Warmonger Obama’s Undeclared And Unconstitutional War With Libya: Approaching Over 1,000 U.S Air Force and Navy Air Strike Sorties By July 4th–Land War Invasion Of Libya This Fall!–BO-Day–Massive Government Interventionist Foreign Policy–To Stop Gaddaffi’s New African Gold Dinar Standard To Replace Fiat Paper U.S. Dollar Standard For Oil!–Videos

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Obama Won’t Answer If War Powers Resolution Is Constitutional


Plunder Play by NATO Pirates Real Reason For Invasion of Libya – News Compilation


Good Ol’ Shoe – In Creation [from Wag the Dog]

The Wars Power Act is unconstitutional and only Congress according to the United States Constitution can declare war.

Congress should stop all funding for this undeclared and unconstitutional war.

Why Libya and Why Now?

Oil and Gold!

Libya was attempting to replace the oil for U.S. dollars standard with a new oil for gold standard.

The European and American central bankers could not let this stand.

Both the European Union and the United States are addicted to printing  fiat paper money that then can be exchanged for oil.

The oil-producing states was wising up as they see for the Euro and U.S. dollar steadily decline in value as central bankers including the  Federal Reserve debase or devalue their currencies.

Libya was a direct threat to these central bankers and the commercial and investment bankers who profit immensely from the current oil for dollars standard.

Thus the power elites of the United States, Great Britain and France decided to take out or replace Gaddafi.

Since Gaddafi decided to stay, a joint invasion of Libya by the United States, Great Britain and France is planned to be launched in the September-October timeframe.

Air attack sorties are ramping up to take out as many command and control and air defense  and  radar targets as well as military logistics and supply depots before the invasion is launched.

Most American do not believe a word President Obama say and do not trust him.

Only Congress can stop this military invasion cuuting off all appropriations for these military operations and making it clear that what the President is doing is an impeachable defense.

Obama’s wag the dog war in Libya strategy is about to be escalated and Congress does nothing to date to really stop it.

The American people do not want yet another war and both Congress and the President are again ignoring the will of the American people.

Yes, Mr. President this is all about politics and you are doing the bidding of the Wall Street and international bankers by attacking Libya.

Members of Congress and the President can expect to be voted out of office if they continue with the undeclared and unconstitutional war.


AFRICOM: AF, Navy still flying Libya missions

By Dave Majumdar


“…Air Force and Navy aircraft are still flying hundreds of strike missions over Libya despite the Obama administration’s claim that American forces are playing only a limited support role in the NATO operation.

An Africa Command (AFRICOM) spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday that since NATO’s Operation Unified Protector (OUP) took over from the American-led Operation Odyssey Dawn on March 31, the U.S. military has flown hundreds of strike sorties. Previously, Washington had claimed that it was mostly providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and tanker support to NATO forces operating over Libya.

“U.S. aircraft continue to fly support [ISR and refueling] missions, as well as strike sorties under NATO tasking,” AFRICOM spokeswoman Nicole Dalrymple said in an emailed statement. “As of today, and since 31 March, the U.S. has flown a total of 3,475 sorties in support of OUP. Of those, 801 were strike sorties, 132 of which actually dropped ordnance.”

A White House report on Libya sent to Congress on June 15 says that “American strikes are limited to the suppression of enemy air defense and occasional strikes by unmanned Predator UAVs against a specific set of targets.” The report also says the U.S. provides an “alert strike package.”

Dalrymple named the Air Force’s F-16CJ and Navy’s EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft as the primary platforms that have been suppressing enemy air defenses.

However, those F-16s are not solely drawn from units based in Spangdahlem, Germany.

“…The White House declined to comment on how 801 strike sorties constitutes “limited” involvement, but Harold Koh, a State Department legal adviser, said in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday that “when U.S forces engage in a limited military mission, that involves limited exposure for U.S. troops, and limited risk of serious escalation, and employs limited military means, we are not in the kind of hostilities of the kind envisioned by the War Powers Resolution.”

He said there have been “no active exchanges of fire with hostile forces” despite AFRICOM’s statement that weapons had been dropped during 132 sorties.

Many in Congress on both sides of the aisle vehemently disagree with the White House’s contention.

Most air assets involved in the campaign are reconnaissance aircraft, including the U-2 high-altitude spy plane, E-8 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System ground surveillance aircraft and the Navy’s P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft. The U.S. provides nearly 70 percent of the NATO operation’s ISR capacity, according to the White House report.

Additionally, the Air Force is still providing EC-130J aircraft to the operation to conduct psychological warfare operations by broadcasting coercive messages.

The remaining aircraft operating in the theater are aerial refueling tankers, including KC-10s and KC-135s. The U.S. also provides the majority of the alliance’s tanker capability. …”


U.S. Invasion Of Libya Set For October

“…Infowars.com has received alarming reports from within the ranks of military stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas confirming plans to initiate a full-scale U.S.-led ground invasion in Libya and deploy troops by October.

The source stated that additional Special Forces are headed to Libya in July, with the 1st Calvary Division (heavy armor) and III Corps deploying in late October and early November. Initial numbers are estimated at 12,000 active forces and another 15,000 in support, totaling nearly 30,000 troops.

This information was confirmed by numerous calls and e-mails from other military personnel, some indicating large troop deployment as early as September. Among these supporting sources is a British S.A.S. officer confirming that U.S. Army Rangers are already in Libya. The chatter differs in the details, but the overall convergence is clear– that a full-on war is emerging this fall as Gaddafi continues to evade attempts to remove him from power. …”


Gold, Oil, Africa and Why the West Wants Gadhafi Dead

Muammar Gadhafi’s decision to pursue gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments may have sealed his fate

“… The war raging in Libyasince February is getting progressively worse as NATO forces engage in regime change and worse, an objective to kill Muammar Gadhafi to eradicate his vision of a United Africa with a single currency backed by gold.

