Warmonger Obama’s Undeclared And Unconstitutional War With Libya: Approaching Over 1,000 U.S Air Force and Navy Air Strike Sorties By July 4th–Land War Invasion Of Libya This Fall!–BO-Day–Massive Government Interventionist Foreign Policy–To Stop Gaddaffi’s New African Gold Dinar Standard To Replace Fiat Paper U.S. Dollar Standard For Oil!–Videos

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Obama Won’t Answer If War Powers Resolution Is Constitutional


Plunder Play by NATO Pirates Real Reason For Invasion of Libya – News Compilation


Good Ol’ Shoe – In Creation [from Wag the Dog]

The Wars Power Act is unconstitutional and only Congress according to the United States Constitution can declare war.

Congress should stop all funding for this undeclared and unconstitutional war.

Why Libya and Why Now?

Oil and Gold!

Libya was attempting to replace the oil for U.S. dollars standard with a new oil for gold standard.

The European and American central bankers could not let this stand.

Both the European Union and the United States are addicted to printing  fiat paper money that then can be exchanged for oil.

The oil-producing states was wising up as they see for the Euro and U.S. dollar steadily decline in value as central bankers including the  Federal Reserve debase or devalue their currencies.

Libya was a direct threat to these central bankers and the commercial and investment bankers who profit immensely from the current oil for dollars standard.

Thus the power elites of the United States, Great Britain and France decided to take out or replace Gaddafi.

Since Gaddafi decided to stay, a joint invasion of Libya by the United States, Great Britain and France is planned to be launched in the September-October timeframe.

Air attack sorties are ramping up to take out as many command and control and air defense  and  radar targets as well as military logistics and supply depots before the invasion is launched.

Most American do not believe a word President Obama say and do not trust him.

Only Congress can stop this military invasion cuuting off all appropriations for these military operations and making it clear that what the President is doing is an impeachable defense.

Obama’s wag the dog war in Libya strategy is about to be escalated and Congress does nothing to date to really stop it.

The American people do not want yet another war and both Congress and the President are again ignoring the will of the American people.

Yes, Mr. President this is all about politics and you are doing the bidding of the Wall Street and international bankers by attacking Libya.

Members of Congress and the President can expect to be voted out of office if they continue with the undeclared and unconstitutional war.


AFRICOM: AF, Navy still flying Libya missions

By Dave Majumdar


“…Air Force and Navy aircraft are still flying hundreds of strike missions over Libya despite the Obama administration’s claim that American forces are playing only a limited support role in the NATO operation.

An Africa Command (AFRICOM) spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday that since NATO’s Operation Unified Protector (OUP) took over from the American-led Operation Odyssey Dawn on March 31, the U.S. military has flown hundreds of strike sorties. Previously, Washington had claimed that it was mostly providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and tanker support to NATO forces operating over Libya.

“U.S. aircraft continue to fly support [ISR and refueling] missions, as well as strike sorties under NATO tasking,” AFRICOM spokeswoman Nicole Dalrymple said in an emailed statement. “As of today, and since 31 March, the U.S. has flown a total of 3,475 sorties in support of OUP. Of those, 801 were strike sorties, 132 of which actually dropped ordnance.”

A White House report on Libya sent to Congress on June 15 says that “American strikes are limited to the suppression of enemy air defense and occasional strikes by unmanned Predator UAVs against a specific set of targets.” The report also says the U.S. provides an “alert strike package.”

Dalrymple named the Air Force’s F-16CJ and Navy’s EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft as the primary platforms that have been suppressing enemy air defenses.

However, those F-16s are not solely drawn from units based in Spangdahlem, Germany.

“…The White House declined to comment on how 801 strike sorties constitutes “limited” involvement, but Harold Koh, a State Department legal adviser, said in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday that “when U.S forces engage in a limited military mission, that involves limited exposure for U.S. troops, and limited risk of serious escalation, and employs limited military means, we are not in the kind of hostilities of the kind envisioned by the War Powers Resolution.”

