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President Coolidge, 1st Presidential Film (1924)

President Coolidge’s Inauguration  (1925) 

Calvin Coolidge: The Best President You’ve Never Heard Of – Amity Shlaes

Calvin Coolidge book by Amity Shlaes on w/ Glenn Beck on The Blaze TV

Amity Shlaes, Author, “Coolidge”

Digital Age-Why is Coolidge the Forgotten President?-Amity Shlaes

“How They Did It” – Part 1 of 4

“How They Did It” – Part 2 of 4

“How They Did It” – Part 3 of 4

“How They Did It” – Part 4 of 4

Background Articles and Videos

Keep Cool With Coolidge, Not Obama: Obama Reveals His True Hatred of Business

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Calvin Coolidge–Videos

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