Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John Holdren, Ezekiel Emanuel, Carol Browner, Cass Sunstein, and Mark Lloyd and The Progressive Radical Socialists Of The Democratic Party

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The Soros Connection – The Czars And Their Place In The White House



Part 2 – The Soros Connection,Glenn’s Interview With A Reformed Communist


Glenn Beck – Interview With George Horowitz – The Communist Connection


Assault On Free Radio – Glenn Beck- FCC And Your Ears – Localism


Assault On Free Radio – Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh – FCC And Your Ears – Local-ism




Stay Awake…


Did President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, or Attorney General Holder Vigorously Protest The Release of The Lockerbie Convicted Murderer To The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Brown, Foreign Secretary Miliband, or Lord Chancellor Straw? If Not Why Not?

David Horowitz is absolutely correct about their achilles heal.

The far left progressive radical socialists of the Democratic Party would like you to think they are the friend and ally of the underdog or little guy.

They will say and do anything to give you that impression including outright lie.

In point of fact they are not the friend of the little guy or underdog.

Their only concern is to how to get and keep power.

Once they have power their chief concern is command and control through government coercion.

President Obama and his cadre of czars or commissars are not your friends but just the opposite–your mortal enemies.

Horowitz should know.

A friend of his was killed by the Black Panthers–the “community organizers” of Oakland in the 1960s and 1970s (see video below produced by the Black Panthers–does it look like ACORN or the SEIU, you bet it does). 

The time is ripe for the formation of a new political party, which I have been calling the Amercan Citizens Alliance Party or ACAP for short.

A cap on government expenditures, taxes, regulations and the national debt.

The tag line should be Families First.

The emphasis should be on contracting the size of the Federal Government by eliminating a dozen Federal Departments and at least a dozen agencies.

The only remaining departments would be State, Justice, Treasury, Defense, and Homeland Security.

Vital government information and statistics such as the Census would be accumulated in an Office of Information.

All the remaining departments would be eliminated and shut down for good.

Only by doing this is there any chance in saving both Social Security and Medicare.

Both these programs would be transitioned to private accounts that the individual would own and control and not the government.

This would prevent the Federal Government from spending surpluses, for the Government would no longer have access to them and control them.

All Federal taxes would be replaced by a FairTax with a rate of 20% on consumption and a monthly  rebate up to the poverty line.

This would encourage both private savings and business investment.

The result would be an economic boom resulting in economic growth rates exceeding 5% and the creation of tens of million of good paying jobs.

Immigration would be limited and tightly controlled with an annual cap of 250,000 legal immigrants per year and would be reduced to zero when the official unemployment rate exceeds 8%.

Illegal immigration would be stopped by closing the borders and completing the border fence and road so that it is well patrolled.

The 15,000,000 to 30,000,000 illegal immigrants would be removed from their place of employment and deported to their country of origin.

All employers would be required to use E-Verify to determine the legal status of an employee to work in the United States.

English would be the official language of the country and all coures would be taught in English with the exception of foreign language course.

The country would become energy independent by encouraging the development of all forms of energy including coal, natural gas, nuclear, oil, wind and solar.

All subsidies would be removed as well as regulations that discourage their development.

The Federal Government would get out of the way.

All Federal Budgets must be either balanced or in surplus.

The President would have a line-item veto.

No more dependency on the Federal Government.

Representatives and Senators would be restricted from accepting campaign contributions from only those who actually vote in their Congressional District or State.

Those serving in the Federal Government would be limited to 12 years or 6 terms in Congress and 2 terms in the Senate, no exceptions.

This would force the political elites or the establishment of both the Democratic and Republican Parties to pay particular attention to what the people want instead of what the so-called special interest demand.

The United States would resign from the United Nations and ask it to find another country for its Headquaters.

The United States would form a new international organization consisting of those countries that have representative democracies that are fairly elected.

The United States would close most if not all of its military bases abroad and the troops would return home. 

How would you sell such a program?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs–good paying jobs.

Social Security and Medicare would be saved by giving ownership rights and responsibility to them to individuals.