He said there have been “no active exchanges of fire with hostile forces” despite AFRICOM’s statement that weapons had been dropped during 132 sorties.

Many in Congress on both sides of the aisle vehemently disagree with the White House’s contention.

Most air assets involved in the campaign are reconnaissance aircraft, including the U-2 high-altitude spy plane, E-8 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System ground surveillance aircraft and the Navy’s P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft. The U.S. provides nearly 70 percent of the NATO operation’s ISR capacity, according to the White House report.

Additionally, the Air Force is still providing EC-130J aircraft to the operation to conduct psychological warfare operations by broadcasting coercive messages.

The remaining aircraft operating in the theater are aerial refueling tankers, including KC-10s and KC-135s. The U.S. also provides the majority of the alliance’s tanker capability. …”


U.S. Invasion Of Libya Set For October

“…Infowars.com has received alarming reports from within the ranks of military stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas confirming plans to initiate a full-scale U.S.-led ground invasion in Libya and deploy troops by October.

The source stated that additional Special Forces are headed to Libya in July, with the 1st Calvary Division (heavy armor) and III Corps deploying in late October and early November. Initial numbers are estimated at 12,000 active forces and another 15,000 in support, totaling nearly 30,000 troops.

This information was confirmed by numerous calls and e-mails from other military personnel, some indicating large troop deployment as early as September. Among these supporting sources is a British S.A.S. officer confirming that U.S. Army Rangers are already in Libya. The chatter differs in the details, but the overall convergence is clear– that a full-on war is emerging this fall as Gaddafi continues to evade attempts to remove him from power. …”


Gold, Oil, Africa and Why the West Wants Gadhafi Dead

Muammar Gadhafi’s decision to pursue gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments may have sealed his fate

“… The war raging in Libyasince February is getting progressively worse as NATO forces engage in regime change and worse, an objective to kill Muammar Gadhafi to eradicate his vision of a United Africa with a single currency backed by gold.

 Observers say implementing that vision would change the world power equation and threaten Western hegemony. In response, the United States and its NATO partners have determined “Gadhafi must go,” and assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner. …”

“…“The idea, according to Gaddafi, was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and would use it to purchase oil and other resources in exclusion of the dollar and other currencies,” said political analyst Anthony Wile in an editorial for The Daily Bell online.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Libya’s Central Bank is 100 percent state-owned and estimates that the bank has nearly 144 tons of gold in its vaults. If Col. Gadhafi changed the purchasing terms of his oil and other Libyan commodities sold on the world market and only accepted gold as payment; a policy like that wouldn’t be welcomed by the power elites who control the world’s central banks. …”

“…Furthermore, pricing oil in something other than the dollar would undercut the pedestal of U.S.. power in the world. Although in trouble, the dollar is the reserve currency based on a deal made with Saudi Arabia in 1971 in which the Saudis, as the world’s largest oil producer, agreed to accept only dollars for oil, Mr. Wile observed.

The Libyan affair has sparked a divide in the world community with the African Union and nations like Venezuela, China and Cuba—and until recently Russia—on one side as voices of reason, caution and respect for international law and honoring the UN mandate which set the parameters for engagement in Libya.

On the other side are war hawkish America, France, Britain and Italy pursuing regime change and actively trying to assassinate Col. Gadhafi, though they deny that aim. …”



Gaddafi control holds nearly 144 tons of gold – Libya has the 25th largest gold reserves in the world.

“…According to the latest figures of the International Monetary Fund IMF, Central Bank of Libya under Gaddafi control holds nearly 144 tons of gold. Some of the information, said the exact number may be higher than several tons.

144 tons of gold with this, Libya is ranked number 25 among the country’s largest gold reserves in the world, worth over 6.5 billion dollars at the present time, sufficient to pay for a moderate forces in the several months or even years.

While central banks in many countries often gold reserves in London, New York or Switzerland, the Libyan back now hiding in their countries. Its people are also familiar with the exchange on the bullion market.

