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Dick Morris: “This Administration is Pathetic”–Video

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“…This week, pundit, strategist and author Dick Morris received the Center for Security Policy’s Mightier Pen Award. The Mightier Pen Award was inaugurated in 2001 in recognition of individuals who have, through their published writings, contributed both to the public appreciation of the need for robust U.S. national security policies and the perpetuation of military strength as indispensable ingredients in international peace. Previous awardees have included Norman Podhoretz (2009), Andrew C. McCarthy (2008), Mark Steyn (2007), William F. Buckley, Jr. (2004), Charles Krauthammer (2002), and Mark Helprin (2001).

Though primarily known for his outspoken views on domestic policy and electoral politics, each of Dick Morris’ many best-sellers deal deal with America’s national security concerns and threats to the homeland. In his comments– and the informal Q&A that followed– Morris spoke about Obama’s weakness on the world stage, Shariah law in the US, the 2012 GOP Presidential contenders, gave a tour of the tide of domestic politics, did a Winston Churchill impression, and more. …”

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