Obama’s Refusal To Enforce Immigration Law Aids and Abets Mexican Drug Cartels

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Obama Calls for Immigration Reform as Arizona Enacts Controversial Measure

Arizona Lawmaker Explains Arizonas Illegal Immigration LAW 1070

Arizonas Illegal Immigration LAW SB 1070 vs. Mexicos Harsh Treatment of Illegals! Still so bad??

Michael Savage- Is Obama Trying To Start Race War? Immigration Rally, Boycotts,Marches.

Phoenix Now Kidnapping Capital of US Thanks to Mexican Drug Gangs

Glenn Beck- Phoenix, Arizona 2nd Most Kidnappings in the World

Mexican Drug Cartel Takes over California

Much More Help Needed At Arizona Border Against Drug Cartel’s Violence Spill Over into US!!!!!

Mexican Drug Cartel Takes over California

Mexico’s Drug War

US Steps Up on Mexican Cartels and Outrage Forbes Would List a Drug Lord on Billionaires List

The Most Feared Drug Cartel 8909 LibertyUnderFire

Violent Drug War Rages Along US-Mexico Border

The Mexico Drug Cartel Methamphetamine Connection

More Mexicans vanish as drug war escalates

Securing the Border: Challenges for the U.S. and Mexico – Part 1

Securing the Border: Challenges for the U.S. and Mexico – Part 2

Securing the Border: Challenges for the U.S. and Mexico – Part 3

Mexican Drug Cartels Overrunning American Cities. Build a border Wall

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Cheap Tomatoes, Cheap Labor, Criminal Aliens, Corrupt Polticians, Costing Trillions–Cradle To Grave Progressive Radical Socialism!

Obama Aids and Abets Illegal Immigration and High American Citizen Unemployment By Attacking Arizona State Law!

American Citizens Want Jobs and Criminal Alien Removal, Not Criminal Alien Census and Health Care!

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Discover The Left’s Organized Crime Network–Crime Pays–Organized Crimes Pays More–Apply for Census Taker Jobs!

US Immigration Videos

Borderline Chaos: Immigration Out of Control–Videos

The Hyphenated American and The Hyphen

The Signed “Stimulus Package” Did Not Include Funding for E-Verify and Border Fence Construction–Less Jobs And Security for American Citizens

President Obama Delays E-Verify–Shame On You Mr. President!

The Issue of The United States 2008 Presidential Election–Criminal Alien Removal (CAR) and A Border Security Fence (BSF)

The Cost of Comprehensive Immigration Reform–McCain and Obama Are Hopeless–It is the Economy Stupid!

Appeasers and Oath Breakers All: Bush, Clinton, Bush, McCain, Clinton, Obama…Who is next?

Why immigration will be the number 1 political issue in the 2008 Presidential Election! — Gum Balls

Presidential Candidates on Illegal Immigration, Criminal Alien Removal and Social Service Benefits

John McCain’s Position on Illegal Immigration and Criminal Alien Removal?

Alan Keyes on Immigration



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