Obama’s Rush To Progressive Radical Socialism–Will The American People Stop Him?

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Background Articles and Videos


“George Soros is one of the most powerful men on earth. A New York hedge fund manager, he has amassed a personal fortune estimated at about $7.2 billion. His management company controls billions more in investor assets. Since 1979, his foundation network – whose flagship is the Open Society Institute (OSI) — has dispensed an estimated $5 billion to a multitude of organizations whose objectives are consistent with those of Soros. (The President of OSI and the Soros Foundation Network is Aryeh Neier, who, as Director of the socialist League for Industrial Democracy, personally created the radical group Students for a Democratic Society in 1959.) With assets of $859 million as of 2005, OSI alone donates scores of millions of dollars annually to these various groups, whose major agendas can be summarized as follows:  

  • promoting the view that America is institutionally an oppressive nation
  • promoting the election of leftist political candidates throughout the United States
  • opposing virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act
  • depicting American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral
  • promoting open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws
  • promoting a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes
  • promoting social welfare benefits and amnesty for illegal aliens
  • defending suspected anti-American terrorists and their abetters
  • financing the recruitment and training of future activist leaders of the political Left
  • advocating America’s unilateral disarmament and/or a steep reduction in its military spending
  • opposing the death penalty in all circumstances
  • promoting socialized medicine in the United States
  • promoting the tenets of radical environmentalism, whose ultimate goal, as writer Michael Berliner has explained, is “not clean air and clean water, [but] rather … the demolition of technological/industrial civilization”
  • bringing American foreign policy under the control of the United Nations
  • promoting racial and ethnic preferences in academia and the business world alike …”



Sean Hannity: Barack Obama’s White House and the NEA Propaganda Scandal

Who Funds the Radical Left In America?

By Steve Baldwin, Exclusive to Western Center for Journalism

“…Very few Americans realize there exists a large network of far left philanthropists and foundations in America dedicated to destroying the American way of life, our Christian-based culture and our free enterprise system.  They seek to remove America from its constitutional foundations and move it toward a European-style socialism.  Much of this effort is coordinated by a little known group called the Tides Foundation and its related group, the Tides Center. …”


Tides Foundation

  • Net Assets: Tides Foundation – $142,007,356 (2006); Tides Center – $43,969,744 (2006)
  • Grants Received: Tides Foundation – $68,725,557 (2006); Tides Center – $49,859,754 (2006)
  • Grants Awarded: Tides Foundation – $67,319,624 (2006); Tides Center – $5,566,058 (2006)

Established in 1976 by California-based activist Drummond Pike, the Tides Foundation was set up as a public charity that receives money from donors and then funnels it to the recipients of their choice. Because many of these recipient groups are quite radical, the donors often prefer not to have their names publicly linked with the donees. By letting the Tides Foundation, in effect, “launder” the money for them and pass it along to the intended beneficiaries, donors can avoid leaving a “paper trail.” Such contributions are called “donor-advised,” or donor-directed, funds.

Through this legal loophole, nonprofit entities can also create for-profit organizations and then funnel money to them through Tides — thereby circumventing the laws that bar nonprofits from directly funding their own for-profit enterprises. Pew Charitable Trusts, for instance, set up three for-profit media companies and then proceeded to fund them via donor-advised contributions to Tides, which (for an 8 percent management fee) in turn sent the money to the media companies.

If a donor wishes to give money to a particular cause but finds that there is no organization in existence dedicated specifically to that issue, the Tides Foundation will, for a fee, create a group to meet that perceived need.

In 1996 the Tides Foundation created, with a $9 million seed grant, a separate but closely related entity called the Tides Center, also headed by Drummond Pike. The Tides Center functions as a legal firewall insulating the Tides Foundation from potential lawsuits filed by people whose livelihoods or well-being may be harmed by Foundation-funded projects. (These could be, for instance, farmers or loggers who are put out of business by Tides-backed environmentalist groups.) In theory the Foundation’s activities are restricted to fundraising and grant-making, while the Center focuses on managing projects and organizations; in practice, however, both entities do essentially the same thing.

The Tides Center’s Board Chairman is Wade Rathke, who is also a member of the Tides Foundation Board. Rathke, a protege of the late George A. Wiley, serves as President of the New Orleans-based Local 100 of the Service Employees International Union, and is the founder and chief organizer of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). …”



Tides Center

“… Tides Center is a non-profit organization in the United States which provides fiscal sponsorship for progressive groups. Tides Center is classified a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS. The organization is based in San Francisco with offices in the Presidio.

It is administratively linked to but separate from the Tides Foundation. Tides Center and Tides Foundation are part of a family of organizations linked by a commitment to social change, innovation, and responsible stewardship of resources.

The Tides Center handles administrative functions such as payroll, benefits, insurance, and tax form 990 in exchange for a fee, which varies, and which is taken out of grant monies.[citation needed]


Current projects of Tides Center include:

  • Americans For Gun Safety Foundation
  • Apollo Alliance[2]
  • Campaign to Defend the Constitution
  • Citizendium Foundation
  • Rockridge Institute[3]
  • Traction
  • Women, Food and Agriculture Network …”




Dear President Obama:

A recent blog post by Los Angeles-based artist Patrick Courrielche details an August 10, 2009, conference call hosted by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the White House Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve.  The stated purpose of the call was to encourage a select group of artists “to help lay a new foundation for growth, focusing on core areas of the recovery agenda – health care, energy and environment, safety and security, education, community renewal.”  According to Mr. Courrielche, the NEA and the White House were “steering the art community toward creating art on the very issues that are currently under contentious national debate; those being health care reform and cap-and-trade legislation.”  See http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/pcourrielche/2009/08/25/the-national-endowment-for-the-art-of-persuasion-patrick-courrielche/.

If accurate, Mr. Courrielche’s account of this conference call organized and hosted by your Administration raises a number of serious concerns.  First and foremost among these concerns is the participation of the NEA in a conversation “steering” the arts community toward a pro-Administration political message.

As you know, the NEA is the largest annual funder of the arts in the United States.  And the imprimatur of an NEA grant often spurs private funding, making NEA grant decisions even more powerful within the arts community.  But, as former NEA Chairman Dana Gioia wrote in 2007, “[t]he NEA does not dictate arts policy to the United States . . . .”  Indeed, as Gioia observes, this feature is what distinguishes the NEA from other nations’ centralized ministries of culture. 

A reasonable observer would view the NEA’s participation in the August 10 call as implying that NEA grant opportunities (i.e., taxpayer dollars) may be tied to artists’ willingness to use their creative talents to advance your Administration’s political agenda.  This is not, and has never been, the purpose of the NEA.

