Collectivists vs. Individualists: Occupy Wall Street Compared To Tea Party–Videos

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“The collectivists idolize only the one true church, only the great nation . . . only the true state; everything else they condemn. For that reason all collectivists doctrines are harbingers of irreconcilable hatred and war to the death.”

“Individualism resulted in the fall of autocratic government, the establishment of democracy, the evolution of capitalism, technical improvements, and an unprecedented rise in standards of living. It substituted enlightenment for old superstitions, scientific methods of research for inveterate prejudices.”

“Capitalism means free enterprise, sovereignty of the consumers in economic matters, and sovereignty of the voters in political matters. Socialism means full government control of every sphere of the individuals life and the unrestricted supremacy of the government in its capacity as central board of production management.”

“There is simply no other choice than this: either to abstain from interference in the free play of the market, or to delegate the entire management of production and distribution to the government. Either capitalism or socialism: there exists no middle way.”

~Ludwig von Mises

Occupy Wall Street: Universal Serfdom with G. Edward Griffin

Collectivists vs. Individualists

The Greatest Revolution in History has Begun! BEST OCCUPY DOCUMENTARY

Stephen Lerner, former SEIU memeber, plan for strike (Occupy Wall Street): FULL Uncut Version

Occupy:  Soros, Piven and SEIU Working to Destroy Americas Financial System to Create Revolution

OWS Exposed!

SEIU / ACORN: Organized “Occupy Wall Street” From Day One via The Working Family Party


(Communist Party Member)

Angela Davis Occupy Wall St @ Washington Sq Park Oct 30 2011 General Strike November 2

The Best of the Occupy Wall Street Crazies

Ezra Levant on Occupy Wall Street & SEIU union goons

GBTV: Ami Horowitz takes another trip down to meet the OWS movement

Occupiers: The Cops Are Picking On Us

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Backs Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Seattle: SEIU president David Rolf’s speech Oct. 10th 2011

Occupy DC Song! You Can’t Always Get What You Want!

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street (OWS)

Ron Paul: Tea Party 07 

CptnMidnite epic Occupy Wall st rant/speech END THE FED

“CptnMidnite” Speaks with Judge Napolitano – End the Fed

“CptnMidnite Responds To Glenn Beck” End the Fed / Occupy Wall Street

TEA Party Rally in Lakeland

Chicago Tea Party April 15 2009

Tea Party Confidential: Live From the September 12 Taxpayer March on Washington 

9/12 Taxpayer Tea Party March on Washington, DC

Katrina Pierson – Dallas Tea Party – April 15, 2009

Yaron Brook’s Keynote Address at July 4 Boston Tea Party Protest (Part 1 of 2) (HD)

Yaron Brook’s Keynote Address at July 4 Boston Tea Party Protest (Part 2 of 2) (HD)

Yaron Brook – Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit 2011


Background Articles and Videos

G. Edward Griffin – The Collectivist Conspiracy

The Decline and Triumph of Classical Liberalism, Part 1

The Decline and Triumph of Classical Liberalism, Part 2

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Who Is Behind And Funding Occupy Wall Street–The Radical Left: Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party, Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party, Worker’s World Party,Working Families Party (front for ACORN), New York Communities For Change, Adbusters, George Soros and Barack Obama–Video

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White House Panics Demands Firing Of Black Woman–Shirley Sherrod–For Racism–Progressive Radical Socialists Throw One Of Their Own Under The Bus–Have They No Shame!

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“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

 Ag Secretary Offers to Hire Back Ousted Worker


Robert Gibbs on Shirley Sherrod: Mistakes Were Made

Shirley Sherrod explains racial remarks


USDA Reconsiders Employee’s Job Over Race Remark

Shirley Sherrod Defended by White farmers Wife; Eloise & Rodger Spooner

White farmers at the center of Shirley Sherrod controversy: ‘No way in the world’ she is a racist.


shirley sherrod reveals her past racism

Andrew Breitbart Defends Shirley Sherrod Story


Krauthammer on Shirley Sherrod

John King-Andrew Breitbart Shirley Sherrod Interview, Part I


John King-Andrew Breitbart Shirley Sherrod Interview, Part II


Politics of Race: NAACP vs. Tea Party

 NAACP Says Tea Party is Racist…

Sarah Palin slams Obama on “Tea Party Racism” by NAACP

Sarah Palin slams Obama on “Tea Party Racism” by NAACP

Black USDA Official Caught Making Racist Remarks About White Farmers !!!

