A Profile in Courage–Stand With Rand Filibuster: Defend and Protect The Constitution and Your 5th Amendment Rights Against Use Of Drones To Target Kill Noncombatant American Citizens — Videos

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Sen. Rand Paul on America’s Newsroom w/ Megyn Kelly to discuss the Brennan Filibuster – 3/7/13

Rand Paul Fires Back At Filibuster Critics, Shocks Glenn Beck With Revelation

Michelle Malkin: Did Rand Paul’s Filibuster Refurbish The Republican Party’s Tarnished Brand? 3/7/13

Sen. Paul appears on CNN’s Newsroom with Dana Bash- 3/7/2013

#StandWithRand Rand Paul Filibuster Highlights

Rand Paul Interview: Rush Limbaugh (7 March 2013)

Drone Strikes: Where Are Obama’s Tears For Those Child Victims?

Yes, Lethal Drone Attacks on Americans Are Allowed, Says Atty General

“The Obama administration believes it could technically use military force to kill an American on U.S. soil in an “extraordinary circumstance” but has “no intention of doing so,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a letter disclosed Tuesday.”*

It’s starting to happen. Attorney General Eric Holder says lethal drone attacks without due process on Americans while on American soil, are hypothetically legal. A surprising Republican Senator is standing against it. Do Republicans and Democrats make exceptions for their own “teams?” Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Sean Hannity & Krauthammer Talk Excitement in GOP Grassroots on Rand Paul Filibuster & Spending Cuts

Drone Strikes on American Citizens, on US Soil. Sen. Rand Paul  Talks with Sean Hannity

Reality Check: Sen. Rand Paul’s Talking Filibuster of John Brennan

Rand Paul blasted  Obama for  using drone strikes against American citizens

Rand Paul “Senators McCain & Graham Voted FOR Indefinite Detention Of Americans!”

What’s ‘Cooler’ Than Being ‘Cool’? Rand Paul’s Filibuster, According To Fox News’ The Five

Importing the War on Terror: Glenn Greenwald & Activist Trevor Timm on Domestic Drone Surveillance

Obama’s Chilling Secrecy, From Denying Drone Program’s Existence to Stonewalling on Legal Memos

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs revealed over the weekend he was initially instructed to deny the existence of the Obama administration’s targeted killing program overseas. Even though the administration has since backed down from that stance, it continues to stonewall members of Congress on releasing the Justice Department memos explaining the program’s legal rationale. Unanswered questions around the program have held up the confirmation of CIA nominee John Brennan. “For a program that is so far reaching and that has so many consequences — not just in the word, but for the rule of law — the Obama administration has an obligation to be far more transparent than they’ve been so far,” says Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

US drones killed almost five thousand people

Special court to approve of killing Americans with drones?

Obama’s Kill List, Drones, & Assassinating U.S. Citizens

MQ-9 Reaper UAV Predator

Predator RQ-1 / MQ-1 / MQ-9 Reaper – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle part 1

Predator RQ-1 / MQ-1 / MQ-9 Reaper – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle part 2

Boeing Dominator air-launched UAV

Attack of the Drones – USA

The drone war and Obama’s “kill list” – Up w/ Chris Hayes (June 2nd, 2012)

Limits on Obama’s Flying Killer Robots?

Rand Paul: Obama Wants No Judicial Oversight To Kill An American – Hannity 3/5/2013

Eric Holder Admits Killing Americans With Drones on U.S. Soil is Unconstitutional

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster – HOUR 1

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster – HOUR 2

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster – HOUR 3

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster HOUR 4

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster HOUR 5

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster HOUR 6

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster HOUR 7

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster HOUR 8

030613 – Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster Hour 9

Alluding to his full bladder, Sen. Rand Paul ends his filibuster in the Senate

Sen. Mike Lee Joins Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan: ‘It Is The Opposite of Due Process’

Sen. Ted Cruz Joins Sen. Rand Paul’s Filibuster on Brennan Nomination Part 2

Sen. Jerry Moran Joins Rand Paul Filibuster: Drone Strikes on Americans Illogical ~ 3/6/2013

Sen. Ron Wyden Joins Rand Paul Filibuster: Drone Strikes Should Not Be Allowed Without Any Scrutiny

Harry Reid Tries, And Fails, to End Rand Paul’s Filibuster ~ 3/6/13

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (3-7-13) Full Show

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