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Mayor Booker – Bain Capital, private equity good – nauseating 

Cory Booker Backtracks on Romney Support 

Cory Booker Backs Off Criticizing Obama Campaign Bain Attacks

“As the Obama campaign doubles down on the use of Bain Capital to question Mitt Romney’s economic philosophy, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is backing off his criticism of a line of attack he called “nauseating.” During an appearance Sunday on “Meet The Press,” Booker, an Obama supporter and rising star, seemed to equate the Obama campaign’s Bain strategy with the scuttled plans of a GOP “super PAC” to raise Obama’s past ties to Jeremiah Wright, a retired Chicago pastor whose controversial speeches became a campaign issue in 2008…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Big Bain Backfire

“…President Obama’s attacks on free enterprise have triggered a backlash among many—even among those in his own party. In just the past few days, everyone from former advisors to his own surrogates have criticized the Obama campaign’s attack on free enterprise. With no record to run on, it is no surprise that the Obama campaign has resorted to misleading attacks that have been disavowed by its own supporters. …”

Axelrod: Mayor Booker Was “Wrong” To Criticize Obama Attack On Romney 

Matthews On Obama Booking Booker: “I’m Appalled By This Of Course! HEAR ME!!”

Cory Booker Caught in Balancing Act Over Obama’s Bain Ad Comments

Corporatist Dem. Cory Booker Defends Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital 

Papantonio: Booker Has No Courage For A Fight 

Obama Campaign Does Damage Control After Dems Question Anti-Bain Strategy

“…The Obama campaign is in full damage-control mode one day after Newark Mayor Cory Booker publicly derided Democrats’ assault on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney over his record at Bain Capital.

Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod today publicly rebuked Booker, a popular and high-profile surrogate for the campaign, saying he was “just wrong.”

“I love Cory Booker. He’s a great mayor. If I were, if my house was on fire, I’d hope he were my next door neighbor,” Axelrod said on MSNBC, referring to Booker’s rescue of a neighbor last month.

“I agree with what he said later. I think this was a legitimate area for discussion,” Axelrod said of Booker’s subsequent comments clarifying the issue. …”

“…Booker is not the only Democrat to question the aggressive, negative portrayal of Romney’s work in private equity.  Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. said today he agreed with “the substance” of Booker’s comments and “would not have backed out.”

“I agree with him, private equity is not a bad thing. Matter of fact, private equity is a good thing in many, many instances,” the Democrat said in a separate appearance on MSNBC earlier in the day.

Former Obama administration economic adviser Steven Rattner made similar comments last week, calling a new Obama campaign TV ad attacking Romney’s role in the bankruptcy of a Bain-owned steel company “unfair.”

“Bain Capital’s responsibility was not to create 100,000 jobs or some other number. It was to create profits for its investors,” Rattner said.  ”‘It did it superbly well, acting within the rules, acting very responsibly. … This is part of capitalism, this is part of life. I don’t think there’s anything Bain Capital did that they need to be embarrassed about.”

Republicans have been gleeful with the apparent divide among Democrats over the portrayal of Romney’s Bain days.  The Romney campaign produced a web video – “Big Bain Backfire” – highlighting the comments, while the Republican National Committee purchased ads on Twitter to play up the Booker flap. …”


Background Articles and Videos

Cory Booker Fire Rescue

Cory Booker on “Stand Your Ground” 

Glenn Beck analyzes Obama’s new Bain Capital-related anti-Romney ad (5/15/12 show)

State of the Union:      Obama Ad Bashes Bain Capital 

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Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel Communications Who Owns Premiere Networks Who Distributes–Many “Conservative” Talk Radio Shows–Limbaugh, Beck, Levin, Gibson, Hannity, Savage–Who Attacked Ron Paul With Racist Newsletter Smear–Videos

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JAW DROPPING! Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel Radio!

Ron Paul’s Racist Newsletters – An In Depth and Honest Look–James Kirchick–Gay Neoconservative!–The Hit Man Behind The Smear Attack On Ron Paul–Blacks, Jews, and Libertarians For Ron Paul Respond–Videos


Guess which talk radio shows were attacking Ron Paul by bringing up the so-called racist newsletter issue in the three weeks before the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary?

Hell will freeze over before I vote for any Republican big government neoconservative progressive.

Mitt Romney in particular will never get my vote.

The American people are waking up.

