Obama Grants Amnesty To Illegal Aliens By Executive Order?–Arrogant Affirmative Action Alien Appeaser–Impeach Obama On Valentines Day and Convict on May Day!

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America under attack in southern Arizona

OBAMA: AMNESTY by EXECUTIVE ORDER for 18 Million Illegal Immigrants!!!!

Ron Paul: Executive Orders are Unconstitutional

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Border Security and Illegal Immigration – Newt Gingrich

Obama Immigration Speech 7-1-10

Full Court Press on Illegal Immigration – Video


Dick Morris: Obama Impeachment Calls May Be Appropriate 



The American people want immigration law enforcement.

The American people oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

The American people will vote out of office any politician of either political party who supports comprehensive immigration or a path to citizenship, code words for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

The American people will demand the impeachment of any President who signs an executive order giving amnesty for illegal aliens.

President Obama ran on the slogan Yes We Can.

Now President Obama says No We Cannot enforce the law and deport illegal aliens.

Simply ask the illegal aliens to go home or face arrest and deportation.

The vast majority of illegal aliens will leave once they realize they cannot find jobs, welfare, or medical care.

If President Obama is not up to the job of President of the United States, he should resign.

Otherwise President Obama faces impeachment and conviction for betraying your oath of office and failing to enforce immigration law.

Any attempt by President Obama to issue an executive giving amnesty to illegal aliens will result in a massive revolt of the American people.


Executive Orders from Hell! Why would an American President ever do this?

Executive Orders Implementing Martial Law

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Obama’s Immigration Endgame

Obama immigration reform


Obama Amnesty Debate Robert Rector Vs Ali Noorani – Lou Dobbs

Obama’s Amnesty Agenda

Barack Obama: Immigration


Immigration Gumballs

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Subpoena Barack Obama…

Secure Borders Now


Background Articles and Videos


Inhofe: Obama Trying to Trade Border Security for Sweeping Amnesty

Thursday, 01 Jul 2010 07:48 PM

By: John Rossomando

“…Rumors in Congress suggest Obama will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the country, Inhofe said. The administration reportedly plans to use an executive order to circumvent Congress and block the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants.

Inhofe predicts the president will use his power to stop or delay the deportation of illegals to select a block of deportees — anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 at a time — and prevent them from being sent home.

“This is just a way for them to accomplish their agenda in this way to allow them to do what they have failed to accomplish in the legislature,” Inhofe says. ”It’s kind of the same they did unsuccessfully on the global warming and cap and trade.

“They tried to do it with the EPA and the Clean Air Act; they are trying to take everything over by the executive [branch].”

In his speech Thursday at American University in Washington, Obama seemed to suggest that border security isn’t that important in passing immigration reform. In fact, he raised doubts that the border could be secured at all. …”


Executive Order

“…An executive order in the United States is an order issued by the President, the head of the executive branch of the federal government. In other countries, similar edicts may be known as decrees, or orders-in-council. Executive orders may also be issued at the state level by a state’s Governor or at the local level by the city’s Mayor. U.S. Presidents have issued Executive Orders since 1789, usually to help officers and agencies of the Executive branch manage the operations within the Federal Government itself. Executive orders do have the full force of law since issuances are typically made in pursuance of certain Acts of Congress, some of which specifically delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation), or are believed to have their authority for issuances based in a power inherently granted to the Executive by the Constitution. It is these cited or perceived justifications made by a President when authoring Executive Orders that have come under criticism for exceeding Executive authority and have been subject to legal proceedings even at various times throughout U.S. history concerning the legal validity or justification behind an order’s issuance. …”


The Southern Border Could Get Much Worse

By Robert Eugene Simmons Jr


“…If the Mexican drug cartels stop fighting each other and unite, this scenario could rapidly become a catastrophe. Imagine a wave of violent drug cartels overrunning the border, crossing in Nogales and then the entire town. The most frightening thing is that the scenario is entirely plausible. With a foothold in the USA, the flood of people and narcotics would be virtually unstoppable, and we would end up with an urban war in our own borders.


Make no mistake that America is under an invasion. The army is not that of the Mexican government, but it is an invasion nonetheless. If we continue to turn a blind eye to the situation, it could easily escalate out of control into an international and human catastrophe. We can no longer wait and see what happens on the border and then react to it. Any military strategist will tell you that if you are merely reacting, you are losing.


It’s time that we send the American military, not just the National Guard, to the border to defend the USA, as is the responsibility of the federal government. This suggestion is not meant to disparage the Arizona National Guard, but they are simply not built for large-scale combat operations, and this is no longer just a simple law enforcement situation. We need to secure the border with combat troops and convince the Mexican drug cartels that they are better off squabbling with each other than fighting the USA. In fact, if the border becomes so secure that nothing can get through, the cartels will have to find other routes for their drug trade, leave the border area, and improve the lives of law-abiding Mexicans on the other side of the border as well. …”


Glenn Beck: October 9 2009, Illegal Immigration, 1/5

Glenn Beck: October 9 2009, Illegal Immigration, 2/5

Glenn Beck: October 9 2009, Illegal Immigration, 3/5

Glenn Beck: October 9 2009, Illegal Immigration, 4/5

Glenn Beck: October 9 2009, Illegal Immigration, 5/5

Rush Limbaugh on Illegal Immigration

Michael Savage- Is Obama Trying To Start Race War? Immigration Rally, Boycotts,Marches.


Stop Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants – Expert Reveals the True Cost of Amnesty

Michael Savage rails on Obama about his executive orders, dictatorship, facism, etc

Alan Keyes: Stop Illegal Immigration, No Amnesty!

The Dangers of Unlimited Legal & Illegal Immigration



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