ADM Listened–Van Jones Resigned–Why?–Glenn Beck?–No–ADM?–Yes–Ethanol Truther Terminated With Extreme Prejudice!

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Glenn Beck Celebrates His Van Jones Victory


Robert Gibbs Asked About Van Jones Resignation


VAN JONES RESIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glenn Beck – What The Heck Is Going On? DC Sept.12 2009


Van Jones Resigns


Breaking News: Obama Advisor Van Jones Resigns Amid Scandal Ignored by MSM


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Obama and Ethanol


The Politics of Ethanol: Obama and McCain


President Obama Is Very Wrong on Ethanol–Yes He Can Raise Your Food and Gas Prices–Videos


Van Jones: Ethanol raises food prices, hurts the poor


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ADM Ethanol


The Informant

 Given the number of progressives, radicals, and socialists including communists in the Obama Administration, nobody really cared in the White House that Van Jones was a socialist of the communist branch of the criminal enterprise.

Since the state media had a blackout on anthing mentioning Van Jones previous political associations, very few Americans even knew who Van Jones was or for that matter that he resigned.

Glenn Beck: “Why the media all-but ignored Van Jones story” – 9/8/2009

Van Jones real crime was he told the truth about ethanol–an ethanol truther!

ADM was listening and they did not like that Van Jones was telling the truth about ethanol.

Jones’ fate was sealed and he had to go.

The jobless Obama depression continues.

The political payoff Obama corruption continues.

Looks like ADM is now demanding a political payoff in the form of raising the percentage of ethanol in gasoline.

One big problem is ethanol damages older car engine fuel systems and smaller engines when you go much over 10%.

Once this becomes widely known, any politician supporting ethanol subsidies better watch it when they start their engines.

When you mess with people’s car, the American people will push back big time.

You nudge the American people by damaging their cars, do not be surprised if they kick you in the nuts.

Obama is a big supporter of ethanol subsidies for the simple reason that executives at ADM have made significant  contributions to his campaign as did large corporate farmers.

Pay to play–the Chicago Way.

Who’s Next?

John Holdren, Mark Lloyd, Carol Browner, Ezekiel Emanuel, and Cass Sunstein?

I agree with Michelle Malkin that Carol Browner should be targeted first for she is behind the cap and trade energy tax that could wreck the economy, destroy jobs, and kill the American Dream.

Carol Browner – Reassert Position of Independent Science

However, I would expose John Holdren and Carol Browner together for Holdren will be misleading and lying to the American people about global warming and climate change being caused by man.

Expose, Expose, Expose.

What’s Next?

Time for more competition.

Rumors are flying that the real reason Rush Limbaugh is losing all that weight is he is getting ready for a new television show starring–Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh- First TV Show Episode

Rush Limbaugh TV- The Day After: Republican Revolution 1994

The Progressive Radical Socialists worse nightmare.

How sweet it would be.



Background Articles and Videos


Obama ‘Green Jobs’ Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy

Van Jones, President Obama’s green jobs adviser, had been linked to efforts suggesting a government role in the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

“…White House green jobs adviser Van Jones resigned in the middle of the Labor Day weekend following persistent controversy over his past remarks and associations. 

Jones, who served as an adviser to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, had generated mounting criticism over the past week. He earlier issued back-to-back apologies — first, for calling Republicans “assholes” during a videotaped address earlier in the year, and second for signing a petition in 2004 supporting the “9/11 truther” movement, which believes the Bush administration may have been involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. 

The latter development, which came on top of several others, was perhaps the most devastating and led to calls for his resignation.

Jones stepped down late Saturday. 

In a sharply worded statement, Jones said the controversy had become an unceasing distraction and assailed his critics. 

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide,” Jones said. 

He said he had been “inundated” with calls from supporters urging him to “stay and fight.”  …”


The resignation (and coming MSM/left-wing martyrdom) of Van Jones; Obama “thanks him for his service”

By Michelle Malkin  



“…Bay Area Marxist/Truther/Mumia-supporting race hustler-turned-environmental justice guru Van Jones has resigned from his post as Barack Obama’s green jobs czar.

In classic Team Obama style, Jones blames an orchestrated “campaign” of “lies and distortions to distract and divide.” Get ready for the coming media/left-wing martyrdom of Jones. Never mind his own apologies and weasel excuses for his radical views.