 Observers say implementing that vision would change the world power equation and threaten Western hegemony. In response, the United States and its NATO partners have determined “Gadhafi must go,” and assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner. …”

“…“The idea, according to Gaddafi, was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and would use it to purchase oil and other resources in exclusion of the dollar and other currencies,” said political analyst Anthony Wile in an editorial for The Daily Bell online.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Libya’s Central Bank is 100 percent state-owned and estimates that the bank has nearly 144 tons of gold in its vaults. If Col. Gadhafi changed the purchasing terms of his oil and other Libyan commodities sold on the world market and only accepted gold as payment; a policy like that wouldn’t be welcomed by the power elites who control the world’s central banks. …”

“…Furthermore, pricing oil in something other than the dollar would undercut the pedestal of U.S.. power in the world. Although in trouble, the dollar is the reserve currency based on a deal made with Saudi Arabia in 1971 in which the Saudis, as the world’s largest oil producer, agreed to accept only dollars for oil, Mr. Wile observed.

The Libyan affair has sparked a divide in the world community with the African Union and nations like Venezuela, China and Cuba—and until recently Russia—on one side as voices of reason, caution and respect for international law and honoring the UN mandate which set the parameters for engagement in Libya.

On the other side are war hawkish America, France, Britain and Italy pursuing regime change and actively trying to assassinate Col. Gadhafi, though they deny that aim. …”



Gaddafi control holds nearly 144 tons of gold – Libya has the 25th largest gold reserves in the world.

“…According to the latest figures of the International Monetary Fund IMF, Central Bank of Libya under Gaddafi control holds nearly 144 tons of gold. Some of the information, said the exact number may be higher than several tons.

144 tons of gold with this, Libya is ranked number 25 among the country’s largest gold reserves in the world, worth over 6.5 billion dollars at the present time, sufficient to pay for a moderate forces in the several months or even years.

While central banks in many countries often gold reserves in London, New York or Switzerland, the Libyan back now hiding in their countries. Its people are also familiar with the exchange on the bullion market.

Although the U.S. and Europe have frozen billions of dollars of assets in Libya as a punishment, to influence the central bank and national oil companies, but still enough gold reserves to Gaddafi a way of life, if that can be sold. To sell at bargain prices, Colonel Gaddafi will certainly have to move the gold out of Libya.

Before the fighting took place, the gold is stored at the central bank in the capital Tripoli. Tuy However, since then, it can be moved to another location, such as the eastern city of Sebha, near the border with Niger and Chad.

The political instability in the Middle East, besides contributing to raising the gold price to a record $ 1,444 an ounce, also confirmed that the value of gold does not depend on a regime that holds it. …”


Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya ‘mission’?


The Truth On Why The US Invaded Libya China Moving To Gold Standard Libya Was Too


Judge Andrew Napolitano ~ Going Down Roman Road of Decline Fast 6/27/11

END WAR Ron Paul: BO Is A Warmonger Expanding War Who Endorses Assassination & Loves The Patriot Act



Should Congress Cut All Funding For War In Libya?

Illegal War in Yemen! Warmonger OBAMA MUST BE STOPPED!! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!


NATO Preparing Ground War in Libya


Obama To Launch Full Scale Ground War In Libya On September/October 1/2

Obama To Launch Full Scale Ground War In Libya On September/October 2/2

Footage of F-16 Aircrafts return to Aviano Air Force Base, Italy, on March 20, 2011, after supporting Operation Odyssey Dawn. Joint Task Force Dawn is the U.S. Africa Command task force established to provide operational and tactical command and control of U.S. military forces supporting the international response to the unrest in Libya and enforcement of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1973. UNSCR 1973 authorizes all necessary measures to protect civilians in Libya under threat of attack by Qadhafi regime forces. JTF Odyssey Dawn is commanded by U.S. Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, III. Provided by Combat Camera Detachment USEUCOM.

Video of F16 mid-air refueling as jets enforce Libya no-fly zone

NATO Allied Spanish Air Force F-18’s Take Off From Naval Air Station Sigonella

F-18 fighter jets take off from Aviano

Fueling the Air Attack in Libya, US Forces Pt 1 of 2

Video and interviews of 126th Air Refueling Wing preparing for deployment to Libya in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. They will assist in the logistics of keeping the aircraft attacking targets in Libya flying. Pt 2 of 2.

If you like this video take a look at some of the over 2500+ other videos with 13.7 million views on this channel!. You can also find us on FaceBook at “military videos” and Twitter at “3rdID8487”.

Fueling the Air Attack in Libya, US Forces Pt 2 of 2

Video and interviews of 126th Air Refueling Wing preparing for deployment to Libya in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. They will assist in the logistics of keeping the aircraft attacking targets in Libya flying. Pt 2 of 2.

If you like this video take a look at some of the over 2500+ other videos with 13.7 million views on this channel!. You can also find us on FaceBook at “military videos” and Twitter at “3rdID8487”.

Aerial Refueling

Background Articles and Videos

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 1/4

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 2/4

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 3/4

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 4/4

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President Obama Is The Reason Your Gasoline Prices Are Going Up!–American People Favor Drilling For Oil and Gas!–Drill Baby Drill–Videos

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END FED: Oil Prices Rise Due To

 1) Oil Comanies Can’t Drill

2) Fed Money Printing

 3) Wars & Instability


Obama Wants Gas Prices to Hit European Levels


Energy Problems are Obama Delivering on Campaign Promise


EPA Blocks Oil Drilling in Alaska – 4/25/2011


Obama New Task Force Will Examine Gas Prices



Bernard Whitman on Fox News Applauds Obama’s Decision to Investigate Oil Price Gouging, 4.22.11  



Playing the oil prices money game


Courtney calls on CFTC to issue rules limiting the role of oil speculators


Michael Greenberger Talks Speculation In Commodity Markets



Mike Masters on Regulating Commodities Speculation




Glenn Beck: The Federal Reserve Is Looting America… Oil Isn’t Rising, The Dollar Is Dropping


END FED Inflation Created By Gov Buying Bonds; QE2 ‘Wealth Effect’; Companies Game System; QE3


Peter Schiff on CNBC Fast Money 4/25/11: Unstoppable Silver


Peter Schiff On Silver and Inflation Lock In Your Food At Today’s Price Try It For Free Below!



