Bill Gates–Microsoft–New Wave of Products–Surface–Videos

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Bill Gates – Introducing Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface – HD

Microsoft Windows Surface RT Review # 1: An Introduction

Microsoft Surface is the best productivity tablet yet

CNET Update:      Digging deep into Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft Surface Pricing

Microsoft Surface Tablet Windows 8 Touch Screen – Hand on Review 

Background Articles and Videos

Microsoft Surface – Keynote (Microsoft first Window 8 Tablet) 

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Microsoft’s No Compromises–Surface–Doing More With Less Than $500?–Real Cool–iPad Killer?–Video

Microsoft and Nokia Partnership On Smart Phones–Videos

Windows Phone Series 7–Videos

Bill Gates–Videos

Bill Gates Goes Nuclear with The TerraPower Traveling Wave Reactor–The Next Big Thing–Innovation and Technology Making A Difference

Bill Gates Wants More Best, Bright, and Cheap Foreign Labor–More Jobs and Competition In Amercan Labor Market Is Needed–Not More Visas and Subsidies!

The History of Microsoft–Videos

A Kinder Gentler Wiser Microsoft Gives Away Valuable Software Developer Tools to Students Around The World!

Bill Gates–Hope, Change and Rapid Affluence Development–Creative Capitalism!

Wealth, Income and Job Creation: Let A 1000 Microsofts Bloom

Microsoft’s Channel 9 Coffeehouse Community Killer–spam

Microsoft Expression Studio–Videos

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David Oligvy–Videos

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“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar”.

~David Oligvy


David Ogilvy: We Sell or Else

Search for the World’s Greatet Salesperson – David Ogilvy, Salesman: The Early Years

A conversation about advertising, with David Ogilvy

The Original Marketing Guru David Ogilvy Quotes

“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

~David Oligvy

Background Articles and Videos


Ken Roman on one of the original Mad Men

Jack Trout Tells A Story About David Ogilvy


The King of Madison Avenue

The King of Madison Avenue

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Advertising Books–Videos

Adam Curtis–The Century of Self–Videos

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Advertising Books–Videos

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Hitting The Sweet Spot

By Lisa Fortini-Campbell, ISBN-13: 9781887229098



By Al Ries and Jack Trout.

 Brand Positioning by NextMove

 Ladders in the Mind

Japanese Disease


Influence: The Paychology Of Persuasion

By Robert B. Cialdini, PhD., Harper Collins, ISBN-13: 9780061241895

Robert Cialdini – Renowned Expert in the Psychology of Influence, Negotiation & Communication

Robert Cialdini – Renowned Expert in the Psychology of Influence, Negotiation & Communication

Influence and Leadership


Truth, Lies and Advertising: The Art of Account Planning

By Jon Steel, ISBN13: 9780471189626


Jon Steel from WPP introduces and hosts the ‘Listen’ section


Guerrilla Advertising

By Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin, Mariner Books, ISBN 0395687187


Advertising Without an Agency 

By Kathy J. Kobliski, Oasis Press, ISBN 1555714293

Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide To Creating Great Advertising

By Luke Sullivan, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN-13: 9780470190739

Luke Sullivan Summarizes Ad Pro Session

Cutting Edge Advertising II

By Jim Aitchison,

 The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising

By Michael Corbett, Pinnacle Books, ISBN 096673839X 

 The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited

By Emanuel Rosen, Doubleday, ISBN 0385496672

Interview with Emanuel Rosen at SES Toronto 2009

Firebelly Marketing | Duncan Alney and Emanuel Rosen | The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited

Emanuel Rosen keynote – PRSA-LA “New Media & Web 3.0”

Emanuel Rosen on generating buzz in the online and offline communities

The Advertising on the Internet

By Robin Lee Zeff and Brad Aronson, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0471344044



David Ogilvy, Knopf Doubleday Publishing, ISBN-13: 9780394729039

A conversation about advertising, with David Ogilvy


Background Articles and Videos

Charlie Rose – Preview of interview with YouTube Co-founders

Honda Impossible Dream

Honda Ad

Oh Gode

Truth in Advertising

The Truth In Ad Sales

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ReachLocal–Internet Advertising/Marketing/Video–Client Acquisition–Videos

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Founder and CEO of ReachLocal Zorik Gordon

By Billingsley, Eric

“…ReachLocal’s core services include: ReachSearch, pay-per-click search engine advertising developed for local and regional businesses; ReachDisplay, online display advertising developed for local and regional businesses; TotalTrack, tools that track the performance of online and offline advertising, including billboards, radio spots, display creative and more; and ReachLocal Xchange, which offers clients advertising opportunities from online search an media publishers. …”

His reach keeps growing: Zorik Gordon finds success from online advertising.



