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What Does The Tea Party Movement Want? Limited In Size and Scope Constitutional Government, Balanced Budgets and Constitutional Amendment, The FairTax and Repeal of the Income Tax 16th Amendment–Videos

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Reagan on Balanced Budget

FairTax: Fire Up Our Economic Engine (Official HD)

‘Tea Party’ Political Groups and Government (John Samples)

It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

Dan Mitchell explains the fair tax

Why We Need a FAIR Tax

What is the FairTax legislation?

Is the FairTax rate really 23%?

Flat Tax vs. National Sales Tax

The Tea Party Goes to Washington: Rand Paul on the intellectual bankruptcy of both major parties

Senator Rand Paul speaks at Tea Party 5 Year Anniversary Event

Rand Paul: Tea Party is actually co-opting Washington and shaping the debate.

Rand Paul “Tea Party Movement Is About Constitutional Government!”

The FairTax: It’s Time

FairTax 2012

What the Tea Party Movement Must Stand For

Former Tea Party Express Mark Williams – What does the Tea Party Really Want?

The Republican establishment better start paying attention and getting a clue as to what the tea party movement wants.

Once the American people have the FairTax, they will not want to go back to a Federal Income Tax and vote against any politician who even tries.

Pass the FairTax then repeal the income tax 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Waiting for the repeal of the 16th Amendment is similiar to waiting for passage of the balanced budget Constitutional amendment before balancing the budget.

I have completely lost patience with either political party to balance budget or reform the Federal income tax code with a flat tax.

Both political parties are just stalling and lying about what they are actually doing.

Forget about the flat tax and pass and implement the FairTax now!

Otherwise the tea party movement will find candidates that not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

The Fiscal Year 2012 Federal Budget will either be balanced and the FairTax passed and implemented for 2012 or both political parties will pay in upcoming elections in 2012, 2014 and beyond.

Are you listening now?

“Them that is going, get on the wagon, them that a’ nt, get out of the way!”

Herman Cain at the Atlanta FairTax Rally

John Stossel speaks to the Fair Tax Rally

Senator Rand Paul’s Pledge To Kentuckians On His First Day As Senator

Rand Paul On FairTax

Pence on the Fair Tax

Congressman Pence – FairTax and FlatTax


NATO Review – The Tea Party: Home, alone? (with subtitles: English)

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Koch Associate Program–KAP–Videos

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KAP: Overview


KAP: A Day in the Life


KAP: After the Program


Make Your Passion Your Profession


Koch Associate Program Channel On YouTube


Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

An ad about the Koch Associate Program appeared on two recent blog posts.

Since I am passionate about transforming America’s warfare and welfare economy and government into the peace and prosperity economy and constitutional government, I decided to promote them on my blog.

An interesting idea and program.

Much success.

Background Articles and Videos

The Science of Success: Lessons from my Father – Charles G. Koch


Charles de Ganahl Koch

“…Charles de Ganahl Koch (pronounced /ˈkoʊk/; born November 1, 1935) is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Koch Industries, Inc.[3] Koch and his brother David built the family business into the second largest privately held company by revenue in the United States, and as of 2010 his personal worth was about $21.5 billion. His strategy for running a business, Market Based Management (MBM), is described in his 2007 book The Science of Success, which promotes long-term planning for success even at the expense of short-term gains. Koch is a libertarian and his philanthropy includes co-founding the Cato Institute, the Institute for Humane Studies, and the Mercatus Center. …”


Koch’s views are described as libertarian. He told the National Journal that his “overall concept is to minimize the role of government and to maximize the role of private economy and to maximize personal freedoms.”[13] Today, he worries about too much governmental regulation, writing, “We could be facing the greatest loss of liberty and prosperity since the 1930s.”[14]

Philosophically Koch owes “a huge debt of gratitude to the giants who created the Austrian School” of economics.[7] Koch was especially impressed by Ludwig von Mises’ Human Action, and sought to apply its ideas to his business practices early in his career.[15] Other influences on Koch include F.A. Hayek, Alexis de Tocqueville[16], Adam Smith, Michael Polanyi,[7] Joseph Schumpeter, Julian Simon, Paul Johnson, Thomas Sowell, Charles Murray, Leonard Read, and F.A. Harper.[8] Brian Doherty, author of Radicals for Capitalism, and an editor of Reason, stated Robert LeFevre was an anarchist (autarchist) figure who won Koch’s approval.[17]

To Koch, “the short-term infatuation with quarterly earnings on Wall Street restricts the earnings potential of Fortune 500 publicly traded firms”.[8] Koch also considers public firms to be “feeding grounds for lawyers and lawsuits”, with regulation like Sarbanes–Oxley only increasing the earnings potential of private firms.[8]

In an interview article for the Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore writes “Charles Koch—no surprise—disdains government and the political class.”[8] Koch thinks the billionaires Warren Buffett and George Soros, who fund organizations with different ideologies, “simply haven’t been sufficiently exposed to the ideas of liberty”.[8] Koch thinks “prosperity is under attack” by the Obama administration and “warns of policies that ‘threaten to erode our economic freedom and transfer vast sums of money to the state'”.[18]

Koch was careful to make clear that while he often disagrees with political decisions, Koch Industries does not try to skirt them. He writes in The Science of Success that in light of increased regulation,

We needed to be uncompromising [with our workforce], to expect 100 percent of our employees to comply 100 percent of the time with complex and ever-changing government mandates. Striving to comply with every law does not mean agreeing with every law. But, even when faced with laws we think are counter-productive, we must first comply. Only then, from a credible position, can we enter into a dialogue with regulatory agencies to demonstrate alternatives that are more beneficial. If these efforts fail, we can then join with others in using education and/or political efforts to change the law.[19]


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The Rising Stars of The Tea Party, Conservative And Libertarian Movements–Senator Rand Paul and Jim DeMint and Representatives Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Michele Backmann and Ron Paul–Let’s Get The Second American Revolution Going!–Videos

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Herman Cain on Your World with Neil Cavuto 1.12.11

Herman Cain Talks With Sean Hannity About Potential 2012 Presidential Run



Sen. Rand Paul: State of the Union Response


Rand Paul – Spending Cuts & the FED


Rand Paul on Debt Crisis ( 27-Jan-11)(POLITICS IN ACTION series)


Part 1) Jim DeMint named “Conservative of the Year” by Human Events


Part 2) Jim DeMint named “Conservative of the Year” by Human Events


Part 3) Jim DeMint named “Conservative of the Year” by Human Events


Rep. Paul Ryan Gives Republican Response to State of the Union Address


Paul Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn’t Reduce Spending


Charlie Rose – Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin (R)


Rep. Mike Pence: Obama Signals More Spending in State of the Union


Congressman Mike Pence Remarks at the National Tea Party “March on Washington”


Weekly Republican Address 10/16/10: Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN)


Congresswoman Bachmann • Tea Party Express Response


We Must Cut Spending

Rep Bachmann’s Intro To Ron Paul


Ron Paul Responds to Obama’s State of the Union Address


Ron Paul: The People Can Handle The Truth About Unemployment and Inflation


Ron Paul: A New Hope


Ron Paul 2012 – Can you Hear us Now?


Background Articles and Videos

Ron Paul Channel On YouTube


Michele Backmann Channel On You Tube


Mike Pence Channel On YouTube


Paul Ryan Channel On YouTube


Jim DeMint On YouTube


Rand Paul Channel On YouTube


Herman Cain Channel On YouTube


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