What Does The Tea Party Movement Want? Limited In Size and Scope Constitutional Government, Balanced Budgets and Constitutional Amendment, The FairTax and Repeal of the Income Tax 16th Amendment–Videos

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The Republican establishment better start paying attention and getting a clue as to what the tea party movement wants.

Once the American people have the FairTax, they will not want to go back to a Federal Income Tax and vote against any politician who even tries.

Pass the FairTax then repeal the income tax 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Waiting for the repeal of the 16th Amendment is similiar to waiting for passage of the balanced budget Constitutional amendment before balancing the budget.

I have completely lost patience with either political party to balance budget or reform the Federal income tax code with a flat tax.

Both political parties are just stalling and lying about what they are actually doing.

Forget about the flat tax and pass and implement the FairTax now!

Otherwise the tea party movement will find candidates that not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

The Fiscal Year 2012 Federal Budget will either be balanced and the FairTax passed and implemented for 2012 or both political parties will pay in upcoming elections in 2012, 2014 and beyond.

Are you listening now?

“Them that is going, get on the wagon, them that a’ nt, get out of the way!”

Herman Cain at the Atlanta FairTax Rally

John Stossel speaks to the Fair Tax Rally

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Rand Paul On FairTax

Pence on the Fair Tax

Congressman Pence – FairTax and FlatTax


NATO Review – The Tea Party: Home, alone? (with subtitles: English)

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6 Responses to “What Does The Tea Party Movement Want? Limited In Size and Scope Constitutional Government, Balanced Budgets and Constitutional Amendment, The FairTax and Repeal of the Income Tax 16th Amendment–Videos”

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Paleoconservatives’ went threw this already and with less intellectual theory — in the 1990’s. The Tea Party is a politically correct version of right-wing political activism. Such activism is giving fantastic inspiration to people who do not know any better. If this is indeed the last hurrah of Americanism — then good luck…as a neoconservative.

I am a classical liberal or libertarian and definitely not a neo-conservative.

When you add up those Americans that consider or self-identify themselves as conservatives and libertarians the total is about 50% of the population.

When you add up those Americans that consider or self-identify themselves as progressive, liberal or socialist the total is about 30%.

The remaing 20% are largely independents and moderates.

The problem conservatives and libertarians have with the Republican Party establishment is that it has long ago been penetrated by progressives and liberals.

These Republicans may talk like conservatives and libertarians but they walk like a progressive and liberal. Nixon, G.H.W. Bush, G. W. Bush, and McCain are progressives.

The tea party is trying to purge these progressives from the Republican Party and take it over.

It will require at least eight to ten more years to accomplish this.

All progressives want big government intervention.

In correlation i am saying that — your intellectual theory’s lack of character — may not suffice.

Nonsense. Most classical liberals or libertarians admire Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard whose character despite the way they were treated by the elites was outstanding.

Watch: Economics and Moral Courage | Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. on Youtube

I am also not for the fair tax, such egalitarian taxation is better represented by a national sales tax. Frankly i say keep it the way it is…or abolish it all.

The FairTax is a national sales consumption tax with a prebate which makes it progressive.

While at one time I was a big advocate of the flat tax, I think the FairTax is much better for many reasons.

There would be no tax returns to complete.

It encourages savings and investment and in turn economic growth.

The FairTax would also broaden the tax base.

The real problem is spending.

I would limit Federal Government spending to 80% of the FairTax collections in the previous year with the remaining 20% used to pay down the National debt.

Combine the FairTax with a balance budget and then proceed with the repeal of the income tax 16th Amendment and a new balanced budget amendment.

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