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George Soros

George Soros exposed!

Glenn Beck on George Soros The Puppet Master FULL

Glenn Becks “George Soros – Behind The Shadow Party” – Part 1

Glenn Becks “George Soros – Behind The Shadow Party” – Part 2

Glenn Becks “George Soros – Behind The Shadow Party” – Part 3

George Soros Laughs as Glenn Beck Slanders

George Soros at the Azim Premji University

The New World Order by George Soros End of the dollar Global Currency

Soros: European governments have the bazooka

The EU must use “the bazooka in its hands” properly to combat debt default, George Soros tells Reuters’ Chrystia Freeland. The European Central Bank should not recapitalize the banks, but rather, guarantee the banks against default. Watch his strategic recommendations here.”

Soros: Greeks would be ill-advised to leave the Eurozone

Soros: Angela Merkel was the creator of the European crisis

“George Soros explains to Reuters’ Chrystia Freeland how German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s actions in 2008 could lead to the disintegration of the European Union. Consequently, a disorderly default of European sovereignties may lead to a global financial meltdown worse than 2008. He explains his analysis here.’

Newsmaker: George Soros

George Soros on “Newspeak”

David Horowitz and Pat Caddell on Soros´ Shadow Cabinet and the Green Communists

David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 1 of 6

David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 2 of 6

David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 3 of 6

David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 4 of 6

David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 5 of 6

David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 6 of 6

Bill Moyers Journal “CREDIT-CRISIS 2008” George Soros (1 0f 3)

Bill Moyers Journal “CREDIT-CRISIS 2008” George Soros (2 0f 3)
Bill Moyers Journal “CREDIT-CRISIS 2008” George Soros (3 0f 3)

Background Articles and Videos

Introducing George Soros

“…Soros’s “Shadow Party” Takes Shape

While Soros’s 527s were clearly devoted to Democratic Party agendas and values, they publicly professed to be independent of any party affiliations. Their partisanship was somewhat shrouded in proverbial shadows. Gradually, a number of journalists began to make reference to the emergence of certain pro-Democrat “shadow organizations” that seemed geared toward circumventing McCain-Feingold’s soft-money ban. In time, the term “Shadow Party” came into use.237

George Soros set in motion the wheels of this Shadow Party when he gathered a team of political strategists, activists, and Democrat donors at his Long Island beach house on July 17, 2003, to discuss how President Bush could be defeated in the 2004 election. Attendees included such luminaries as OSI director Morton Halperin; former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta; former Clinton speechwriters Jeremy Rosner and Robert Boorstin; Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope; labor leader and former Clinton advisor Steve Rosenthal; EMILY’s List founder and abortion-rights activist Ellen Malcolm; and major Democrat donors such as Lewis and Dorothy Cullman, Robert McKay, Robert Glaser, and Peter Lewis.238

The consensus was that voter turnout―particularly in 17 “swing” or “battleground” states239―would be the key to unseating President Bush. Steve Rosenthal and Ellen Malcolm―CEO and president, respectively, of a newly formed but poorly funded voter-registration group called America Coming Together (ACT)240―suggested that voters in those swing states should be recruited and mobilized as soon as possible. Agreeing, Soros told the pair that he personally would give ACT $10 million to help maximize its effectiveness. A few other attendees also pledged to give the fledgling group large sums of money: Soros’s billionaire friend Peter Lewis, chairman of the Progressive Corporation, promised to give $10 million; Robert Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks, promised $2 million; Rob McKay, president of the McKay Family Foundation, committed $1 million; and benefactors Lewis and Dorothy Cullman pledged $500,000.241

By early 2004, the administrative core of George Soros’s Shadow Party was in place. It consisted of seven ostensibly “independent” nonprofit groups―all but one of which were headquartered in Washington, DC. In a number of cases, these groups shared one another’s finances, directors, and corporate officers; occasionally they even shared office space.242 The seven groups were:

1) America Coming Together (ACT): Jump-started by Soros’s $10 million grant, ACT in 2004 ran what it called “the largest voter-contact program in history,” with more than 1,400 full-time paid canvassers contacting potential voters door-to-door and by phone.243

2) Center For American Progress (CAP): This entity was established to serve as a think tank promoting leftist ideas and policy initiatives. Soros, enthusiastic about the Center’s potential, pledged in July 2003 to donate up to $3 million to help get the project off the ground.244 From the outset, CAP’s leadership featured a host of former high-ranking officials from the Clinton administration.245 Hillary Clinton predicted that the organization would provide “some new intellectual capital” with which to “build the 21st-century policies that reflect the Democrat Party’s values.”246 George Soros and Morton Halperin together selected former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta to serve as president of CAP. Podesta said his goal was to develop CAP as a “think tank on steroids,” featuring “a message-oriented war room” that “will send out a daily briefing to refute the positions and arguments of the right.”247