The Federal Government has demonstrated that it is not capable of managing them prudently.

Both political parties have been taken over by careerists who no longer understand or have the interest of the American people as their first priority.

Their arrogance and disdain of the American people is why millions are abandoning both parties each year.

The time for the Second American Revolution is now!

The clear and present danger of the progressive radical socialists of both political parties to your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is now.

Wakeup, Standup, Speakup!

United We Stand!

Join the Tea Party Express and Join Us in Washington D.C. or a city near you on Saturday, September 12, 2009.



Background Articles and Videos

Obama’s Czars

  1. Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) czar, Richard Holbrooke
  2. AIDS czar, Jeffrey Crowley [openly gay white man]
  3. Auto recovery czar, Ed Montgomery
  4. Behavioral science czar, position not yet filled
  5. Bailout czar, Herbert Allison Jr., [replaced Bush bailout czar Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability confirmed by Senate]
  6. Border czar, Alan Bersin
  7. Car czar, Ron Bloom [Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury , under Senate oversight]
  8. Climate change czar, Todd Stern
  9. Copyright czar, not appointed yet
  10. Counterterrorism czar, John Brennan
  11. Cybersecurity czar, position will be vacant on August 21st [upon the departure of Melissa Hathaway]
  12. Disinformation czar, Linda Douglass [This is a new media buzz since our earlier list, a response by pundits to the White House request for informants: see Glenn Beck and Lew Rockwell]
  13. Domestic violence czar, Lynn Rosenthal
  14. Drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske
  15. Economic czar, Larry Summers
  16. Economic czar number two, Paul Volcker
  17. Education czar, Arne Duncan
  18. Energy czar, Carol Browner
  19. Food czar, Michael Taylor [a former Monsanto executive, or, the fox in charge of the henhouse]
  20. Government performance czar, Jeffrey Zients
  21. Great Lakes czar, Cameron Davis
  22. Green jobs czar, Van Jones [who has a communist background]
  23. Guantanamo closure czar, Daniel Fried
  24. Health czar, Nancy-Ann DeParle
  25. Infotech czar, Vivek Kundra [Shoplifted four shirts, worth $33.50 each, from J.C. Penney in 1996 (source). His last day in DC government was March 4 but on March 12 the FBI raided his office and arrested two staffers.]
  26. Intelligence czar, Dennis Blair [Director of National Intelligence, a Senate confirmed position. He is a retired United States Navy four-star admiral]
  27. Latin-American czar, Arturo Valenzuela (nominee) [although this post is referred to as a czar, he is nominatied to be Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs and so is subject to Senate confirmation. Voting on his confirmation was delayed to clarify his position on Honduras. Watch WaPo’s Head Count to track status of confirmation.]
  28. Mideast peace czar, George Mitchell
  29. Mideast policy czar, Dennis Ross
  30. Pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg
  31. Regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein
  32. Religion czar, aka God czar Joshua DuBois
  33. Safe schools czar, Kevin Jennings [appointed to be Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, a newly created post (that does not require Senate confirmation); openly gay founder of an organization dedicated to promoting pro-homosexual clubs and curricula in public schools]
  34. Science czar, John Holdren
  35. Stimulus oversight czar, Earl Devaney
  36. Sudan czar, J. Scott Gration
  37. TARP czar, Elizabeth Warren [chair of the [Congressional Oversight Panel for the Trouble Assets Relief Program; note that Herb Allison is frequently called the TARP czar]
  38. Technology czar, Aneesh Chopra
  39. Trade czar, Ron Kirk
  40. Urban affairs czar, Adolfo Carrion
  41. War czar, Douglas Lute [retained from Bush administration, married to Jane Holl Lute, currently a Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security]
  42. Water czar, David J. Hayes [a Deputy Interior Secretary and therefore subject to Senate oversight]
  43. Weapons czar, Ashton Carter [actually Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics and so subject to Senate confirmation]
  44. Weapons of mass destruction czar, Gary Samore

Positions being planned:

  1. Income redistribution czar
  2. Land-use czar
  3. Mortgage czar, formally “consumer financial protection czar” (source)
  4. Radio-internet fairness czar
  5. Student loan czar, to oversee a program of mandatory service in return for college money (source)
  6. Voter list czar
  7. Zoning czar

David Horowitz

“…David Joel Horowitz (born January 10, 1939) is an American conservative writer and activist. The son of two life-long members of the Communist Party, and a former supporter of Marxism as well as a former member of the New Left in the 1960s, Horowitz later renounced his “left-wing political radicalism” and became an advocate for conservatism.

