Gingrich Attacks Ron Paul As A Racist–Gingrich Is A Liar and Progressive Neoconservative Warmonger–Like Obama, Romney and Santorum–All Progressives And Fake Conservatives–Videos

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My political philosophy is classical liberalism or what is commonly referred to in the United States as libertarianism.

Starting with Barry Goldwater in 1964 I have been a member of the conservative movement.

Today I am also a supporter of the tea party movement.

I consider myself to be a libertarian conservative, although I am comfortable with both traditional conservatives and national defense conservatives.

A limited constitutional government in scope, size and power with balanced or surplus budgets  is the number one issue with me.

Since 2006 I have been an independent.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are not fiscally responsible.

I will never vote for a progressive and/or neoconservative whether Republican or Democratic.

SA@TAC – What’s a ‘Neoconservative?’

SA@TAC – The Great Neo-Con: Libertarianism Isn’t ‘Conservative’

SA@TAC – Daniel McCarthy on Neoconservatism

Ron Paul, the ONLY Constant Conservative

Big government progressive Republicans in the past include Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford,  George H.W. Bush, Robert Dole, George W. Bush and John McCain.

Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are all big government progressive neoconservative Republicans.

The only true libertarian conservative  president that won two landslide victories was President Ronald Reagan.

Only one candidate would cut the U.S government budget by $1 trillion or $1,000 billion in fiscal year 2013, close five federal departments and balance the budget in three years–Ron Paul– a libertarian conservative.

Ron Paul Ad – Secure

Ron Paul Ad – Plan

This is what the conservative and tea party movements want most of all.

Only one candidate of either party has the wisdom, vision and courage to propose such a plan.

If you want another war, great depression/recession, escalating gas and food prices and food stamps–a warfare and welfare state– than vote for Gingrich, Romney, Santorum or Obama.

If you want a peace and prosperity economy and your freedom vote for Ron Paul.

I will support and vote for Ron Paul as a Republican or as a candidate on another party’s ticket.

I will never vote for any progressive and/or neoconservative in either political party.

Unfortunately, most voters including conservatives, vote for the candidate they like and identify with instead of examining a candidate’s political philosophy and position on the issues.

SA@TAC – Identity vs. Philosophy

Largely out of ignorance they fall for fake conservative candidates that are big government progressives and/or neoconservatives.

Gingrich, Santorum and Romney are undeniably big government progressive neoconservatives as evidenced by their own words and actions.

The American people are slowly but surely waking up to the fact that progressive politicians control both political parties in the United States.

Neither libertarian conservatives nor traditional conservatives will support big government progressive conservatives.

They will mostly stay home if the choice is between Obama, Gingrich, Santorum and Romney.

The conservative and tea party movements must rally behind Ron Paul.

No candidate is perfect, but Ron Paul is a consistent libertarian conservative and a man of character and integrity.

He is the best candidate the American people have for he truly understands how dire the economic situation really is and knows what needs to be done to avoid another Great Depression.

Joe Scarborough Credits Ron Paul for Predicting the Housing Bubble

Peter Schiff – “Remember, I Supported Ron Paul”

Peter Schiff – “Ron Paul Only Candidate I Trust”

Jim Rogers – none of the candidates have clue except Ron Paul

Support and vote for Ron Paul.

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