Ross Perot And The American Dream–Vote Your Conscience–Vote For Ron Paul–Videos

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“I’d never knowingly hire a man that cheats on his wife. If the wife can’t trust ya, why should I?”

~Ross Perot

Jesse Ventura on Thrid Party Voting and Ross Perot

It’s A Free Country: There Will Never Be Another Ross Perot

The first question you should ask about any of the Presidential candidates is: “Can I trust this person?”

The only person running for President in 2012 that I can definitely answer yes to is Ron Paul.

Thanksgiving Family Forum – Ron Paul Highlights

Ron Paul Family – How’s this for consistency?

The last time I said this was when Ross Perot was running for President in 1992.

Twenty years is a long time.

The American people made a mistake in 1992 in not electing Ross Perot.

I hope and pray they do not make the same mistake again in 2012.

Stop the Republican Party Establishment!

Prove them wrong.

Dick Armey: Ron Paul can’t win–“The Republican Establishment Will Not Allow Ron Paul To Be Their Standard Bearer”

Vote your conscience.

Vote your heart.

Vote for Ron Paul.

Perot political ad

Ross Perot Campaign Ad 1992

Perot for 92 Campaign Ad 10/1992

Ross Perot & The American Dream Pt 1

Ross Perot & The American Dream Pt 2

Ross Perot & The American Dream Pt 3

Ross Perot & The American Dream Pt 4

Ross Perot – ECONOMIC crisis 2008

Background Articles and Videos

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Ron Paul’s Address At 29th Cato Institute’s Monetary Conference And Remarks At Thanksgiving Family Forum–The Reason Ron Paul Will Be Elected President–Video

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