Ron Paul’s Address At 29th Cato Institute’s Monetary Conference And Remarks At Thanksgiving Family Forum–The Reason Ron Paul Will Be Elected President–Video

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Ron Paul- full speech at the CATO Institute

Congressman Ron Paul delivered a speech for the National Association of Home Builders at the 29th Annual Cato Monetary Conference yesterday. The key topics were the US monetary policy and the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul Highlights at the Thanksgiving Family Forum (Family Leader Debate)

Ron Paul Explains the Economic Crisis

Ron Paul Tied for 1st in Iowa

First note that unlike President Barack Obama, Congressman Ron Paul is not reading from a telepromter.

Only a individual who truly understands what he is talking about can deliver such a address.

Second, Paul focuses on the key issue, the American people must decide what the functions of federal government should be.

Listen to the speech and learn.

Then support and vote for Ron Paul.

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