CNN/Opinion Research Corporation: “69 percent of Americans favor increased offshore drilling”

WASHINGTON – Earlier today, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was released, further underscoring the fact that an overwhelmingly clear majority of Americans support the responsible development of homegrown oil and natural gas offshore. According to the poll, “69 percent of Americans favor increased offshore drilling.” According to CNN’s polling director, Keating Holland, “Although support for increased drilling in U.S. waters is highest among Republicans, a majority of Democrats also favor it.”

Barry Russell, president and CEO of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), issued this statement regarding these findings:

“America’s independent oil and natural gas producers play a leading role in responsibly producing the homegrown energy resources critical to meet the nation’s growing demands. In fact, according to a recent report, independents drill 95 percent of America’s onshore and offshore wells. Equally clear, as confirmed by this new survey, is the American people’s support for the responsible development of job-creating offshore energy exploration and production.

“Our economy is struggling, and many remain out of work along the Gulf Coast as a result of misguided Washington policies that continue to discourage access to reliable oil and natural gas supplies offshore. And with gas prices on the rise, hampering our economic recovering and stretching family budgets to the brink, the Obama Administration and leaders in Congress must act boldly and swiftly to streamline access to taxpayer-owned oil and natural gas resources offshore. Shirking this critical responsibly will only further weaken our nation’s energy security. The American people have spoken clearly. Inaction is not an option.”



Obama Wants US to Help Brazil Develop Oil Reserves


Obama’s $2B Payback to Soros: Drill in Brazil


Glenn Beck: Is Obama a George Soros Puppet?



Glenn Beck-Soros Petrobras & Obama giving 2 billion to him


Vitter Criticizes Obama’s Support for Brazil Oil Exploration 



Gulf Oil Industry in Recovery


Year After Oil Spill, Obama Energy Policy Endangers Economy


Vitter Fights Moratorium as Gulf Coast Economy Struggles to Recover from Drilling Shutdown (WWL-TV)




Federal Judge Martin Feldman Rules Against Obama Oil Drilling Ban !!!



Myron Ebell on the Offshore Drilling Moratorium

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar seeks to reimpose drilling moratorium


Pence Discusses Need to End Offshore Drilling Moratorium


Drilling Moratorium May Imperil Louisiana’s Oil Industry


Obama Lifts Ban on Offshore Drilling 

Obama Lift’s Moratorium on Offshore Drilling Part 1 – 4-01-2010 Democracy NOW!


Obama Lift’s Moratorium on Offshore Drilling Part 2 – 4-01-2010 Democracy NOW!


 Obama Says NO Drilling In ANWR As It Could Be A Problem


Gov. Palin on Drilling in the ANWR


Shell Arctic Exploration Program: The Next Chapter in Alaska’s Oil and Gas History


Background Articles and Videos 


Oil Price History and Analysis



Obama doesn’t believe in offshore drilling


Barack Obama on Offshore Oil Drilling


Related Posts On Pronk Palisades


President Obama–Killer of The American Dream and Market Capitalism–Stop The Radical Socialists Before They Kill You!




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America Goes To War, Obama Goes On Vacation–America’s Unconstitional and Undeclared Preventive War For Libya’s Oil and Natural Gas For France, Great Britain and Italy–United (Nations) We Stand Or Fall With The Warfare and Welfare Economy and State!–Videos

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UPDATED March 26, 2011 

Weekly Address: The Military Mission in Libya

Libya, Serbia, Iraq… Libya: Become US President, Declare War!


Obama Authorizes U.S. Military Action Against Libya


Scowcroft: Avoiding Mission Creep in Libya


Libya is going to be more than a no-fly zone operation

“A preventive war, to my mind, is an impossibility today. How could you have one if one of its features would be several cities where many, many thousands of people would be dead and injured and mangled, the transportation systems destroyed, sanitation implements and systems all gone? That isn’t preventive war, that is war.

~President Dwight D. Eisenhower, news conference, August 11,  1954



Why Is Obama Encouraging Brazil to Drill for Oil, But He Won’t Do the Same Here?


Obama – Drill in Brazil, but Not Here




END WAR: AJ Explains U.S. Government Backing Libyan Al-Qaeda, A Globalist Tool Used Against Soviets


SA@TAC – Obama’s Libyan War




Italy and Libya, a tale of money, oil and colonial scars


Hillary Clinton and Obama had ‘Extensive Contacts’ with UK in BP’s Lockerbie Release Deal

Madsen: Lockerbie Bomber released to bailout British banks



Lockerbie Justice Takes Backseat?


Iran’s Insidious Role In The United Kingdom’s Politics


The CIA and Flight 103 Lockerbie Bombing Part 1


The CIA and Flight 103 Lockerbie Bombing Part 2

The CIA and Flight 103 Lockerbie Bombing Part 3

The CIA and Flight 103 Lockerbie Bombing Part 4


Lockerbie Bomber Truth 1/2


Lockerbie Bomber Truth 2/2


Lockerbie Bombing Evidence Newsnight Scotland pt 1


END WAR: Ron Paul Repeats No-Fly-Zone Is An Act Of War Requiring Congressional Approval


Ron Paul To Introduce A Bill That Says The President Can’t Impose A NO-Fly Zone Over Libya!


Don’t tread on me

Last weekend the President of the United States in his capacity as  Commander in Chief ordered the launching of 122 cruise missiles and dozens of military fighter aircraft and naval warships to attack the Libyan military command and control installations.

America is now at war with Libya or more precisely, the  Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The goal is the killing of Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi and securing oil and natural gas resources for European countries and allies of the United States including Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain.

President Obama follows the lead of former President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair in initiating yet another preventive war on an Islamic tribal nation.

THE BEST DEFENSE: Preventive War


Europe and in particular  Italy, France, and Great Britain needed an uninterrupted supply of oil and natural gas from Libya.

A civil war in Libya might eventually lead to the destruction of BP’s  oil refineries in Libya and in turn the disruption of the flow of oil and natural gas from Libya to Europe.

The United States is now backing rebels many of them allied with the Liberation Islamic Fighting Group–al Qaeda.

President Obama now has the United States providing air support for the rebels including the Moslem Bortherhood, Islamic Jihidists and  al Qaeda and intervening in a civil war among over 140 clans or  tribes of Libya.

What is next?

Singing the Libyan national anthem at a White House dinner to honor the freedom fighters or Islamic Jidhadists?

Allahu Akbar (God is Great)

Gives new meaning to the term green energy.

