making, the figure fell significantly from the 1990s—when the oil industry was spending about 200 percent of net income on such investments. Since 2000, the average has been about 100 percent of income, and in 2006 it was 76 percent. …”




Big Oil” at the Public Trough?



An Examination of Petroleum Subsidies

by Ronald J. Sutherland

Executive Summary

“…Critics of the oil industry allege that the

industry receives large and unwarranted government

subsidies and that rival technologies, such

as those for ethanol, renewable energy, and energy

efficiency, deserve compensating government

preferences. The evidence indicates that, on balance,

the oil industry is not a net beneficiary of

government subsidies. The facts point in the

opposite direction. The oil industry is more

harmed than helped by government intervention

in energy markets.

Special tax deductions, direct expenditures,

net excise taxes, and research and development

expenditures are constantly targeted by oil critics.

However, those subsidies are a small share of

oil revenues and far less generous than the preferences

and subsidies provided for rival businesses

and technologies such as mass transit and

alternative fuels. Moreover, most energy subsidies

are wealth transfers that do not significantly

distort energy prices or affect energy markets.

The contention that oil consumers do not pay

their fair share of the environmental and national

defense costs they impose on society is dubious.

There is little evidence to suggest that the environmental

externalities imposed by oil consumption

exceed the taxes and regulatory costs paid by

consumers. The contention that national defense

costs would be lower if domestic oil consumption

were taxed is also not supported by the evidence….”    


Disinformation is the deliberate dissemination of false information. It may include the distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, and photographs, or propagation of malicious rumours and fabricated intelligence. In the context of espionage or military intelligence, it is the deliberate spreading of false information to mislead an enemy as to one’s position or course of action. It also includes the distortion of true information in such a way as to render it useless.

Disinformation techniques may also be found in commerce and government, used by one group to try to undermine the position of a competitor. It in fact is the act of deception and blatant false statements to convince someone of an untruth. Cooking-the-books might be considered a disinformation strategy that led to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Unlike traditional propaganda and Big Lie techniques designed to engage emotional support, disinformation is designed to manipulate the audience at the rational level by either discrediting conflicting information or supporting false conclusions.

Another technique of concealing facts, or censorship, is also used if the group can affect such control. When channels of information cannot be completely closed, they can be rendered useless by filling them with disinformation, effectively lowering their signal-to-noise ratio. …”

New Study Explodes Human-Global Warming Story

“…Writing in the International Journal of Climatology of the Royal Meteorological Society, professor David H. Douglass (of the University of Rochester), professor John R. Christy (of the University of Alabama), Benjamin D. Pearson and professor S. Fred Singer (of the University of Virginia) report that observed patterns of temperature changes (“fingerprints”) over the last 30 years disagree with what greenhouse models predict and can better be explained by natural factors, such as solar variability.

The conclusion is that climate change is “unstoppable” and cannot be affected or modified by controlling the emission of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, as is proposed in current legislation.  …”

“…The mechanism for producing such cyclical climate changes is still under discussion; but they are most likely caused by variations in the solar wind and associated magnetic fields that affect the flux of cosmic rays incident on the earth’s atmosphere.

“In turn, such cosmic rays are believed to influence cloudiness and thereby control the amount of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface­ and thus the climate.

“…Our research demonstrates that the ongoing rise of atmospheric CO2 has only a minor influence on climate change. We must conclude, therefore, that attempts to control CO2 emissions are ineffective and pointless — but very costly.”

NO ‘Consensus’ on “Man-Made” Global Warming

Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post

Published: Saturday, June 02, 2007

National Post’s Deniers series:
“Scientists who challenge the climate change debate
Somewhere along the way, I stopped believing that a scientific consensus exists on climate change. Certainly there is no consensus at the very top echelons of scientists — the ranks from which I have been drawing my subjects — and certainly there is no consensus among astrophysicists and other solar scientists, several of whom I have profiled. If anything, the majority view among these subsets of the scientific community may run in the opposite direction. Not only do most of my interviewees either discount or disparage the conventional wisdom as represented by the IPCC, many say their peers generally consider it to have little or no credibility. In one case, a top scientist told me that, to his knowledge, no respected scientist in his field accepts the IPCC position.

What of the one claim that we hear over and over again, that 2,000 or 2,500 of the world’s top scientists endorse the IPCC position? I asked the IPCC for their names, to gauge their views. “The 2,500 or so scientists you are referring to are reviewers from countries all over the world,” the IPCC Secretariat responded. “The list with their names and contacts will be attached to future IPCC publications, which will hopefully be on-line in the second half of 2007.”

