Conservative, Libertarian and Tea Party Movements Sold Out and Betrayed By Gang of Six and Progressive Republicans In Senate–Videos

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Segment 4: Conservative, Libertarian and Tea Party Movements Sold Out and Betrayed By Gang of Six and Progressive Republicans In Senate–Videos

Gang of 6 Plan Could Offer GOP Path to Debt Deal

The CBS Evening News w…: Clock ticking on debt reform plans

2011 07 19 Crapo on Bloomberg

Senator Warner calls for a bipartisan solution to the deficit

Face The Nation with B…: Coburn, Durbin agree debt compromise will be

Solving the Debt Ceiling Crisis

Obama Applauds ‘Gang Of Six’


Meet the Senate’s “Gang of Six”

Dr. Coburn on CNBC Kudlow Report: “Came to an impasse in Gang of Six negotiations”

Michael Bennet: Gang of Six ‘Not Dead’

Crapo on Fox News’ Special Report with Brett Baier

Grover Norquist Responds to Sen. Tom Coburn- MSNBC

Debt Ceiling: Chris Mathews Dukes it Out With ‘NO’ Mastermind, Republican Grover Norquist

Sen. Toomey Talks Debt Limit on Fox and Friends

Senator Pat Toomey Explains That Failing To Raise Debt Limit Doesn’t Cause Default

Sen. Toomey Gives a Speech on the Debt Limit at AEI

“Cut, Cap and Balance,” the Debt Ceiling and Federal Spending

It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

Conviction, Not Compromise!

Ron Paul to Congress If Debt Is the Problem, Why Do You Want More of It

The estimated total tax revenues in Fiscal Year 2012 are estimated to be between $2,500 billion and $2,600 billion.

The gang of six Fiscal Year 2012 budget will have outlays or spending between $3,500 billion to $3,700 billion

The Fiscal Year 2012 will result in a deficit of over $1,000 billion under the gang of six’s plan.

The Fiscal Year 2012 budget for outlays or spending needs to be reduced by $500 billion to $3,000 billion or less.

This would result in a deficit of about $500 billion.

Any politician who votes for the gang of six so-called compromise balanced approach of more taxes now and spending cuts in the out years will not be getting my vote.

Both President Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush fell for a similar compromise of tax increases now for future spending cuts that never happened.

Reagan; Taxes and Budget Deficit: Revenue 19% of GDP; Spending is 23%; Revenue is sufficient

Cut spending and balance the budget in Fiscal Year 2012 and 2013.

Pass the FairTax bill.

Tax increases will put the economy into another recession or depression.

Monetization of the debt by the Federal Reserve only leads to defaulting on the debt by debasing or devaluing of the currency which results in rising prices or inflation and a decrease in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.

Explanation of Fed Monetizing US Debt

Quantitative Easing Explained

The gang of six compromise is a betrayal of the American people.

No deal.

Background Articles and Videos


Debt hope: Obama praises ‘Gang of Six’ plan

Obama, some Republicans laud Senate ‘Gang of Six’ deficits plan as a way ahead on debt limit

“…President Barack Obama and a startling number of Republican senators lauded a bipartisan deficit-reduction plan Tuesday that includes $1 trillion in higher taxes, raising hopes of a last-minute compromise to repair the nation’s finances while averting a government default. Wall Street saluted as well. …”

“…Unlike Obama, Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. was harshly critical, calling McConnell’s approach “smoke and mirrors.”

“If Republicans do not show the political will to stop the spending, and use the debt limit to make our case, the party is gone,” he was quoted as saying on National Review Online.

The Gang of Six envisioned a two-stage process in which $500 billion in savings would be enacted swiftly, with the more complicated changes in programs like Medicare and Medicaid to follow.

Obama Backs New Senate Debt Plan

“…The proposal would cut spending, overhaul entitlement programs such as Medicare, rework the tax code, and make significant changes to Social Security. He said he still hadn’t read all the details of the plan, and said it will be difficult for all parties to reach agreement.

The plan is sweeping in its scope but was thought for months to be both overly ambitious and slightly ambiguous, which nearly led the effort to collapse in recent weeks. But the plan was revived, in part by its lead authors—Sens. Mark Warner (D., Va.) and Saxby Chambliss (R., Ga.)—and the flood of bipartisan support coming out of the meeting surprised them both, the lawmakers said.

Mr. Obama’s endorsement of a bipartisan Senate deficit-reduction proposal, however, could isolate conservative House Republicans who have yet to embrace the president’s call for a deficit-cutting plan that includes tax-code changes. It faces an uncertain future in the House, and even in the Senate, however.

Senate Democratic leaders reacted cautiously, saying the Gang of Six plan had come too late to be incorporated into legislation increasing the debt ceiling.

Sen. Richard Durbin (D., Ill), one of six senators who helped crafted the plan, said it wouldn’t form part of a debt-ceiling package that must be passed by Congress before Aug. 2. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) said he thought there could be elements of the plan that might be wrapped into the legislation increasing the debt ceiling.

Aides said the plan still lacked many crucial details. Its release, instead, would influence the budget landscape after Aug. 2, aides said. …”

“…Central parts of the plan would:

• Impose immediate spending cuts and caps that reduce the deficit by $500 billion over 10 years.

• Make changes to Social Security to make the program solvent over 75 years.

• Direct key congressional committees to find specific levels of deficit reduction within their areas of jurisdiction. If the committees fail, then five Democratic and five Republican senators would be able to offeKr their own deficit-reduction plan as a replacement.

Messrs. Warner and Chambliss said they asked the other lawmakers at the meeting to report back to them within 24 hours with any feedback, and several lawmakers said the group had already begun drafting legislation. …”

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