Such politicization of the NEA is particularly dangerous at a time when the arts community struggles for philanthropy.  But even if no NEA funding was intended for political purposes, one cannot escape the disturbing impression that this Administration-including appointees within the White House and the NEA-believes that it is appropriate for the federal government to enlist the arts community for the purpose of furthering a specific political agenda.  I agree with President John F. Kennedy, who said that “[w]e must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

I urge you to make clear that your Administration will never allocate taxpayer dollars to artists based on their support for Administration policy initiatives.  Further, I respectfully request that you take the necessary steps to ensure that the NEA-and the American arts community it supports-remain independent from political manipulation by the White House.

This episode appears to merit congressional hearings and sustained oversight-and so I request your prompt response to these charges and my concerns.




High Noon for politicized arts funding

Thomas Lifson

“…The next Breitbart tape debuts at noon today (EDT). The National Endowment for the Arts and White House official Buffy Wicks are bracing for the new bombshell coming from Andrew Breitbart and BigGovernment.com. The website offers a preview this morning on BigGovernment.com, citing the notorious and likely illegal politicization of the NEA, bullying artists receiving grants into works supporting the administration’s legislative priorities. Mike Flynn and John Nolte write: …”



“…Meanwhile, Clarice Feldman informs us that BigGovernment.com reports that a White House website encouraging volunteerism filters applicants to ACORN: …”




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Rush Limbaugh Will Be Returning To Television In The Near Future? Inquiring Minds Would Like To Know.

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Rush’s millions of fans cannot help but notice that Rush has lost a lot of weight.

Rush Limbaugh – A Desperate Obama


Rumors are flying that the real reason Rush has lost all that weight is he will be returning to television in the near future.

Rush please tell us it is true!

Rush Limbaugh- First TV Show Episode


Reagan – A Tribute by Rush 1/2


Reagan – A Tribute by Rush 2/2


Rush Limbaugh on Hannity: Does Rush Want Obama to Succeed?


Rush Limbaugh on Hannity Part 2: The Future of Conservatism


Rush Limbaugh on Illegal Immigration


Rush Limbaugh Gives Speech To CPAC (part 1)


When the Progressive Radical Socialists hear of this, they will be needing a change of diapers.

For your opening show, bring back the dancers: 

And Away We Go!

Opening – The Jackie Gleason Show


 How sweet it is!

Background Articles and Videos


The Rush Limbaugh Show 


Rush Limbaugh

“…Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (pronounced /ˈlɪmbɔː/, LIM-baw) (born January 12, 1951), is an American radio host and conservative political commentator. Limbaugh rose in popularity during the 1990s for his nationally-syndicated talk-radio show, The Rush Limbaugh Show. A frank advocate of conservatism, Limbaugh attracts a large audience and has become one of the most influential talk show personalities in the United States.[citation needed]

Limbaugh was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. His family has a long history in Republican politics, including several members who were judges. When Limbaugh was 16 years old he began working at a local radio station. After attending Southeast Missouri State University for a year he dropped out of college. In the early 1970s, Limbaugh moved to Pennsylvania to work as a radio disc jockey, using the alias Jeff Christie on the air. In 1984, Limbaugh began working as a talk show host in Sacramento, California. His distinctively styled program featured no guests, relying exclusively on his emblem of conservative political analysis. In 1988, Limbaugh moved to New York City and began national broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show on WABC radio. His three-hour program made Limbaugh well-known and instrumental with the right-wing.

In the 1990s Limbaugh’s fame grew beyond radio and into other media, such as publishing and television. He became a bestselling author with his books The Way Things Ought to Be (1992) and See, I Told You So (1993). From 1992 to 1996 Limbaugh hosted a half-hour television talk show. Limbaugh frequently accuses the American mainstream media of having a strong liberal bias. …”


Rush Limbaugh Profile – 1 of 2


Rush Limbaugh Profile – 1 of 2


“The View” Fights over Rush Limbaugh’s Obama Comments


Rush Limbaugh on Glenn Beck: Obama and Free Speech


New eco-fearmongering message from Dems: “The fate of our planet hangs in the balance!”
By Michelle Malkin

“…Your daily dose of Democrat alarmism just got delivered to my email box from Democrats.com and the League of Conservation Voters.

Sarah Palin-bashing? Check.

Rush Limbaugh-bashing? Check.

Ironic Newt Gingrich-demonizing? Check.

Ironic Big Oil-bashing? Check.

Politics of fear? What politics of fear? Ohhhh, yeah, that politics of fear: …”





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Mark Lloyd, FCC Diversity Czar, and Cass Sustein, Regulatory Czar: Progressive Radical Socialist Silencing of Free Speech On Internet Blogs and Talk Radio

Posted on August 26, 2009. Filed under: Blogroll, Communications, Culture, Economics, Education, Employment, Investments, Law, liberty, Links, media, People, Philosophy, Politics, Quotations, Rants, Raves, Regulations, Strategy, Talk Radio, Technology, Video, War, Wisdom | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |



Live From The Ministry Of Truth


U.S. Constitution: First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”



“Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.”

~Alexis de Tocqueville


“No censor, no emperor, no pope, has ever possessed the power to suppress intellectual freedom which would be possessed by a socialist community.”

~Ludwig von Mises


“A society that does not recognize that each individual has values of his own, which he is entitled to follow, can have no respect for the dignity of the individual, and cannot really know freedom.”

~Friedrich A. Hayek




Glenn Beck: “Speak without fear”

Glenn Beck Interviews Rush Limbaugh On Czars and Freedom of Speech- Part 1

Glenn Beck Interviews Rush Limbaugh On Czars and Freedom of Speech- Part 2 


Glenn Beck on Obama’s New ‘Fairness Doctrine’, FCC Diversity Czar [Chief Diversity Officer]

Glenn Beck on Barack Obama’s Controversial Regulation Czar Choice Cass Sunstein [FOX News]

O’Reilly & Beck Targeted by Radical Far Left Groups

Rush Limbaugh on Hannity (3 of 4): Obama – More Control Over Our Lives

An Open Letter To President Obama – Wall Street Journal (The Fairness Doctrine) / Rush Limbaugh


The Doctrine Part 1 of 2

The Doctrine Part 2 of 2

Fairness Doctrine Comes To The Internet

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s handpicked Regulation Czar

First they ignore you.

Second they ridicule you.

Third they lie about you.

Fourth they try to silence you.

Who are they?

They is the far left consisting of Marxists, Communists, Progressives, Radicals, and Socialists of the far left Democratic Party.

This pattern is followed daily by the far left in attacks on both internet bloggers and talk radio show hosts.

The two new very sharp point men  for Obama’s attempt to silence his critics are Mark Lloyd, FCC Diversity Czar /Commissar and Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar/Commissar.

Trying to silence talk radio is a dangerous game for anyone for the simple reason they forget that millions are listening.

The American people are revoluting against the far left progressive radical socialist Democratic Party lead by President Obama.

Glenn Beck’s request that you download the videos from YouTube and store them on your computer should be taken.