Andrew McCarthy: “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America”

CNN: Libya, a nation of tribes

Navigating Libya’s tribal maze

Great Britain, France and Italy all need oil and natural gas.

The cover story for the so-called “kinetic military action” or no-fly-zone is humanitarian aid and intervention to prevent a genocide in Libya by  Revolutionary Leader Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-QADHAFI.

The progressive radical socialist in America are allied with the Islamic jihadists.

Whatever Libya’s role in the Lockerbie Pan Am 103 bombing, the Iranian government contracted for the death of American citizens and soldiers as payback for the accidental shooting down of an Iran Air Flight 655  by the United States naval cruiser Vincennes that was in Iranian territorial waters.


Iran’s Insidious Role In The United Kingdom’s Politics.


U.S. cruiser downs Iranian airliner — July 3, 1988


(1/4) Iran Air Flight 655 (Mistaken Identity)


(2/4) Iran Air Flight 655 (Mistaken Identity)


(3/4) Iran Air Flight 655 (Mistaken Identity)


(4/4) Iran Air Flight 655 (Mistaken Identity)



Where is Congress?

Where is mainstream media?

Banging on the war drums.

Neo-Libs Rejoice As UN Declares War On Libya

The warfare and welfare economy and state needs another war to create another bubble or boom.

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt Chapter 2 – “The Broken Window”


War is the ultimate broken windows stimulus policy.

The fight for oil and political power resulted in the deaths of 290 people on civilian jet airliner Iran Air Flight 655 on July 18, 1988 and the deaths of 259 people on civilian jet airliner Pan Am Flight 103 and 11 people in Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988.  

Time for the American people to put a stop to this madness of the government interventionists both at home and abroad.

Time to have another drink with Bob:

Let Libyans Fight Their Own Battles…


Obama Hates US…




Thomas Barnett: The Pentagon’s new map for war and peace 


Libya Erupts in Now-Contiguous North African Democratization Wave – Wikistrat CoreGap


The Most Persistent Economic Fallacy of All Time!


The Precautionary Principle Who Benefits?



Background Articles and Videos

Inside al Qaeda


Libya frees al Qaeda linked group

The Neoconservative Media by the Southern Avenger

The Iran problem with Hanson and Baer


On the NRO Libya Editorial, I Respectfully Dissent  


By Andrew C. McCarthy


“…Contrary to the editors’ claim, a military campaign to pick a winner between Qaddafi (for whom we were vouching for up until a few weeks ago) and the “rebels” (who include anti-American jihadists) would not be “commensurate with our interests.” It could not be, for such campaigns, as the editorial concedes, have “costs and risks.” Our interests are calculated by weighing those costs and risks against the anticipated benefits. To justify the use of military force, the benefits have to be clear and substantial, and their pursuit must be supported by the public. The fate of Libya is just not that important. Qaddafi is a creep, but he hasn’t done anything to us since our government absolved him seven years ago. If he falls, no one will weep. But that doesn’t make it worth a single American life to move him out so the “rebels” can move in.

Arab League members have been lushly armed by the U.S. for years. Why don’t we suggest that they band together to drive Qaddafi out, just like they have banded together several times to try to wipe out Israel? Why don’t we let our great NATO ally Turkey take a time-out from trying to break Israel’s blockade of Hamas to deal with its own backyard?

To borrow General McChrystal’s words about Afghanistan, Libya is not our war. The editors observe that “waiting for U.N. or even NATO approval is a formula for inaction,” but there are very good reasons for inaction. Putting aside Security Council authoritarians like China and Russia, who have their own reasons for protecting Qaddafi, many other countries see the potentially catastrophic downsides of getting involved and say, “No thanks.” Why do we need to be the ones to take on the empirically thankless task of stepping in between warring Muslims who are united only by their disdain for America and the West? 

It is not easy to explain to our troops and their loved ones why the combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have devolved into increasingly pointless nation-building exercises, continue to be worth their sacrifice. But at least in those missions, there were clear U.S. national security reasons for the initial invasions. At least in those missions, we are still killing and capturing some terrorists who might otherwise attack the U.S. In Libya, there are no similar U.S. interests. Yet NR is not only undertaking to support a forcible intervention; the editors lay the groundwork for supporting “other options” to be considered once Qaddafi’s offensive has been checked. Intended of not, that leaves the door ajar to yet another long-term, troop-intensive occupation, the editors’ protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. And is it not worth at least a mention that among the “costs and risks” of military intervention in a Muslim country is that, regardless of how well-meaning we are, mainstream Islam construes sharia to require attacks against Western forces that attack Muslim countries? By intervening — even if some Muslim countries are asking us to intervene, history tells us — we would guarantee intensified calls by influential Islamic clerics for jihad against us. …”


Our Blood and Treasure, for Britain and France

“…Britain is so desperate for drilling rights in Libya that it engineered the release and repatriation of the Libyan bomber of Pan American Flight 103, ignoring international outrage. France is one of the major importers of Libyan oil, and France accepted trivial compensation for a Libyan mid-air bombing of one its flights, UTA 772. The incident, like Pan Am 103, was settled by Gaddafi’s government paying monetary compensation to the victims’ families.

After tolerating the murder of its citizens in order to get access to Libya’s easily refined oil, Britain and France saw in Libya’s uprising the handwriting on the wall. Gaddafi might end up on the scrap heap of history, and what Britain and France needed was a new Libyan partner.

With Britain and France ostensibly standing up for the “democratic” opposition and the media bringing the visual horror of Gaddafi’s words and deeds to the world, the Obama administration could not continue to sit on the sidelines. Yet the media has been beating the drums over the “democratic” opposition, but there has been no real analysis of what the opposition will bring to the political process, if they do win.

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton’s earlier warning that no-fly zones are ineffectual because they don’t stop troops and tanks has been superseded in this conflict by the French. Their air force has been doing more than just keeping Libyan planes out of the air. They shot up Libyan tanks and armor, carving out seemingly new rules of engagement without objection, until the Arab League began to complain.