The mainstream media, which has ignored criticism and investigative analysis of Jones in the blogosphere/Internet since the spring (see, for example, here, here, here, here) repeats the lie that Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck targeted Jones only after the czar’s organization, Color of Change, initiated a boycott against Beck at the beginning of August:

ADM says US ethanol blend likely to rise in 2010

“…U.S. agricultural processor and ethanol producer Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM.N) said on Tuesday that it expected the percentage of ethanol allowed in the U.S. fuel supply to increase in 2010.

Current guidelines allow fuel mixers to blend gasoline with up to 10 percent ethanol, but ADM said that could rise to 12 percent or more next year.

Ethanol proponents have called for an increase to a 15 percent blend, or E15. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was expected to decide whether to change the blend guidelines by December. [ID:nN16367099]

“Even if (the EPA) does not respond to go all the way to 15 (percent), it is our expectation, or hope, that E12 on the way to E15 is one of the likely outcomes,” ADM Chief Executive Officer Patricia Woertz said on Tuesday.

“All of the data we’ve seen says that it can be safely and effectively done without adding additional infrastructure costs,” she said during a conference call with analysts.

Opponents worry higher ethanol blends could damage car engines, especially in older vehicles, and drive up food prices. [ID:nN09390011] [ID:nN18377675]

Increased demand for ethanol could help ADM profits, which fell 83 percent in the fiscal fourth quarter to $64 million as the recession curbed demand for both food and fuel. ADM reported an $11 million loss in its corn processing segment, which includes the company’s ethanol production. [ID:nN04537249]

ADM is the second largest producer of corn-based ethanol in the United States but will be the largest once two new plants currently under construction come on line. …”


The Great Ethanol Scam

Not only is ethanol proving to be a dud as a fuel substitute but there is increasing evidence that it is destroying engines in large numbers

By Ed Wallace

“…Pushed into it by the corn growers’ and ethanol refiners’ lobbying organizations, today the EPA is starting to go through the public comment phase on increasing the level of ethanol in our gasoline from 10% to 15%. Time and time again we have heard from these groups, who now claim that there is zero scientific evidence that a 15% blend of ethanol would do any damage whatsoever if the mandate for ethanol were raised. As with all statements made by vested interests, few outsiders have actually taken the time to look and find out whether this statement was true.

In fact, it’s false.

Not one mechanic I’ve spoken with said they would be comfortable with a 15% blend of ethanol in their personal car. However, most suggest that if the government moves the ethanol mandate to 15%, it will be the dawn of a new golden age for auto mechanics’ income.

One last thought: Most individuals who have had to repair their fuel systems in recent years never had the gasoline tested to see if the ethanol percentage might be the problem. Today most repair shops and new-car dealers are still not testing for ethanol blends. They’re simply repairing the vehicles and sending their unhappy and less wealthy customers on their way. But, where dealer and repair shops are testing the gasoline, ethanol is becoming one of the leading culprits for the damage.

Sadly, when a truly bad idea is exposed today, Washington’s answer is to double-down on the bet, mandate more of the same, and make the problem worse. Only this time around motorists will be able to gauge the real cost of ethanol when it comes time to fix their personal cars.”


Out: Commie Truther green jobs czar. In: Union hack “manufacturing” czar

By Michelle Malkin 


“…President Obama’s payoffs to Big Labor continue.

The union bosses got not one, but two, Cabinet appointees: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.

Former SEIU chief lobbyist and Soros-funded operative Patrick Gaspard is White House Director of Political Affairs.

SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger serves on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern has a seat at the table of every domestic policy initiative.

At the New York Federal Reserve, the AFL-CIO’s New York chief Dennis Hughes is now chairman, replacing Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

AFL-CIO official Naomi Walker received a midnight lobbyist waiver so she can communicate with her union buddies in her new role as Assistant Deputy Secretary of Labor.

And to cap off Labor Day weekend, Obama named union heavy Ron Bloom — who cut his teeth at the foot of John Sweeney when he headed up the SEIU — the new “manufacturing czar.”

Bloom will continue to double-dip the government coffers as the Treasury Secretary’s car czar — oh, excuse me, “senior auto adviser.”

Like so many of the Czars of the Obama Underworld, Bloom will serve in a completely superfluous position. Why does America need a “manufacturing” czar? Doesn’t the Department of Labor cover that jurisdiction already?

No, Bloom has no actual, specialized experience in manufacturing.