Background Articles and Videos

Premiere Networks (formerly Premiere Radio Networks, or PRN) is an American radio network. It is the largest syndication company in the United States based on popularity of programming. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications and it is headed by Julie Talbott, who serves as president, content and affiliate relations.

Premiere syndicates some of the most famous names and programs in American broadcasting, including The Rush Limbaugh Show, Coast to Coast AM, Jim Rome, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Leo Laporte, and Randi Rhodes. Premiere programs are carried on over 5,000 radio stations worldwide, primarily in the United States and in Canada. The network also provides the rights to streaming audio for participating shows’ premium services (e.g., Rush Limbaugh’s Rush 24/7 and Glenn Beck’s Insider) through their Streamlink system.

Several programs are carried on XM Satellite Radio, which is the exclusive satellite provider for Premiere and parent Clear Channel Radio. However, shows that are not produced by Premiere or any Clear Channel subsidiary, but are distributed by Premiere, are allowed carriage on Sirius Satellite Radio unless otherwise specified by said show’s producer.

Clear Channel Communications

“…Clear Channel Communications, Inc. is an American media conglomerate company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.[3] It was founded in 1972 by Lowry Mays and Red McCombs, and was taken private by Bain Capital LLC and Thomas H. Lee Partners LP in a leveraged buyout in 2008.[4] Clear Channel specializes in radio broadcasting, concert promotion and hosting, and fixed advertising in the United States through its subsidiaries. After 21 years, Mark Mays stepped down as President and CEO of Clear Channel on June 23, 2010.[5] Mays will remain as Chairman of the Board, a position he has held for a year prior. The Board has engaged Egon Zehnder International, a leading executive search firm, to lead the search for a new CEO.

Clear Channel is the largest owner of full-power AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations and twelve radio channels on XM Satellite Radio, and is also the largest pure-play radio station owner and operator. The group was in the television business until it sold all of its TV stations to Newport Television in 2008.

The term “clear channel” comes from AM broadcasting, referring to a channel (frequency) on which only one station transmits. In U.S. and Canadian broadcasting history, “clear channel” (or class I-A) stations had exclusive rights to their frequencies throughout most of the continent at night, when AM stations travel very far due to skywave. WOAI in San Antonio, Clear Channel’s flagship station, was such a station.


Clear Channel Communications purchased its first FM station in San Antonio in 1972. The company purchased the second “clear channel” AM station WOAI in 1975. In 1976, the company purchased its first stations outside of San Antonio. KXXO AM and KMOD FM in Tulsa were acquired under the name “San Antonio Broadcasting” (same as KEEZ). Stations were also added in Port Arthur, TX (KPAC-AM-FM from Port Arthur College) and El Paso, TX (KELP AM (now KQBU AM) from John Walton, Jr.). In 1992, the U.S. Congress relaxed radio ownership rules slightly, allowing the company to acquire more than 2 stations per market. By 1995, Clear Channel owned 43 radio stations and 16 television stations. In 1996, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 became law. This act deregulated media ownership, allowing a company to own more stations than previously. Clear Channel went on a buying spree, purchasing more than 70 other media companies, plus individual stations.

In a few cases, following purchase of a competitor, Clear Channel was forced to divest some of its stations, as it was above the legal thresholds in some cities. In 2005, the courts ruled that Clear Channel must also divest itself of some “border blaster” radio stations in international border cities, such as the alternative rock radio station 91X in Tijuana, Baja California/San Diego.

In 1997 Clear Channel moved out of pure broadcasting when it purchased billboard firm Eller Media[6] which was led by Karl Eller.

In 1998 it made its first move outside of the United States when it acquired the leading UK outdoor advertising company More Group plc which was led by Roger Parry; Clear Channel went on to buy many other outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting, and live events companies around the world, which were then re-branded Clear Channel International. These included a 51% stake in Clear Media Ltd. in China.[7]

In 1999, the company acquired Jacor Communications, a radio corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

R. Steven Hicks and Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst began Capstar Broadcasting in 1996 and a year later had become the largest owner of radio stations in the country, with 243 stations in all. In August 1997, Capstar and Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst announced plans to acquire SFX Broadcasting Inc., with the resulting company owning 314 stations in 79 markets and ranking as the third-largest radio group by income.[8] A year later, Chancellor Media Corporation and Capstar Broadcasting Corporation announced a merger which would result in Chancellor Media owning 463 stations in 105 markets once the deal was completed in second quarter 1999. Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst owned 59 percent of Capstar, with 355 stations in 83 markets, and was the largest single owner of Chancellor (which had 108 stations in 22 markets), with 15 percent of the stock.[9] Chancellor Media later became AMFM Inc., which was acquired by Clear Channel in a deal announced October 3, 1999 and valued at $17.4 billion. The resulting company would own 830 radio stations, 19 television stations, and over 425,000 outdoor displays in 32 countries.[10][11]

