Harvey Mansfield — The Left on Campus–Videos

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Harvey Mansfield — The Left on Campus


Background Articles and Videos

Taming the Prince

Friendship: Allan Bloom and Harvey Mansfield

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David Horowitz: One Party Classroom–Videos

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How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (1 of 8)


How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (2 of 8)


How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (3 of 8)


How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (4 of 8)


How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (5 of 8)


How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (6 of 8)


How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (7 of 8)


How Radical Professors Indoctrinate Students – David Horowitz (8 of 8)


Protesters at David Horowitz’s speech at UT Austin


David Horowitz at UT Austin – Part 2


David Horowitz at UT Austin – Part 3


David Horowitz at UT Austin – Part 4


David Horowitz at UT Austin – Part 5


David Horowitz at UT Austin – Part 6


David Horowitz at UT Austin – Q&A


Background Artilces and Videos


David Horowitz

“…David Joel Horowitz (born January 10, 1939) is an American conservative writer and activist. The son of two life-long members of the Communist Party, and a former supporter of Marxism as well as a former member of the New Left in the 1960s, Horowitz later renounced his “left-wing political radicalism” and became an advocate for conservatism.

He is a founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (formerly the Center for the Study of Popular Culture), and has served as president of that organization for many years. He is the editor of the conservative website FrontPage Magazine, and his writings can be read on news sites and publications, including the conservative magazine NewsMax.[1] He founded the activist group Students for Academic Freedom. …”



David Horowitz Freedom Center

“…The David Horowitz Freedom Center is a conservative foundation founded in 1988 by political activist David Horowitz and his long-time collaborator, co-author, and friend, Peter Collier. It was established with funding from conservative philanthropies, such as the Olin Foundation the Bradley Foundation and the Sarah Scaife Foundation.[1]


“…The Center has the following ongoing programs.[5]

  • FrontPage Magazine — an online “conservative” political magazine and website, edited by Horowitz, that is the successor to Heterodoxy (see below). Its main focus is on issues pertaining to foreign policy, war, and terrorism.
  • Discover the Networks (previously, and still often referred to as, “Discover the Network”) – A database of what it describes as organizations and “activists for leftwing agendas and causes — egalitarians, socialists, and opponents of American ‘imperialism'”,[6] with a Java applet to display their interconnections in graphic form.[7]This description can include Jihadists, “anti-American” strains of anti-Iraq War activists, etc. After two years of development, went online in February, 2005, with a staff of two at a cost of about $500,000. [8]
  • Students for Academic Freedom– claims chapters on 150 campuses. Opposes “indoctrination”.[9]
  • Wednesday Morning Club – In 2006 the Center held twenty-one Wednesday Morning Club events with speakers ranging from former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Victor Davis Hanson, Wafa Sultan, General Georges Sada,Judge Charles W. Pickering, Dennis Prager, Shelby Steele and Melanie Morgan with Catherine Moy. Speakers in 2007 include Dinesh D’Souza, Dore Gold, Bruce Herschensohn and John O’Sullivan. In previous years speakers have included then-Governor George W. Bush (1999), then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, Robert Bork, Representatives Tom DeLay and Henry Hyde, Senators Trent Lott, Bill Frist and Joseph Lieberman, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes and George Will.[10]
  • Jihad Watch (or Jihadwatch; also Dhimmi Watch) – blogs and articles attacking Islam.[11]
  • The Individual Rights Foundation – Organization of lawyers to fight speech codes and political correctness on campuses and elsewhere. Participated as Amicus Curiae in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, the successful defense of the Boy Scouts of America against the ACLU in the Supreme Court. [12][13]
  • Libertas – A forum for promoting conservative films in Hollywood. It presents the conservative Liberty Film Festival.[14][3]
  • Restoration Weekend – Annual conservative fundraising and networking event. …”



PJTV interviews author David Horowitz Part One


PJTV interviews author David Horowitz Part Two


David Horowitz on Hannity & Colmes


David Horowitz – Liberal Arts


David Horowitz – Party of Defeat


David Horowitz on Al-Jazeera; Part 1 of 2


David Horowitz on Al-Jazeera; Part 2 of 2


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