ReachLocal Promo – What We Do

ReachLocal Promo – How It Works  

orangepassion marketing

ReachLocal Culture Video

Reach Local Automotive Promo

ReachLocal Client Testimonial: Direct Tire

ReachLocal Client Testimonial: Stewart & Labbe Orthodontics

ReachLocal Customer Reviews – Lincoln Property Company

ReachLocal Customer Reviews – Williams Residential

ReachLocal Client Testimonial: Cerritos Nissan

ReachLocal Client Testimonial: Sport & Health Clubs

ReachLocal Testimonial (Bazemore Fleet Services)

ReachLocal Australia Testimonial: Turtle Landscape Supplies

ReachLocal Australia Testimonial: House of Kitchens

ReachLocal Testimonial

ReachLocal Australia Testimonial: Laser and Skin Clinic


Background Articles and Videos

   History of Online Advertising

Internet Marketing – $100,000 in 30 Days With Your Website

Internet Marketing: Why Some Websites Make Big Money…


Web Marketing: Best Reason to Start a Website.. Ever!

Persuasion and Online Advertising


Internet Video/Advertising/Marketing 



Ogilvy’s New Media Guru On Online Advertising


The Future of Online Advertising is Video

Pre-Roll Video Advertising is “Annoying” to Consumers —

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Google Site Command 



SEO Link Building – SEO Links Video


Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial – Google allinanchor

SEO BASICS – Video Tutorials  


ReachLocal Web Site   

Search Engine Watch (SEW) is a website that provides news and information about search engines and search engine marketing. [1]   

Search Engine Watch was started by Danny Sullivan in 1996. In 1997, Sullivan sold it for an undisclosed amount to MecklerMedia (now Jupitermedia). In 2005 the website and related Search Engine Strategies conference series were sold to Incisive Media for $43 million. On November 30, 2006 Danny Sullivan left Search Engine Watch, after his resignation announcement on August 29, 2006.[2][3] Rebecca Lieb was named editor-in-chief the following month.   

Google‘s Matt Cutts has called Search Engine Watch “must reading.” Yahoo’s Tim Mayer has said that it is the “most authoritative source on search.” [4]

“…ReachLocal facts   


To clear up a few things from a post on this thread (to the extent that I am able):

1) there was no private label branding for agencies at time of testing   

Simply not true – the partner (CMRs and agencies) model is a key component of ReachLocal’s business plan.   

4) Whatever keywords you provide them with, they will expand into thousands of completetly irrelevant keywords to generate a high volume of clicks – not necessarily focus on highly targeted, relevant keywords on your most profitable products / services.   

The ReachLocal platform starts each campaign with a taxonomy of business categories; once the campaign begins to optimize the platform automatically makes bid adjustments based on which keywords are driving ROI via conversion events (not clicks)…more on this later.   

6) Targeting ability: They limit you to 10 cities, a state, a region, or nationwide. You cannot do miles around an address, draw a targeted map, or anything else useful. If you want to target more cities you have to create another account – but this creates a problem with two accounts / campaigns using the same keyword list.   

Simply not true – ReachLocal campaigns can IP target within 10, 25, and 50 mile radius’ from any address, or target a DMA.   

8) They set increadibly high max bids to be in the #1 position only and cost [ i had some campaigns with an average CPC of $7 + ] There’s so many other situations, that’s I’m getting tired of writing about this.   

False. The platform doesn’t care about position and CPC is of secondary concern – the technology uses portfolio based (as opposed to key word rules) optimization (utilizing regression analysis and yield scenarios) and makes bid adjustments based upon the key words , position of key words, and search engines that are driving conversions (phone calls, emails, form submits) at the lowest cost possible. Many times campaign CPC goes up as the campaign optimizes, but cost per lead and cost per acquisition decreases.   

ReachLocal is designed for businesses who sell offline, and the platform is designed to optimize based upon conversions, not clicks. Clicks are meaningless to a business that sells its goods or services offline. RL consults with it’s clients to set up local landing pages (which convert at about 4X the rate than a main national page) so that customers don’t drop off via the “find a location” maze. …”   

Re: Reach Local


I have had a far different experience with reach local.

And not to be insulting but it is easy to tell who on this list is a pro and who is not. If you are using Reach Local and not just trying to “peddle your wears” you should know their tracking is based on reverse proxy….anyone worth their salt in IT knows that this does not produce a COPY of a site….it is dynamically served…that is proxy by definition. Your ability to measure ROI therefore in my opinion, even run a campaign is suspect.   

