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Minority Report–Videos

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Minority Report – Precrime Intro


Minority Report Part 2


Minority Report Part 3


Minority Report Part 4


Minority Report Part 5


Minority Report Part 6


Minority Report Part 7


Minority Report Part 8


Minority Report Part 9


Minority Report Part 10


Minority Report Part 11


Minority Report Part 12


Minority Report Part 13


Minority Report Part 14


Minority Report Part 15

Minority Report

“…Minority Report is a 2002 American neo-noir[2] science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the short story “The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick. It is set primarily in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, where “PreCrime”, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs”. The cast includes Tom Cruise as PreCrime officer John Anderton, Colin Farrell as Department of Justice agent Danny Witwer, Samantha Morton as the senior precog Agatha, and Max von Sydow as Anderton’s superior Lamar Burgess. The film is a combination of whodunit, thriller, and science fiction.[3]

Spielberg has characterized the story as “fifty percent character and fifty percent very complicated storytelling with layers and layers of murder mystery and plot.”[4] The film’s central theme is the question of free will vs. determinism. It examines whether free will can exist if the future is set and known in advance. Other themes include the role of preventative government in protecting its citizenry, the role of media in a future state where electronic advancements make its presence nearly boundless, the potential legality of an infallible prosecutor, and Spielberg’s repeated theme of broken families.

The film was first optioned in 1992 as a sequel to another Dick adaptation, Total Recall, and started its development in 1997, after a script by John Cohen reached Spielberg and Cruise. Production suffered many delays due to Cruise’s Mission: Impossible II and Spielberg’s A.I. running over schedule, eventually starting in March 2001. During pre-production, Spielberg consulted numerous scientists in an attempt to present a more plausible future world than that seen in other science fiction films, and some of the technology designs in the film have proven prescient. Minority Report has a unique visual style. It uses high contrast to create dark colors and shadows, much like a film noir picture. The film’s overlit shots feature desaturated colors which were achieved by bleach-bypassing the film’s negative in post-production.

Minority Report was one of the best reviewed films of 2002. It received praise for its writing, visuals and themes, but earned some criticism for its ending which was considered inconsistent with the tone of the rest of the movie. The film was nominated for and won several awards. It received an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound Editing, and won four Saturn Awards, including Best Science Fiction Film and Best Direction. The film was a commercial success, earning over $358 million worldwide against an overall budget of $142 million (including advertising). Over four million DVDs were sold in its first few months of home release. …”


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Penn Jillette–Defending Glenn Beck–Only Customers, Listeners and Viewers Get To Complain–Videos

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Defending Glenn Beck



Libertarians are free spirits.

Background Articles and Videos

Penn Jillette discusses health care on FOX’s Glenn Beck


 Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette on MIAC report


Help Me Write Something for Glenn Beck



Glenn Beck’s Tea Party at the Alamo


Glenn Beck: Penn Jillette on Ron Paul


Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette – Got Green?


Glenn Beck discusses Anarchy with Penn Jillette

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American People Demand From Congress Balanced Budgets–Not A Path To Balanced Budgets Or An Amendment–A Balanced Budget For Fiscal Year 2012–Videos

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 Ronald Reagan – Curbing the Size of Government


It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes


Deficits are Bad, but the Real Problem is Spending


Milton Friedman on Libertarianism (Part 4 of 4)


The Optimum Size of Government


The Rahn Curve and the Growth-Maximizing Level of Government


Background Articles and Videos

Dan Mitchell From The Cato Institute On Government Spending

Eight Reasons Why Big Government Hurts Economic Growth


David Stockman on TARP, the Fed, Ron Paul and Reagan [FULL VERSION]


The tea party movement supports limited constitutional representative government–limited in both size and scope by the United States Constitution.

The tea party movement demands not only massive cutting of Federal government spending but also fiscal responsibility with either balanced budgets or surplus budgets.

The tea party movement does not want a path to balanced budgets or a balanced budget amendment some time in the distant future.

The  tea party movement demands balanced budgets now!

With Federal Government revenues or taxes running just over $2,200 billion, Federal expenditures cannot exceed this level.

Current budget estimates for Fiscal Year 2012 are over $3,500 billion.

In other words Congress must cut approximately $1,300 billion to achieve a balanced budget.

Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have the will, vision and leadership required to balance the budget in Fiscal Year 2012 that starts October 1, 2011.

The Republicans are talking about spending cuts of $100 to $500 billion tops.

Ron Paul: U.S. Government Must Admit Bankruptcy and Stop Cheating People with Devalued Money

This would mean a Fiscal Year 2012 budget for expenditures of over $3,000 billion, not $2,200 billion to balance expenditures with estimated revenues.

The tea party movement is watching its representatives and senators to see what, if anything, they do to cut Federal spending and balance the budget.

Stop all this nonsense about a path to a balanced budget in three to five years.

President Reagan said the same thing and the Democrats guaranteed that this promise was never kept.

Reagan on Balanced Budget


Reagan Balanced Budget


Reagan; Taxes and Budget Deficit


Either enact  balanced budgets in Fiscal Year 2012 and 2013 or face defeat in the 2012 elections.

The choice is yours.

The American people are far ahead of the political establishment in Washington, D.C.

The tea party movement advice to members of Congress is either lead, follow or get out of the way.

Start with balanced budgets in Fiscal Year in 2012 and 2013.

Then pass the FairTax.

Business as usual will simply not cut it. 

The tea party movement wants a peace and prosperity economy and not a warfare and welfare economy.


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