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“Self-contempt, however vague, sharpens our eyes for the imperfections of others. We usually strive to reveal in others the blemishes we hide in ourselves.”

~Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, page 114.

George Carlin – Religion is bullshit.

The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard 1/5


The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard 2/5

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BBC Panorama The Secrets of Scientology (Complete)

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What Is Scientology? 

Scientology—Inside Golden Era Productions, The Sea Organization

Bringing Scientology to the World—Bridge Publications and New Era Publications

Tom Cruise Scientology Video – ( Original UNCUT )

The Tom Cruise Scientology Video

Scientology: Full Jason Beghe Interview 



(1 of 16) Ex-Scientologist John Duignan Interview

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Scientology: Cult of Abuse  (Part 1 of 2) 

Scientology: Cult of Abuse  (Part 2 of 2)

CBS 48 hours: cult of scientology 1/5

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The Beginners Guide to L. Ron Hubbard Pt. 1/6

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The Beginners Guide to L. Ron Hubbard Pt. 4/6

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Scientology Exposed! L. Ron Hubbard on Drugs & Occult – Narconon Files

60 minutes report on Scientology Part 1

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ABC 20/20 Report on Scientology

ABC News Nightline Scientology Report (Part 1 of 6)

ABC News Nightline Scientology Report (Part 2 of 6)

ABC News Nightline Scientology Report (Part 3 of 6)

ABC News Nightline Scientology Report (Part 4 of 6)

ABC News Nightline Scientology Report (Part 5 of 6)

ABC News Nightline Scientology Report (Part 6 of 6)


ABC NEWS : Scientology in Crisis

Scientology Exposed! L. Ron Hubbard on Drugs & Occult – Narconon Files

“A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”

~Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, page 23.

Background Articles and Videos

Scientology: Heber vs. Phil – Part 1

Scientology: Heber vs. Phil – Part 2

Scientology: Heber vs. Phil – Part 3

Scientology’s ‘child labour camp’

A Childhood in Scientology – interview

Scientology: The Clearwater Conspiracy

Interview -learn the language of Scientology

A Glossary of Scientologese

AQ (**NEWBIES**)  ARS Jargon Dictionary.
<a href="">online version</a>


The Scientology "religion" has its own complex internal jargon, which it
is often necessary to use in discussing their beliefs and evil policies.
You'll probably need to tackle this before you can understand a lot of
the discussion on alt.religion.scientology.

This dictionary gives (mostly) one line definitions of few enough terms
to be comprehensible in a single reading without too much tedium. A
slightlybetter version is at
and a comprehensive one   at

Neither of these can cover every last acronym for jobs and divisions, of
course, nor substitute for eventually reading up  fuller explanations of
some of the subjects discussed.  Here is the dictionary:

ACK(-KNOWLEDGEMENT) of communication; "OK", "Thank you", etcetera.
ADMIN(-ISTRATION) cult bureacracy, laid down in great detail.
AFFINITY, cult word for love or liking.
ARC / Affinity Reality Communication: signifies "rapport".
ARCX/ARC BREAK: argument, cross puposes, abscence of rapport.
ARS / Alt Religion Scientology: newsgroup, mainly critical, about CoS.
ACT / Alt Clearing Technology: newsgroup for independent scientologists.
ARS-CC (Central Committe) secret cabal which is of course plotting all
 activity on ARS financed by drug companies & the Markab Confederacy.
AUDITING: scientology confessional ritual; AUDITOR administers it.

BANK, MEMORY- or REACTIVE MIND, stores up hurtful memories (ENGRAMS).
BARRATRY (English word) bringing lengthy and vexatious lawsuits.
BASH: favourite FREEZONE word for "criticise", to discourage analysis.
BEINGNESS: being something.  Similarly DOINGNESS, HAVINGNESS.
BIG WIN: maginificent achievement, usually spiritual i.e. imaginary.
BILLION YEAR CONTRACT, for many lifetimes, signed in the SEA ORG q.v.
BLOW: depart suddenly (fifties slang), leave the cult.
BODY THETANS: degraded spirits parasitic on the bodies of others.
BRIDGE (TO TOTAL FREEDOM) progress through levels of Scn enlightenment.

CULT AWARENESS NETWORK,formerly anti-cult organisation taken over by Scn
CASE(-STATE), your progress in Scn, seen as a sort of psychotherapy.
C/S, CASE SUPERVISOR, person supervising AUDITORS and their clients.
CLAMS: Hubbard says humans evolved from them, hence nickname for Scienos
CLEAR: having achieved the first main step to Scn enlightenment.
COGNITION: sudden new insight, the desired end point of an  AUDITING 
 process; the Cog for CLEAR is "I am mocking up my reactive mind".
COMMODORE: HUBBARD, a rank he awarded himself; also CommodeDoor etc.
CoS/Church of $cientology (abbreviation).

