The Comeback Kid–Ron Paul–40% Delegates are for Ron Paul?–Romney Loses Without Paul Supporters–Video

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40% Delegates are Ron Paul

FOX News Admits Romney Cannot Win Without Ron Paul Supporters


Both Obama and Romney are progressives. Enough said.

War with Iran will happen under President Obama or President Romney.

History repeating itself.

Bill Moyers:  LBJ’s Path to War (1) 

Bill Moyers:  LBJ’s Path to War (2) 

Bill Moyers:  LBJ’s Path to War (3) 

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident Declassified 

What Really Happened at Tonkin Gulf? 60 Minutes opening

Robert McNamara admits Gulf of Tonkin attack did not happen

Straits of Hormuz – U.S. Navy fires on fishing boat 

BREAKING NEWS – US Navy Kill Innocent Man On Fishing Vessel Near Dubai

Global World War to Erupt In Syria SOON?! (July 15, 2012) 

‘Attack on Iran after Syria falls major goal of the West’ 

All roads lead to Iran 

Ron Paul, When will we attack Syria? 

Congressman Ron Paul, MD – We’ve Been NeoConned

Start another political party.

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