Obama aka Smokey The Bolshevik –“Only You Can Prevent Unemployment”–Blames Burning Bush For Unemployment Again!–Videos

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Barack repeatedly blames the Republicans for running the economy or car into the ditch.

Not so fast.

Only the House of Representatives can initiate spending bills.

The Democrats won  a majority of the House of Representatives in the 2006 election.

The Democrats controlled both the House and Senate starting in 2007.

The economy did not go into a recession until December 2007 with the majority of the job losses starting in the final quarter of 2008.

The Democrats were definitely driving the car or economy starting in 2007 and drove the car into the ditch.

The car or economy remains in the ditch due to the huge stimulus package of 2009 and bailouts of businesses that should have gone into bankruptcy.

Obama drove the car into the ditch when he dropped his cigarette into his lap and got distracted.

Had President Obama done absolutely nothing, no stimulus bill and no bailouts, the economy would have already recovered from the recession with falling unemployment rates.

Instead the unemployment rate is headed to 10% with nearly 16 million American unemployed.

The total unemployment rate is actually over 17% with over 25 million Americans seeking full time employment.

Keep repeating the car in the ditch story Mr. President.

You are only confirming what the American people already know, you are clueless as to how and why jobs are created in the private sector.

Time to revoke the license of all progressive radical socialists of either party and throw them out of office.

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