Although the U.S. and Europe have frozen billions of dollars of assets in Libya as a punishment, to influence the central bank and national oil companies, but still enough gold reserves to Gaddafi a way of life, if that can be sold. To sell at bargain prices, Colonel Gaddafi will certainly have to move the gold out of Libya.

Before the fighting took place, the gold is stored at the central bank in the capital Tripoli. Tuy However, since then, it can be moved to another location, such as the eastern city of Sebha, near the border with Niger and Chad.

The political instability in the Middle East, besides contributing to raising the gold price to a record $ 1,444 an ounce, also confirmed that the value of gold does not depend on a regime that holds it. …”


Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya ‘mission’?


The Truth On Why The US Invaded Libya China Moving To Gold Standard Libya Was Too


Judge Andrew Napolitano ~ Going Down Roman Road of Decline Fast 6/27/11

END WAR Ron Paul: BO Is A Warmonger Expanding War Who Endorses Assassination & Loves The Patriot Act



Should Congress Cut All Funding For War In Libya?

Illegal War in Yemen! Warmonger OBAMA MUST BE STOPPED!! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!


NATO Preparing Ground War in Libya


Obama To Launch Full Scale Ground War In Libya On September/October 1/2

Obama To Launch Full Scale Ground War In Libya On September/October 2/2

Footage of F-16 Aircrafts return to Aviano Air Force Base, Italy, on March 20, 2011, after supporting Operation Odyssey Dawn. Joint Task Force Dawn is the U.S. Africa Command task force established to provide operational and tactical command and control of U.S. military forces supporting the international response to the unrest in Libya and enforcement of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1973. UNSCR 1973 authorizes all necessary measures to protect civilians in Libya under threat of attack by Qadhafi regime forces. JTF Odyssey Dawn is commanded by U.S. Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, III. Provided by Combat Camera Detachment USEUCOM.

Video of F16 mid-air refueling as jets enforce Libya no-fly zone

NATO Allied Spanish Air Force F-18’s Take Off From Naval Air Station Sigonella

F-18 fighter jets take off from Aviano

Fueling the Air Attack in Libya, US Forces Pt 1 of 2

Video and interviews of 126th Air Refueling Wing preparing for deployment to Libya in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. They will assist in the logistics of keeping the aircraft attacking targets in Libya flying. Pt 2 of 2.

If you like this video take a look at some of the over 2500+ other videos with 13.7 million views on this channel!. You can also find us on FaceBook at “military videos” and Twitter at “3rdID8487”.

Fueling the Air Attack in Libya, US Forces Pt 2 of 2

Video and interviews of 126th Air Refueling Wing preparing for deployment to Libya in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. They will assist in the logistics of keeping the aircraft attacking targets in Libya flying. Pt 2 of 2.

If you like this video take a look at some of the over 2500+ other videos with 13.7 million views on this channel!. You can also find us on FaceBook at “military videos” and Twitter at “3rdID8487”.

Aerial Refueling

Background Articles and Videos

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 1/4

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 2/4

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 3/4

Lyndon LaRouche: War is Globalist Favorite Tool of Choice for Poplutation Reduction 4/4

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Empire or Nation Building–Fortress America in Iraq–Largest US Embassy in the World – $700,000,000 – 104 acres–$1,000,000,000 Operating Cost Per Year!–Videos

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Largest U.S. embassy in the world opens

Fortress America: The US Embassy in Iraq

Largest US Embassy in the World – $700,000,000 – 104 acres – Fortress America in Iraq

Allegations of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse at the New U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Classic Ron Paul – Ron Paul introduces amendment to embassy security bill

US Embassy Baghdad Official Opening Ceremony

U.S. Embassy, Baghdad

“…The Embassy of the United States in Baghdad is the diplomatic mission of the United States in Iraq. It is located in Baghdad and is home to the Ambassador to Iraq. Ambassador James F. Jeffrey is currently the Chief of Mission.

