The First Lady of Star Trek-Majel Barrett Roddenberry–Passes To The Stars

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Majel Barrett Roddenberry, The First Lady of Star Trek

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, The First Lady of Star Trek


Rest In Peace and With The Stars Majel Barrett Roddenberry, The First Lady of Star Trek.


Majel Barrett Roddenberry Memorial. 1932-2008.


“The Cage” – Star Trek Original Pilot – G. Roddenberry Intro


Gene Roddenberry Fan Tribute


Majel Barrett Roddenberry Fan Tribute


Star Trek 40th Anniversary





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Majel Barrett-Roddenberry

“Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (born Majel Leigh Hudec, February 23, 1932 – December 18, 2008)[1] was an American actress and producer. She was also the widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.[1]

As a result of her marriage to Gene Roddenberry and her ongoing relationship with Star Trek – participating in some way in every series to date – she is sometimes referred to as “the First Lady of Star Trek”. She and Gene Roddenberry were married in Japan on August 6, 1969, after the cancellation of the original Star Trek series.[1] …”


Majel Barrett Roddenberry

“…When Roddenberry sold his second Star Trek pilot to the network, he remembered Majel’s work in “The Cage” and hired her as Nurse Christine Chapel. Instead of the dark-haired M. Leigh Hudec that they had disliked in the other pilot, she now used the name Majel Barrett and wore a blond wig as Chapel. Majel remains the only actor to have contributed to every facet of the Star Trek phenomenon.

On August 6, 1969, Majel married Gene Roddenberry in Japan, in a traditional Buddhist-Shinto ceremony. They regarded this as their real wedding, but his divorce was not yet final and they made it legal with a civil ceremony on December 29, 1969. On February 5th, 1974, they welcomed the arrival of their newborn son, Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, Jr., known affectionately as “Rod.”

Since Roddenberry’s death, Barrett produced the sci-fi series Andromeda with Kevin Sorbo and Earth: Final Conflict. In 1996, Barrett, often called “The First Lady of Star Trek,” guest starred on Babylon 5, the science fiction series that was widely considered to be Star Trek’s challenger and competitor. Farther outside the Star Trek universe, Barrett appeared in A Guide to the Married Man with Walter Matthau, Westworld with Yul Brynner, and The Domino Principle with Gene Hackman, but her roles in such films were always small. She also voiced the computer in an episode of Family Guy

Most recently, she reprised her role as the voice of the USS Enterprise for the new movie, Star Trek XI. …”



“…Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away this morning, December 18, 2008, at 12:27 AM in her Bel Air home. She died peacefully, in her sleep, and was surrounded by family and loved ones.

“My mother truly acknowledged and appreciated the fact that Star Trek fans played a vital role in keeping the Roddenberry dream alive for the past 42 years. It was her love for the fans, and their love in return, that kept her going for so long after my father passed away.” – Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr.


Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Has Passed Away at Age 76

By Matt Blum

“…There is very sad news today in the Star Trek world. Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, widow of Gene and known to fans as Nurse Chapel, the original Number One, Lwaxana Troi, and of course the voice of just about every Federation computer in every show and movie, has passed away at age 76. She had been fighting leukemia for some years, evidently, and unfortunately died of complications from the disease early this morning in California.

Barrett-Roddenberry will be fondly remembered by Star Trek fans forever for her work, which will—fittingly, one might say—end with the upcoming reboot of the franchise, in which she one last time performed the voice of the Enterprise computer. She had reportedly just completed her voiceover work on the movie when she passed away. …”


The best of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry: video roundup

 by Adam McDowell

“…Following Majel Barrett-Roddenberry’s passage to the final frontier Thursday, our prime directive is to recognize that she didn’t just appear in every Star Trek series at one time or another, she served as a sort of Queen Mum of the franchise. Herewith, a roundup of four of the best Majel moments, as available on YouTube, demonstrating how she earned the title “the first lady of Star Trek.” …”


 Star Trek-Amok Time Spock/Chapel scene


Lwaxana Troi and Captain Picard


More Romance from Star Trek and Shakespeare


Women of Star Trek


Star Trek Gene Roddenberry 1986


Death of Gene Roddenberry – CBS news report


Star Trek – Christine Chapel/Mr Spock


Majel Barrett-Roddenberry – The voice of the computer


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