Radical Islamic Jihadist Terrorists Kill British Soldier In “Gun Free” United Kingdom — Police With Guns Take 14 Plus Minutes Plus To Respond — Photos and Videos

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British soldier killed in London by a Muslim

British soldier savagely killed in London machete attack

A British soldier was savagely killed in an attack in South London in an attack that may have been the work of terrorists. CBS News’ Charlie D’Agata reports.

Malkin Explodes On Hannity Over UK Terrorist Attack

British Soldier Killed in Machete Attack in London

British soldier hacked to death in London, witness who filmed attackers speaks out (May 22, 2013)

British SOLDIER BEHEADED on busy London street in Act of TERRORISM

London TERROR ATTACKED: British Soldier BEHEADED by two Islamic TERRORISTS in Woolwich

Sunrise – UK soldier killed near army base

UK PM David Cameron condemns terror attack which saw British soldier killed in London

Woolwich Terrorist Atttack Police statement

Eyewitness Describes Encounter with London Attacker

Woolwich Attack’ Eyewitness “Killers Wanted To Get Caught’ Wednesday 22 May 2013

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Police today defended their response to the killing after eyewitnesses claimed they took up to 20 minutes to arrive at the scene.

Assistant Commissioner Simon Byrne, said: ‘One point I would like to address is around some of the speculation as to how long it took the Met to respond yesterday as this incident started to unfold.

‘We first received a 999 call from the public at  2.20pm stating a man was being attacked, further 999 calls stated that the attackers were in possession of a gun.

‘We had officers at the scene within nine minutes of receiving that first 999 call.

‘Once that information about a gun or guns being present was known firearms officers were assigned at 2.24pm.

‘Firearms officers were there and dealing with the incident 10 minutes after they were assigned, 14 minutes after the first call to the Met.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2329458/The-Angels-Woolwich-Three-womens-outstanding-courage-confront-killers-pray-slaughtered-soldier.html#ixzz2U8zxz44p
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You and your children will be next’: Islamic fanatics wielding meat cleavers butcher and try to behead a British soldier, taking their war on the West to a new level of horror

  • One of the men arrested is believed to be Michael Adebolajo
  • Two men repeatedly stab and tried to behead off-duty soldier in SE London
  • They shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ attack and told witnesses to film them
  • Charged at police officers with rusty revolver, knives and meat cleavers
  • Killing took place 200 yards from barracks and close to primary school
  • Both men placed under arrest after being treated for gunshot wounds
  • PM: Killing is ‘sickening’ and Britain will ‘never buckle’ in face of terror

Clutching a bloodied meat cleaver, the man suspected of executing a soldier on a crowded street declared: ‘you and your kids will be next’.

In a chilling rant captured on camera, the knife-wielding man declared: ‘The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers.’

The man who launched the terrifying diatribe in Woolwich, south-east London, is believed to be Michael Adebolajo, who has been identified on Twitter and web forums as one of the two people arrested.

In the video obtained by ITV News he added: ‘Remove your governments – they don’t care about you. You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start bursting our guns? You think politicians are going to die?

‘No, it’s going to be the average guy, like you, and your children. So get rid of them – tell them to bring our troops back so we can… so you can all live in peace.’

Police are today believed to be searching addresses that Adebolajo, known by the Muslim name Mujahid, is linked to in Romford, Essex.

They also carried out raids in Lincolnshire and Greenwich, south east London.

Yesterday the serviceman, wearing a Help for Heroes top, was run down by a car before being brutally attacked in Woolwich, just 200 yards from the barracks.

In broad daylight, an attacker and an accomplice repeatedly stabbed and tried to behead the man in front of dozens of passers-by.

After the attack, speaking in a clear south London accent, the man named as Adebolajo said: ‘You people will never be safe. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’

Throughout the frenzied attack the two killers shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ – Arabic for ‘God is great’ – then demanded horrified witnesses film them as they ranted over the  crumpled body.

The two black men in their 20s, waited calmly for armed police to arrive before charging at officers brandishing a rusty revolver, knives and meat cleavers.

When the old pistol was shot towards police it backfired and blew the thumb off one of the men.

Moments later they were cut down in a hail of bullets believed to be fired by a woman marksman. Last night both men were being treated in hospital for their wounds and will face questioning.

Mother-of-two Ingrid Loyau-Kennett bravely remonstrated with one of the killers in the aftermath of the terror attack.

After pleading with them to hand her the weapons, one told her: ‘We want to start a war in London tonight’.

She replied: ‘Right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose’.