He is a founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (formerly the Center for the Study of Popular Culture), and has served as president of that organization for many years. He is the editor of the conservative website FrontPage Magazine, and his writings can be read on news sites and publications, including the conservative magazine NewsMax.[1] He founded the activist group Students for Academic Freedom …”

“…David Horowitz was born in 1939 to a Jewish family in Forest Hills, a neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens. His parents, Phil and Blanche Horowitz, were school teachers in nearby Sunnyside Gardens. Horowitz attended Columbia University, receiving a BA in 1959 with a major in English, and later the University of California, Berkeley, where he received a master’s degree in English literature.

His parents were long-standing members of the Communist Party. While still identifying as a Marxist, Horowitz, like many other left wing figures of his generation, sought to distance himself from the Soviet Union.[citation needed] In the 1960s he was employed as a political aide to Bertrand Russell.[2] At this time, Horowitz was a close friend and associate of Marxist historian Isaac Deutscher. Horowitz wrote a biography of Deutscher in 1971.[3]

After returning to the US in 1968, Horowitz wrote several books that were influential in New Left critiques of American society and particularly its foreign policy, including The Free World Colossus: A Critique of American Foreign Policy in the Cold War. Horowitz was an editor at the influential New Left magazine, Ramparts.

Horowitz was a confidant of Black Panthers leader Huey P. Newton, and provided legal and financial assistance to the black revolutionary organization. He would later cite experiences with his involvement in the Panthers as the primary catalyst for reassessing his views. In December 1974, his close friend Betty Van Patter, a bookkeeper for the Panthers, was murdered.[4] While the case officially went unsolved, Horowitz has maintained that the Panthers were responsible for her murder, which, he alleges, they committed in order to silence Van Patter from revealing the organization’s financial corruption, and thereafter covered up the killing.

Other events that Horowitz cites as being influential in his political realignment were the impacts of the US abandonment of South Vietnam in the Vietnam War on the peoples of Indochina, and particularly Cambodia, which under the leadership of the Khmer Rouge experienced mass terror and famine, leading to millions of deaths. Horowitz believes that the far left turned a blind eye to such atrocities because the ideological vision of the Communists was one which they shared.

Along with close associate Peter Collier, Horowitz hosted a 1987 “Second Thoughts Conference” in Washington, D.C., described by liberal journalist Sidney Blumenthal in The Washington Post as his “coming out” as a supporter of the right. According to attendee Alexander Cockburn, at that conference Horowitz recounted that his communist parents had not permitted him or his sister to watch Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies and instead had required them to watch celebratory films about the Soviet Union.[5] His gradual shift to the right has been recounted in a series of memoirs and retrospectives, culminating in 1996’s Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey. …”


David Horowitz – Party of Defeat

Glen Beck Interviews David Horowitz


David Horowitz – UC Santa Barbara


Marxist professors try to radicalize students. David Horowitz expose them in, One-Party Classroom


Riz Khan- David Horowitz- 21 Aug 08- Part 1


Riz Khan- David Horowitz- 21 Aug 08- Part 2


Black Panthers (1968) part 1


Black Panthers (1968) part 2


Black Panthers (1968) part 3


Black Panthers (1968) part 4


Black Panthers (1968) part 5


Black Panthers (1968) part 6


Marxist Obama Part 1


Marxist Obama Part 2


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[…] Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John … […]

[…] Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John … […]

[…] Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John … […]

[…] Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John … […]

[…] Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John … […]

[…] Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John … […]

[…] Beck and Horowitz Expose The Clear and Present Danger of Obama’s Cadre of Czars–Van Jones, John … […]

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