3) America Votes: This national coalition coordinated the efforts of many get-out-the-vote organizations and their thousands of contributing activists.248 Soros’s support for America Votes would continue well past 2004. Indeed he would donate $2.15 million to this coalition in the 2006 election cycle,249 another $1.25 million in advance of the 2008 elections,250 and yet another $1.25 million in 2010.251

4) Media Fund: Describing itself as “the largest media-buying organization supporting a progressive message” in the United States, this group produced and strategically placed political ads in the print, broadcast, and electronic media.252

5) Joint Victory Campaign 2004 (JVC): This fundraising entity focused on collecting contributions and then disbursing them chiefly to America Coming Together and the Media Fund. In 2004 alone, JVC channeled $19.4 million to the former, and $38.4 million to the latter.253 Soros personally gave JVC more than $12 million that year.254

6) Thunder Road Group (TRG): This political consultancy coordinated strategy for the Media Fund, America Coming Together, and America Votes. Its duties included strategic planning, polling, opposition research, covert operations, and public relations.255

7) This California-based entity was the only one of the Shadow Party’s core groups that was not a new startup operation. Launched in September 1998, MoveOn is a Web-based political network that organizes online activists around specific issues, raises money for Democratic candidates, generates political ads, and is very effective at recruiting young people to support Democrats.256 In November 2003, Soros pledged to give MoveOn $5 million to help its cause.257

According to Ellen Malcolm of America Coming Together (ACT), the financial commitment which Soros made to these Shadow Party groups in 2003 “was a signal to potential donors that he had looked at what was going on and that this was pretty exciting, and that he was going to stand behind it, and it was the real deal.”258 As Byron York observed, “After Soros signed on, contributions started pouring in.” ACT and the Media Fund alone took in some $200 million―including $20 million from Soros alone. This type of money was unprecedented in American politics.259

Harold Ickes, who served as White House deputy chief of staff in the Clinton White House, had a hand in creating every Shadow Party core group except MoveOn. He was also entrusted with the vital task of making these organizations function as a cohesive entity. In 2004, Democratic strategist Harold Wolfson suggested that outside of the official campaign of presidential candidate John Kerry, Ickes “is the most important person in the Democratic Party today.”260

In addition to its seven core members, the Shadow Party also came to include at least another 30 well-established leftwing activist groups and labor unions that participated in the America Votes coalition. Among the better-known of these were ACORN; the AFL-CIO; the AFSCME; the American Federation of Teachers; the Association of Trial Lawyers of America; the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund; EMILY’s List; the Human Rights Campaign; the League of Conservation Voters; the NAACP; NARAL Pro-Choice America; the National Education Association; People for the American Way; Planned Parenthood; the Service Employees International Union; and the Sierra Club.261 …”

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CEU founder George Soros delivers public lecture on Euro crisis

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Webster Tarpley: Is George Soros taking down the Euro?

Authors@Google: George Soros

Global Economic Trends: The Credit Crunch

Ron Paul – The American Power Elite (part 1/5)

Ron Paul – The American Power Elite (part 2/5)

Ron Paul – The American Power Elite (part 3/5)

Ron Paul – The American Power Elite (part 4/5)

Ron Paul – The American Power Elite (part 5/5)

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David Horowitz and Richard Poe–The Shadow Party–Videos

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America is under attack. Its institutions and values are under daily assault. But the principal culprits are not foreign terrorists. They are influential and powerful Americans secretly stirring up disunion and disloyalty in the shifting shadows of the Democratic Party. New York Times best-selling authors David Horowitz and Richard Poe (both former radicals) weave together riveting history, investigative reporting, and cutting political analysis to help expose and explain:

  • The Shadow Party’s plan to rewrite the US Constitution.
  • How the Shadow Party overthrows foreign governments—and why it may attempt to use the same methods here.
  • The vast network of private think tanks, foundations, unions, stealth PACs, and other front groups through which the Shadow Party operates in America.
  • The network’s voluminous contributions to the Democrats, which totaled more than $300 million in the 2004 elections, and its growing influence over the party’s message and policy.
  • The politicians on both sides of the aisle who have exchanged political favors with George Soros and his “government-in-the-wings.”
  • The Shadow Party’s efforts to conceal its radical agenda behind the “moderate” pose of Hillary Clinton and other public figures.
  • The radical network’s plan to seize power in 2008. …”


David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 1 of 6


David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 2 of 6


David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 3 of 6


David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 4 of 6


David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 5 of 6


David Horowitz, Shadow Party, Part 6 of 6

Background Articles and Videos

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Glenn Beck–Progressive Radical Socialists and The History of Revolutions–Videos

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