The Hitler Gang–Videos

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“Uploaded by popular demand, “The Hitler Gang” was made in 1944, a year before the war ended and in the middle of the heated hatred between Americans and Germans. The Hitler Gang is pretty much like an older more fictional and amusing version of Rise of Evil.

It is a propaganda film, SO MOST OF IT WAS FABRICATED BY AMERICANS! Please do not believe everything that happens in it, despite the disclaimer at the beginning! It was sponsered by the government to get their people to hate the Nazis more then they already did.

And as I stated at the beginning of the movie, the footage is badly damadged. I tried to digitally repair the audio as best as I could but there are still many flaws. Please look past them while watching and enjoy this film, which is now a part of history.


Bobby Watson…Adolf Hitler
Roman Bohnen…Captain Ernst Röhm
Martin Kosleck…Joseph Goebbels
Victor Varconi…Rudolph Hess
Luis Van Rooten…Heinrich Himmler
Alex Pope…Hermann Göring
Poldi Dur…Geli Raubal
Helen Thimig…Angela Raubal
Reinhold Schünzel…General von Hindenburg
Alexander Granach…Julius Streicher
Fritz Kortner…Gregor Strasser  …”

The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 1


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 2


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 3


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 4


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 5


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 6


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 7


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 8


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 9


The Hitler Gang [1944] – Part 10


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[…] The Hitler Gang–Videos […]

I work for a French museum and we would like to screen the film.
Would you be able to tell me where I could find a print, beta, dvd… via my email?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Try and buy the DVD.

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