“…More than six months ago, I began writing this series, The Deniers. When I began, I accepted the prevailing view that scientists overwhelmingly believe that climate change threatens the planet. I doubted only claims that the dissenters were either kooks on the margins of science or sell-outs in the pockets of the oil companies. …”

The series

Statistics needed — The Deniers Part I
Warming is real — and has benefits — The Deniers Part II
The hurricane expert who stood up to UN junk science — The Deniers Part III
Polar scientists on thin ice — The Deniers Part IV
The original denier: into the cold — The Deniers Part V
The sun moves climate change — The Deniers Part VI
Will the sun cool us? — The Deniers Part VII
The limits of predictability — The Deniers Part VIII
Look to Mars for the truth on global warming — The Deniers Part IX
Limited role for C02 — the Deniers Part X
End the chill — The Deniers Part XI
Clouded research — The Deniers Part XII
Allegre’s second thoughts — The Deniers XIII
The heat’s in the sun — The Deniers XIV
Unsettled Science — The Deniers XV
Bitten by the IPCC — The Deniers XVI
Little ice age is still within us — The Deniers XVII
Fighting climate ‘fluff’ — The Deniers XVIII

Science, not politics — The Deniers XIX
Gore’s guru disagreed — The Deniers XX
The ice-core man — The Deniers XXI
Some restraint in Rome — The Deniers XXII
Discounting logic — The Deniers XXIII

“…Somewhere along the way, I stopped believing that a scientific consensus exists on climate change. Certainly there is no consensus at the very top echelons of scientists — the ranks from which I have been drawing my subjects — and certainly there is no consensus among astrophysicists and other solar scientists, several of whom I have profiled. If anything, the majority view among these subsets of the scientific community may run in the opposite direction. Not only do most of my interviewees either discount or disparage the conventional wisdom as represented by the IPCC, many say their peers generally consider it to have little or no credibility. In one case, a top scientist told me that, to his knowledge, no respected scientist in his field accepts the IPCC position.

What of the one claim that we hear over and over again, that 2,000 or 2,500 of the world’s top scientists endorse the IPCC position? I asked the IPCC for their names, to gauge their views. “The 2,500 or so scientists you are referring to are reviewers from countries all over the world,” the IPCC Secretariat responded. “The list with their names and contacts will be attached to future IPCC publications, which will hopefully be on-line in the second half of 2007.”

“Professor Bob Carter uses the scientific method on the popular theory with global warming being linked to CO2 levels.

He examnines the hypothesis and it fails the test. Does this surprise you?…”

Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause? – Pt 1 of 4

Climate change – Is CO2 the cause? – Pt 2 of 4 

Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause? – pt 3 of 4 

Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause?- pt 4 of 4

Prof Bob Carter is a geologist at James Cook University, Queensland, engaged in paleoclimate research

There IS a problem with global warming… it stopped in 1998
By Bob Carter 

Global Warming: Hot Air or Cool Science?

Professor Bob Carter

James Cook University

Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off (1/5)

Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off (2/5)

Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off (3/5)

Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off (4/5)

Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off (5/5)  

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Past & Future Climate change – Pt 1of 4

Past & Future Climate Change – Pt 2 of 4

Past & Future Climate change pt 3 of 4 

Past & Future Climate Change – pt 4 of 4

John Stossel – The Global Warming Debate 10/20/07


John Stossel Exposes Global Warming Myths

“…In a release from ABC previewing Stossel’s report on Friday’s “20/20,” the veteran newsman and Newsmax pundit – who won 19 Emmys exposing scammers and con artists – says:

“This week on ‘20/20’ (in our new 8 p.m. Eastern time slot) I say ‘Give Me a Break!’ to our Nobel Prize-winning Vice President.

“Mr. Gore says ‘The debate is over,’ and those who disagree with his take on global warming have been ‘purchased’ in order to create ‘the illusion of a debate.’ Nonsense. It’s as if the Vice President and his allies in the environmental movement plan to win the debate through intimidation. I interview some scientists who won’t be intimidated, even though one has had his life threatened for speaking up.

“The Vice President’s much-applauded movie, ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ claims warming is man’s fault and a coming crisis! While the earth has certainly warmed over the last century, plenty of independent scientists say scientists cannot be sure that man caused the warming or that warming will be a crisis.

“They say the computer models that are used to predict the disasters don’t include important variables because scientists don’t fully understand them. For example, warming may cause cloud formations that reflect sun and cool the earth. The computer models cannot know. These scientists call global warming activism more of a religious movement than science.”

Gore’s film is filled with “misleading messages,” says Stossel. …”


“…I suspect that next year’s government boondoggle will be massive spending on carbon-reducing technology.

“It reminds me of George Mason University Economics Department Chairman Don Boudreax’s suggestion that such schemes really mean ‘government seizing enormous amounts of additional power in order to embark upon schemes of social engineering – schemes whose pursuit gratifies the abstract fantasies of the theory class and, simultaneously, lines the very real pockets of politically powerful corporations, organizations, and “experts.”’

“He is so right. The abstract fantasies of the theory class will soon send huge chunks of your money to politicians, friends, activist scientists, and politically savvy corporations.

“The debate is over? That makes me say GIVE ME A BREAK!” 


WE can’t stop Global Warming…

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Facing Fundamental Facts

Presidential Election 2008: American Elites Vs. American People

Let Them Eat Cake Act: American Elites Killing and Starving The American People

The Heidelberg Appeal: Beware of False Gods and Prophets

Going Deep–Cool–Deep Ocean Water (DOW)–Ocean Power!

National Center for Policy Analysis–A Global Warming Primer

Global Warming is The Greatest Hoax, Scam and Disinformation Campaign in History

Global Warming Videos

Global Warming Books

Global Warming Sites

Clinton’s Cap and Trade Tax on The American People for Consuming Electricity and Driving Cars, SUVs and Trucks!

Man-made Global Warming: Consensus or Propaganda

Al Gore’s Little White Lie: Man-Made Global Warming Causing Polar Bears To Drown

Al Gore’s Big Whopper–Sea Levels Rise By 2100: Gore 20 Feet vs IPCC 2 Feet?








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