Police Stingray Cellpone -Tracking Device Is Spying On You With A Fake Cell Tower — Illegal Searches Under Fourth Amendment of United States Consitituion — Videos

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response letterBlot_10-14_StingRayIIstingray-tracking-device

Cellphone spying technology being used throughout Northern California

Cellular Phones and Mobile Privacy: Direct Government Surveillance (Stingrays)

Activist – Victory! DOJ Forces Feds To Obtain Warrants To Spy…With Stingray Surveillance

StingRay Cell Phone Tracker used in Daniel Rigmaiden case

John McAfee Fights Police Stingray Spying

Stingray Cell Phone Tracker Concealed by Police

Police Departments Buying Up Stingray Technology – Spy Tool used to Find Your Cell Phone Location

About Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation – Take a Tour of Harris RF’s World Class Facility

RS possessed Stingray cellphone surveillance gear, documents reveal –

The Internal Revenue Service is the latest in a growing list of US federal agencies known to have possessed the sophisticated cellphone dragnet equipment known as Stingray, according to documents obtained by the Guardian.

Invoices obtained following a request under the Freedom of Information Act show purchases made in 2009 and 2012 by the federal tax agency with Harris Corporation, one of a number of companies that manufacture the devices. Privacy advocates said the revelation “shows the wide proliferation of this very invasive surveillance technology”.

The 2009 IRS/Harris Corp invoice is mostly redacted under section B(4) of the Freedom of Information Act, which is intended to protect trade secrets and privileged information. However, an invoice from 2012, which is also partially redacted, reports that the agency spent $65,652 on upgrading a Stingray II to a HailStorm, a more powerful version of the same device, as well as $6,000 on training from Harris Corporation.

Stingrays are the best-known example of a type of device called an IMSI-catcher, also known as “cell-site simulators”. About the size of a briefcase, they work by pretending to be cellphone towers in order to strip metadata and in some cases even content from phones which connect to them.

Despite their extensive capabilities, they require only a low-level court order called a PEN register, also known as a “trap and trace”, to grant permission for their use.

Immense secrecy has so far surrounded these devices, but a picture is slowly emerging which shows widespread use. Various revelations by the American Civil Liberties Union and news outlets including the Guardian had shown that at least 12 federal agencies are already known to have these devices, including the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The IRS makes 13.

In November 2014, the Wall Street Journal uncovered an operation run by the US Marshals Service using a Boeing-made IMSI-catcher known as “dirtbox”. This is the first time that the IRS has been found to own the device.

The devices are also used by local and in some cases state police departments, across at least 20 states, though a culture of secrecy which surrounds Stingray devices has meant that the full scale of their use remains unknown.  Read more at The Guardian – See more at: https://fairtax.org/articles/irs-possessed-stingray-cellphone-surveillance-gear-documents-reveal#sthash.cFNI0zhW.dpuf


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