In 2005 Clear Channel Communications split into three separate companies. Clear Channel Communications was a radio broadcaster; Clear Channel Outdoor was out-of-home advertising; and Live Nation was live events. The Mays family remained in effective control of all three, and held key executive roles in each (with Mark Mays as CEO of both radio and outdoor and Randall Mays as Chairman of Live Nation).

On November 16, 2006, Clear Channel announced plans to go private, being bought out by two private-equity firms, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital Partners for $18.7 billion, which is just under a 10 percent premium above its closing price of $35.36 a share on November 16 (the deal values Clear Channel at $37.60 per share).[12][13] The new ownership of Clear Channel has also announced that all of its TV stations were for sale, as well as 448 radio stations that were outside of the top 100 markets.[14] All of the TV stations and 161 of the radio stations were sold to a Providence Equity Partners, a private-equity firm, on April 23, 2007, pending FCC approval.[15]

On July 24, 2008, Clear Channel held a special shareholder meeting, during which the majority of shareholders accepted a revised $36-per-share offer from Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners.[16] The company announced on July 30 that it would offer shareholders either $36 in cash or one share of CC Media Class A common stock for each share of Clear Channel common stock held.[17]

In early 2010 it was announced that the company was facing bankruptcy due to its “crippling debt.”[18]

In November 2010 Clear Channel Radio announced a multi-platform campaign with the USO as part of a National Community Engagement campaign.


Clear Channel has purchased interest in, or outright acquired, companies in a number of media or advertising related industries. This is not an exhaustive list.


With 850 stations, Clear Channel is the largest radio station group owner in the United States, both by number of stations and by revenue. According to BIA Financial Network, Clear Channel Media & Entertainment recorded more than $3.5 billion in revenues in as of 2005[update], $1 billion more than the number-two group owner, CBS Radio.[19]

Clear Channel has purchased stations from or acquired the following radio companies:

  • The Ackerley Group
  • AMFM
  • Apex
  • Capstar (also operating under Gulfstar, Southern Star, Pacific Star, and Atlantic Star)
  • Chancellor
  • Clark Broadcasting
  • Dame Media
  • Eastern Radio Assets
  • Jacor
  • Quad City
  • Roberts
  • ION Media Networks
  • Taylor Broadcasting
  • Trumper Communications
  • SFX Radio
  • Mondosphere Broadcasting


The first television station Clear Channel purchased was WPMI in Mobile, Alabama in 1988. It owned more than 40 additional stations, a few of which are independent (non-network affiliates). In 2007, the company entered into an agreement to sell all its television stations to Providence Equity Partners for $1.2 billion, a deal which eventually closed in March, 2008. All former Clear Channel television stations are now owned by Newport Television, except for six stations then flipped to other buyers by Newport.

 Live events

On December 21, 2005, Clear Channel completed the spin-off of Live Nation, formerly known as Clear Channel Entertainment. Live Nation is an independent company (NYSE: LYV) and is no longer owned by Clear Channel. Live Nation UK was also included in the spin off.

Note that post-spinoff, there is overlap the board between Clear Channel and Live Nation, specifically: L. Lowry Mays, Mark P. Mays (Former Vice Chairman of Live Nation), and Randall T. Mays (Former Chairman of Live Nation).[20]

 News and information

  • Operates Clear Channel News Network and local news networks in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida
  • Premiere Radio Networks
  • FOX Sports Radio Network
  • Acquired and later sold the Agri Broadcast Network (ABN), a farm programming provider in Ohio
  • Publishes “Inside Radio” magazine – http://www.insideradio.com
  • Clear Channel Traffic reports on road and traffic conditions across the United States, and in Mexico City, Mexico; these are used by many GPS navigation systems.[21]
  • Fan Radio Network a sports radio network that serves Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Flagship station is KFAN in Minneapolis, MN
  • Your Smooth Jazz, 24-hour smooth jazz network provided under the company’s “Broadcast Architecture” division[22]