I have noticed recently that a number of videos that are in any way critical of Obama and the progressive radical socialist Democratic Party are no longer available on YouTube.

Google executives are Obama supporters and are apparently cooperating with the censors in the White House.

Reminds me of rewriting history in the Ministry of Truth from George  Orwell’s book 1984 and the movie 1984-Videos  as well as Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s Communist China.


Totalitarianism With A Smiley Face

“In America the majority raises formidable barriers around the liberty of opinion; within these barriers an author may write what he pleases, but woe to him if he goes beyond them. ”

~Alexis de Tocqueville


“There is simply no other choice than this: either to abstain from interference in the free play of the market, or to delegate the entire management of production and distribution to the government. Either capitalism or socialism: there exists no middle way.”

~Ludwig von Mises


“The argument for Liberty is not an argument against organization, which is one of the most powerful tools human reasoning can employ, but an argument against all exclusive, privilege, monopolistic organization, against the use of coercion to prevent others from doing better.”

~Friedrich A. Hayek 


Background Articles and Videos


FCC’s Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd’s Effort To Silence Free Speech

“…It appears as though Mark Lloyd, Obama’s new Diversity Czar, has been given his marching orders. He is charged with a back door effort to bring back the fairness doctrine.

Lloyd is a Senior Fellow from the far left Center for American Progress, which is an organization that already has their finger prints on much of Obama’s agenda.

Lloyd wrote in his book, Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America..

“The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) must be reformed along democratic lines and funded on a substantial level,”

“Federal and regional broadcast operations and local stations should be funded at levels commensurate with or above those spending levels at which commercial operations are funded,” Lloyd wrote. “This funding should come from license fees charged to commercial broadcasters. Funding should not come from congressional appropriations. Sponsorship should be prohibited at all public broadcasters.”

Along with this money, Lloyd would regulate much of the programming on these stations to make sure they focused on “diverse views” and government activities. link

It’s plainly clear that Lloyd wants government control over all radio content, thus  silencing free speech, specifically ideas with a conservative or libertarian viewpoint. Believe me, if radio was dominated by a progressive point of view from the extreme left, there would be no push to regulate free expression on the airwaves. This is just an attempt to back door the fairness doctrine and shut down dissenting views.


Meet the FCC Diversity Czar

By Michelle Malkin  

“…The far Left Center for American Progress has its tentacles everywhere.

I noted in my column on the Internet Snitch Brigade this morning that former CAP operatives have been installed at HHS and work closely with the health care czar.

At Newsbusters, Seton Motley reports on the new FCC “Diversity Officer” — a racial engineering czar who has been targeting conservative talk radio since his days working for CAP.

Know your enemy:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced a new “Chief Diversity Officer,” communications attorney Mark Lloyd.

But Doctor of Jurisprudence Lloyd is far more than merely a communications attorney. He was at one time a Senior Fellow at the uber-liberal Center for American Progress (CAP), for whom he co-wrote a June 2007 report entitled “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio.”

Which rails against the fact that the American people overwhelmingly prefer to listen to conservative (and Christian) talk radio rather than the liberal alternative, and suggests ways the federal government can remedy this free-market created “problem.”

* Restore local and national caps on the ownership of commercial radio stations.
* Ensure greater local accountability over radio licensing.
* Require commercial owners who fail to abide by enforceable public interest obligations to pay a fee to support public broadcasting.

These last two get perilously close to the use of “localism” to silence conservative (and Christian) radio stations, about which we have been warning for quite some time. …”


Mark Lloyd, Obama/Soros hitman at the FCC [Darleen Click]

“…Gotta love that new title Mr. Lloyd has acquired

Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer 

A Senior Fellow at the George Soros’ Center for American Progress, Mark Lloyd’s antipathy towards non-leftist participation in the public square is well known. He has written two anti-free speech hit pieces on “conservative talk radio” … a CAP “analysis” “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” which never examines talk radio in the larger sphere as being the only alternative to Leftist dominated broadcast television (news and entertainment), newspapers, university and college campuses … and “Forget the Fairness Doctrine”, a whiney little piece where Lloyd tries to bare his teeth against people who oppose his conclusions in the first piece and defends his Trojan Horse plan to achieve his own STFU policy towards conservative talk radio with so-called “local diversity” objectives.

No, nothing to worry about here with Lloyd at the FCC.

Radio free-speech advocates aren’t buying it

Zogby/O’Leary Poll shows most American voters disagree with Mark
Lloyd’s call for Fairness Doctrine-style censorship 

By Brad O’Leary

Washington, D.C. — Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski recently appointed Mark Lloyd, a former senior fellow at the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP), to be the FCC’s “Chief Diversity Officer.” Lloyd is a proponent of the Fairness Doctrine and recently wrote that the Doctrine, and other regulatory tools such as localism and diversity mandates, should be employed by the FCC to limit the number of conservative voices on the air and supplant them with liberal voices. He also suggests fining conservative radio stations up to $250 million and giving the proceeds to national public radio. According to polling conducted by Zogby International and The O’Leary Report, most American voters disagree with
what Lloyd prescribes. …”


“Regulatory Czar” Wants Bloggers to Just Shut Up

“…Sunstein’s First Amendment

It is Sunstein’s “Global Chilling” position on the First Amendment about which Kyle Smith writes:

    Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law professor who has been appointed to a shadowy post that will grant him powers that are merely mind-boggling, explicitly supports using the courts to impose a “chilling effect” on speech that might hurt someone’s feelings. He thinks that the bloggers have been rampaging out of control and that new laws need to be written to corral them. Advance copies of Sunstein’s new book, On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done, have gone out to reviewers ahead of its September publication date, but considering the prominence with which Sunstein is about to be endowed, his worrying views are fair game now. Sunstein is President Obama’s choice to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. It’s the bland titles that should scare you the most.“Although obscure,” reported the Wall Street Journal, “the post wields outsize power. It oversees regulations throughout the government, from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Obama aides have said the job will be crucial as the new administration overhauls financial-services regulations, attempts to pass universal health care and tries to forge a new approach to controlling emissions of greenhouse gases.”

Smith assumes Sunstein got his gig due his earlier book, Nudge, “which suggests that government ought to gently force people to be better human beings.”

Although that could be the reason, the fact that Sunstein is a long-time Obama fan — and married to Samantha Power, another Obama cheerleader — most likely weighed heavily in POTUS’s choice.

Bloggers beware. Smith informs:

    Sunstein also believes that – whether you’re a blogger, The New York Times or a Web hosting service – you should be held responsible even for what your commenters say. […]“As we have seen,” Sunstein writes, having shown us no such thing, “falsehoods can undermine democracy itself.” What Sunstein means by that sentence is pretty clear: He doesn’t like so-called false rumors about his longtime University of Chicago friend and colleague, Barack Obama.

