American History–The Middle Colonies–Videos

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The Middle Colonies 1 of 3

The Middle Colonies 2 of 3

The Middle Colonies 3 of 3 


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Rove and Krauthammer–Republican Operative and Pundit Are Wrong Over O’Donnell Chances–Videos

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Krauthammer: One in 10 Chance O’Donnell Will Win


Charles Krauthammer Slames Palin, DeMint over O’Donnell endorsement


Christine O’Donnell on Rove’s ‘Un-factual’ Remarks and ‘Republican Cannibalism’


Hannity debates Karl Rove on O’Donnell


Conservative Christine O’Donnell Makes Her Case Against RINO Mike Castle at RIght Online


Christine O’Donnell victory speech wins in Delaware Senate primary vs. Mike Castle 9 14 2010


Charles Krauthammer got the Buckley Rule wrong when he implies Mike Castle is a conservative.

Rove is a  Republican operative and not a conservative operative.

Rove wants Republicans to win no matter what their political philosophy, while conservatives and libertarians want to vote for conservative and libertarian  candidates no matter what their political party affiliation.

Who thinks Mike Castle is a conservative?

I certaintly do not.

Mike Castle is a viable moderate Republican, he is not a viable conservative/libertarian Republican.

Castle would need at least a 80% American  Conservative Union rating to be considered a conservative by many movement conservatives and most conservatives like to ratings in the 90 percentile.

Castle has a lifetime 52% ACU rating and a 56% rating in 2009.

Castle is a moderate Republican or what used to be called a country club Republican or a Rockefeller Republican and today is called a RINO, Republican In Name Only.

Castle  favors a huge tax increase, the cap and trade energy tax.

On this issue alone, many conservatives and Republicans would never vote for him.

On a number of issues including the right to bear arms and abortion he again would be voting with the liberal or progressive Democratic party.

Castle also favored the bailouts by voting for TARP (Troubled Asset Recovery Program).

Sounds like a liberal or progressive Democrat to me.

The myth that only a liberal Republican can win in “blue” states is just that a myth.

Does any one remember the conservative Republican Reagan victories of 1980 and 1984.

Electoral College 1984

 Electoral College 1980




 I too hope Charles Krauthammer  and Karl Rove are both wrong about the ability of Christine O’Donnell to win the Delaware Senate seat.

Both Krauthammer and Rove forget that millions of former Republicans are now independents for the simple reason that many Republicans forgot their conservative and libertarian principles.

I believe Christine O’Donnell is going to surprise the Republican establishment including its operatives and pundits.

In your heart you know Christine O’Donnell is right.


Background Articles and Videos


Charles Krauthammer Doesn’t Think Sarah Palin is Serious, or Bitchy, Moan, Moan.



American Conservative Union

“…Most conservatives start any analysis of voting records by studying the member’s score from the ACU.  Castle receives a dismal 52% lifetime average with eh ACU.  It is important to keep in mind that the ACU ratings are not nearly as comprehensive as some of the other rating systems.  They merely pick 20 votes per year that are extremely high profile and fundamental to ideological alignment.  In other words, just because someone scores in the 80’s or even 90’s with the ACU, doesn’t mean that they are stellar conservatives.  Quite the contrary, someone who scores near 50%, indicates that they vote with the radical left on 50% of the core issues.  This doesn’t even factor in their support for hundreds of lower profile big government votes.

It is also important to note that there is a distinct trend with all of the RINO’s in terms of their ACU scores.  They all make a concerted effort to become significantly more liberal the longer they stay in Congress.  Therefore, the future trajectory of their pending voting record will be even more disastrous than their past lifetime average would indicate.  In the case of Mike Castle, he actually scored in the 20’s in 05, 07, and 08.  He has only moved slightly to the right during the past year and a half because of his Senate bid.  Anyone who thinks that he will not slide back to the 20’s and vote against repealing any of the Obama agenda if elected, obviously has no concept of congressional history.

Club for Growth

Castle scores a horrendous 43% from CFG for 2009.  Again, since his announced Senate bid he has been much more conservative than previous years.  In 07 and 08 he earned a 35% and 26% respectively.  In every year, Castle has had the most liberal voting record of any member of the 175+ Republican caucus.  So in 2008, when Arlen Specter scored a 44%, Mike Castle scored a 26%! The CFG ratings give us more of an idea of how much of a statist the member is than the ACU.


Castle garners an F from the NRA and Gun Owners of America.  In fact, he hasn’t earned anything but a 0, F, or F- from a pro 2nd amendment group since the early 90’s.  Nuff’ said.

Castle has consistently earned a 0 from the National Right to Life, while usually scoring a perfect 100% from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. …”

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