Bicing, community bicycle program in Barcelona, Spain, European Union

  • Owns part of radio groups in New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, and Australia
  • Owns outdoor advertising companies in Singapore, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Chile, Brazil, Finland, Mauritius and Italy
  • Owns L & C Outdoor Comunicacao Visual Ltda., of Brazil
  • Owns the only airport advertising contract in South America
  • United Kingdom
    • Large numbers of billboards (through a takeover of Adshel)
    • See Clear Channel UK
  • Operates urban bicycle sharing systems in several Europeancities:
    • France
      • Caen – 350 bikes in 40 stations – http://www.veol.caen.fr (French)
      • Dijon – 350 bikes in 33 stations – http://www.velodi.net (French)
      • Perpignan – 150 bikes in 15 stations – bip-perpignan.fr (French)
      • Rennes (since 1998) – 200 bikes in 25 stations – veloalacarte.free.fr (French).
    • Norway – Oslo : Oslo Bysykkel ; Drammen : Drammen Bysykkel ; Trondheim : Trondheim Bysykkel http://www.adshel.no
    • Spain – Barcelona : Bicing6,000 bikes in 400 stations – http://www.bicing.com.
    • Sweden – Stockholm : Stockholm City Bikes, 1,000 bikes in 80 stations – http://www.stockholmcitybikes.se
    • Italy – Milan : bikeMi, 1,300 bikes in 103 stations – http://www.bikemi.com

 Vertical Real Estate

In 2003, Clear Channel created the Vertical Real Estate division and hired Scott Quitadamo to promote its tower portfolio. Clear Channel owns and operates approximately 1,500 broadcast transmission towers across the US. many of which are available for co-location by third parties such as cellular and PCS companies, wireless internet, fixed wireless, and other broadcasters.

 Corporate governance

Current members of the board of directors of Clear Channel Communications are: Alan Feld, Perry Lewis, Lowry Mays, B.J.(Red) McCombs, Phyllis Riggins, Theodore Strauss, J.C. Watts, and John H. Williams.

Tom Hicks and Vernon Jordan were formerly members of Clear Channel’s board of directors. Jordan was a close friend and advisor to President Bill Clinton and was accused of lying to investigators during the investigations into perjury and obstruction of justice charges against Clinton. Hicks, Clear Channel’s former vice-chairman, is a past donor to George W. Bush’s political campaigns and a close associate of the Bush family. Hicks is the founder of Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, the private-equity firm which funded many of Clear Channel’s antecedent companies, including most significantly CapStar, Chancellor Media and AM-FM, Inc..

[edit] Top executives

Lowry Mays
company founder, chairman;
Mark Mays
son of Lowry Mays, chief executive officer, president and chief operating officer;
Randall Mays
son of Lowry Mays, executive vice president and chief financial officer;
John Hogan
chief executive officer of Clear Channel radio


Programming on Clear Channel radio stations

Clear Channel operates the country’s largest syndication service, Premiere Radio Networks. In addition, Clear Channel syndicates a number of its homegrown talk and music shows without the aid of Premiere. While Premiere actively sells its shows to stations, the non-Premiere syndicated shows are often used as a cost-cutting measure and do not have a large sales staff. Those shows also do not carry network-wide advertising (unless distributed by a third party), and allow the affiliates to keep all local spots, which increases their appeal. These networks carry many program hosts of various political ideologies and distribute a variety of programs to both Clear Channel-owned and non-Clear Channel-owned stations.

Main article: Premiere Radio Networks
Main article: List of shows syndicated by Clear Channel

In addition to its own syndication network, Clear Channel offers studio space and other services to the WestStar TalkRadio Network, which is based at Clear Channel’s studios in Phoenix, Arizona. As a result, many WestStar programs are heard on Clear Channel stations.

Not all programming heard on Clear Channel’s radio stations are produced in house; however, most of Clear Channel’s stations share many similarities to each other in branding and programming.

 Format Lab and HD2 Formats

Main article: Format Lab

The Format Lab is a think tank run by Clear Channel that produces over eighty channels of programming, varying from mainstream formats to the highly experimental. These channels are heard on most of Clear Channel’s HD Radio subchannels on its stations across the country in a commercial-free format.

Only a few Clear Channel stations (such as KGB-FM and KLOU) produce locally originated HD2 channels, usually tape loops of programming heard on their regular channel.


Main article: iheartradio

iheartradio is a interactive media social networking platform outlet to aggregate local radio brands, personalities and on-demand content including photos, videos and more.