RBO agrees with Smith, this sounds like a lot of stuff and nonsense: …”



A Czar Too Far

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

“…Meet your future Regulatory Czar – Mr. Cass Sunstein. He is a so-called American legal scholar, particularly in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law and behavioral economics. For 27 years, Sunstein taught at the University of Chicago Law School where he continues to teach as the Harry Kalven Visiting Professor. Sunstein is currently the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Sunstein will head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration if confirmed – in other words, he will be the new Regulatory Czar.

Sunstein is a proponent of the ‘nudge’ philosophy – Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness:

By a nudge we mean anything that influences our choices. A school cafeteria might try to nudge kids toward good diets by putting the healthiest foods at front. We think that it’s time for institutions, including government, to become much more user-friendly by enlisting the science of choice to make life easier for people and by gentling nudging them in directions that will make their lives better. …”


Obama’s FCC diversity engineers strike again

By Michelle Malkin  

“…The diversity-mongers on Barack Obama’s FCC bean-counting panel don’t like how a private radio ratings system is working out for their pet stations.

So they’re putting pressure on the government to make Arbitron change its measurement tools to ensure politically correct results.

Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer reports.

Who needs the Fairness Doctrine? The race-based enforcers on the FCC are in the house.


Previous: Fairness Doctrine Watch: The FCC’s “Diversity Panel”

Previous: FCC: Funding Cronyism of Color …”



Fairness Doctrine

By Charles J. Sykes

“…The term “fairness” is, of course, a misnomer here: the doctrine demands heavy-handed, content-based speech regulation by the Federal Communications Commission. At best, the Fairness Doctrine would be Affirmative Action for Air America. At worst, it would be a cudgel to bludgeon troublesome political opponents and stultify political debate.

But despite the current enthusiasm for its restoration on the left, the Fairness Doctrine is both legally and technologically obsolete, based on principles that have already been rejected by the courts, and justifications that have been swept away by the transformation in the media over the last two decades.


At the time the doctrine was first promulgated, there were only three networks and a mere handful of broadcast outlets. Today there are hundreds: satellite radio, cable television, and the interne. The case for government control has never been weaker.


Supporters of the Fairness Doctrine argued then, and now, that broadcast speech is uniquely subject to government regulation because it is carried over what liberals like to call the “publicly owned airwaves.” According to this argument, the scarcity of spots on radio and television spectrum justified government regulation and exempted broadcast speech from the First Amendment protections enjoyed by newspapers and other media (including, for the time being, the internet and cable.)


But the argument that the airwaves are “public” is remarkably weak. Far from granting the government greater powers for regulation, the fact that airwaves are public ought to give such speech even greater protection. Private individuals or entities can limit speech, but government cannot; speech in a private mall or office can be regulated; but speech in the public square enjoys special protections, precisely because it is public, where the powers of the censor are the most tightly constrained.


Moreover, the argument that broadcast speech can be regulated because it is carried on “public airwaves,” could also be applied to newspapers that are, after all, delivered using publicly-owned roads; cable stations are transmitted over government-sanctioned cable lines; satellites transmit through the (publicly owned?) atmosphere; and magazines and other materials are sent through the U.S. Mail. Are they also subject to government regulation because of their mode of dissemination?


This is not merely speculation. In the mid-1980s, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit specifically rejected the argument that the government’s granting of usable frequencies to broadcasters was a justification for granting broadcast speech a lesser standard of free speech protections.
“A publisher can deliver his newspapers only because the government provides streets and regulates traffic on the streets by allocating rights of way,” the judges wrote. “Yet no one would contend that the necessity for these governmental functions, which are certainly analogous to the government’s function in allocating broadcast frequencies, could justify regulation of the content of the newspaper to ensure that it serves the needs of the citizens.”[1] …”

Rush and Beck on the Fairness Doctrine threat

By Michelle Malkin  

“…In case you missed it yesterday, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck spotlighted Team Obama’s direct and indirect threats to free speech — and how the Fairness Doctrine (or some stealthier form of it) might be reinstituted.

Watch the whole thing.

Rush has the full transcript. An excerpt: …”


NCMR 2008 Media Reform and Social Change w/Mark Lloyd 1/2


NCMR 2008 Media Reform and Social Change w/Mark Lloyd 2/2


Mark Lloyd on the Future of Media from 2005

Mark Lloyd on the need for independent news]

Cass Sunstein’s new book Nudge

Fairness Doctrine Comes To The Internet

Fairness Doctrine Comes To The Internet


Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) questions Cass Sunstein regarding his stance on hunting


Opening Statement

Ezra Levant on Glenn Beck

Mark Steyn: Canada’s Attack on Free Speech

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Censorship Commissar for AM and Internet Talk Radio–Henry Waxman–The Face of Progressive Liberal Fascism!

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Henry Waxman Foe of Freedom Speech on The Internet and Talk Radio

Henry Waxman Foe of Freedom Speech on The Internet and Talk Radio


United States Constitution

Bill of Rights

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.



“…The Fairness Doctrine has no place in our First Amendment regime. It puts the head of the camel inside the tent and enables administration after administration to toy with TV or radio in order to serve its sordid or its benevolent ends. …Under our Bill of Rights people are entitled to have extreme ideas, silly ideas, partisan ideas. The same is true, I believe, of TV and radio. …”

~Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

U.S. Supreme Court


412 U.S. 94

No. 71-863.Argued October 16, 1972
Decided May 29, 1973  



President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2


The above Representative and attorney would like to destroy the United States Constitution for which he swore an oath to defend and protect!

Sir, what do you not understand about the words “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or press…”

This is how Progressive Liberal Fascist subvert the US Constitution” as reported by the American Spectator in an article entitled In All Fairness by The Prowler: 


“…Senior FCC staff working for acting Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps held meetings last week with policy and legislative advisers to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman to discuss ways the committee can create openings for the FCC to put in place a form of the “Fairness Doctrine” without actually calling it such. 

Waxman is also interested, say sources, in looking at how the Internet is being used for content and free speech purposes. “It’s all about diversity in media,” says a House Energy staffer, familiar with the meetings. “Does one radio station or one station group control four of the five most powerful outlets in one community? Do four stations in one region carry Rush Limbaugh, and nothing else during the same time slot? Does one heavily trafficked Internet site present one side of an issue and not link to sites that present alternative views? These are some of the questions the chairman is thinking about right now, and we are going to have an FCC that will finally have the people in place to answer them.” 

“…One idea Waxman’s committee staff is looking at is a congressionally mandated policy that would require all TV and radio stations to have in place “advisory boards” that would act as watchdogs to ensure “community needs and opinions” are given fair treatment. Reports from those advisory boards would be used for license renewals and summaries would be reviewed at least annually by FCC staff.  …”  

Who I listen to on a AM or internet radio  is none of your business or the business of other professional politicians.

If you do not like what is being said on talk radio or the internet, turn your radio or computer off or go to another station or site.