A new embassy, which has been described as the largest and most expensive embassy in the world at 0.44 square kilometers—the size of Vatican City[1]—was opened in January 2009 after a series of construction delays. It replaced the previous embassy, which opened July 1, 2004 in Baghdad’s Green Zone in a former Palace of Saddam Hussein.[2] …”

“…A new embassy opened in January 2009 in the Green Zone in Baghdad.[2] The embassy complex comprises 21 buildings on a 104 acre (42 ha) site, making it the largest and most expensive U.S. embassy in the world.[8]

It is located along the Tigris river, west of the Arbataash Tamuz bridge, and facing Al Kindi street to the north. The embassy is a permanent structure which has provided a new base for the 5,500 Americans currently living and working in Baghdad. During construction, the US government kept many aspects of the project under wraps, with many details released only in a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee report.[8] Apart from the 1,000 regular employees, up to 3,000 additional staff members have been hired, including security personnel.

With construction beginning in mid-2005, the original target completion date was September 2007. “A week after submitting his FY2006 budget to Congress, the President sent Congress an FY2005 emergency supplemental funding request. Included in the supplemental is more than $1.3 billion for the embassy in Iraq…” An emergency supplemental appropriation (H.R. 1268/P.L. 109-13), which included $592 million for embassy construction, was signed into law on May 11, 2005. According to the Department of State, this funding was all that was needed for construction of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.[9] Construction is being led by the Kuwaiti firm First Kuwaiti Trading & Contracting.[10][11][12]

The embassy has extensive housing and infrastructure facilities in addition to the usual diplomatic buildings. The buildings include:[8]

  • Six apartment buildings for employees
  • Water and waste treatment facilities
  • A power station
  • Two “major diplomatic office buildings”
  • Recreation, including a gym, cinema, and a swimming pool

The complex is heavily fortified, even by the standards of the Green Zone. The details are largely secret, but it is likely to include a significant US Marine Security Guard detachment. Fortifications include deep security perimeters, buildings reinforced beyond the usual standard, and five highly guarded entrances.[citation needed]

On October 5, 2007, the Associated Press reported the initial target completion date of September would not be met, and that it was unlikely any buildings would be occupied until 2008.[13] In May 2008, US diplomats began moving into the embassy.[14] The embassy still does not have enough fortified living quarters for hundreds of diplomats and other workers, a problem which has run into 2009.[15] …”


Diplomacy has no place in this monstrous bunker

The new American Embassy in Baghdad is not architecture: it is an insult to the city.

“…The new American Embassy in Baghdad scowls at the world with a neo-Stalinist frown. It occupies some 104 acres next to the Tigris, assigned to the USA by the nominal Iraqi government in 2004. A hideous modernist bunker, devoid even of the residual classical motifs favoured for totalitarian architecture, it speaks bleakly of the USA’s position in the world.

An embassy, a unique patch of sovereign territory allocated to the overseas country, has traditionally been a site for diplomacy; a doorway to a foreign state. The architecture of newly-constructed embassies has of course always involved rhetoric, ranging from neoclassical bombast to studied good manners. …”


Baghdad Embassy Bonanza

Kuwait Company’s Secret Contract & Low Wages

David Phinney, Special to CorpWatch

February 12, 2006

“…Work for what is planned to be the largest, most fortified US embassy in the world was quietly awarded last summer to a controversial Kuwait-based construction firm accused of exploiting employees and coercing low-paid laborers to work in war-torn Iraq against their will.

More than a few U.S. contractors competing for the $592-million Baghdad project express bewilderment over why the U.S. State Department gave the work to First Kuwaiti General Trading & Contracting (FKTC). They claim that some competing contractors possessed far stronger experience in such work and that at least one award-winning company offered to perform all but the most classified work for $60 million to $70 million less than FKTC.

“It’s stunning what First Kuwaiti has been able to get from the State Department,” one contractor said.

Several other contractors that competed for the embassy contracts shared similar reactions and believe that a high-level decision at the State Department was made to favor a Kuwait-based firm in appreciation for Kuwait’s support of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

“It was political,” said one contractor.

Mohammad I. H. Marafie, chairman and co-owner of FKTC, is a member of one of the most powerful mercantile families in Kuwait. …”


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