If the Arab League wanted to stop Gaddafi, they didn’t have to wait until his forces were near victorious, nor did they really need the West to carry out the attacks. Egypt and Saudi Arabia alone could have defeated Gaddafi, but ultimately they had no desire to do so. What they had was the desire to rhetorically enter the fray and to posture appropriately for the international community when it appeared Gaddafi would win. After all, the continual fall of Arab tyrants and despots threatens the Arab League itself, an organization comprised of despots and tyrants.

Obama has dragged us into yet another endless war in the Islamic world, a war where the military mission is clear, as it was in the early days of Iraq, and where the strategy and endgame are totally undefined. Britain’s and France’s strategic interests in this conflict are unambiguous. America’s? They are no clearer than they are in Zimbabwe and a host of other places where people are wantonly oppressed and killed by tyrants. …”

Preventive War

A preventive war or preventative war is a war initiated to prevent another party from attacking, when an attack by that party is not imminent or known to be planned. Preventive war aims to forestall a shift in the balance of power[1] by strategically attacking before the balance of power has a chance to shift in the direction of the adversary. Preventive war is distinct from preemptive war, which is first strike when an attack is imminent.[1] Preventive war undertaken without the approval of the United Nations is illegal under the modern framework of international law,[2] though Robert Delahunty and John Yoo from the George W. Bush administration maintained in their discussion of the Bush Doctrine that these standards are unrealistic.[3]


Bush Doctrine

The Bush Doctrine is a phrase used to describe various related foreign policy principles of former United States president George W. Bush. The phrase was first used by Charles Krauthammer in June 2001 [1] to describe the Bush Administration’s unilateral withdrawals from the ABM treaty and the Kyoto Protocol. The phrase initially described the policy that the United States had the right to secure itself against countries that harbor or give aid to terrorist groups, which was used to justify the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.[2]

Different pundits would attribute different meanings to “the Bush Doctrine”, as it came to describe other elements, including the controversial policy of preventive war, which held that the United States should depose foreign regimes that represented a potential or perceived threat to the security of the United States, even if that threat was not immediate; a policy of spreading democracy around the world, especially in the Middle East, as a strategy for combating terrorism; and a willingness to unilaterally pursue U.S. military interests.[3][4][5] Some of these policies were codified in a National Security Council text entitled the National Security Strategy of the United States published on September 20, 2002.[6]

The phrase “Bush Doctrine” was rarely used by members of the Bush administration. The expression was used at least once, though by Vice President Dick Cheney, in a June 2003 speech in which he said, “If there is anyone in the world today who doubts the seriousness of the Bush Doctrine, I would urge that person to consider the fate of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq.”[7] …”


Oil and Gas in Libya
– Overview

“…Libya, a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), holds the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. According to the 2008 BP Statistical Energy Survey, Libya had proved oil reserves of 41.464 billion barrels at the end of 2007 or 3.34 % of the world’s reserves.

Oil exploration in Libya began in 1955, with the key national Petroleum Law No. 25 enacted in April of that year (a new petroleum law is currently under development). Libya’s first oil fields were discovered in 1959 (at Amal and Zelten — now known as Nasser), and oil exports began in 1961.

Libya is Africa’s major oil producer and one of Europe’s biggest North African oil suppliers. Supplies from North Africa to Europe destinations have the advantage of being both timely and cost effective. According to the 2008 BP Statistical Energy Survey, Libya produced an average of 1847.7 thousand barrels of crude oil per day in 2007, 2.2% of the world total and a change of 0.5 % compared to 2006. Libya’s economy is based on oil and exports contribute between 75% and 90% of State revenues.

Foreign involvement in Libya was severely reduced as a result of the sanctions and embargoes emplaced upon it, especially between the years of 1992 and 1999. Access to oil industry equipment and technology was restricted and Libya is reliant on foreign investment to keep the industry active.

Libya has very low production costs and the oilfields are close to the refineries and markets of Europe. In addition, despite almost half a century of exploration, Libya remains largely unexplored with vast oil and gas potential. The under-exploration of Libya reflects the impact of sanctions formerly imposed on the country.

According to the 2008 BP Statistical Energy Survey, Libya had 2007 proved natural gas reserves of 1.49 trillion cubic metres, 0.84% of the world total, while producing 15.2 billion cubic metres, 0.51% of the world total, in the same period.NOC controls the whole of the downstream sector together with its numerous subsidiaries and overseas arms, Umm Jawwaby Oil Services and OilInvest with its two subsidiaries of Gatoil and Tamoil

The Umm Jawwaby Oil Services acts as the Libyan National Oil Company’s procurement arm based in London. Libya is a direct producer and distributor in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Egypt. In Italy, Tamoil Italia, which is based in Milan and has approximately 2,100 service stations, controls about 5% of the country’s retail market for oil products and lubricants. …”


 USS Vincennes (CG-49)

“…The fourth USS Vincennes (CG-49) is a U.S. Navy Ticonderoga class Aegis guided missile cruiser. In 1988, the ship shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 civilian passengers on board, including 38 non-Iranians and 66 children.

The ship was launched 14 April 1984 and sponsored by Marilyn Quayle, wife of Indiana Senator Dan Quayle. The Vincennes was named for the Battle of Vincennes during the Revolutionary War, while the previous Vincennes heavy cruiser and Vincennes light cruiser were named for the city of Vincennes, Indiana. She was commissioned at Pascagoula 6 July 1985, Captain George N. Gee in command. The ship normally carries guided missiles, rapid-fire cannons, and two Seahawk LAMPS helicopters for anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, personnel transfers, and other purposes.

