History Repeats Itself on The Fiscal Cliff–House of Representatives Should Extend Bush Tax Rates Another Year–Let Obama Jump Off The Fiscal Cliff–Focus On Growing The Economy By Lowering Tax Rates and Balancing The Budget–Videos

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Barack Obama-Taking Us Over a Cliff

Balancing the Budget Without Cutting Spending Would Cause Taxes to Skyrocket

America is running massive deficits, and a balanced budget requirement is often considered a way to rein in red ink.

Without serious entitlement and spending reforms, the level of taxes required to balance the budget would reach economically stagnating levels.


Entitlement Spending Will Nearly Double by 2050

Spending on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Obamacare subsidies will soar as 78 million baby boomers retire and health care costs climb.

Total spending on federal health care programs will more than double.

Future generations will be left with an untenable debt burden.


Tax Revenues Devoured By Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in 2045

Spending on Medicare, Medicaid, the Obamacare subsidies, and Social Security will devour all revenues by 2045.

Entitlement spending is already crowding out vital constitutional functions, such as defense.\


Robert Welch Accurately Predicted Fall Off Fiscal Cliff in 1974

Peter Schiff 2012 – Stop spending and consuming, start saving and producing! 

What is the Fiscal Cliff? Everything You Need To Know

Pat Buchanan: Republicans Should Stand Their Ground on Tax Hikes

Speaker Boehner: “I’m Determined to Solve Our Debt Problem. We Have a Serious Spending Problem”

Ouch! Geithner Is Busted Lying About Non-Existent War Savings

Timothy Geithner ‘This Week’ Interview: Fiscal Cliff is in the GOP’s Court 

Fiscal Cliff Explained – How Do We Land? Mike Maloney Gold & Silver Inc 

When Will the Real Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Begin?: ‘This Week’ Roundtable Discussion 

Ron Paul on Secession, Romney, Fiscal Cliff, the GOP’s Future and

Constitutional Conservatism or Die

Fiscal Cliff history lesson

Hear a history lesson about the fiscal cliff of 1990 known as the 1990 Budget summit agreement. It resulted in budget surpluses and balanced budgets for our federal government from 1994 until just after the attack of 9/11 of 2001. Elizabeth B. Letchworth is the only women in the United States Senate history to be elected by the Senate to serve as the U.S. Senate Secretary for the Majority for the Republicans. She is now a principal @ Congressional Global Strategy, LLC and owner of GradeGov.com

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Forward Off The Fiscal Cliff…Falling…Falling…Splat!–Videos

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