Benghazi One Year Later — The White House and CIA Stonewalling and Coverup Continues — No Arrests or Justice For The Victims — Who Ordered The Stand Down of Military and CIA Operators — Obama or Jarrett or Both? — Videos

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Benghazi Terrorist Suspects Identified But No Arrests Made RPT America Needs Answers Cavuto

Benghazi Scandal, Chris Wallace To WH Chief Of Staff Where Are Benghazi Arrest Powers & Sayegh

Benghazi One Year Later

Congressman: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements


Benghazi 1 YR Later Top Diplomat Says State Dept Failed To Send Help!

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Benghazi Terror Attack One Year Later And Still No Answers

One Year Since Benghazi And Still No Arrests – Fox News Sunday Panel – Chris Wallace – 9-8-13

CNN’s Burnett on Benghazi: “One Year Later, Justice Has Not Been Served…May Never Be Served”

Illegal Cover-up: Obama Changing Names Of Benghazi Survivors

Benghazi Assassination Coverup and Lies Being Exposed – Demand Impeachment/Resignation

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The Obama Avalanche: Obamacare And Obama’s Scandals (Benghazi, AP, Fox’s James Rosen, DOJ, IRS, NSA) Lead To Failed Lame Duck Presidency — Videos

Breaking News Bombshell: President Obama’s Phony Scandal and Big Lies of Benghazi Terror Attack Goes Viral As CIA Had 35 operators Assisting In Transfer from Libya of 20,000 Soviet Grinch SA-24 (Igla-S man-portable air defense system (MANPADS) ) shoulder-launched Surface-to-Air Missiles ( equivalent of U.S.-made Stinger missiles) To Syria — CIA Monthly Polygraphying of CIA Employees To Stop Leaks To Media — Videos

It Takes A Phony President Obama To Have Phony Scandals And Phony Economic Recovery That Kill Real Men And Resulted In Millions of American Citizens Unemployed — Obama Has Lost The Trust of The American People — Videos

The Obama Avalanche: Obamacare and Obama’s Scandals (Benghazi, AP, Fox’s James Rosen, DOJ, IRS, NSA) Lead To Failed Lame Duck Presidency — Videos

Obama’s CIA Covert Action Operations Provides Arms and Death Squads From Benghazi, Libya to Syria — Graphic Video of Executions — The Consequences of Obama’s Responsibility To Protect Foreign Policy — Sharia Law At Work — World War III? — Video

Who Benefited From Delaying The Disclosure of the Benghazi and IRS Scandals? President Barack Obama — Who Lost? American People — Videos

Who Wrote The Benghazi Cover-up Story of The Anti-Islamic YouTube Video for Rice, Clinton, and Obama? Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication–Propagandist Speech Writer? — Videos

The Day They Drove Old Hillary Down–Benghazi-Gate Obama Clinton Cover-up Blown — Rice, Clinton, Obama Lied To American People and The World — Americans Died — Videos

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Grilled Over 4 Deaths and Poor Security in Benghazi and Arms Shipments or Transfers From Libya To Turkey Bound For Syria–Denies There Was Any Shipment–Ask The Central Intelligence Agency–Videos

The Rise and Fall of General David Petreaus–Leaks and Lying: Lessons Learned–Obama Lied and Americans Died–Email Evasion of Privacy–Benghazigate–Videos

Presidential Oath Takers and Oath Breakers–Stopping The 20 Million Mexican Illegal Alien Invasion of the United States!

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Sexist Elitist Chris Wallace Asks Michele Backmann Are You A Flake?–Chris, Are You A Wimp?–Videos

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Pronk Pops Show 34:June 29, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 33:June 22, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 32:June 15, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 31:June 8, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 30:June 2, 2011

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Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 30-33

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 27-29

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 22 (Part 2)-26

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 16-22 (Part 1)

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 10-15

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 1-9

“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Bachmann: Flake Question

The rap on Chris Wallace is he is a wimp!

Clinton is a liar and Chris should have known he was being lied to and challenged him.

Had Clinton given the go ahead to kill Bin Laden, the 9/11 attack may have never happened.

This is the reason Clinton is so sensitive about any criticism on the subject.

Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News Part 2


Clinton refused to kill bin Laden


Clinton Administration failures precipitated 9/11

Michele Bachmann answered the flake question with a homerun response.