I turned off my TV off many years ago for the simple reason I was tired of the bias, distortions and lies of the liberal progressive socialists pretending to being objective.

I have also cancelled subscriptions to several magazines for the same reason.

If you think you are going to “shut-up” your political opponents, forget it.

Talk radio is now going after your censorship initiatives and guess what you deserve it for breaking your oath of office.

The hosts of talk radio will not shut-up and the listeners of talk radio will not stop listening.

This long list of AM and Internet talk radio hosts clearly illustrates that competition, freedom and independence  is alive and well on both AM and Internet radio:



TalkStreamLive’s Top 100 Talk Radio Shows 2008

1 Tammy Bruce
2 Laura Ingraham
3 Rush Limbaugh
4 Michael Savage
5 Glenn Beck
6 Sean Hannity
7 Mark Levin
8 Neal Boortz
9 Dennis Miller
10 George Noory
11 Monica Crowley
12 Bill Bennett
13 Michael Medved
14 Bill O’Reilly
16 Dennis Prager
17 Hugh Hewitt
18 Dr. Laura
19 Rusty Humphries
20 Mike Gallagher
21 Lan Lamphere – Patriot Brigade Radio
22 The Lion’s Den – Plains Radio Network
24 Jerry Doyle
25 The Right Perspective
26 Alex Jones
27 Paranormal Radio
28 Larry Elder
29 Roger Hedgecock
30 Quinn & Rose
31 Michael Reagan
32 John Batchelor
33 Phil Hendrie
34 Lou Dobbs
35 Dave Ramsey
36 Art Bell
37 Lars Larson
38 Kim Komando
39 John Gibson
40 Larry Kudlow
41 Bill Cunningham
42 Walton & Johnson
43 Randi Rhodes
44 G. Gordon Liddy
45 Howie Carr
46 Jay Severin
47 Stephanie Miller
48 Ed Schultz
49 Robert Scott Bell
50 Adam Carolla
51 Outlaw Radio
52 Bob Grant
53 Bill Handel
54 Roy Masters
55 Al Rantel
56 Clark Howard
57 Brian and The Judge
58 Bob Brinker
59 Mark Simone
60 Thom Hartmann
61 The Captains AMERICA
62 Bob & Tom
63 Tom Sullivan
64 Steve Malzberg
65 Barbara Simpson
66 Leo Laporte
67 Ian Punnett
68 Alan Colmes
69 Jackie Mason
70 Michael Smerconish
71 Tom Leykis
72 Armstrong & Getty
73 Curtis Sliwa
74 Dr. Joy Browne
75 Mike McConnell
76 BUBBA the love sponge
77 Rachel Maddow
78 Bruce Williams
79 Bill Press
80 Wake Up America
81 Doug McIntyre
82 Midnight Trucking
83 Julie Briggs
84 Mark Belling
85 Pat Gray
86 J.D. Hayworth
87 Frosty, Heidi & Frank
88 Jim Bohannon
89 Joey Reynolds
90 Janet Parshall
91 Rollye James
92 Rob, Arnie & Dawn Show
93 Jon Arthur Live
94 Chuck Harder
95 Phil Valentine
96 John & Ken
97 Michael Graham
98 Content Black Woman
100 Michele McPhee 


Shame on you Representative Waxman for trying to censor AM and Internet talk radio through the FCC with local political activists, aka censorship commissars, on advisory boards.

You are beginning to sound and act like a socialist from the past speaking on radio:

Suggest Mr. Waxman listen to the words of President John F. Kennedy in the above speech paying particular attention to the closing sentence and the words “born to be: free and independent.”

“…And so it is to the printing press–to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news–that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.”

~President John F. Kennedy





Glenn Beck: What’s the Difference Between Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez?


Fairness Doctrine or Media Control Doctrine? | An In-Depth Discussion


Fairness Doctrine = Censorship Doctrine = World War III


O’Reilly Factor: Laura Ingraham On the Fairness Doctrine


“Fairness Doctrine” — Feinstein Outlawing Talk Radio


Kucinich Discusses Fairness Doctrine on Lou Dobbs


Bill Clinton On The Fairness Doctrine


Jackie Mason Vlog33 What’s Fair About The Fairness Doctrine?


Obama and The Fairness Doctrine


Sen. Charles Schumer – Fairness Doctrine


Will The Fairness Doctrine Return?


Background Articles and Videos


Thomas E Woods – Principles of 98

In All Fairness

“…The House Energy and Commerce Committee is also looking at how it can put in place policies that would allow it greater oversight of the Internet. “Internet radio is becoming a big deal, and we’re seeing that some web sites are able to control traffic and information, while other sites that may be of interest or use to citizens get limited traffic because of the way the people search and look for information,” says on committee staffer. “We’re at very early stages on this, but the chairman has made it clear that oversight of the Internet is one of his top priorities.” 

“This isn’t just about Limbaugh or a local radio host most of us haven’t heard about,” says Democrat committee member. “The FCC and state and local governments also have oversight over the Internet lines and the cable and telecom companies that operate them. We want to get alternative views on radio and TV, but we also want to makes sure those alternative views are read, heard and seen online, which is becoming increasingly video and audio driven. Thanks to the stimulus package, we’ve established that broadband networks — the Internet — are critical, national infrastructure. We think that gives us an opening to look at what runs over that critical infrastructure.”  …” 



Henry Waxman

Henry Arnold Waxman (born September 12, 1939 in Los Angeles, California) is an American politician. He has represented California’s 30th congressional district (map) in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1975. Waxman, a Democrat, is considered to be one of the most influential liberal members of Congress. His district includes much of the western part of the city of Los Angeles, as well as West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Before his election to Congress, he served six years in the California State Assembly.

With the Democrats’ victory in the 2006 midterm elections, Waxman became chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the principal investigative committee of the House. He was the committee’s ranking Democrat from 1997 to 2007. In 2009, he will begin serving as the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, as a result of beating former chairman John Dingell in a 137-122 secret vote of House Democrats on November 20, 2008. …”




Friday the 13th Fairness Doctrine Watch

By Michelle Malkin


“…It’s Friday the 13th. Jason is a Democrat wielding his knife against conservative talk radio. They are all coming out of the woodwork now.


Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, a Democrat, defends his support of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine for broadcasting. The doctrine had required radio and television stations to cover controversial issues of public importance and give and opportunity for all sides to be heard.

The Fairness Doctrine was eliminated in 1987, but calls for reviving it had surfaced again recently. Harkin says it’s something he supports. Harkin says a few years ago he found out that the taxpayer funded Armed Forces Radio was running the Rush Limbaugh show, but weren’t running any “progressive” talk.