As of 2008, the Vincennes is mothballed and slated for scrapping. …”


Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655)

“…Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655) was a civilian jet airliner shot down by U.S. missiles on 3 July 1988, over the Strait of Hormuz, toward the end of the Iran–Iraq War. The aircraft, an Airbus A300B2-203 operated by Iran Air, was flying from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when it was destroyed by the U.S. Navy’s guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes, killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard, including 66 children,[1] ranking it seventh among the deadliest airliner fatalities.[2] It was the highest death toll of any aviation incident in the Indian Ocean and the highest death toll of any incident involving an Airbus A300 anywhere in the world. Vincennes was traversing the Strait of Hormuz, inside Iranian territorial waters, and at the time of the attack IR655 was within Iranian airspace.[3]

According to the US government, the crew identified the Iranian Airbus A300 as an attacking F-14 Tomcat fighter. The Iranian government maintains that the Vincennes knowingly shot down the civilian aircraft. The event generated a great deal of controversy and criticism of the U.S. Some analysts have blamed U.S. military commanders and the captain of the Vincennes for reckless and aggressive behavior in a tense and dangerous environment.[4][5]

In 1996, the United States and Iran reached “an agreement in full and final settlement of all disputes, differences, claims, counterclaims” relating to the incident at the International Court of Justice.[6] As part of the settlement, the United States agreed to pay US$61.8 million, an average of $213,103.45 per passenger, in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims. However, the United States has never admitted responsibility, nor apologized to Iran.[7]

As of summer 2009 Iran Air was still using flight number IR655 on the Tehran–Dubai route.[8] …”


Pan Am Flight 103

“…Pan Am Flight 103 was Pan American World Airways’ third daily scheduled transatlantic flight from London Heathrow Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. On Wednesday 21 December 1988, the aircraft flying this route—a Boeing 747–121 named Clipper Maid of the Seas—was destroyed by a bomb, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew members.[1] Eleven people in Lockerbie, in southern Scotland, were also killed as large sections of the plane fell in the town and destroyed several houses, bringing total fatalities to 270. As a result, the news media has named the event the Lockerbie bombing.

On 24 February 2011, resigned justice minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil revealed that Muamar Gaddafi personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing.[2] …”

“…Based on a 1995 investigation by journalists Paul Foot and John Ashton, a number of alternate explanations of the plot to commit the Lockerbie bombing were listed by The Guardian’s Patrick Barkham in 1999.[122] Following the Lockerbie verdict in 2001 and the appeal in 2002, attempts have been made to re-open the case amid allegations that Libya was framed. One theory suggests the bomb on the plane was detonated by radio. Another theory suggests the CIA prevented the suitcase containing the bomb from being searched. Iran’s involvement is alleged, either in association with a Palestine militant group, or that it was involved in loading the bomb while the plane was at Heathrow. The US Defense Intelligence Agency alleges that Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur (Ayatollah Mohtashemi), a member of the Iranian government, paid US$ 10 million for the bombing:

Ayatollah Mohtashemi: (…) and was the one who paid the same amount to bomb Pan Am Flight 103 in retaliation for the US shoot-down of the Iranian Airbus.[123]

Other theories implicate Libya and Abu Nidal, and apartheid South Africa. …”


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Just Because You Can Build A Mosque At Ground Zero Does Not Mean You Should: The Two Faces of President Obama–Let Me Be Clear–I Am An Agent Provocateur!

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One Unconstitutional and Undeclared War Too Many: The Great Pretender, Peace Candidate And Noble Peace Prize Winner, President Barack Obama Undeclared War On Libya’s Muammar Ghaddafi In Defense Of Libyian Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) Rebels Linked To al-Qaeda and The BP Libyian Oil Deal Linked To Obama Campaign Contributions–A Political Payoff!–Obama Has To Go In 2012–Videos

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“It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.”

~George Washington, Farewell Address to the People of the United States

A Bridge Too Far Ending

Great Pretender

Oh yes, I’m the great pretender
Pretending I’m doing well
My need is such
I pretend too much
I’m lonely but no one can tell

Oh yes, I’m the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I play the game but to my real shame
You’ve left me to dream all alone

Too real is this feeling of make-believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

Oh yes, I’m the great pretender

Just laughing and gay like a clown
I seem to be what I’m not you see
I’m wearing my heart like a crown

Too real when i feel what my heart can’t conceal

Oh yes, I’m the great pretender
Just laughing and gay like a clown
I seem to be what I’m not you see
I’m wearing my heart like a crown
Pretending that you’re…
Pretending that you’re still around


President Obama Audio on Libya Invasion


Libya Bombing: ‘Interventions never end!’


Phyllis Bennis: Analysis on the No-fly Zone & the Air Strikes Launched By Allied Forces on Libya


Alex Jones – CIA Officer Ray McGovern: Libya Will Remain a Transnational Oil Fiefdom 1/2!


Alex Jones – CIA Officer Ray McGovern: Libya Will Remain a Transnational Oil Fiefdom 2/2!


Phyllis Bennis on Libya


Libya: Countdown to War?


Gaddafi’s ‘Long War’: Million weapon handout to fight US & allies


First Air strike against Libya


French Fighters Attack Qaddafi’s (Libyan) Forces: French President Sarkozy takes the lead!


BGM-109 Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM)


Coalition force launches attack on Libya


President Obama’s Statement on Libya


ABC This Week Roundtable, Attack on Libya George Will, Paul Wolfowitz, Robin Wright, Jane Harman March 20


Michael Savage March 21 2011 hr 1 all 4 segments


Ron Paul: Let the People of Libya Decide!


Ron Paul: Why Obama Is Wrong on Libya


Rep. Kucinich: Only Congress Has the Power to Take this Nation into War


Lugar on Face the Nation – Libya


Glenn Beck-03/21/11-A


Glenn Beck-03/21/11-B


Glenn Beck-03/21/11-C

U.S. Backs Libyan Al-Qaeda While Hyping Terror Attacks Inside America – Alex Jones Tv 5/6


Medveded calls to stop Libya conflict started by ‘shameful’ govt actions


The Insane Cost of War


US Navy launches Tomahawk missiles on Libya


Ron Paul: Libya “No-Fly Zone is an Act of War”


Newt: US should go into Libya guns blazing “this evening”


2nd Wave Of Strikes Has Begun – Stealth Bomber’s Bombing Libya


Gaddafi compound hit by missile as dozens die in coalition strikes


Clinton suggests Libya no-fly zone won’t work


Clinton warns of Libya civil war


Obama Argues With Himself – LIBYA WAR Moamar Ghadaffy! iOwnTheWorld

Democrats Accuse Obama of Waging War Because Of Oil


USA praised Sarkozy’s Oil deal with Libya to release guilty jailed prisoners DOUBLE STANDARDS !!!


