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Jamie Dimon Reacts to $2 Billion Trading Loss

Charlie Rose – Jamie Dimon 

Jamie Dimon Discusses the State of the Economy 

Jamie Dimon on Ben Bernanke 

Jamie Dimon Questions Ben Bernanke on New Bank Rules


IBM THINK Forum | A Conversation on Leading in Times of Deep Structural Change

A conversation with Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Dr. Victor K. Fung, Li & Fung Limited; Jim McNerney, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Boeing Company; Moderated by Dr. Fareed Zakaria, CNN Host, Fareed Zakaria GPS, Editor-at-Large, TIME, Columnist, The Washington Post, and Author

Jamie Dimon of Chase speaks in Seattle on Nov. 2, 2011

The Jamie Dimon Interview With Shaili Chopra At Davos

The Jamie Dimon Interview with Shaili Chopra Part 2

Jamie Dimon:  Address to HBS MBA Class of 2009, Class Day June 21, 2009

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Jamie Dimon’s Letter: The Highlights

“…The CEO of the nation’s largest bank has written a 38-page letter to shareholders this year, laying out his company’s positions on everything from the sentiment toward banks to how he values J.P. Morgan shares.

“…JPM Stock: Dimon doesn’t normally talk about share prices. But as Buffett did while laying out Berkshire’s share repurchase plans, Dimon attempts to explain how he thinks about the value of JPM stock: “Our tangible book value per share is a good, very conservative measure of shareholder value…If you like our businesses, buying back stock at tangible book value is a very good deal. So you can assume that we are a buyer in size around tangible book value….Currently, above $45 a share, we plan to continue to buy back the amount of stock that we issue every year for employee compensation – we think this is just good discipline. As for the excess capital, we will either find good investments to make or simply use it to more quickly achieve our new Basel III targets. Rest assured, the Board will continuously reevaluate our capital plans and make changes as appropriate but will authorize a buyback of stock only when we think it is a great deal for you, our shareholders.”

Mortgage problems keeping J.P. Morgan from $24 billion in profits — “The main reason for the difference between what we are earning and what we should be earning continues to be high costs and losses in mortgage and mortgage-related issues. While these losses are increasingly less severe, they will still persist at elevated levels for a while longer.”

Mortgage crisis is brutal – “I suspect that the mortgage crisis will be the worst financial catastrophe of our lifetime. What the world experienced was almost a collective brain freeze…We need to write a letter to the next generation that says, ‘Never forget: 80% loan to value and verify appropriate income.’”

But housing is improving — “Housing is getting better – there, I said it … However, if one looks at the leading indicators, all signs are flashing green – the turn is coming if it is not here already. We don’t want to be blindly optimistic, but the facts are the facts… More jobs, more households, more Americans, good value – it’s just a matter of time” …”


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