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Wages of Appeasement explores the reasons why a powerful state gives in to aggressors. It tells the story of three historical examples of appeasement: the greek city-states of the fourth century b.c., which lost their freedom to Philip II of Macedon; England in the twenties and thirties, and the failure to stop Germany’s aggression that led to World War II; and America’s current war against Islamic jihad and the 30-year failure to counter Iran’s attacks on the U.S. The inherent weaknesses of democracies and their bad habit of pursuing short-term interests at the expense of long-term security play a role in appeasement. But more important are the bad ideas people indulge, from idealized views of human nature to utopian notions like pacifism or disarmament. But especially important is the notion that diplomatic engagement and international institutions like the u.n. can resolve conflict and deter an aggressor––the delusion currently driving the Obama foreign policy in the middle east. Wages of Appeasement combines narrative history and cultural analysis to show how ideas can have dangerous and deadly consequences. …”

Appeasement with Bruce Thornton: Chapter 1 of 5


Appeasement with Bruce Thornton: Chapter 2 of 5


Appeasement with Bruce Thornton: Chapter 3 of 5


Appeasement with Bruce Thornton: Chapter 4 of 5


Appeasement with Bruce Thornton: Chapter 5 of 5



Barack Obama & Philip II of Macedon (1 of 5)

Barack Obama & Philip II of Macedon (2 of 5)

Barack Obama & Philip II of Macedon (3 of 5)

Barack Obama & Philip II of Macedon (4 of 5)

Barack Obama & Philip II of Macedon (5 of 5)


Background Articles and Videos

 Peter Robinson interviews Fresno State Classicist Bruce Thornton about his new book Decline and Fall: Europe’s


Bruce S. Thornton

“…Bruce S. Thornton is a classicist at California State University, Fresno. He has written for many publications, published several books, and appeared at numerous media venues. He lives in Fresno with his wife and two sons.[1]

Thornton received a Bachelor of Arts in Latin from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1975. He received a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1983. He had studied Greek, Latin, and English literature for his doctorate.[1]

Thornton is a frequent guest on talk radio shows across the United States. He has lectured at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. He also appeared regularly on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. Thornton is a regular contributor to the conservative website as well.[1]

He has written for numerous publications such as National Review Online, Heterodoxy, The National Herald, The Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times, Helios Magazine, Arion, The San Francisco Examiner, The American Enterprise, The University Bookman, Religious Studies Review, Intercollegiate Review, The American Journal of Philology,[1] City Journal,[2] and FrontPage Magazine.[3] Thornton has also written several well received books.[1]

Thornton has described his opinions as opposed to the dominant, mainstream historical tradition about the Enlightenment. He is an admirer of historian and author Christopher Dawson. He also subscribes to the ‘Athens versus Jerusalem’ thesis of Leo Strauss, in which the interplay between classical Greek ideologies of rationality and the Judaeo-Christian spiritual philosophies resulted in the creation of Western civilization.[4]

Thornton believes that the declining belief in interpersonal ideals such as national pride and in religious ideals such as Christianity has led non-American Westerners to either substitute “political religions” such as communism and fascism into their lives or abandon having moral ideals altogether. This, in his opinion, weakens them against pressure from threats such as increasing immigration to Europe by Muslims that have higher birth rates than native Europeans. He has said, “If all of their goods are material, right, what material good is worth dying for and what material good is worth killing for?”[4]

Thornton is a strong critic of the Obama administration. He wrote on February 10, 2009:

So far, we have heard nothing from the Obama team that suggests they will be any more successful than previous administrations in thwarting the designs of our enemies. Instead, look for more talk, more summits, even more agreements that, in the end, will leave us weaker and our enemies stronger.[5] …”

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