Glenn Beck-07/20/10-A

Glenn Beck-07/20/10-B

Glenn Beck-07/20/10-C

Glenn Beck-07/20/10-D

Glenn Beck-07/20/10-E

Glenn Beck-07/20/10-F

Byron York talks about liberal efforts to ‘pre-tar’ the Tea Party protests as a violent movement

 Stupid and racist – The lies of the attack on the Arizona immigration law


the New Black Panther Party… 


Amnesty is Political Suicide…


A More Inspiring Message

“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves

and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood. “

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Background Articles and Videos

Shirley Sherrod: the FULL video


Shirley Sherrod’s Disappearing Act: Not So Fast

By: Tom Blumer


“…Ms. Sherrod’s previous background, the circumstances surrounding her hiring, and the USDA’s agenda may all play a part in explaining her sudden departure from the agency. These matters have not received much scrutiny to this point

An announcement of Ms. Sherrod’s July 2009 appointment to her USDA position at gives off quite a few clues:

RDLN Graduate and Board Vice Chair Shirley Sherrod was appointed Georgia Director for Rural Development by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on July 25. Only days earlier, she learned that New Communities, a group she founded with her husband and other families (see below) has won a thirteen million dollar settlement in the minority farmers law suit Pigford vs Vilsack….” 

“…Justice Achieved – Congratulations to Shirley and Charles Sherrod!

We have wonderful news regarding the case of New Communities, Inc., the land trust that Shirley and Charles Sherrod established, with other black farm families in the 1960’s. At the time, with holdings of almost 6,000 acres, this was the largest tract of black-owned land in the country.

… Over the years, USDA refused to provide loans for farming or irrigation and would not allow New Communities to restructure its loans. Gradually, the group had to fight just to hold on to the land and finally had to wind down operations.

… The cash (settlement) award acknowledges racial discrimination on the part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the years 1981-85. … New Communities is due to receive approximately $13 million ($8,247,560 for loss of land and $4,241,602 for loss of income; plus $150,000 each to Shirley and Charles for pain and suffering). There may also be an unspecified amount in forgiveness of debt. This is the largest award so far in the minority farmers law suit (Pigford vs Vilsack). …”
Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Eisenhower (part 1) – Farewell Speech 1961


Eisenhower (part 2) – Farewell Speech 1961

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Farewell Address 

delivered 17 January 1961

Full Text and Audio:

General Dwight D. Eisenhower Man of the Hour

DECLINE of EMPIRES: The Signs of Decay

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President Obama Authorizes A Program For The Assassination of Dozens of American Citizens In Foreign Countries For Alledged Terrorism–Impeach President Barack Obama For High Crimes–License To Kill Cancelled–Videos

Tea Party Patriots–Come To Where The Jobs Are–Come To Washington D.C.–Saturday August 28, 2009–A 100 Year Plan Unvailed–Restoring Honor!

Progressive Radical Socialist Racism and Reparations For Genocide From Eugenics Advocates


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Obamacare–The Progressive Radical Socialist Bay of Pigs–JFK Redux–The Day Obamacare Died–Videos

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The Day ObamaCare Died – American Pie Parody


Cuba & Bay Of Pigs


Secrets of The CIA – Bay of Pigs


Obamacare or so-called health care reform is quickly becoming the progressive radical socialist Democratic Party’s Bay of Pigs disaster–JFK Redux.

The vast majority of the American people simply do not want Obamacare–or socialized medicine.

The progressive radical socialists arrogantly overreached by having a health care reform bill that forces Americans to purchase a government qualified or approved health insurance plan.

Such government coercion is unprecedented, unAmerican and unconstitutional.

You simply do not tell the American people that they must buy anything.

You simply do not tell the American people that if you do not buy an approved government health care plan you will be fined by the IRS.

You simply do not exempt certain states and unions from provisions of the bill in order to obtain their support for the bill.

If you do, you can expect to be thrown out of office in the next election, no matter what political party you belong to.

The American people have now targeted all progressive radical socialists of either the Democratic or Republican party for political defeat in future political elections.

Don McLean: American Pie


Background Articles and Videos

Pelosi: House lacks votes to OK Senate health bill

By ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer Alan Fram, Associated Press Writer

“….Democrats’ last-ditch approach to saving President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care overhaul — prodding House members to pass a Senate version vastly unpopular with them — isn’t working.

So lawmakers are talking about more modest health legislation that could have bipartisan appeal, though even that may prove more complicated than many suggest.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she lacks the votes to move the Senate’s bill through the House and to Obama’s desk. Under a plan backed by the White House, the new law would be followed by a separate measure making changes sought by House members, such as easing the Senate’s tax on higher-cost health plans.

Pelosi, D-Calif., spoke to reporters after House Democrats held a closed-door meeting at which participants vented frustration with the Senate legislation.