“So I came out and said if the taxpayers are paying for it, at least our armed services individuals ought to have at least the benefit of hearing the other side of the story, to quote Paul Harvey,” Harkin says. Conservatives like Iowa Congressman Steve King, a Republican, believe the move is an attempt to silence conservatives like Limbaugh. King issued a statement in response to Harkin saying information is now easily accessible in many forms and the Senator “wants to squelch your First Amendment rights in favor of Chinese-style censorship.”

Harkin says he’s just trying to be fair.

Bill Clinton: …”



Michael Savage on “Fairness Doctrine” Controversy – Free Speech Endangerment – Aired Live 2/13/09


Inhofe on the Fairness Doctrine


Rep. Mike Pence on the Fairness Doctrine



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The Talk Radio Audiences Revolt Against Fairness Doctrine

Barack Obama’s Socialist Green Commissar Carol Browner


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The Talk Radio Audiences Revolt Against Fairness Doctrine

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“Do you feel lucky, well do you punk!”


Dirty Harry – Clint Eastwood




Those Democrat and Republican members of Congress that are seriously considering bringing back the Fairness Doctrine are playing with dynamite.

Over 100 million Americans are listening to talk radio everyday.

Mess with talk radio and you will have a ten million men and women march on Congress.

Unfortunatley, many members of Congress are that arrogant and stupid to try.

Just another example of socialism–“spread the wealth around”.

Go ahead, Make my day!

Sudden Impact – “Go Ahead. Make My Day”


Background Articles and Videos


Boehner on so-called ‘Fairness Doctrine’ – 6/28/07


Fairness Doctrine” — Feinstein Outlawing Talk Radio


Debate over the Fairness Doctrine on Fox News Sunday


Kucinich Discusses Fairness Doctrine on Lou Dobbs


Accuracy in Media – Group Condemns Congressional Hypocrisy

Dem Sen On Fairness Doctrine




Rep. Pence: Fairness Doctrine and “Freedom Works”


Fairness Doctrine

“The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was (in the FCC’s view) honest, equitable, and balanced. The United States Supreme Court has upheld the Commission’s general right to enforce such a policy where channels are limited, but the courts have generally not considered that the FCC is obliged to do so.[1] The FCC has since withdrawn the Fairness Doctrine, prompting some to urge its reintroduction through either Commission policy or Congressional legislation.[2] …”



Why the Fairness Doctrine is Anything But Fair

by Adam Thierer

“…If the fairness standard is reinstituted, the result will not be easier access for controversial views. It will instead be self-censorship, as stations seek to avoid requirements that they broadcast specific opposing views. With the wide diversity of views available today in the expanding broadcast system, there is a simple solution for any family seeking an alternative viewpoint or for any lawmaker irritated by a pugnacious talk-show host. Turn the dial.”



Here it comes: Sen. Bingaman heralds Fairness Doctrine return

By Michelle Malkin

“…N.M. Sen. Jeff Bingaman cheers the return of the Fairness Doctrine as a “higher calling,” via the Jim Villanucci show on KKOB.

Radio Equalizer has the scoop.

Tilling the soil for the Chicago gangland thugs… ”



The history and possible revival of the Fairness Doctrine

by Nat Hentoff

“…The term “Fairness Doctrine” exemplifies what George Orwell called “Newspeak”: it uses language to mask the deleterious effects of its purported meaning. The Fairness Doctrine itself was in effect from 1949 until 1987. It required that radio broadcasts devote a reasonable amount of time to the discussion of controversial issues of public importance, and that the broadcaster do that fairly by offering reasonable opportunity for opposing viewpoints to be heard. If the Federal Communications Commission found a radio station in repeated violation of this Doctrine, it could take away the station’s license — a business form of capital punishment. …”

“…Before the Fairness Doctrine was ended, at least for the time being, in 1987 — Congressman Hinchey could yet prevail if the Democrats retake Congress — Richard Salant, head of CBS News while the Doctrine was flourishing, said to me:

Suppose the English government had told Tom Paine that he could go ahead and publish all he liked — but only if at the back of his pamphlets he also printed the Royal Governor’s views. That command, far from the implementation of free speech, would have been just the opposite. It’s a restriction of speech if, in order to be allowed to express your own views, [the government demands] you also have to present those of someone arguing on the other side.

James Madison did not have the bifurcation of free speech in mind when he submitted his draft of the First Amendment.”



Group Led By Clinton’s John Podesta Outlines Assault of Conservative Radio

“…With that in mind, the left-leaning Center for American Progress published a report Thursday detailing how conservatives dominate the talk radio dial, and exactly what needs to be done legislatively for liberals to wrest control over this medium (emphasis added throughout):

  • Restore local and national caps on the ownership of commercial radio stations.
  • Ensure greater local accountability over radio licensing.
  • Require commercial owners who fail to abide by enforceable public interest obligations to pay a fee to support public broadcasting.

Imagine that.


For those unfamiliar with the Center, its President and CEO is none other than John Podesta, the former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton. And:

  • The Executive Vice President for Management is Sarah Rosen, who was also a member of the Clinton administration.
  • Senior Vice President for Development Debbie Goldberg worked for the Clinton campaign.
  • Senior Vice President and Director David Halperin was a speech writer for President Clinton.
  • Vice President of Communications Jennifer Palmieri was Clinton’s White House Deputy Press Secretary.
  • Senior Vice President for External Affairs Winnie Stachelberg worked at the Office of Management and Budget under Clinton.
  • Vice President of Finance and Operations Brad Kiley worked for the Clinton administration.
  • Ditto Peter Rundlet, Anna Soellner, Debbie Fine, and Michelle Jolin.

In reality, the staff and Senior Fellows listing of this Center reads like a Clinton administration Who’s Who. …”


Center for American Progress

“The Center for American Progress is an American liberal political policy research and advocacy organization. Its website describes it as “…a nonpartisan research and educational institute dedicated to promoting a strong, just and free America that ensures opportunity for all.”[1]

Its President and Chief Executive Officer is John Podesta, who served as chief of staff to then U.S. President Bill Clinton. Located in Washington, D.C., the Center for American Progress has a campus outreach group, Campus Progress, and a sister advocacy organization, the Center for American Progress Action Fund. …”




Center for American Progress



Fairness Doctrine Watch: Sen. Stabenow makes new pro-gagging noise

By Michelle Malkin

“…You know grass-roots conservatives on talk radio and in New Media are getting under the Democrats’ skin when they publicly renew their Fairness Doctrine agenda again.See.

Loud Folks, keep cranking it up. …” 


Shame, Cubed
Three separate reasons to be appalled, each more disgusting than the last.

By Bill Whittle

“The Drudge Report this morning led off with a link to audio of Barack Obama on WBEZ, A Chicago Public Radio station. And this time, candidate Obama was not eight years old when the bomb went off.

Speaking at a call-in radio show in 2001, you can hear Senator Obama say things that should profoundly shock any American – or at least those who have not taken the time to dig deeply enough into this man’s beliefs and affiliations.

