Barack’s Bud Beer Bash or Bust–Do Not Confuse Me With The Facts I Have Made Up My Mind–Invincible Ignorance!

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Beer Bash a Boost for Health-Care Reform?


 Obama,Gates and Crowley Beer Bash


Background Articles and Videos

Beer Summit: The final summary

By Doug Powers 

“…The “Beer Summit” is over, and here’s a brief summary of what was said and written after the history-making meeting:

Sgt. Crowley said nobody apologized and they “agreed to disagree.” But Officer, how is anybody supposed to have a fair and balanced discussion of race issues if you refuse to apologize?

Professor Gates wrote after the meeting that he doesn’t necessarily think that Crowley profiled him and is semi-confident he won’t do it again.

President Obama said the discussion was constructive, in spite of the noticeable absence of his teleprompter, and also said that nobody should be calling it a “beer summit.” Okay, “Opportunistic photo op for reasons of gratuitous blame-deflection with beer backdrop” it is.

Joe Biden just showed up out of nowhere apparently uninvited like the unemployed brother-in-law living in your basement who you hope doesn’t wake up when you’re having friends over for cocktails who stumbles up the stairs in his underwear, sneezes on the hor d’oeuvres, scratches his butt and pees in the sink. Okay, maybe not, but that’s how it appeared to me.

Biden reportedly drank non-alcoholic beer. Heaven forbid he have any alcohol and say something stupid. …”


Black Cops Support Sgt. James Crowley, Rebuke Henry Louis Gates & Barack Obama [CNN]



Sgt. James Crowley: Barack Obama is “way off base” Commenting on Henry Louis Gates Arrest


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