Oil jumps as West strikes Libya

France recognises Libya opposition


Inside Story – Gaddafi’s options


Obama Too Soft For Neocons

Lockerbie Bomber was Released as part of a $24 Billion BP Deepwater Drilling Deal with Libya


Big oil controlling Obama


John Bolton on Pan Am Bomber Release WikiLeaks Exposed


Libya frees al Qaeda linked group

Glenn Beck-06/15/10-B



The “Peace Candidate” Obama Promised To End The War Back In 2007!


Barack Obama on Iraq, Opposition from the Start


2002 Barack Obama Interview: Against Iraq


16 Lies in 7 Minutes: Obama’s First State Of The Union Video Breakdown


Robert Fisk : Obama will be worse than Bush


Who REALLY rules the dictators of the Muslim World? – Robert Fisk


Robert Fisk: Gutless U.S. Reaction to Egypt – Democracy NOW!


Eisenhower 1956–David Nichols analyzes the president’s year of crisis


Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex


Pete Seeger: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


“Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.”

~George Washington


As a classical liberal I oppose government intervention both at home and abroad.

Ron Paul is right, the United States should declare war before it goes to war.

The people of Libya should revolt and overthrow Ghadaffi.

The United States should not intervene in a civil war.

The United States should not be engaged in nation building.

The United States should not be the policemen of the world.

The time has come abandon a warfare and welfare economy and state and go to a peace and properity economy and constitutional republic.

Both Bing West and Robert Fisk are right, declare victory and get out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bring all the American troops home and drill, drill, drill.



Let Libyans Fight Their Own Battles…


Background Articles and Videos


Riz Khan – Robert Fisk – 1 Oct 08 – Part 1


Riz Khan – Robert Fisk – 1 Oct 08 – Part 2


Robert Fisk & Jeremy Bowen – On War & The Role Of Media


The Libyan Fighting Group (LIFG)

“…The Libyan Fighting Group (LIFG) also known as Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya is the most powerful radical faction waging Jihad in Libya against Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime. Shortly after the 9-11 attacks, LIFG was banned worldwide (as an affiliate of al-Qaeda) by the UN 1267 Committee.[1]

LIFG was founded in the fall of 1995 by Libyans who had fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. It aims to establish an Islamic state in Libya and views the current regime as oppressive, corrupt and anti-Muslim, according to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. LIFG claimed responsibility for a failed assassination attempt against Gaddafi in February 1996, which was in part funded by MI6 according to David Shayler, and engaged Libyan security forces in armed clashes during the mid-to-late 1990s.[2] They continue to target Libyan interests and may engage in sporadic clashes with Libyan security forces.[3] They strongly deny any links with al-Qaeda and are keen to emphasize that LIFG has never carried out an attack outside Libya or against civilians.[citation needed]

On October 10, 2005, the United Kingdom’s Home Office banned LIFG and fourteen other militant groups from operating in the UK. Under the United Kingdom’s Terrorism Act 2000, being a member of a LIFG is punishable with a 10-year prison term. The Financial Sanctions Unit of the Bank of England acting on behalf of HM Treasury issued the orders to freeze all their assets.[4] The fourteen banned groups were:

  • Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
  • Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain
  • Ansar al-Islam
  • Al Ittihad Al Islamia
  • Islamic Jihad Union
  • Ansar al-Sunna
  • Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin
  • Harakat ul-Mujahidin/Alami
  • Jundallah
  • Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan
  • Lashkar-e Jhangvi
  • Khuddam u-Islam
  • Jamaat ul Furquan
  • Harakat ul Jihad ul Islami
  • Harakat ul Islami (Bangladesh)

Mohammed Benhammedi lived and worked in Liverpool at the time of the UN sanction against him. Sergey Zakurko, the father to his Lithuanian mistress was suspended from his job at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) for fear that the link could pose a security threat.[5]

One of al-Qaeda’s most senior members, Atiyah Abdul-Rahman, is purportedly a member of LIFG as well.[6]

The “Summary of Evidence” from Mohammed Fenaitel Mohamed Al Daihani’s Combatant Status Review Tribunal. states: “The Sanabal Charitable Committee is considered a fund raising front for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”[7] …”




Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 6March 23, 2005 07:00 PM Age: 6 yrsCategory: Terrorism Monitor By: Gary Gambill

“…Following 9/11, Qadhafi jumped at the opportunity to collaborate in the Bush administration’s war on radical Islamist terrorism. Just weeks after the attacks, a CIA team flew to London to meet face to face with the man believed to have planned the 1988 Lockerbie bombing – Musa Kusa, the head of Libyan intelligence. Kusa provided the CIA (and also Britain’s M16 foreign intelligence service) with the names of LIFG operatives and other Libyan Islamists who trained in Afghanistan, as well as dossiers on LIFG leaders living in the UK. In light of the central role of Libyan Afghans in al-Qaeda, this was a major intelligence windfall for the Bush administration.

The American government, for its part, officially designated LIFG as a terrorist organization. Although LIFG does not have a presence in the United States, the Bush administration’s designation is not merely symbolic. For starters, it means that any state providing assistance to LIFG can potentially be designated a state sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. State Department. More importantly, it means that any member of LIFG living in undemocratic countries backed by the United States (e.g. Pakistan, Egypt) runs the risk of arrest and “rendition” back to Libya.

That Britain has not designated LIFG a terrorist organization is significant, as several prominent leaders of the group continue to live in London and Manchester. All of them strongly deny any affiliation with al-Qaeda and are keen to emphasize that LIFG has never carried out an attack outside Libya or against civilians. [7] This may be technically true. One member of LIFG living in Britain was jailed for sixteen months without charge after he allegedly sent money to a suspected al-Qaeda member, but was eventually released because the government failed to present concrete evidence of criminal activity in court. According to the U.S. State Department, LIFG was “involved in planning and facilitating” the May 2003 bombings in Casablanca, but the suspects in this case were non-Libyan members of the Fighting Islamic Group in Morocco (FIGM). Although the two groups are almost certainly linked by more than ideological affinity, the U.S. government has never released information clarifying their relationship. …”




Eisenhower’s Farewell Address Jan 17, 1961 Pt 1

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address Jan 17, 1961 Pt 2


The Other Side Of Suez 1956 – BBC Documentary – part(1/3)


The Other Side Of Suez 1956 – BBC Documentary – part(2/3)


The Other Side Of Suez 1956 – BBC Documentary – part(3/3)


Julian Assange: The man who leaked the world


Should We Intervene in Libya?