Chris Wallace to his credit apologized.

Chris Wallace Says Sorry To Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann: I Accept Chris Wallace’s Apology – 06/27/11

The flakes, clowns and extremists of both political parties are the ones who think you can run the Federal Government with deficits of over $1,000 billion four years in a row without economic consequences.

Confronting Reckless Federal Spending

Fox News – Big Government is the Enemy

“I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Background Articles and Videos

Michele Bachmann is Interviewed by Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday) – Pt. 1 of 2

Michele Bachmann is Interviewed by Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday) – Pt. 2 of 2

Elitists Treat Bachmann the Same as Palin

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011 10:25 AM

By David Limbaugh

“…Indeed, there is an enormous elephant in the room of GOP presidential politics, which is that despite their individual popularity, both female contenders, Bachmann and Sarah Palin, are dismissed in many circles as cartoon characters.

I’m the last person who wants to inject identity politics into any equation, but I can’t help but wonder what role, if any, their gender may be playing here — not just that they’re females but also that they’re attractive ones.

Though I doubt these are major factors for most people, they are for some. In fact, a number of females have suggested that other women react negatively to Palin — and presumably to Bachmann, as well — specifically because they are women.

In other critics I detect a type of soft sexism leading to a stronger reaction to their gaffes than to, say, Obama’s. They regard their mistakes (or supposed mistakes) as disqualifying while casually overlooking far worse errors from the Harvard-educated Obama.

Bachmann and Palin are panned as inexperienced and lacking gravitas despite their records and accomplishments, and Obama is treated as a heavyweight despite his miserable record and voluminous verbal blunders.

But much bigger factors driving the media narrative against Palin and Bachmann than their female attractiveness are their common personal and ideological characteristics.

They are both fearless, combative, energizing, and unqualified conservatives. Don’t get me wrong; they are two very different people, but these shared qualities make them especially contemptible to the left and to certain elitists on the right.

Bachmann and Palin happen to be among the most conservative of the GOP field, and leftists and elitists routinely cast conservatives as a dozen fries short of a Happy Meal. They consider Reagan conservatives — just as they regarded Reagan in his day — dangerous extremists and insufficiently nuanced for prime time.

Those who pull no punches in challenging the Beltway dogma that got us into this calamity are quickly shunted aside by the elites. But they are adored by mainstream Americans, who are unencumbered by the numbing realities of Washington that prevent far too many career politicians from taking immediate action to reverse our nationally suicidal course.

Read more on Elitists Treat Bachmann the Same as Palin
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

Conversations With History – Michael Scheuer

Classic TYT Interview With Michael Scheuer 2-15-08


Presidents Vs. Terrorists

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Glenn Beck On Fox News Sunday Interviewed By Chris Wallace–Videos

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Fox News Sunday Part 1 – Glenn Beck,The Panel,The Economy

Fox News Sunday Part 2 – Glenn Beck,The Panel,The Economy

Fox News Sunday Part 3 – Glenn Beck,The Panel,The Economy

Fox News Sunday Part 4 – Glenn Beck,The Panel,The Economy 


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Over One Million Americans Attend The Restoring Honor Rally At The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.–Videos

The Wisdom of The Founding Fathers–Videos

Glenn Beck On James Madison–The Father Of The United States Constitution–Videos

Glenn Beck On Founding Father Benjamin Franklin–Videos

Glenn Beck On The History of Black Americans In The American Revolution And Civil War–Videos

Glenn Beck–A Forgotten Founding Father–George Whitefield–Videos

Glenn Beck On The Indispensable Founding Father–George Washington–Videos

The Black Founding Fathers–Videos

 The Founding Mothers–Videos

Glenn Beck On The Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams and The First American Revolution–Videos

Glenn Beck Faith, Hope, Charity and Honor–Videos

How Many Americans Will Attend The Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., Saturday, August 28, 2010? Answer? 1 to 3 Million!

Glenn Beck Previews The Restoring Honor Rally–Saturday, August 28, 2010–The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C—Videos

The American People March on Washington D.C.–August 28, 2010–At The Lincoln Memorial! Mark Your Calendar–Be There–Three Million Minimum–Join The Second American Revolution 

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