2012 Vice Presidential Debate–Biden’s Condescending Disrespectfull and Rude Smirk Loses The Undecided Voter-Ryan Wins By Being Polite and Respectful To Biden-Videos

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Eva Cassidy – Chain Of Fools

“If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.”

Proverbs 29:9

Chris Wallace: ‘Most Disrespectful Debate Performance In My Lifetime’

Brit Hume: Biden is a ‘Rude’, ‘Cranky Old Man’

VP Debate Reaction: Biden Smirk v. Ryan Sincerity,  Who won?

Vice Presidential Debate short version – Joe Biden the Fool vs Paul Ryan the Statesmen 

PART 1: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate

PART 2: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate 

PART 3: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate

PART 4: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate

PART 5: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate 

PART 6: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate

Joe Biden Says Obama Should be Impeached 

12/2/2011 In Congress: Ron Paul Condemns Iran Sanctions Bill As Prelude To War 

Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney on Foreign Policy and Iran and War Preparation 

“The Best of Joe Biden’s Gaffe’s; A Continuing Series…” 

Doris Day – Fools Rush In


The Vice Presidential debate of 2012

By Michael Vass

“…On Oct 11, 2012 Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) will meet in a debate that will seek to either re-ignite support for the re-election of President Obama, or solidify the lead and likelihood of a win by Mitt Romney. That’s what both political parties are stating about their respective candidates, but a far more realistic view is that while it may be quite entertaining and informative, it has little direct impact on the election if history holds true.

Presidential elections are won and lost by the head of the ticket in most cases. The average American can’t remember what VP Al Gore or Dick Cheney said in a debate, or if President Ford had a Vice President at all (a bit of a trick question there). While the results of Biden vs. Ryan may blip the election polls, that will be eclipsed by any result from the 2nd Presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. …”

Background Articles and Videos

Vice Presidential Debate 2012, Paul Ryan Vs Joe Biden; ‘This Week’ Roundtable Discussion

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