Ms Loyau-Kennett said she was not trained in any way to deal with the situation – she used to be a teacher.

Yesterday’s slaughter took place close to a primary school at 2.20pm. Witnesses told how the men drove a dark blue Vauxhall Tigra on to the pavement.

The soldier was wearing a t-shirt with the army charity Help for Heroes logo on it and was carrying a military issue rucksack. The men then leapt out of their car and ‘hacked and chopped’ at their victim before dragging his bloodied body into the middle of the road.

Last night both men were placed under arrest after being treated for gunshot wounds under armed guard in separate hospitals.

Today Prime Minister David Cameron said the murder of a ‘brave soldier’ on the streets of London will bring the UK together and ‘make us stronger’.

Speaking outside Downing Street after chairing a meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee, the Prime Minister said the attack ‘sickens us all’ and was a ‘betrayal of Islam’.

‘The people who did this were trying to divide us. They should know something like this will only bring us together and make us stronger,’ he said.

‘This country will be absolutely resolute in its stand against violent extremism and terror. We will never give in to terror or terrorism in any of its forms.

‘This view is shared by every community in our country. This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life; it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country.’

Last night Mr Cameron cut short his trip to Paris and described the assassination as ‘absolutely sickening’, insisting Britain will ‘never buckle’ in the face of terrorist attacks.

Security was tightened at dozens of other Army barracks across the country amid fears of copycat attacks and Home Secretary Theresa May called a meeting of Cobra, Whitehall’s emergency committee, after being briefed by MI5 and counter-terrorism police.

Experts believe the pair were using Muslim names and could be of Somali or Nigerian heritage.

It is thought the two fundamentalists had spent weeks watching the barracks, which the Queen is due to visit next week, prior to the attack.

The ambush and stabbing of a soldier close to an army barracks is an unprecedented Islamic attack on mainland Britain.

A group of military wives who laid flowers today said they were ‘numb’.

One of the women, in her 20s, who did not want to be named, said: ‘We are all just very numb at the moment – shaken up and very shocked. It could have been any one of our husbands.

‘He was a young guy who cared very much about his job, like they all do. I think he was in training.’

The killing immediately prompted widespread revulsion. David Cameron said Britain ‘will not be cowed, will never buckle’ in the face of terrorism last night as he urged people to go about their lives as normal in defiance of the ‘absolutely sickening’ killing in London.

London Mayor Mr Johnson said: ‘Londoners from all communities, from across this city have been here before.

I know that this is a city of incredible resilience and courage and we have to protect ourselves with the best security services, the most professional police service, in the world.’

Relations between British Muslims in the armed forces and their colleagues will not be strained following the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, a retired army captain has said.

Captain Afzal Amin, former chairman of the Armed Forces Muslim Association, said: ‘I send my condolences to the poor victim, not just as a former army officer but as a British Muslim.

‘We’re not accustomed to this kind of completely inexplicable attack.’

‘There are a wide range of racial backgrounds in the armed forces which have formed a good, solid integrated body. I’m sure relations are already well established.’

‘Remember the context of all of this,’ he added. ‘This was an attack on an innocent soldier, an abhorrent crime in a normally cohesive society.’

Last night the Muslim Council of Britain said it was a ‘truly barbaric act that has no basis in Islam’. ‘We condemn this unreservedly,’ a spokesman said. ‘Our thoughts are with the victim and his family.

‘We understand the victim is a serving member of the Armed Forces. Muslims have long served in this country’s Armed Forces, proudly and with honour.

‘This attack on a member of the Armed Forces is dishonourable and no cause justifies this murder. This action will no doubt heighten tensions on the streets of the United Kingdom.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2329089/Woolwich-attack-Two-men-hack-soldier-wearing-Help-Heroes-T-shirt-death-machetes-suspected-terror-attack.html#ixzz2U8u8Crtw
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The Angels of Woolwich: How three extraordinarily brave women confronted the Islamic fanatics who butchered and tried to behead a soldier on London street – and prayed next to his mutilated body

  • ‘Religious’ woman in her 50s ‘walked straight up to suspects with no fear’
  • Sat next to victim in middle of the road and put her hands on his chest
  • Witness: ‘She saw everything and wanted to comfort him. The poor man’s head was beside her’
  • Second woman talks to one killer as he wandered around with bloodied weapons and hands
  • Female Cub Scout leader tells other attacker: ‘Right now, it is only you versus many people. You are going to lose’
  • David Cameron praises her bravery, saying: ‘She speaks for us all’

By Richard Hartley-parkinson and Simon Tomlinson

In the aftermath of the brutal murder of a soldier, the remarkable courage of three women stands out.

