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Ron Paul Responds To Barack Obama’s Jobs Speech–Videos

Ron Paul Highlights in 9/7/2011 Presidential Debate–Videos

Ron Paul Attack Ad On Rick Perry Hits the Bull’s Eye–Rick Perry A Cheerleader for Al Gore–Videos

Ron Paul The Constitutionalist Candidate vs. Mitt Romney The Establishment Candidate–Videos

Ron Paul On The Neoconservative Threat To The Constitution, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity–Videos

Ron Paul Gaining Momentum–Videos

Beyond Top Tier–First In The Hearts and Minds Of The American People and Founding Fathers–The One–Ron Paul–Restoring Liberty, Peace and Prosperity–Videos

Ron Paul On The Federal Reserve Board’s Decision To Keep Interest Rates Low For Next Two Years Resulting In The Devaluing And Destruction Of The U.S. Dollar!–Videos

Ron Paul Defender of Freedom–The Youth and Professional Soldiers Choice For President Of The United States–The Peace and Prosperity Candidate–Campaign for Liberty–Videos

Real Hope–Real Change–Ron Paul–The Peace and Prosperity Constitutional Candidate For President of The United States in 2012

Ron Paul won’t seek re election for Congress–Why? Can You Say–President Ron Paul–Vote For A Committed and Principled Constitutionalist–The Peace and Prosperity Candidate For President–Ron Paul–Videos

Ron Paul On The National Debt Ceiling, Government Deficit Spending and The Federal Reserve–Videos

Ron Paul 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner?–Videos

Money The Milk Of Politics–Romney Leads Republican Field Followed By Paul, Pawlenty, Huntsman and Bachmannn–Cash May Be King–Americans Want A Principled Peace and Prosperity President–Ron Paul–Right On The Issues–Right For America!–Videos

Ron Paul In Depth Interview–Videos

Neo-Conned!–Congressman Ron Paul–Videos

The Next President Of The United States Tells Truth To Power At Republican Leadership Conference–Great Speech!

Neoconservatives–Not New and Not Conservative–American Empire Interventionists

Is Ron Paul An Isolationist?–No–He Is For Free Trade and A Nonterventionist Foreign Policy–Are The NeoCons Warmongers?–Yes–Aggressive Interventionist Foreign Policy–Empire or Nation Building!–Videos

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann at University of Minnesota–Videos

The Tea Party’s Dream Ticket For 2012–Ron Paul/Michele Bachmann–Campaign For Liberty–Videos

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Paul Peace Prosperity Prize–P4–Campaign for Liberty–Videos

Neoconservatives–Not New and Not Conservative–American Empire Interventionists

Texas Governor Rick Perry: Conservative or Neoconservative? –Neo-Con!–Videos

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