Obama’s Campaign Strategy Switches From Romney The Progressive Flip Flopper To Romney The Severe Conservative Right-Wing Extremist–Why?–Romney Is Beating Obama In Internal Polls With Independent Voters–Why? Obama’s Record of Failure–High Unemployment Rates and Gas Prices and Massive Government Deficits–$5 Trillion–Videos

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Shields, Brooks on Voter Volatility, Obama vs. Romney

Obama Against Romney The ‘Flip-Flopper’ or The ‘Severe Conservative’? (P1/2) 

Obama Against Romney The ‘Flip-Flopper’ or The ‘Severe Conservative’? (P2/2) 

The Moderate, Progressive, Severely Conservative Romney 

The Real Romney 

Mitt Romney ‘I Was A Severely Conservative Governor’

Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’?

Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney ‘Is Not A Conservative’

David Axelrod People dont know Romney (4/22/12)

Extreme Intolerance: Willard Mitt Romney’s ‘Severe Conservative’ Problem

The Last Word – Romney Tries To Rewrite His Resume 

Right-Wing Extremists Stand Against Flip-Flopping, ‘Unprincipled’ Willard Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Interview on Breitbart TV

Mitt Romney, Vietnam, & Mormon Church Discrimination

Obama adviser David Axelrod makes case for Mitt Romney for President

Axelrod » Obama Boulevard is a Dead End

In Strategy Shift, Obama Team Attacks Romney From the Left


“…So long, flip-flopper. Hello, right-wing extremist.

After months of depicting Mr. Romney as the ultimate squishy, double-talking, no-core soul, Team Obama is shifting gears. Senior administration officials, along with Democratic and campaign officials, all say their strategy now will be to tell the world that Mr. Romney has a core after all — and it’s deep red.

Mr. Romney’s overheard remarks at a fund-raiser in Florida on Sunday night that, if elected, he planned to slash government programs (though he has not spelled that out for the voters) gave Obama backers the perfect opening, and they jumped on it. “Mitt Romney Tells Rich Voters His Secret Plan to Cut Housing Assistance,” said a headline from ThinkProgress, a blog put out by the left-leaning Center for American Progress. Democratic officials followed that up with a call to reporters on Thursday charging that Mr. Romney’s proposal would “cut critical funds for homeless veterans.” …”


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