They selflessly confronted the two killers and went to the aid of the victim, praying for him and preventing further carnage.

The first heroine, described as a religious woman in her 50s, bravely approaches the attackers as they roam the streets covered in blood and demands they let her sit next to the dead man.

As she comforts him in the middle of the road, a second woman stands over her and appears to talk to one of the killers in an apparent attempt to placate him.

Meanwhile, a third lady, a Cub Scout leader, remonstrates with the other alleged murderer who rants at her: ‘We want to start a war in London tonight’.

Standing firm, mother-of-two Ingrid Loyau-Kennett replies: ‘Right now it is only you versus many people. You are going to lose’.

Describing the scene, a witness said he saw the first woman approach the men and ask to go to the soldier’s side moments after the horrific attack in which they nearly behead the soldier.

Joe Tallant told the Daily Mirror: ‘She is a very religious woman. She saw everything and wanted to comfort the man. She just walked straight up to them with no fear.

‘She put her hands on his chest and I think she prayed for him. The poor man’s head was beside her.’

Footage from ITV News shows the woman sat on the road next to the soldier’s body while another image shows her putting her hand on his back as she prays.

A second woman stands over her and appears to talk to one of the killers as he wanders around with bloodied weapons and hands.

Meanwhile, Ms Loyau-Kennett, 48, jumped off her bus when she saw the soldier’s body lying in the south-east London street, checked his pulse and then tried to talk to the men who hacked him to death.

One told her: ‘We want to start a war in London tonight’.

e added: ‘We will defeat violent extremism by standing together, by backing our police and security services and, above all, by challenging the poisonous narrative of extremism on which this violence feeds.’

Mr Cameron refused to say if the suspected killers were known to police and security services but said it was something the Independent Police Complaints Commission and intelligence committees would look into.

‘She put her hands on his chest and I think she prayed for him. The poor man’s head was beside her.’
Witness, Joe Talllant

After the attack, one of the alleged killers was filmed launching into a diatribe as he pledged the fight would go on.

Speaking in a clear south London accent, he said: ‘You people will never be safe. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’

The two suspects apparently shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’, which means ‘God is great’ in Arabic as they hacked the soldier to death.

They waited calmly for the police to arrive before charging at officers brandishing a rusty revolver, knives and meat cleavers.

They were then shot by armed officers, and both suspects are under guard in separate hospitals today.

But it was a brave female Cub Scout leader who confronted the armed men.

‘I saw a man on the road, obviously injured and a car badly crashed I assumed it was a road accident, although the car was funny on the pavement, it was not coming on the road,’ she told ITV’s Daybreak.

‘When I approached the body there was a lady cradling him and then the guy, the most excited one of the two said, don’t go too close to the body.

‘I could see a butcher’s knife and you know these axes butchers have to cut -that’s what he had and blood all over him. I thought what the heck happened here?

‘Okay I thought obviously he was a bit excited, so I thought the thing was just to talk to him.

Ms Loyau-Kennett said she was not trained in any way to deal with the situation – she used to be a teacher.

‘I know it’s big today, for me he was just a regular guy, just a bit upset. He was not on drugs, he was not drunk.’

She said the man told her ‘Don’t touch, I killed him.’

When she questioned him, he said ‘He is a British soldier, he killed people, he killed Muslim people, in Muslim countries. ‘

Mrs Loyau-Kennett explained the man holding the knife told her it was for ‘all the bomb droppings and killings, blindly, women.’

When asked if she feared for her life she replied: ‘Better me than the children.

‘There were mothers with children. It was important.’

Mrs Loyau-Kennett’s son said her bravery was motivated by her ‘incredible maternal instinct’.

The 48-year-old was in London celebrating her son Basil Baradaran’s 23rd birthday when she came across the horrific scene.

Basil, an animation graduate who lives close to the murder scene with sister Pawony, 24, said: ‘Mum came up to visit for my birthday and we’d had a lovely celebration.

‘I was meeting her at the train station when she walked up and started telling me had happened.

‘My first thought was for her safety but I could see she was completely intact. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me.

‘I don’t know what was going through her mind or how she found the strength to do what she did but I’m totally awestruck. I’m about as proud as a son could be.’

Mrs Loyau-Kennett, who is half-French, brought up her two children alone after their father returned to France when they were very young.

She lives in Helston, Cornwall, works as a language teacher and translator, and has recently completed a further qualification with the Open University.

She previously lived in Ipswich and New Zealand, where she worked with cubs, scouts, beavers and brownies.

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