My clients do not care about Clicks, leads budgets etc. They care about Acquisition. They want more business. We have been able to generate Dollar for Dollar an equal or better amount of business for our clients using reach local while eliminating our need to spend dozens of hours per month on campaign optimization.   

Those who care to white label simply want to take credit and money for doing no work. The reason they are not receiving an ROI is because you are marking up a marked up product which is why Reach Local has gone to a direct sales force. I personally concentrate on design and do not mark up my clients Reach Local. I instead concentrate on regular refinement of their site to increase conversions that occur through Reach Local traffic.   

I found that I can make more money doing this by billing for design and increased results which offer my client an actual service and require less manpower making my ROI far better. The margins are slim due to the free market economics in PPC…you’re fattening them up unnecessarily.   

The technology is absolutely amazing when utilized properly. It is designed for the purpose of driving local searchers into local business. If the account administrator (i.e. you and I) set up priorities incorrectly then their software will not perform up to its full capabilities. To use this for complicated e-commerce etc is simply foolish as it not intended for this use. The software platform is designed to be used for local business who have little or no internet savvy. It is designed to generate contact with those businesses. For a highly local business this works very well.   

Currently I place many of my design clients on the platform as I deal mainly with health professionals, local retail, local Big box retail and professional services. All have expensive keywords. After 6 months of hard data comparison same site to same site one “hand optimized” the other on reach local. Reach local beat us 34 out of 36 times….the other two were within 5% ROI. Also average CPC on their system overall for our campaigns was $1.38 our “hand optimized” CPC was $1.31. Who cares? My ROI was far better as I now had more time to do lots of other revenue generating activities instead of the hours I spent manually running 36 campaigns.   

Reach Local also produced a better ROI for these clients. For their dollar more measured contact was generated and they earned more business. Dollar for dollar you must compare ROI to ROI forget CPC. It simply doesn’t matter. As JMINK stated CPC is irrelevant if a system is not set up to generate clicks. This system is set up to generate CONTACT and SALES for off line businesses. Often these words will be more expensive, require higher position etc.   

You will serve your client better by spending your time on natural Optimization and refining for conversions. Leave the PPC up to professionals.   

I have a degree in ME and took many statistics classes. We hand optimized accounts based on statistical analysis….the ability to have an algorithm provide this analysis is invaluable.   

We track their specific customers through analytics and they are a higher quality prospect who does tend to purchase more frequently.   

Sorry for the crass nature but there are too many people out there slinging mud on honest hard working people like myself who still look out for my clients best interest and not to find ways to bill more for less work. …”   

Rotohog CEO Kelly Perdew and ReachLocal CEO Zorik Gordon to Deliver VentureNet 2009 Keynote

“…Gordon will present the closing keynote, titled “Media Digitization: The Future of Acquiring and Retaining Local Customers.” He will shine light on the history of his company, ReachLocal, including insight into how the company was built into the successful organization it is today. At ReachLocal, Gordon leads a company that is bringing order to the fragmented local Internet by connecting advertisers, publishers, and creative solutions providers together on one platform.   

In his previous role as CEO for WorldWinner, Inc., Gordon signed major partnerships with Yahoo!, Pogo, Lycos, and Shockwave that positioned WorldWinner as the number one provider of cash tournaments on the Internet. Zorik also founded, an Idealab business that has grown to become Connexus Corp., one of the leading online marketing companies. …”     

Remarketing: Online’s Misunderstood Conversion Tool

“…Remarketing at its most basic level allows marketers to get in front of viewers who have already shown interest in a product or service by following them and showing ads for the product or service they initially eyed as they surf elsewhere on the Web. …”   


Advertisers facing the pressure of ROI need to ask themselves: “What did that ad do for my business?” Often this question is posed with a short-term view. This desire for an instant result has given remarketing a reputation for having a positive but low ROI.   

The longer-term view presents a more accurate picture in this case. When it comes to remarketing, the ROI is incremental over time. The advertiser is targeting only their past users, so it may take multiple views of an ad for it to resonate.   

Additionally, the ability to segment the users based on their interests is key. A targeted message is often what captures the attention of a user and compels them to come back and convert.   

Most Under-utilized Online Marketing Technology   

In a survey from and SEMPO, remarketing was cited as the most under-utilized online marketing technology. This is the case in spite of some advertisers experiencing a 400 percent increase in ad response once they have implemented remarketing. …”   


List of Serach Engines

“…This is a list of Wikipedia articles about search engines, including web search engines, selection-based search engines, metasearch engines, desktop search tools, and web portals and vertical market websites that have a search facility for online databases. …”

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