Abandon all Hope, Ye Who Enter Here:


Barack Obama, in 2001:

“You know, if you look at the victories and failures of the Civil Rights movement, and its litigation strategy in the court, I think where it succeeded was to vest formal rights in previously dispossessed peoples. So that I would now have the right to vote, I would now be able to sit at a lunch counter and order and as long as I could pay for it, I’d be okay, but the Supreme Court never entered into the issues of re-distribution of wealth, and sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society.

“And uh, to that extent, as radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution – at least as it’s been interpreted, and Warren Court interpreted it in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties: [it] says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

“And that hasn’t shifted, and one of the, I think, the tragedies of the Civil Rights movement was because the Civil Rights movement became so court-focused, uh, I think that there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change. And in some ways we still suffer from that.”

A caller then helpfully asks:

“The gentleman made the point that the Warren Court wasn’t terribly radical. My question is (with economic changes)… my question is, is it too late for that kind of reparative work, economically, and is that the appropriate place for reparative economic work to change place?”

Obama replies:

“You know, I’m not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts. The institution just isn’t structured that way. [snip] You start getting into all sorts of separation of powers issues, you know, in terms of the court monitoring or engaging in a process that essentially is administrative and takes a lot of time. You know, the court is just not very good at it, and politically, it’s just very hard to legitimize opinions from the court in that regard.

So I think that, although you can craft theoretical justifications for it, legally, you know, I think any three of us sitting here could come up with a rationale for bringing about economic change through the courts.”



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The Missing SNL Bailout Skit: Censorship Under A Democratic Party Obama Regime

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SNL Skit – Banned (NBC Claiming Copyright – Bullcrap!)




O’Reilly Factor: Laura Ingraham On the Fairness Doctrine


Liberal Fascists Against Free Speech on Talk Radio



Rush Limbaugh and Free Speech


Sarah Palin is change…



Democratic Party leaders ordered the pulling of the very funny SNL bailout skit after their financial backers complained that the truth really hurts.

SNL complied on orders from the network bosses.

I feel their pain.

I did not get to watch it.

This is just a taste of what is in store should the Democratic Party control the Senate, House and Presidency.

Free speech under radical socialism means do not reveal the truth even in a skit.

The Democratic Party and some Republicans would also like to destroy talk radio.

The recent bailout bill resulted in Congress being bombarded by telephone calls and e-mails opposing the bill by 99 to 1.

This also happened with the comprehensive immigration bill.

Once the American people became aware of what the American elites of both parties were trying to pull they made the call and sent the e-mail.

Should the American elites mess with talk radio and try to destroy it, millions of Americans will march on Washington–it will not be pretty.

What the American elites will not admit is that talk radio each day has an audence of over 100 million listeners.

Most talk show listeners have several favorite talk radio shows that they enjoy listening to both driving to work and when working listening to online over the web.

The bailout bill should have been defeated.

The American people are watching to see who really is bailout.

The American people are also watching the latest FCC end run by the left to use diversity and localism to stop talk radio.

Nice try but we are on to your tactics.

The American elites are playing with fire and they will get burned.


The forbidden skit: Full transcript and screenshots of SNL’s Soros/Sandler bailout satire
By Michelle Malkin

‘NBC is furiously erasing its tracks. Any attempts to upload the forbidden SNL bailout skit skewering George Soros and his left-wing subprime schemer friends Herbert and Marion Sandler will likely be squashed. So, I transcribed the whole comedy sketch for you and provided screenshots for the 7-minute video that has disappeared from NBC and Hulu. (Pat Dollard’s blog has posted the full clip on its server. Thanks to Ms. Underestimated for the .wmv file.)

The hits on the Sandlers ( “People who should be shot”) and Soros ( “Owner, Democratic Party”) occur near the end of the skit. …”



The missing SNL bailout skit — and the Soros connection

By Michelle Malkin 

“…Over the weekend, I watched a hilarious, dead-on, and surprisingly honest skit on Saturday Night Live about the craptastic bailout and its Democrat roots. The skit called out Fannie/Freddie and featured Nancy Pelosi dragging out various sob-story “victims” — who turned out to be a parade of deadbeats and schemers. I was going to post the video for you tonight, but I can’t.

The video has been pulled. Vanished into thin air. (Go here for full transcript and screenshots.)

Where did it go and why?

I have a theory.

One of the rapacious couples featured in the skit was Herbert and Marion Sandler (portrayed by Darrell Hammond and Casey Wilson). Unlike the other composite figures, the Sandlers are a real-life couple.

Also lampooned: Left-wing billionaire George Soros.

As Todd Thurman at Heritage notes, the Sandlers are left-wing moguls who built “a mortgage company whose major product was subprime mortgages and they sold it to Wachovia for $24.2 billion in 2006. And what do the Sandlers do when they are not peddling subprime garbage? They are busy writing checks to leftist groups like the Center for American Progress, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Yes that ACORN.”

The Sandlers are seething over the skit. And George Soros must be livid as well. Anyone else smell a legal threat behind the disappearance of the vid?



“Fairness Doctrine” = Unfair = censorship


President Rush Limbaugh. Half Hour News Hour


Background Articles and Videos


Why Rush Wins
It’s not terribly complicated.By Byron York

“…What motivates him came through in our discussion of his years on the air before the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. When he told of being ordered by station management not to discuss controversial topics — pretty much standard procedure at the time — it was clear how frustrating he found the situation. But his frustration seemed to come not so much from being forbidden to discuss politics on the air as from being forbidden from discussing anything interesting on the air.

“The real practical effect of the Fairness Doctrine was to shut down all controversial programming, because management would not deal with complaints,” Limbaugh told me. “So when you did listen to talk shows on the radio, they were dull and boring and horrible.”

“…The bottom line isn’t really about politics. It’s about radio. If Limbaugh were a liberal, we’d probably be talking about why liberals dominate talk radio. So you can talk about ownership and diversity all you want. But the bottom line is that Limbaugh simply knows radio, and what works on radio, better than anyone else in the world. That’s why he wins.”  



Stanley Kurtz’s Fairness Doctrine Preview   [Guy Benson]

“…Stanley Kurtz’s appearance on the Milt Rosenberg radio program in Chicago last night provided an unsettling look into the authoritarian tactics being employed by the Obama campaign to stifle and intimidate its critics.

I happened to be in the WGN studios for the entire affair because my friend, Zack Christenson, produces the show in question. He was aware of my previous reporting on the Obama-Ayers connection and kindly invited me to sit in on the two-hour interview. (For full disclosure, I work for two other radio stations in Chicago, WIND, and WYLL).

As I arrived at the downtown Chicago studios a few hours before show time, the phones began ringing off the hook with irate callers demanding Kurtz be axed from the program. It didn’t take long to discover that the Obama campaign—which had declined invitations to join the show for its duration to offer rebuttals to Kurtz’s points—had sent an “Obama Action Wire” e-mail to its supporters, encouraging them to deluge the station with complaints.