Urban, urban AC and rhythmic stations

Stations that carry programming catering to black Americans are a big part of many Clear Channel clusters, particularly Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit. In many clusters Clear Channel has two or more such stations. About half the Urban stations focus on Rap and Hip Hop along with younger R & B sounds. The other half blend some younger R & B along with some Soul from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s along with some current product. Some of the Hip Hop based Urban stations report as Rhythmic Top 40 stations rather than Urban stations because these stations also have some appeal to white and Hispanic listeners. In a cluster with multiple urban stations owned by Clear Channel, one is focused on Rap while the other is focused on Soul. Examples include Philadelphia, with WUSL’s focus on hip hop while WDAS-FM focuses on Soul (in addition, the company also owns a rhythmic AC station in that area, which is WISX 106.1), and Chicago, where WGCI-FM focuses on rap while WVAZ is focused on Soul. Clear Channel urban, urban AC or rhythmic stations are branded as “Beat” (KTBT Tulsa, WBTP Tampa & WIBT Charlotte) or “Power” (WWPR New York City, WUSL Philadelphia & WPHR Syracuse). But for San Francisco, Clear Channel owns more urban-related stations such as rhythmic top 40 KYLD, urban oldies KISQ and urban contemporary KMEL in that area, and the same happened in Detroit, where the company also owns urban AC WMXD, urban contemporary WJLB and rhythmic AC WDTW-FM.

For rhythmic AC stations, they used to have the “Party” branding (particularly during the time when most used Wake Up With Whoopi as their morning show), but the two “Party” stations in Denver (KPTT) and Las Vegas (KPLV) have since exited the rhythmic AC format. KPTT and KPLV moved to top 40, but continue to use the “Party” branding. All Clear Channel rhythmic AC stations are now differently-branded per station.

News talk stations

News talk stations owned by Clear Channel usually have a standard slate of hosts. The morning show is usually local, with other timeslots filled by local and syndicated hosts. Programs that appear on many Clear Channel talk stations include the Glenn Beck Program — getting his talk show start at Clear Channel owned WFLA (AM) in Tampa, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, America Now with Andy Dean and Coast to Coast AM, all of which are affiliated with Premiere Radio Networks in some fashion. The Savage Nation (which was until September 2009 flagshipped at Clear Channel’s KNEW-910), The Mark Levin Show and The Dave Ramsey Show are non-Premiere shows who air on many (if not most) Clear Channel stations. Limbaugh is almost universally carried on Clear Channel stations in markets where the company has a news talk station, with the exception of markets such as Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA, where ABC Radio (which previously was Limbaugh’s home network) has a news talk station in the market. New Clear Channel talk radio stations have typically been using the branding “Rush Radio,” while most older ones use a more generic “News Radio” or “News Talk.”

While most of Clear Channel’s news/talk stations carry some combination of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Noory (of Coast to Coast AM), this is not always the case. Many stations (particularly in the larger markets) like KFI, KFYI, KOA, WZZR and WLW broadcast a lineup with significant local programming.

Clear Channel does not operate any all-news radio stations. For a brief time in the late 2000s, KFXR in Dallas ran a direct feed of HLN under the on-air name CNN 1190, but KFXR dropped that format in 2009. Almost all of Clear Channel’s primary talk stations are affiliated with Fox News Radio for national news, part of a multi-year deal between Clear Channel and Fox.

Liberal talk radio is heard on a few of Clear Channel’s stations, primarily secondary to its main news talk stations, and usually feature at least one local host with Dial Global programming; Air America Radio also aired on these stations. Clear Channel has shown a tendency to drop liberal talk affiliations whenever possible and replace it with satellite Fox Sports talk (see, for instance, WCKY, WARF, KLSD, WXKS [which currently runs the Clear Channel conservative talk format instead], and WINZ); this has, in a few rare circumstances, caused protests, such as those involved when Clear Channel wanted to make the same move with WXXM in Madison, Wisconsin (WXXM was eventually allowed to keep its liberal format).

As of 2011, Clear Channel has been installing FM talk stations in San Diego, California on KUSS 95.7 (which became KOGO-FM after simulcasting KOGO-AM, replacing country music), Sacramento, California on KGBY 92.5 (which became KFBK-FM after simulcasting KFBK-AM, replacing hot adult contemporary) & in Tucson, Arizona on KTZR-FM (which became KNST-FM after simulcasting KNST-AM, replacing Spanish top 40).


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