By Victor Davis Hansen

“…There are plenty of good arguments for imposing a no-fly zone in Libya. Without Libyan-government air strikes, the rebels might have a better chance of carving out permanent zones of resistance. Qaddafi has a long record of supporting anti-American terrorism, whether in the form of killing Americans in Europe during the Reagan administration or masterminding the Lockerbie bombing that took down a Pan Am 747 jumbo jet, killing 270 in the air and on the ground. In humanitarian terms, Libyans have been living an ungodly nightmare since Qaddafi’s coup in 1969, and it would be a fine and noble thing to lend them a hand to end their four-decade-long misery. The world would be a better and safer place without Qaddafi and his odious clan in power.

“…But all that said, using military force at this moment in Libya is a bad idea, and for a variety of reasons. I supported the Iraq war on the basis of the legitimate 23 writs adduced by both houses of Congress, in bipartisan fashion, which went well beyond trumped-up fears of massive arsenals of weapons of mass destruction. We had been in a de facto war with Saddam since 1991, and he was an enemy as sinister as Qaddafi but far more powerful. In some sense, America had been responsible for encouraging a popular revolt among Shiites and Kurds, and then allowing a defeated Saddam the means by which to put it down savagely. The mission was clearly articulated: to remove Saddam Hussein and foster a consensual government in his place. When we went into Iraq in 2003, less than 100 Americans had been killed since 2001 in Afghanistan, which was relatively quiet after two years of fighting. Indeed, the American fatality rate there would stay well below 100 per year on average during the first six years of the Afghan war and the first four years of simultaneous conflict in Iraq. That is not true today, as 499 Americans were killed just last year in Afghanistan, more than the cumulative fatality rate for the first seven years of the war. …”

“…Do we express support for regime change in a Middle Eastern country when protesters pour into the streets, or only when such protesters seem to be on the edge of winning? By what criteria is Mubarak worse than Ahmadinejad or Assad? Will those who might replace King Abdullah in Jordan be better or worse? Is the Saudi autocracy less harsh to its own than the Ben Ali regime in Tunisia, or is it Saudi Arabia’s unique oil status that earned its present exemption from American pressure? And as we contemplate moving into Libya, are we opposed to or supportive of the ongoing Saudi incursion into Bahrain to stamp out dissidents there? Are the Saudis acting as good allies who are protecting Western petroleum interests and the contractual integrity of U.S. military installations, or as reactionary forces that are denying the people a voice in their own affairs? And is a new Egypt going to be more tolerant of religious minorities than Mubarak’s Egypt? No one in Washington seems to be cognizant that those in power in Iran, Syria, and Libya are much worse than the dictators and kings in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf — nor does anyone seem aware that, at least for now, popular plebiscites in the Middle East without constitutional guarantees and institutionalized human rights (and a large American ground presence to help draft and enforce a new constitution) would translate into more, not less, illiberal government. …”


Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor: Benghazi link to Islamic militancy:U.S. Military Document Reveals

“…Well known to the United States policymakers in Obama White House and Clinton State Department along with the National Security Council but not widely known to American mainstream media, the U.S. West Point Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center document reveals that Libya sent more fighters to Iraq’s Islamic militancy on a per-capita basis than any other Muslim country, including Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps more alarmingly for Western policymakers, most of the fighters came from eastern Libya, the center of the current uprising against Muammar el-Qaddafi.

The analysis of the Combating Terrorism Center of West Point was based on the records captured by coalition forces in October 2007 in a raid near Sinjar, along Iraq’s Syrian border.

The eastern Libyan city of Darnah sent more fighters to Iraq than any other single city or town, according to the West Point report. It noted that 52 militants came to Iraq from Darnah, a city of just 80,000 people (the second-largest source of fighters was Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which has a population of more than 4 million).

Benghazi, the capital of Libya’s provisional government declared by the anti-Qaddafi rebels, sent in 21 fighters, again a disproportionate number of the whole.

If the 2007 captured records revealed the Eastern Libyan participation in the anti-coalition forces militancy in Iraq one could imagine the Banghazi-Darnah export of Islamists since then.

“Libyans were more fired up to travel to Iraq to kill Americans than anyone else in the Arabic-speaking world,” Andrew Exum, a counterinsurgency specialist and former Army Ranger noted in a blog posting recently. “This might explain why those rebels from Libya’s eastern provinces are not too excited about U.S. military intervention. It might also give some pause to those in the United States so eager to arm Libya’s rebels.”

Despite this data and information available to the United Stated government Secretary of State Hilary Clinton met late Monday 14 with a leader of the Libyan rebel movement in Paris privately and without a public statement. Mrs. Clinton met the opposition rebel leader Mahmoud Jibril at her hotel in Paris after attending a dinner with foreign ministers of the countries of the Group 8 who discussed ways to increase pressure on Colonel Qaddafi’s Libyan regime. …”


Paraded on Libyan TV, the rebel ‘Al Qaeda fighter’ from Britain

“…A British citizen captured in Libya has been branded an Islamic terrorist by Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

Salah Mohammed Ali Aboaoba was paraded in front of the world press yesterday by officials who claim he has been helping Al Qaeda fuel unrest in the country.

Flanked by officers, the father-of-four said he was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a terrorist organisation banned in Britain.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mr Aboaoba said he moved from Yemen to Britain in 2005 and travelled to Libya late last year.

He claimed he had been granted asylum in the UK and lives with his family in Manchester, where he raised funds for his jihadist group.

‘I do indeed have British nationality,’ he said. ‘I was not involved in any terrorist activity against Britain, apart from my funding involvement with the LIFG.’ …”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1366665/Rebel-Al-Qaeda-fighter-Britain-paraded-Libyan-TV.html#ixzz1HErkmXO1

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1366665/Rebel-Al-Qaeda-fighter-Britain-paraded-Libyan-TV.html#ixzz1HEra7IjK

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1366665/Rebel-Al-Qaeda-fighter-Britain-paraded-Libyan-TV.html#ixzz1HErMBLWv

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Robert Fisk–The Great War For Civilisation: The Conquest of The Middle East and On War and The Role Of Media–Videos

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