Republican Health Care Reform: The Patients’ Choice Act

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Jon Kyl Delivers Weekly Republican Address on Health Care


The Patients’ Choice Act (1 of 4) Press Conference (Senator Burr and Congressman Ryan)


The Patients’ Choice Act (2 of 4) Press Conference (Congressman Nunes and Senator Coburn)


The Patients’ Choice Act (3 of 4) Press Conference


The Patients’ Choice Act (4 of 4) Press Conference


The Patients’ Choice Act


Background Articles and Videos


Patients’ Choice Act Moves Debate in a Market-Friendly Direction

“…Reforming Tax Treatment

A key feature of the Patients’ Choice Act is a $5,700 annual tax credit for families ($2,300 for individuals) designed to cover employees’ out-of-pocket share of employer-sponsored health plans—an average annual cost of $4,200 per family.

The provision is similar to Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign proposal to reform the tax treatment of health insurance by offering tax credits to help workers afford their choice of health coverage. But the Patients’ Choice Act doesn’t alter the tax code for employers, meaning businesses won’t see their tax burdens spike as a result of their employees’ newfound freedom to choose their own health care plans.

Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, explained the benefit to be gained from revising the federal government’s tax treatment of employer health plans in testimony before the Senate Finance Committee in June 2008.

“Imagine what the world would be like if workers [understood] that today it was costing them $10,000 a year in take-home pay for their employer-sponsored insurance, and that could be $7,000 and they could have $3,000 more in their pockets today if we could relieve these inefficiencies out of the health system,” Orszag said.

The Republicans’ plan would increase workers’ take-home pay and decrease their tax burdens, allowing them to better afford the health insurance policy and benefits of their choice. …”

“…The Patients’ Choice Act is light-years ahead of the government-run alternatives being championed by Obama and the Senate Democrats.

The willingness to attack the currently problematic tax treatment of health care and help poor Americans divorce their medical fates from the whims of government bureaucrats is a giant leap in the right direction.”


Heartland Institute

Overview: Health Care Policy and Freedom


Nunes talks healthcare on the Fox Business Network


Patients’ Choice Health Care Act Explained – Paul Ryan


RNC Chairman Michael Steele to Joe Scarborough: “Spare Me”

Sean Hannity: LA Gov. Bobby Jindal Says “No” to Barack Obama Health Care Proposal [FOX News]


Ron Paul on Healthcare Reform



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