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Public Safety Exception or Enemy Combatant Designation of Boston Bomber Terrorist Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — The History of FBI Fake Terrorist Plot Planning — The One That Got Away From FBI’s Terror Factory — The Saudi Deportation of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi By National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Event File Tagged Section 212 3B — “Security and related grounds” — “Terrorist activities” –Videos

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Glenn Beck Reveals More about Saudi National

“…Monday on radio, Glenn Beck revealed further details about the Saudi national who was the first suspect in the Boston marathon bombing. Despite denials from Janet Napolitano and officials from the U.S. Immigrations and Customs (ICE) that a Saudi national was taken into custody in connection to the Boston marathon bombing, several sources have confirmed that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was set to be deported for proven terrorist activity.

According to two FBI sources, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was taken “into custody” Monday April 15th at a Boston after he was injured in the blast.

A source within the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) told TheBlaze that on Monday night Al-Harbi’s Revere, Massachusetts apartment was searched and property was taken out.

At 4:00pm ET on Tuesday April 16th, The NCTC Field Watch Commander created an “event file” calling for Al-Harbi’s deportation using Section 212 3b, which is proven terrorist activity. According to TheBlaze’s sources, tagging someone as 3b requires solid evidence.

Fox News reporter Todd Starnes has also reported, “The Saudi national who was initially detained and then ruled out as a suspect in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack had been flagged on a terror watch list and was granted a student visa without being properly vetted, sources have told me.”

Starnes report no longer appears on the Fox News website, but can be found on Townhall.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) has told TheBlaze that he has detailed information on the Saudi national and confirmed that Al-Harbi was to be deported under Section 212 3b of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Alongside three other Congressmen, Rep. Duncan has requested a classified briefing on the Saudi national and the deportation order. …”

Obama’s “Catch & Release” of Saudi Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect

Jeff Duncan Questions Napolitano On Deportation Of Saudi National. Boston Bombing

Terror in Boston – Saudi Being Deported For National Security Reason? – What The Hell Is This?

Was The Boston Marathon Bombing Another False Flag Attack by FBI?

Still think the FBI is telling you the truth? CHECK THIS OUT

Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, Bombing ‘Person Of Interest’ Has 6 Saudi ‘Terrorists’ In Family,5 More Are In Gitmo –

Obama Buries Boston Massacre Saudi Connection

PROOF! Boston Bombing is Staged Terror Attack

Navy Seals Soldiers Bomb Boston Marathon 2013

Inside the FBI’s ‘Terror factory’

Conversations w/Great Minds – The Terror Factory – The FBI “Sting” isn’t what you think P1

Conversations w – Great Minds – FBI Informants focus on Muslims instead of Militias P2…

Reality Check  Is The FBI Making Us Safer Breaking Up Terror Plots    YouTube

Sen. Feinstein, Rep. King Clash Over Suspect’s Enemy Combatant Status: Battlefield Now in The U.S.

Lindsey Graham: ‘A Citizen Can Be An Enemy Combatant,’ And Tsarnaev Should Be Treated Like One

Megyn Kelly Guests Clash Over ‘Enemy Combatant’ Designation For Suspect: ‘Ultimate Act Of Terror’

Rachel Maddow No Miranda Rights For Boston Bombing Suspect

Judge Napolitano: Boston Bombing Reopens Privacy vs. Safety Debate

Reality Check: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand? – Ben Swann

Former FBI Chief ADMITS Government is Involved in Most ‘Terrorist’ Attacks! 

Boston Bombing Coverup? 

Saudi Arabian Students Searched and Detained By FBI about Boston Terrorist Attack!! 

BREAKING Glenn Beck Gives Government Until Monday to Come Clean About Boston Bombing Cover-Up

Saudi student connected to Boston Marathon bombing – TheBlaze EXCLUSIVE – Glenn Beck Wake Up America 

Hannity. Boston Bombing Saudi Being DEPORTED On National Security Grounds

Glenn Beck’s Big Story On Obama And The Bombing Released!

Glenn Beck Reveals More about Saudi National

FBI Insider: Obama Administration Likely Manufactured Dubious Iran Terror Plot 

Confirmed – No Iran terror plot in FBI system: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer Reports 1/2 

Confirmed – No Iran terror plot in FBI system: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer Reports 2/2

FBI Fake Terror Plot History: Judge Napolitano

FBI agents craft their own terror plots

FBI Foils Terror Plot They Created, Again

NY Times: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by The F.B.I.

BOSTON BOMBING Did you notice this?


Background Articles and Videos

Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi deportation order records altered

Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi was originally named as a ‘person of interest’ after the Boston bombings. The Saudi National was cleared of any involvement in the bombing, but there have been a lot of strange things going on with Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi and the Obama regime. According to Breitbart,  the Saudi National Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi had his deportation order records altered. This rescinded his deportation order. Michelle Obama decided to pay Al-Harbi a visit while he was in the hospital recovering from wounds in the attack. Michelle Obama never paid a visit to any of the other injured people, including those who lost limbs in the attack. Also, Obama himself met with the Saudi foreign minister two days after the attack. This was not listed on Obama’s public schedule and as usual the media didn’t report on this. Something very fishy is going on here. I wonder if this was supposed to be Glenn Beck’s big ‘bombshell’ for tomorrow? If so, Breitbart scooped him.

Now that it’s been revelaed that Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi deportation order records altered, it probably explains why Janet Napolitano got so testy when asked about Al-Harbi last week. Why would Obama or his regime alter the deportation order? Are they hiding something? Of course they are. Without a media in this country, we’ll never know what they are hiding.

The alteration occurred the night before Secretary Napolitano vehemently denied the existence of any deportation order in testimony before the House of Representatives. Sources with knowledge of these matters says the change occurred subsequent to Secretary John Kerry’s closed door meeting on Tuesday with the Saudi Minister and around the time of the meeting between the Saudi Minister and Obama later on Wednesday evening. The Saudi National has been identified as Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi. There is no evidence that Al-Harbi is connected to the Boston Marathon Bombings. Steven Emerson announced on Wednesday night’s episode of Hannity that the Saudi National who was a person of interest and later cleared, was set to be deported.

Boston MANHUNT is OVER: the Second BOMBER is CAUGHT (FBI FALSE FLAG says the mother)

A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army weighs in on Boston.

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