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Rand Paul Interview By Peter Robinson and Others — Videos

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Just gave up on Rand Paul as future President of the United States.

Enforce the existing immigration laws and deport illegal aliens now.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are selling out the American people.

Get a clue Senator, there are over 25 million American citizens looking for a full-time job.

The number of illegal aliens is not 11 million but over 40 million.

What we have now is not de facto amnesty but the unwillingness to enforce existing immigration law by both the Democratic and Republican parties.

More and more American citizens are leaving both political parties over this issue and out of control government spending.

The number of independents is growing while the number of Democrats and Republicans is declining.

Pass comprehensive immigration reform and the Democratic Party will get 75% of the formerly illegal alien vote.

The FairTax is much better than a flat income tax that does not require the huge IRS to collect.

Looks like Ted Cruz will be getting my vote.

I am a pro-life, limited government classical liberal and support the Tea Party and want balanced budgets now and budgeting to last years tax collections and eliminating baseline budgeting.

While I wanted to support Senator Paul for President, I will not be doing so now.

I have been a libertarian conservative that used to vote for Republicans, but no longer.

Both the Democratic and Republican  parties have been captured by big interventionist government statists (BIGS).

Time to start another political party that puts the American citizens first and not illegal aliens.

The Republican Party has become the party of big interventionist government statists.

Start another political party or stay home.

Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower enforced immigration law.

It is the responsibility of the Federal government under the Constitution to protect the states from invasions.

If millions of illegal aliens are over staying their visas and entering the U.S. illegally, this is an invasion.

Enforce existing immigration laws by removing illegal aliens from their place of employment and deporting them.

Stop encouraging and rewarding illegal behavior.

Otherwise you will keep attracting more and more illegal aliens.

Senator Rand Paul discusses individualism, freedom, and national security on Uncommon Knowledge

Senator Rand Paul “I Say To ALL Americans Enough’s ENOUGH! We’re NOT Gonna Take It Anymore!”

Pat Buchanan brings up operation Wet Back with open border liberal

Operation Wetback 1954

Rand Paul slams Obama s plans for Syria involvement

FULL Sen. Rand Paul Interview: President Obama Loses Moral Authority to Lead the Nation

Rand Paul: Voters ready for Libertarian Republican in 2016

Rand Paul (R KY) Interview On Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace

Rand Paul Discuses Civil Liberties On FreedomWorks on Tap – 7/17/2013

Sen Rand Paul Interviewed By Bill Bennett, July 25, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at Veterans of Foreign Wars 144th National Convention- July 22, 2013

Rand Paul Interview Senator Are You Saying The General And Other Officials Are Liars

Rand Paul on Immigration Reform – We already have de facto amnesty for 11 Million

Rand Paul Interview: Rush Limbaugh (7 March 2013)

Rand Paul extended interview on The Sean Hannity Show 3/19/13

Laura Ingraham: Neoconservative view has clearly hurt the GOP (Rand Paul interview 3/08/13)

Tom Woods Interviews Rand Paul on the Budget, Ron Paul, and More

Rand Paul At Howard.  Full Speech and Q & A


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It Takes A Phony President Obama To Have Phony Scandals And Phony Economic Recovery That Kill Real Men And Resulted In Millions of American Citizens Unemployed — Obama Has Lost The Trust of The American People — Videos

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Border Agent Killed

Mexico ICE Agents Shot

Operation Fast and Furious Scandal Killed 150 plus Mexicans and U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE officer Jamie Zapata




Obama’s Approval Rating Plummets – Administration Dismissing “Phony Scandals” – America Live

Obama Calls Benghazi, FF and IRS Targeting ‘Phony Scandals’

Obama Slams Phony Scandals During Speech On Jobs Cavuto Wake Up America Your Republic In Danger

Trey Gowdy BLASTS Jay Carney For Phony Scandals Comment

Obama Slams ‘Phoney Scandals’ at Knox College Econmic Speech

IRS Scandal Targeting Tea Party is Phony? Becky Gerritson on FBN – Stuart Varney – 7-26-13

Obama Blames GOP For “Distraction,” “Phony Scandals” – IRS Targeting, Benghazi, DOJ & The Press

Beck Maps Out How Scandals Reveal Obamas Arrogant Goal Of Fundamentally Transforming America

Stuart Varney Interviews Victims of WH Defined ‘Fake’ & ‘Phony” Scandals – Fox News – 7-25-13

CARNEY: We need to get to the bottom of what happened at IRS

IRS Scandal 1~ The Tyrannt around the corner

IRS Scandal 2~Testimony of Denial

Judge Napolitano ~  (IRS Scandal) Justice Dept. Is Trying To Deflect Attention From White House

Trey Gowdy: Claiming the White House wasn’t involved in IRS scandal is BALDERDASH

Judge Jeanine Pirro – How High Will IRS Scandal Go? – New Testimony Links Targeting To DC!

Judge Napolitano On NSA Spying: Most Extraordinarily Broad Search Warrant Ever Issued In US History

Judge Napolitano ~ NSA Leaker Edward Snowden An American Hero

Citizen Obama Caught in Love Nest With “Solyndra” and “Fast & Furious” Scandals

TRIFECTA: IRS, AP, Fox & Benghazi Scandals Prove the Extreme Corruption of the Obama Administration

TRIFECTA — The Benghazi Scandal and Cover-Up: Is the Mainstream Media Finally Taking Notice?

TRIFECTA — Targeting Tea: Obama’s IRS Singles Out Conservative Groups

TRIFECTA — Detroit in Ruins: Fifty Years of Liberalism Has Destroyed the Motor City

TRIFECTA – Obama Train Wreck, Part II: Obamanomics and Big Government To Blame For Great Recession

















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