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President Obama Jumping To Conclusions–Fire, Aim, Apologize–Videos

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Glenn Beck-07/21/10-A

Glenn Beck-07/21/10-B

Glenn Beck-07/21/10-C

Glenn Beck-07/21/10-D

Glenn Beck-07/21/10-E

Glenn Beck-07/21/10-F

Glenn Beck-07/21/10-G

The problem with President Obama and the people who work for him is that do not understand the meaning of completed staff work, coordination, and due process.

President Obama and the Progressive Radical Socialist Democratic Party are too busy trying to play the race card and smearing the American people who are part of the tea party movement.

Please keep doing this Mr. President.

You have already lost the independent vote.

You will soon lose the youth vote who cannot find jobs and pay for health insurance.

You will then lose the white vote.

You will at last lose your own political base.

Hope and change you can believe in!

Take it to the bank.

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White House Panics Demands Firing Of Black Woman–Shirley Sherrod–For Racism–Progressive Radical Socialists Throw One Of Their Own Under The Bus–Have They No Shame!

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Sandy Denny–Videos

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Who knows where the time goes – Fairport Convention

sandy denny – who knows where the time goes


Sandy Denny – The Music Weaver

Sandy Denny – Fhir A Bhata

Strawbs and Sandy Denny – Sail Away To The Sea

Sandy Denny Fotheringay Eppie Moray

Fotheringay – The Way I Feel (vinyl 1970)


Sandy Denny Percy’s song BBC-sessions Fairport Convention

Sandy Denny One more chance (live – 1977)

Sandy Denny 


SANDY DENNY Lowlands of Holland (rare )

‘Easy to Slip’ ~ Sandy Denny


Fotheringay – Banks of the Nile (vinyl 1970)

The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood – Sandy Denny

Sandy Denny – Pretty Polly (Alternate Take)

SANDY DENNY ” S☮ Long ” ( rare audio )

Sandy Denny – Milk and Honey

Sandy Denny – The Optimist (vinyl 1971)

Sandy Denny – Late November (vinyl 1971)

Sandy Denny – Wretched Wilbur (vinyl 1971)


Sandy Denny – Crazy Lady Blues – Live 1971

Sandy Denny – Blackwaterside (vinyl 1971)


Background Articles and Videos

Sandy Denny

“..Sandy Denny (6 January 1947 – 21 April 1978), born Alexandra Elene Maclean Denny, was an English singer and songwriter who has been described by Allmusic’s Richie Unterberger as “the pre-eminent British folk rock singer”.[1]

Denny is considered a founder of the British folk rock movement and perhaps its most important female singer, songwriter and personality. Over a ten year career Sandy Denny left an extensive legacy and remains influential. She is remembered for her pivotal involvement with the British folk rock scene, where, as a member of Fairport Convention, she moved the band away from west coast American cover versions and into performing traditional material and original compositions.

Denny is also remembered as a composer most notably on her solo albums which represent her claim to be Britain’s finest female singer-songwriter, as asserted by the Sunday Express, Uncut and Mojo.[2] Her composition, “Who Knows Where the Time Goes?”, has been covered by numerous artists as diverse as Judy Collins, Nina Simone and Cat Power and is now regarded as a classic. Famous also for her exceptional voice, it has been suggested that her effortless and smooth vocal delivery still sets the standard for many of today’s female folk-based singers.[3][4]

She is also noted for her duet with Robert Plant on the song “The Battle of Evermore” from Led Zeppelin’s fourth album released in 1971. She remains to this day the only guest vocalist on a Led Zeppelin album. …”

Sandy Denny: A Short Biography

Sandy Denny Official Web Site

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Singers and Songs: Musical Artists–Videos

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Tammy Wynette–Videos

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Dan Mitchell-The Bush/Obama Years–Videos

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The Bush/Obama Years (Dan Mitchell)


Background Articles and Videos

Understanding the Financial Crisis (Johan Norberg)

Dan Mitchell discusses Taxes on Businesses


Advice to Tea Partiers

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The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged and The Ideas of Ayn Rand

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Banking Cartel’s Public Relations Campaign Continues:Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke On The Record

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