DAMNATION NAVY: sarcastic nickname for the SEA ORG(after Salvation Army)
DEAD AGENT: to respond to argument with frenzied personal attack on the   
 speaker to discredit them. DECLARE someone an S.P.; excommunicate them.
DIANETICS: original psychotherapy form of Scn, before it got religion.
DISCONNECTION: being told by Scn to cut links with friends or family.
DM, DAVID(*)MISCAVIGE--the symbol signifies buttocks round a 
 puckered anus--current leader of Scn; also POODLE-BOY, TIDYBOWL MAN &c.
DYNAMICS are in order 1self 2family 3tribe...8the_infinite; 
 "2D" means (as an activity) sex or (as a person) partner. 

ED/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: head of an ORG (q.v.)
E-METER: skin resistance meter used to detect reaction in AUDITING.
ENGRAM: a remembered moment of pain inhibitting future actions.
ENTURBULATE: cult word for annoy, harrass, disturb.
EP/END PHENOMENON: desired end result of a Scn AUDITING process.
ETHICS: discipline applied for low production / department applying it.
EXTERIORISE: leave the body and act as a spirit.

FAIR GAME: to subject an enemy of Scn to harassment & dirty tricks.
FSM/Field Staff Member: Scn travelling salesman on 15% commission.
FLAG: centre of command, formerly on Hubbard's ship, now in Florida.
FLUB: to fail, or cock it up; a failure, a cockup (50s slang)
FLUNK!you have failed, start again! (50s american slang)
F/N, FLOATING NEEDLE on the E-METER indicates calm contentment.
FREEZONE, FREEZONER: independent scientology, scientologist outside CoS.

G.I./GROSS INCOME statistic for an ORG--what $cientology is all about.
G.O./GUARDIANS OFFICE: dirty tricks department, now renamed O.S.A.
GRADES or levels within Scn (specifically grades 0..7 lead up to CLEAR).
GREEN VOLUMES are directives on ADMIN, red volumes directives on TECH.

HANDLE: favourite cult word for "deal with" (a person, situation, etc).
HAT: a job function; HATTED assigned or trained for a hat.
HCO/Hubbard Communications Office. HCO-PL/Policy Letter would be 
 on ADMIN, HCO-B/Bulletin would be on TECH.
HUBBARD, L. RON: f(L)ounder of Scientology; also PHATSO, EL ROTUNDO etc.
'HO (OF BABBLE-ON): Scn trained attack-lawyer Helena Kobrin (ARS usage).

IMPLANT: delusion implanted in us by the forces of evil.
INCIDENT, or ENGRAM, pain memory; INCIDENT2, that described in O.T.3
INDICATE: produce a reaction on the E-METER; informally, to "ring true".
INVALIDATE: belittle, diminish, make less capable.

KoX/Knight of XEMU(q.v),title taken by critics after demon figure in Scn
KR /Knowledge Report: ratting on your colleagues in writing.
KSW/Keep Scn. Working: key directive("no deviation from orthodoxy").

LAZARUS,'Bot (computer program)detects cancelation of any article on ARS
LINES, Scn training & services; ON-LINES consuming training & services.

MARKAB, a star in Polaris from which the forces of evil supposedly come.
MAA ,Master At Arms, responsible for ETHICS in a SEA ORG unit.
MEATBALL: derogatory FREEZONE term for a materialist, opp. of DreamBall.
MEST,Matter, Energy Space and Time: the illusory physical universe.
ML=MUCH LOVE, sign-off favoured by HUBBARD and some Scienos.
MOCK UP: imagine, visualise, mentally create.
M/U--Misunderstood Word,  supposedly source of all failure to understand
 or agree cult texts; a way of stopping thought & discouraging questions

NARCONON, Scn drug rehabilitation front group to scam medicaid funding.
N.E.D,NEW ERA DIANETICS, is DIANETICS revised to include past lives &c.
N.E.D. for OTs (NOTS), now replaces O.T.LEVELS 4 through 7.

OPERATION SNOW WHITE, an operation by the G.O. to infiltrate government
 departments and steal files hostile to Scn.
OPERATION FOOT-BULLET, alleged operation by Scn to get sympathy by  
 shooting themselves in the foot through disastrous public relations.
ORG(-ANISATION), a Scn local operation or "church" and its building.
O.S.A./OFFICE OF SPECIAL AFFAIRS, dirty tricks dept formely the G.O.;
 insiders sometimes pronounce it "OhZer" rather than as separate letters
O.T.  /OPERATING THETAN, a THETAN (soul, spirit) able to leave the body
 at will and attain godlike powers; O.T.LEVELS, I..VIII, courses 
 supposed to produce this state.    O.T.3 in paricular introduces XEMU 
 and the key idea of BODY THETANS.
OUT-ETHICS, in breach of disciple;  OUT-2D breach of discipline re sex.