Many rank-and-file Democrats said the stunning defeat in this week’s Massachusetts special election — in which Republicans captured the Senate seat held for decades by the late Edward M. Kennedy — meant it was time to seek more modest health legislation. …”

Bay of Pigs Part 1 – Castro’s Revolution


Bay of Pigs Part 2 – Castro’s Revolution


Fidel: The Untold Story

Don McLean – Vincent 1972 Live

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Health Care

Obama’s Big Whopper–”The largest deficit reduction plan in a decade.”–Delusional Deceitful Democrats–Massive Tax Increases and Economy Wrecker–Health Care Bill If Passed Is Unconstitutional!

Senator Coburn Educates The Educated Fools aka Progressive Radical Socialists Who Cannot Write, Read, Or Understand The Health Care Bill or Competitive Markets!

Senator Coburn Educates The Educated Fools aka Progressive Radical Socialists Who Cannot Write, Read, Or Understand The Health Care Bill or Competitive Markets!

Senator Tom Coburn Makes The Progressive Radical Socialists Read Their Socialized Medicine Amendment to Health Care Bill!–Three Cheers–Kill The Bill!

Progressive Radical Socialist Health Care Plan Written In Prison By Convicted ACORN Felon Richard Creamer!

Obama’s Trick On The American People: Health Insurance Reform=Huge Hikes in Taxes and Premiums for Health Insurance and Massive Medicare Funding and Payment Reimbursement Cuts–Congressional Coercion–It’s Alive!

Second Opinion: Doctors Speak Up On Proposed Health Care Reform–And A Third Texas Opinion!–Videos

American Citizens Want Jobs and Criminal Alien Removal, Not Criminal Alien Census and Health Care!

Illegal Aliens Can Buy Health Insurance Plans–No ID Needed:–Demand Criminal Alien Removal and Deportation!

Congressman Paul Ryan–Townhall Meeting–Health Care Reform and The Patients Choice Act–Videos

The Arrogance of President Obama: Hectoring Habitual Liar

Broom Budget Busting Bums: Replace The Entire Congress–Tea Party Express and Patriots–United We Stand!

Public Option = Government Option = Pathway to Single Payer = Single Payer = Socialized Medicine = Blue Pill = Poison Pill

Obama: First We Kill The Babies, Then We Kill The Elderly, Then We Kill The Veterans–Your Life, Your Choices–Your Time Is Up!

This Joker Is A Lost Cause: Keeping President Obama Honest on Health Care–Let’s But A Smile On That Face–Staying Alive

Fact 1. Federal Government Health Insurance Is Compulsory–Kill The Bill–H.R. 3200

Patient Empowerment: Health Savings Accounts–High Deductible Catastrophic Health Insurance–Affordable, Portable, Fair, Individual Health Care Plan–Consumer Driven Health Care Reform!

The Dangers Of A Single Payer Health Care System: Ronald Reagan On Socialized Medicine and Friedrich A. Hayek On State Monopoly

The American People Believe The Government Public Option Plan Is The Path To The Single Payer Government Plan–Socialized Medicine–Obama Caught Lying To The American People!

The American People Confront Obama’s Red Shirts (ACORN) and Purple Shirts (SEIU)–Bullhorns and Beatings Over Obama Care!

The Obama Depression Has Arrived: 15,000,000 to 25,000,000 Unemployed Americans–Stimulus Package and Bailouts A Failure–400,000 Leave Labor Force In July!

Obama’s Marching Orders For His Red Shirts (ACORN), Purple Shirts (SEIU) and Black Shirts (New Panther Party)–Progressive Radical Socialists

Health Care Resources

Republican Health Care Reform: The Patients’ Choice Act

Medical Doctor and Senator Tom Coburn On Health Care–Videos

The Senate Doctors Show–Videos

Obama’s Waterloo– Government Compulsory Single Payer Socialized Medicine!–Videos

President Obama’s Plan of Massive Deficit Spending Is Destroying The US Economy–The American People Say Stop Socialism BS Now!

The Bum’s Rush of The American People: The Totally Irresponsible Democratic Party Health Care Bill and Obama’s Big Lie Exposed

Chairman Obama’s Progressive Radical Socialist Health Care Bill Kills Individual Private Health Care Insurance–Join The Second American Revolution!

The Obama Big Lie and Inconvenient Truth About Health Care–The Public Option Trojan Horse–Leads To A Single Payor Goverment Monopoly of Health Care and The Bankruptcy of USA!

The Obama Public Option Poison Pill For A Government Health Care Monopoly–Single Payer System–Betting Your Life and Paying Though The Nose

Government Bureaucracy: Organizational Chart of The House Democrats’ Health Plan

Dr. Robert W. Christensen–Videos

John Stossel–Sick In America–Videos

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