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Ron Paul : Freedom Watch : The Federal Reserve 11/25/11–Video

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Ron Paul’s Plan for Monetary Freedom

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Memo To Gingrich: 33 Million Americans Looking For Full Time Jobs–Deport All Illegal Aliens–It Is The Law–Video

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Voices of The American People On Illegal Immigration

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Immigration with Mark Krikorian

Mark Krikorian explains why mass immigration is fundamentally incompatible with a modern society.

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The American people simply want the illegal aliens to go home and the immigration laws enforced.

Let all the illegal aliens deport themselves.

Illegal aliens should have no jobs, no education, no medical care, no welfare and no transportation home paid for by the American people.

Deport all illegal aliens immediately, just like Mexico.

The American people will not support Gingrich and Perry, closet progressive Republicans, that are soft on illegal immigration.

The American people want the immigration laws enforced–deportation is required by law.

The political establishments of both parties still do not get it and neither does Newt Gingrich.

Enforce the immigration laws.

With 33 million American looking for a full-time job, we do not want to hear any candidate talking about a guest worker program.

Give me a break.

At least 10 million unskilled and inexperienced American citizens do not have jobs because both political parties allowed illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America to enter the country by not enforcing the immigration laws.

The American people keep telling the political ruling class in Washington to enforce the immigration laws and deport illegal aliens.

Both the Democratic and Republican party establishment refuses to listen to the will of the American people.

Both Gingrich and Perry are not be getting my vote because they are “soft” on immigration law enforcement.

I will not listen to or vote for any politician, Democratic or Republican, that will not enforce immigration laws or wants to change the law so that those who came here illegally can stay.

Newt, you lost my vote in 2008 when you did not run.

Newt will not get my vote in 2012 and neither will Romney nor Perry.

The American people want illegal immgration stopped and those here illegally to be deported–enforce the immigration laws.

The American people oppose any form of amnesty whether it be called a pathway to citizenship or a pathway to legality.

The American people support limited and controlled legal immigration where the number of legal immigrants each year is tied to the unemployment rate.

For example, when the unemployment rate is at or above 8% the number of legal immigrants should be limited to 200,000.

When the unemployment rate is at or below 2% the number of legal immigrants should be to 500,000 or less.

Vote and support Ron Paul.

Gingrich: Pay Taxes, Go to Church, Get Amnesty

Newt Gingrich Flunks Immigration 101

Bachmann: Gingrich’s Immigration Stance ‘Most Liberal’ in GOP Race

Bachmann and Romney rip Gingrich on immigration

Michele Bachmann Points Out Newt Gingrich Is A Huge Flip Flopper

Newt Gingrich Pushes Amnesty Plan at CNN GOP Debate

Newt Gingrich – NOT Conservative on Illegal Immigration

Newt Gingrich Immigration Surprise May Cost Him in Iowa:

Ginrich on Immigration

Newt Gingrich Addresses Illegal Immigration and Amnesty

Gingrich Outlines Vision for Immigration Reform

Background Articles and Videos

How Obama is Transforming America Through Immigration

by Mark Krikorian

“…In this penetrating Broadside, Mark Krikorian lays out the details of Obama’s open-borders approach to immigration and its political consequences. Krikorian, one of the leading critics of current immigration policy, examines the Administration’s record of weakening enforcement and describes how legislation crafted by the president’s supporters in Congress would ensure new waves of illegal immigration. Krikorian also explains how continued high levels of immigration, regardless of legal status, would progressively move the United States in the direction of more government and less liberty.”

Newt Gingrich EXPOSED!

Border Security and Illegal Immigration – Newt Gingrich

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