He does have a long track record of union hatchet jobs, though/ J.P. Freire and David Freddoso at the Examiner note: …”


Ethanol Bubble Bursts

“…For all the green fantasies about endless solar panels and sprawling wind farms, the only alternative energy truly to achieve scale in the U.S. has been humble corn ethanol. Thanks chiefly to generous federal corn subsidies, ethanol has become a $32 billion industry, with scores of refining plants scattered throughout the Midwest and a quarter of the nation’s corn crop turned into fuel. But in 2008, several new scientific studies undercut ethanol’s green credentials, while the poor around the world came to blame record high food prices on the biofuel boom. Inevitably, the bubble burst — overinvestment led to a collapse in ethanol prices, even as fuel costs rapidly declined from their summer highs. Respected investors like Bill Gates who had sunk money into ethanol plants lost millions. Although government subsidies ensure that ethanol isn’t going anywhere, the dream that the U.S. would replace oil fields with cornfields is surely dead. …”


On Ethanol, Castro Is Right, Says The Economist

“…The Economist — April 6, 2007 — As a green fuel, ethanol is a good idea, but the sort that America produces is bad. …”

“…Ethanol is not much used in Europe, but it is a fuel additive in America, and a growing number of cars can use either gasoline or ethanol. It accounted for only around 3.5% of American fuel consumption last year, but production is growing by 25% a year. That’s because the government both subsidises domestic production and penalises imports. As a result, refineries are popping up like mushrooms all over the midwest, which now sees itself as the Texas of green fuel.

Why is the government so generous? Because ethanol is just about the only alternative-energy initiative that has broad political support. Farmers love it because it provides a new source of subsidy. Hawks love it because it offers the possibility that America may wean itself off Middle Eastern oil. The automotive industry loves it, because it reckons that switching to a green fuel will take the global-warming heat off cars. The oil industry loves it because the use of ethanol as a fuel additive means it is business as usual, at least for the time being. Politicians love it because by subsidising it they can please all those constituencies. Taxpayers seem not to have noticed that they are footing the bill.

Bad, good and best

But corn-based ethanol, the sort produced in America, is neither cheap nor green. It requires almost as much energy to produce (more, say some studies) as it releases when it is burned. And the subsidies on it cost taxpayers, according to the International Institute for Sustainable Development, somewhere between $5.5 billion and $7.3 billion a year. …”


Warmist infighting reveals the folly of ethanol

Thomas Lifson


“…Those of us who believe Global Warming is a huge scam designed to profit those interests pushing it as “consensus science” just got a big boost from a powerful Democrat committee chairman in the House of Representatives.


Rep. Collin Peterson, a Democrat representing a rural Minnesota constituency and chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, has told the Obama administration he will not support climate change legislation. Regrettably, it is not skepticism over the unproven modeling at the basis of the climate predictions, but rather the threat of uncovering the folly of using ethanol to reduce carbon emissions motivating him. reports:


“I’m off the train,” Peterson said May 6 during a strongly worded statement at a hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposal for assessing indirect effects of ethanol production on greenhouse gas emissions. Peterson predicted that the EPA proposal, combined with the climate change legislation under consideration, could “kill off corn ethanol.”
Peterson said, “I will not support any kind of climate change bill — even if you fix this — because I don’t trust anybody anymore. I’ve had it.”
Peterson said his position was not negotiable. “I don’t have any confidence. The only way I would consider supporting any climate change legislation would be if it was ironclad that these agencies had no ability to do any rulemaking of any kind whatsoever … (that) we could be absolutely guaranteed that these folks would not get involved,” he said.


The mandated use of ethanol for auto fuel has driven up corn process, benefitting Peterson’s constituents as it starves the poor overseas. Ethanol processing and transportation uses a high amount of energy (with associated emissions), and requires a large amount of land be devoted to production for fuel. …”


How Ethanol Is Made Animated Feature


Myth: Corn Ethanol is Great


CNN’s Lou Dobbs Myths of Corn Ethanol


Biofuels scandal + food prices. Biofuel crisis, biofuel oil, biofuel production, cars, algae, systems and basics introduction to facts about biofuels. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon


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[…] ADM Listened–Van Jones Resigned–Why?–Glenn Beck?–No–ADM?–Yes–Ethanol Truther Terminate… […]

[…] ADM Listened–Van Jones Resigned–Why?–Glenn Beck?–No–ADM?–Yes–Ethanol Truther Terminate… […]

[…] ADM Listened–Van Jones Resigned–Why?–Glenn Beck?–No–ADM?–Yes–Ethanol Truther Terminate… […]

[…] ADM Listened–Van Jones Resigned–Why?–Glenn Beck?–No–ADM?–Yes–Ethanol Truther Terminate… […]

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