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Media Obama (MO), Neocons, Republican Establishment–Progressives All–Will Next Play The Race Card Against Ron Paul–Smear Campaign–Videos

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Ron Paul’s Shocking Statements On CNN (Pt.1of2)1-10-08

Ron Paul’s Shocking Statements On CNN (PT.2) 1-10-08

Fox’s Neocon Allstars Attack Ron Paul, Call Him A Flake For Wanting To End The Fed

Ann Coulter endorses Ron Paul in 2012

Ann Coulter To Laura Ingraham – The Liberal Media Will Stop At Nothing To Screw Up The Republican Primary

Coulter Blames Liberals For Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Report

Mitt Romney/Ann Coulter: Flip-Flopping Away

Romney, Gingrich and Paul on A Nuclear Iran – CBS News & National Journal GOP Debate

Ann Coulter tells the truth-

Neo-CONNED! by Congressman Ron Paul – Part 1 of 11

Neo-CONNED! by Congressman Ron Paul – Part 2 of 11

Neo-CONNED! by Congressman Ron Paul – Part 3 of 11

The progressives and neocons are coming out of the closet including Ann Coulter.

Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination for president and win in a landslide victory like Ronald Reagan.

Remember Reagan Republicans, Ron Paul was among the first Congressmen to publicly support Ronald Reagan in his 1980 Presidential campaign.

If the Republican establishment and their friends in talk radio try to stop Paul, he will run as an independent and win.

The conservative and libertarian base are fed up with the Washington D.C. and New York elites picking progressive and neocons as Republican candidates for President.

Conservatives and libertarians trust Ron Paul for he is a principled conservative and champion of the Constitution.

Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham need to open their eyes.

Here are some clues ladies and gentleman.

For people who are not familiar with Ron Paul

George Will on Ron Paul independent run

Ron Paul’s Revolution Riding High


Economist Peter Schiff   On Ron Paul

I have been a conservative and classical liberal since Barry Goldwater ran for president and like Paul served five years as an Air Force officer.

I will no longer vote for any progressive or neoconservative Republican.

I support and will vote for Ron Paul as will millions from the younger and older generations.

Paul has MOMMA–Money, Organization, Message, Momentum and Ambition–that any candidate for president must have.

The only open question does he have enough to beat Media Obama (MO), Neocons, Republican Establishment–Progressives All!

In your heart you know he is right.

Vote for Ron Paul for President in 2012.

The stakes are too high for you to stay home.

Background Articles and Videos

Goldwater Comments on the Daisy Ad

(High Quality) Famous “Daisy” Attack Ad from 1964 Presidential Election

Nikita Khrushchev Ad: Barry Goldwater 1964 Presidential Campaign Commercial

Ron Paul Ad   Secure  

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