Why? Because, naturally, Kurtz is a “right-wing hatchet man,” a “smear merchant” and a “slimy character assassin” who is perpetrating one of the “most cynical and offensive smears ever launched against Barack.”

Evidently, much of Obama nation is composed of obedient and persistent sheep. They jammed all five studio lines for nearly the entire show while firing off dozens of angry emails. Many vowed to kick their grievances up the food chain to station management. After 90 minutes of alleged smear peddling, Milt Rosenberg (a well-respected host whose long-form interview show has aired in Chicago for decades) opened the phone lines, and blind ignorance soon began to crackle across the AM airwaves. The overwhelming message was clear: The interview must be put to an end immediately, and the station management should prevent similar discussions from taking place. …”

“…Team Obama is fast becoming the campaign that cried “smear.” They labeled the National Right to Life committee “liars” for providing evidence of some unpleasant facts about their candidate’s record on a series of infanticide votes. This tendency to lash out and engage in baseless name-calling not only smacks of desperation; it also may foreshadow an Obama presidency’s strategy in handling unfavorable media reports and sources.  …”

If anyone still believes reinstating the Fairness Doctrine isn’t a top priority for the American Left, last night’s example offered a stark and alarming wake-up call. Still not convinced? For goodness sake, read Jonah’s book.

UPDATE: Here is the podcast of the full show.



Right Wing Radio — The Eternal Enemy   [Jonah Goldberg]

“…Let’s stipulate that the report is accurate about the fact that conservatives dominate talk radio. Who among us is shocked by this very old news? What I find simply amazing is that liberals see nothing wrong with using the state to police media content when they don’t like the content.

Does anyone really believe liberals would even entertain this renewed passion for the fairness doctrine if talk radio were overwhelmingly liberal? It just strikes me as so transparently opportunistic and unprincipled. If a conservative were to argue that the state should get involved in making Hollywood, or the biggest newspapers, or the broadcast news networks, or leading museums, publishing houses, or universities less liberal, liberals would justifiably scream bloody murder about censorship and propaganda.

Yes, yes, I know that they are public airwaves, blah blah blah. But every industry relies on some public accommodation of some kind. Museums and universities get major subsidies, tax breaks etc, newspapers are given all sorts of special considerations, from access to government workings and legal leeway in the courts. Indeed, many leading journalists argue for the de facto licensing of elite journalists by making them immune from prosecution under whistleblower and other laws against leaking. And the biggest newspapers are also deeply involved in radio and tv broadcasting. And let’s not even discuss public broadcasting.



The Fairness Doctrine at Work

By William Tate

“…For those not familiar with the Fairness Doctrine, it was a Federal Communications Commission policy that required radio and TV stations to, in effect, provide equal time on matters of public importance. A station which did not do so ran the risk of losing its broadcast license, something which Rupert Murdoch once famously compared to having a license to print money.

The Fairness Doctrine was originally intended to encourage a public dialogue on controversial issues by ensuring that both sides of a topic were aired. As a former radio and TV journalist, I can assure you that the opposite was true. Station owners were afraid that their licenses would be yanked if there was the slightest possibility that they could be accused of violating the doctrine; it was far safer to simply avoid controversial matters.
That, and its questionable constitutionality, caused the Reagan-era F.C.C. to repeal the Fairness Doctrine. Within months, Rush Limbaugh’s program was nationally syndicated, and radio programming has never been the same. Many industry observers credit Rush with single-handedly saving the AM band, one reason he has achieved cult-like status among broadcasters.
Liberals often seemed perplexed by the success of conservatives in talk radio and the abject failure of liberal talk radio (see Air America, Jim Hightower, Ed Schultz, etc.), another example of how their belief in government regulation blinds them to the way the free market operates. It’s the law of supply and demand. Liberals have long had multiple media outlets to turn to: government-supported PBS and NPR, the broadcast networks, the newsweeklies, the Times and the Post, and the rest of the legacy media. …”



FCC Tries to Hush Rush

Jim Boulet Jr.

“…The “Hush Rush” crowd’s dream has been to revive the so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” which once required any radio station airing a conservative program to provide equal time for the liberal view. The doctrine’s advocates have tried using the democratic process, but to no avail whatsoever: In 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives rejected the latest effort 309 to 115.

Yet regulations proposed on January 28 by the Federal Communications Commission would effectively reinstate the Fairness Doctrine via something called “localism.” This is legislation by stealth — most of the Fairness Doctrine’s opponents might not know about it until it’s too late. All opportunity for public comment on FCC’s proposal ceases on June 11, 2008.

Which isn’t to say it was impossible to see this coming. The Left has long sought new ways of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, and their latest gambit features a sizable dose of political correctness.

In 2007, the Center for American Progress issued a report, “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio,” that cleverly recasts the Fairness Doctrine as “localism” by stating that “any effort to encourage more responsive and balanced radio programming will first require steps to increase localism.”

The center’s report also urged quotas by race and sex for radio-station ownership, because a survey of all “10,506 licensed commercial radio stations reveals that stations owned by women, minorities, or local owners are statistically less likely to air conservative hosts or shows.” …”

“…Radio-station managers know that their job security is endangered by anything that might conceivably cause trouble for the station owners who employ them. Also, those purporting to represent minority interests often take political correctness to new levels. Think of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose touchiness is already legendary — what would such a group do if legally guaranteed influence over radio programming? CAIR has equally touchy affiliates in 19 states.

Should the FCC prevail, radio stations will return to the sort of programming that predominated during the days of the Fairness Doctrine, only filtered by 2008-style political correctness. Instead of full debate on controversial issues such as amnesty for illegal aliens, AM radio will become a herd of independent minds, a vast “Air America” from sea to shining sea in which never a conservative word is heard.

The FCC’s regulations are so far along that the Bush administration’s proposed rule-making moratorium will not stop them.

Congress could pass a resolution of disapproval. Or, President Bush might ask the FCC to find other things to occupy its time. …”



Flash: SNL rewriting bailout skit, “didn’t meet their standards“

By Michelle Malkin 


“…Peter Viles at L.A. Land reports that Saturday Night Live is rewriting its forbidden Soros/Sandler-bashing
bailout skit because it “didn’t meet their standards.”

Translation: It didn’t meet George Soros’s and the Sandlers’ standards!

The scoop: …”

“…George Soros:

Owner, Democratic Party.

Owner, NBC.


I’m told the rewrite will remove the “People who should be shot” chyron below the Sandlers.

As for standards…

Commenter madmonk: “Standard[s]? What standards? They ‘joked’ about incest in the Palin family. So again… what standards?”



Debate over the Fairness Doctrine on Fox News Sunday


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SNL Sarah Palin Interview vs Real Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin, Tina Fey on SNL


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