Glenn Beck’s The Third Great Awakening And The American People Win–Videos

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Glenn Beck-08/31/10-A

Glenn Beck-08/31/10-B


Glenn Beck-08/31/10-C

Background Articles and Videos

Gleaves Whitney’s The Decline and Renewal of American Conservatism

Who is Gleaves?

Wednesday Night with Gleaves 1 Remarks on Buckley

Conservatism -A Definition

 Gleaves 3 The Holes in Liberalism

Gleaves 4 The Great Awakenings

Gleaves 5 The Pamphleteers

Gleaves 6 Reagan and the First Source of Renewal

Gleaves 7 The Second Source of Renewal -Our Founding

Gleaves 8 Source of Renewal -Our Constitution

Gleaves 9 Source of Renewal: Western Civilization

Gleaves 10 Deserted Island Books -Western Civilization


Great Awakening

“…The Great Awakening was a religious revival in American religious history. There were three–some say four–such periods of fervor, each characterized by widespread revivals led by evangelical Protestant ministers, a sharp increase of interest in religion, a profound sense of conviction and redemption on the part of those affected, a jump in evangelical church membership, and the formation of new religious movements and denominations. After a generation or so, the fervor calmed and faded away.[1]


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