PC/PRE-CLEAR: subject receiving AUDITING to reach the state of CLEAR.
PT /PRESENT TIME: Scns aim to live unreflectively in PT.
PTS/POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE (for the cult); member in touch with 
 an evil influence or SUPPRESSIVE PERSON.
PURIFICATION RUNDOWN: a step taken early in the grades which involves
 lots of sweating in saunas and dangerously high doses of vitamin pills.

RAW MEAT: chumps, punters, potential recruits.
R(-OUTINE) 2, processes to exteriorise the spirit from the body;
 R2-45, R2 process#45, exteriorising by use of a large calibre pistol.
R(-OUTINE) 6, that used in the clearing course; but the related R6
 IMPLANT turns up in O.T.3 etcetera and is the source of christianity.
RUD(-IMENT)S:  preliminary questions to deal with current upsets or
 concerns before proceeding with the main part of AUDITING.
RUN, "run an (auditing) process on a PreClear", take then through the
 steps or questions. RUN-DOWN complete set of steps or questions.
REG(-ISTRAR): salesperson in an Org;  REG someone, sell them courses.
RICE & BEANS, punishment diet on R.P.F.
RTC/RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTRE, body to enforce CoS copyrights.

SAINT HILL MANOR, the UK HQ, formerly Hubbard's residence in England.
SCAMIZDAT, samizdat (self-publishing) about scams, a person{s} who 
 distributed Scn secret crud anonymously all over the Internet.
SCIENTOLOGY--means "science of knowing"--a quack therapy disguised 
 as a religion, devised in 1950 by a conman called L.Ron HUBBARD.
SEA ORG: originally the Org (parish) based round Hubbard on his ship
 the Apollo, now a sort of religious SS in paramiltary naval uniforms.
SOURCE: Hubbard;  ON-SOURCE: correct in accord with Hubbard's writings.
SP/SUPPRESSIVE PERSON: enemy, excommunicated; a title taken on freely
 by critics who award SP-Levels for achievement in mockery of O.T.LEVELS
SQUIRREL: heretic, FREEZONER, scientologist independent of the "church".
STAT(-SISTIC)S of production, by which eveything is measured.

TECH(-NOLOGY), the beliefs and quack therapies of Scientology.
THETAN, soul or spirit; THETA = good vibes;  ENTHETA = bad vibes.
TONE SCALE: along which various emotions are arranged. Critics, gays, 
 and other meanies are at "TONE 1.1". TONE 40 = popeyed and screaming
 orders like a loon (supposedly, in total control of the situation).
TRs/TRAINING ROUTINES: staring without speaking and other drills
 prepartory to giving or receiving AUDITING.

WALL OF FIRE, destruction of the world by fire in INCIDENT2 of O.T.3
WOG, derogatory Scn name for non-believers (in British English it is
 equivalent to n****r for Arabs and Indians, after the golliwog doll)

XEMU, galactic tyrant and chief villain in INCIDENT2 of O.T.3; Hubbard
 sometimes spells it XENU, & variously pronounces it ZEE-MYOO or ZEE-MOO



Scientology is a body of beliefs and related practices created by L. Ron Hubbard (1911–1986), starting in 1952, as a successor to his earlier self-help system, Dianetics.[4] Hubbard characterized Scientology as a religion, and in 1953 incorporated the Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey.[5][6]

Scientology teaches that people are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature.[7] Its method of spiritual rehabilitation is a type of counselling known as auditing, in which practitioners aim to consciously re-experience painful or traumatic events in their past in order to free themselves of their limiting effects.[8] Study materials and auditing courses are made available to members in return for specified donations.[9] Scientology is legally recognized as a tax-exempt religion in the United States and some other countries,[10][11][12][13] and the Church of Scientology emphasizes this as proof that it is a bona fide religion.[14] In other countries, notably Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Scientology does not have comparable religious status.

A large number of organizations overseeing the application of Scientology have been established,[15] the most notable of these being the Church of Scientology. Scientology sponsors a variety of social-service programs.[15][16] These include the Narconon anti-drug program, the Criminon prison rehabilitation program, the Study Tech education methodology, a volunteer organization, a business-management method, and a set of moral guidelines expressed in a booklet called The Way to Happiness.[17]

The Church of Scientology is one of the most controversial new religious movements to have arisen in the 20th century. It has often been described as a cult that financially defrauds and abuses its members, charging exorbitant fees for its spiritual services.[9][18][19] The Church of Scientology has consistently used litigation against such critics, and its aggressiveness in pursuing its foes has been condemned as harassment.[20][21] Further controversy has focused on Scientology’s belief that souls (“thetans”) reincarnate and have lived on other planets before living on Earth,[22] and that some of the related teachings are not revealed to practitioners until they have paid thousands of dollars to the Church of Scientology.[23][24] Another controversial belief held by Scientologists is that the practice of psychiatry is destructive and abusive and must be abolished.[25][26] …”

How CULTS and DOCTRINES work. Scientology  Freemasonry   Evangelicals Fascism Communism Capitalism

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